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Opini es dos estudantes de enfermagem sobre os preservativos masculino e feminino
Andreis Vicente da Costa, Helana Maria de Siqueira Ferreira, Juliana da Silva Nogueira, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2007,
Abstract: Descriptive and exploratory study, of quantitative boarding, whose objective was to identify opinions of Nursing Course students of the University Federal of Pernambuco about male and female condoms. 427 students of both genders constituted the population, by means of intentional not probabilistic sample of 88 students from the first to seventh degree, that answered the questionnaire with ten assertives of multiple choices, after the research project to have been approved for the Committee of Ethics in Research of the Health Sciences Center. The data had been organized, analyzed and presented in frequencies relative and absolute, proceeding to the quarrel with pertinent literature. The results had evidenced that predominated the students of the feminine sex (92,0%) in detriment of the masculine ones (08,0%); in both, 45,4% of them were between 17 and 20 years old, 88,6% were single and 11,4% married; 22,7% were in the first period of Course and 13,6% in the seventh ones. Regarding to the opinion on the condoms, from the 48 answers, 31,2% of the male students and 30,8% of the female students agreed in favor of the male condom diminishing the sexual pleasure; 06,1% of the male students answered that by security both condoms should be used at the same time whereas none of the female students thought; 78,7% of the students and 76,5% of the female students had thought against, that the condoms did not need to be used with who loves. By means of these results, urges the necessity so that educative workshops are implanted in order to supply the necessities of education in the sexuality exercise of these youngs in systematic way of considering a proposal pedagogical interactive, that the prevention and the promotion of health with changes of sexual behaviors lead them, attitudes regarding to the condoms and adhesion to practical the sexual insurances are elaborated.
Sazonalidade do mercado de flores e plantas ornamentais no Estado de S?o Paulo: o caso da CEAGESP-SP
Marques, Roberta Wanderley da Costa;Caixeta Filho, José Vicente;
Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20032002000400003
Abstract: this study evaluates the seasonal behavior of floriculture volumes and prices series covering most of the 1990s. the evaluation was accomplished using a periodogram and box and jenkins (1976) methodology. three floral products were chosen for evaluation: rose, chrysanthemum, and violet. data for the 1990?s were collected from ceagesp-sp - companhia de entrepostos e armazém gerais de s?o paulo, a floral products trade center. study results show that traded volumes and prices peaked in particular seasons. information regarding this seasonal period is of extreme importance to the flower and ornamental plant trading systems and allows producers to manage production to increase output at trading peaks.
Inbreeding effect on reproductive traits in a herd of Mangalarga Marchador Brazilian horses Efeito da endogamia sobre características reprodutivas em um rebanho da ra a Mangalarga Marchador
Renderson Welington Gon?alves,Maria Dulcineia Costa,Vicente Ribeiro Rocha junior,Márcia Regina da Costa
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2011,
Abstract: This work aimed to evaluate the effect of inbreeding on the reproductive characteristics such as age at first foaling, gestation length, foaling interval in a “Mangalarga Marchador” herd in the North of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The relationship matrix involved 2186 animals from the general register of the Catuni Farm. The inbreeding coefficient (F) was calculated using the subroutine MTDFNRM present in the MTDFREML program and its effect on the reproductive indexes was evaluated through simple linear regression. Average F of the population was of 1.45% and, of the total, 27.59% of the animals were inbred. Among the inbred animals, average F reached 5.28% (minimum of 0.1 and maximum of 28.13%). The average age of the stallions, when their foals were born, was 9.06 years while for mares it was of 8.90 years giving a medium interval of 8.98 years. The age at first foaling, gestation length and foaling interval were on average 4.71 ± 1.832 years, 327.94 ± 15.58 days and 547.78 ± 316.62 days, respectively while the herd effective size was of 185.25 animals. Effect of inbreeding on the reproductive characteristics was not significant. The inbred matings did not affect the reproductive characteristics of the Mangalarga Marchador herd. Controlled mating keep inbreeding at low values, what avoids inbreeding depression. Objetivou-se com este trabalho avaliar o efeito da endogamia sobre as características reprodutivas