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Cell Cycle Regulation and Cytoskeletal Remodelling Are Critical Processes in the Nutritional Programming of Embryonic Development
Angelina Swali, Sarah McMullen, Helen Hayes, Lorraine Gambling, Harry J. McArdle, Simon C. Langley-Evans
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023189
Abstract: Many mechanisms purport to explain how nutritional signals during early development are manifested as disease in the adult offspring. While these describe processes leading from nutritional insult to development of the actual pathology, the initial underlying cause of the programming effect remains elusive. To establish the primary drivers of programming, this study aimed to capture embryonic gene and protein changes in the whole embryo at the time of nutritional insult rather than downstream phenotypic effects. By using a cross-over design of two well established models of maternal protein and iron restriction we aimed to identify putative common “gatekeepers” which may drive nutritional programming. Both protein and iron deficiency in utero reduced the nephron complement in adult male Wistar and Rowett Hooded Lister rats (P<0.05). This occurred in the absence of damage to the glomerular ultrastructure. Microarray, proteomic and pathway analyses identified diet-specific and strain-specific gatekeeper genes, proteins and processes which shared a common association with the regulation of the cell cycle, especially the G1/S and G2/M checkpoints, and cytoskeletal remodelling. A cell cycle-specific PCR array confirmed the down-regulation of cyclins with protein restriction and the up-regulation of apoptotic genes with iron deficiency. The timing and experimental design of this study have been carefully controlled to isolate the common molecular mechanisms which may initiate the sequelae of events involved in nutritional programming of embryonic development. We propose that despite differences in the individual genes and proteins affected in each strain and with each diet, the general response to nutrient deficiency in utero is perturbation of the cell cycle, at the level of interaction with the cytoskeleton and the mitotic checkpoints, thereby diminishing control over the integrity of DNA which is allowed to replicate. These findings offer novel insight into the primary causes and mechanisms leading to the pathologies which have been identified by previous programming studies.
Processes Underlying the Nutritional Programming of Embryonic Development by Iron Deficiency in the Rat
Angelina Swali, Sarah McMullen, Helen Hayes, Lorraine Gambling, Harry J. McArdle, Simon C. Langley-Evans
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048133
Abstract: Poor iron status is a global health issue, affecting two thirds of the world population to some degree. It is a particular problem among pregnant women, in both developed and developing countries. Feeding pregnant rats a diet deficient in iron is associated with both hypertension and reduced nephron endowment in adult male offspring. However, the mechanistic pathway leading from iron deficiency to fetal kidney development remains elusive. This study aimed to establish the underlying processes associated with iron deficiency by assessing gene and protein expression changes in the rat embryo, focussing on the responses occurring at the time of the nutritional insult. Analysis of microarray data showed that iron deficiency in utero resulted in the significant up-regulation of 979 genes and down-regulation of 1545 genes in male rat embryos (d13). Affected processes associated with these genes included the initiation of mitosis, BAD-mediated apoptosis, the assembly of RNA polymerase II preinitiation complexes and WNT signalling. Proteomic analyses highlighted 7 proteins demonstrating significant up-regulation with iron deficiency and the down-regulation of 11 proteins. The main functions of these key proteins included cell proliferation, protein transport and folding, cytoskeletal remodelling and the proteasome complex. In line with our recent work, which identified the perturbation of the proteasome complex as a generalised response to in utero malnutrition, we propose that iron deficiency alone leads to a more specific failure in correct protein folding and transport. Such an imbalance in this delicate quality-control system can lead to cellular dysfunction and apoptosis. Therefore these findings offer an insight into the underlying mechanisms associated with the development of the embryo during conditions of poor iron status, and its health in adult life.
Modelling the Impact of Stages of HIV Progression on Estimates  [PDF]
Angelina Mageni Lutambi
Advances in Infectious Diseases (AID) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aid.2015.53012
Abstract: HIV/AIDS is a public health problem especially in sub-Saharan Africa where majority of infections and deaths occur. Despite the large number of studies and efforts made in covering the data gap using mathematical models, little is known on how model estimates are confounded by the transmission variabilities that exist in stages of HIV progression. This work investigates the impact of including stages of HIV transmission in HIV/AIDS models. A deterministic HIV/AIDS model is developed and extended to include stages of HIV progression of infected individuals. Theoretical investigation of the models and numerical analyses indicate that the two models produce different estimates, with the model without stages producing lower estimates than the staged model. These results call for a careful consideration in evaluating the efficiency of HIV/AIDS models that are used to estimate and project the burden of HIV/AIDS disease.