idade ao primeiro parto, dura o da gesta o e intervalo de partos em equinos da ra a Mangalarga Marchador criados em um rebanho na regi o Norte de Minas Gerais. A matriz de parentesco envolveu 2186 animais do arquivo zootécnico da Fazenda Catuni. O coeficiente de endogamia (F) foi calculado mediante utiliza o da subrotina MTDFNRM presente no programa MTDFREML e seu efeito sobre os índices reprodutivos por meio de regress o linear simples. O F médio da popula o foi de 1,45% e, do total de animais, 27,59% mostraram-se endogamicos. Entre os animais endogamicos, o F médio foi de 5,28% (mínimo de 0,1 e máximo de 28,13%). A média de idade dos garanh es, quando nasceram seus filhos, foi 9,06 anos enquanto a das m es foi de 8,90 anos, proporcionando um intervalo médio de gera es de 8,98 anos. A idade ao primeiro parto, a dura o da gesta o e o intervalo de partos tiveram médias de 4,71 ± 1,832 anos, 327,94 ± 15,58 dias e 547,78 ± 316,62 dias, respectivamente enquanto o tamanho efetivo para o rebanho foi de 185,25 animais. Os acasalamentos endogamicos n o comprometeram as características reprodutivas do rebanho da ra a Mangalarga Marchador. Acasalamen
Tratamento operatório de 60 pacientes com malforma??es pulmonares: o que aprendemos?
Costa Júnior, Altair da Silva;Perfeito, Jo?o Aléssio Juliano;Forte, Vicente;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132008000900005
Abstract: objective: to retrospectively analyze the medical charts of patients with pulmonary malformations submitted to surgical treatment and to investigate the clinical evolution prior to the definitive diagnosis. methods: we analyzed the medical charts of patients with pulmonary malformations operated on at the s?o paulo hospital-federal university of s?o paulo/paulista school of medicine-from 1969 to 2004. each medical chart was analyzed as to the following aspects: clinical profile; diagnosis; previous treatment; surgical treatment; and nosocomial complications. the inclusion criteria were having received a diagnosis of pulmonary malformation, having undergone pulmonary resection, and chart data being complete. results: the analysis of the medical charts revealed that 60 patients diagnosed with pulmonary malformations-27 cases of bronchogenic cyst, 14 cases of congenital lobar emphysema, 10 cases of pulmonary sequestration, and 9 cases of cystic adenomatoid malformation-underwent surgery. ages ranged from 4 days to 62 years (mean, 17.9 years). there was a predominance of males (55%). ninety-two percent of the patients presented symptoms (mean duration: 15.37 months). of the 60 patients undergoing surgery, 27 (45%) received preoperative home or hospital treatment with antibiotics. regarding complications, we observed that morbidity was 23%, and mortality was 3.3%. surgical times ranged from 1 to 8 h (mean, 3.2 h). conclusions: misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of pulmonary malformations resulted in unnecessary treatments and hospitalizations, as well as in frequent, recurrent infectious complications. we believe that the definitive treatment is surgery, which is curative and has low morbidity and mortality rates.
The FMR1 premutation as a cause of premature ovarian failure in Brazilian women
Costa, Silvia S.;Fonseca, Angela M. da;Bagnoli, Vicente R.;Vianna-Morgante, Angela M.;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572006000300002
Abstract: the loss-of-function mutation of the fmr1 gene due to expansion of the 5' utr cgg repeat causes the fragile x syndrome, the most frequent form of inherited mental retardation. on the other hand, the fmr1 premutation, which is transcriptionally active and produces the protein, confers an increased risk for premature ovarian failure (pof) to carrier females. among 41 unrelated brazilian women with idiopathic pof, we found three carriers of premutations (cgg expansionse > 59 repeats) and two carriers of high-intermediate alleles (50-55 repeats). two premutations and two intermediate alleles were detected among the 16 familial pof cases, and one premutated woman, among the 25 sporadic cases. the premutation frequency among the familial cases (12.5%) differed significantly from that found in a control group of 96 unrelated brazilian women aged > 47 years, who had not experience pof and in which no premutations or high-intermediate alleles were detected. in the search for factors influencing the probability of a premutation carrier presenting pof, another 20 unrelated premutated women with pof, from fragile x families, were included in the study. the analysis of the fmr1-linked loci dxs548 and fraxac1 did not indicate any association of a particular haplotype with the occurrence of pof. an effect of x-inactivation skewing was not apparent in blood cells, and pof-associated premutations showed a wide range of repeat sizes, from 59, the smallest known to expand to full mutations upon transmission to offspring, to approximately 200.