Singularly perturbed Volterra integral equations with weakly singular kernels
Angelina Bijura
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2002, DOI: 10.1155/s016117120201325x
Abstract: We consider finding asymptotic solutions of the singularly perturbed linear Volterra integral equations with weakly singular kernels. An interesting aspect of these problems is that the discontinuity of the kernel causes layer solutions to decay algebraically rather than exponentially within the initial (boundary) layer. To analyse this phenomenon, the paper demonstrates the similarity that these solutions have to a special function called the Mittag-Leffler function.
Fran?a: imigrantes, estrangeiros, estranhos
Peralva, Angelina;
Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política , 1994, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-64451994000200005
Abstract: on the basis of the french case the nature and the consequences of the migratory movements in europe are examined in their broadest social dimension. the key to fighting racism is to be found in the social movements which combine a cultural reference with economic revindication.
Democracia e violência: a moderniza??o por baixo
Peralva, Angelina;
Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-64451997000200010
Abstract: contrarily to what one is lead to believe by its mytical reelabo-ration violence in rio is not primordially produced by poverty and exclusion. the lack of state services is much more important as a cause of violence during the eighties. moreover, some forms of youthfull violence are best understood as a kind of restricted modernization.
A modernidade europ??ia e sua crise
Peralva, Angelina;
Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-64451993000200007
Abstract: the dark side of the european unification is discussed. populism and violence, racism and xenophobia appear as a counterpart to an accelerated process of modernization that defies europe's capability for integration. the different ways of facing this problem in france and germany are examined.
Levantes urbanos na Fran?a
Peralva, Angelina;
Tempo Social , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20702006000100005
Abstract: the wave of violence that struck france in november 2005 cannot be explained simply as a reflection of the crisis in its city suburbs. two other levels of analysis should also be included: firstly, the nation as a limit of democracy, which globalization and the figure of the foreign immigrant throw into question; and, secondly, the changes in political representation, caused by the crisis of an industrial society. more than a crisis in the city suburbs, france is today living through a crisis in the bases of democracy as a functioning institution.
The problems of establishing a professionally important qualities of the individual teacher
Angelina Nagovicina
Koncept : Scientific and Methodological e-magazine , 2013,
Abstract: It is well known that the system of education and training - the main source of the multiplication of intellectual potential of society. A key provision in this system is the teacher. The success of education and training depends on the personality of the teacher, his training, his creativity and general cultural training. The success of the work of the teacher is determined not only by the methods of education and training available in its arsenal, but mostly driven by his personality, character, skills, relationships with children, creative attitude.
Like a Caterpillar Losing its Cocoon: Rediscovery of Self in Marisa Labozzetta’s Thieves Never Steal in the Rain
Angelina Oberdan
Religions , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/rel4020283
Abstract: We ward off loss as best we can, but rarely are we so lucky. We attach significance to our rituals and collected items. This theme of warding off loss and searching for ways to cope with it is woven through the linked stories of Marisa Labozzetta’s Thieves Never Steal in the Rain, especially in the stories about Joanna and Barbara. Barbara’s ritualistic collecting links her directly to the past. Through these objects, the past and present become fluid for Barbara, and she believes that they can even affect her future. Because of this, she gathers objects in an attempt to preserve her luckiness as she has been since she was a child. This idea of actively working against or shielding oneself and loved ones from loss is also apparent in Labozetta’s stories that feature Joanna. Joanna’s daughter, Jill, died in a terrible accident, and Joanna blames herself because she thinks she should have been able to prevent Jill’s death. Joanna also emphasizes the importance of things in a way that is similar to Barbara’s. When she thinks she has lost her artistic eye, Joanna reclaims the things from her childhood desk. Unfortunately, and despite their best efforts, neither Joanna nor Barbara is able to stave off loss forever: Barbara’s house burns down and Jill cannot be resurrected. However, Barbara feels liberated after her house burns, and Joanna rediscovers her artistic eye. Perhaps what we need to remember, and what the stories in Marisa Labozzetta’s Thieves Never Steal in the Rain remind us, is that we can’t prevent loss and somehow we have to cope with it. In coping with the loss, we can rediscover our best?selves.
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