Morfometric measures of young and adult Guzera bulls Medidas morfométricas de touros jovens e adultos da ra a Guzerá
Aline Pacheco,Celia Raquel Quirino,Oto Luiz Vital Maria Pinheiro,José Vicente da Costa Almeida
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2008,
Abstract: This work analyzed the morfometric measures (hip, withers height and thoracic circumference) and Guzera bulls body weight, and determined the correlation between its traits, as well as age and farm effect. Bulls from 12 to 72 months old were used and raised in four farms in the North and Northwest area of Rio de Janeiro state. The data are from October 2004 to June 2005. In order to verify farm and age effects on morfometric measures and body weight, variance analysis was carried out. The age influenced the morfometric measures and body weight (P<0,05). The hip and withers height increased until 36 months of age, whereas the thoracic circumference and the corporal weight, until 48 months. The farm effect (P<0,05) was significant for all animal ages, suggesting that different management, weather and genetic herd breed could influence size and body weight. Morfometric measures had high correlations between itself and body weight (0,73 to 0,98), which shows that higher bulls tended to be heavier. Thoracic circumference was highly correlated to body weight (r= 0,97), that is to say this trait can be used to estimate body weight. Objetivou-se estudar as medidas morfométricas (altura de cernelha, garupa e circunferência torácica) e o peso corporal de touros da ra a Guzerá, e calcular a correla o de Pearson entre as características, assim como analisar os efeitos de idade e de fazenda. Foram utilizados, de outubro de 2004 a junho de 2005, um total de 45 touros com idade entre 12 e 72 meses, mantidos em quatro fazendas do Norte e Noroeste Fluminense. Para verifica o dos efeitos de idade e fazenda, foi realizada análise de variancia. A idade influenciou as medidas e o peso (P<0,05). As alturas de cernelha e de garupa aumentaram até os 36 meses, e a circunferência torácica e o peso aumentaram até os 48 meses de idade. O efeito de fazenda (P<0,05) foi significativo em todas as idades, sugerindo que diferentes manejos e climas, além da linhagem genética, influenciariam no tamanho e peso dos machos da ra a. As medidas morfométricas apresentaram alta correla o entre si e com o peso (entre 0,73 e 0,98) e demonstraram que touros mais altos tendem a ser os mais pesados. Já, a alta correla o da circunferência torácica com o peso (r=0,97) sugere a possibilidade do uso dessa medida como estimativa do peso corporal desses animais.
Petrografia e Química Mineral dos Diques Máficos da Regi o Crixás-Goiás, Estado de Goiás
Paulo César Corrêa da Costa,Vicente Antonio Vitório Girardi
Geologia USP : Série Científica , 2004,
Abstract: No Bloco Arqueano de Goiás (Centro-Oeste do Brasil) ocorrem diques máficos paleoproterozóicos orientados preferencialmentesegundo NE e NW. Em fun o dos aspectos petrográficos foram classificados em: diabásio, metabasito e anfibolito.Sob o ponto de vista químico tratam-se de toleítos, situando-se a grande maioria deles no campo do basalto, sendo que alguns,principalmente o diabásio, situam-se no campo do andesito basáltico. Diabásio, metabasito e, pelo menos parte dos anfibolitosparece ser cogenética. Os diques de diabásio e metabasito contêm piroxênios de composi es ricas (augita) e pobres (enstatitae pigeonita) em cálcio. Nesses diques verifica-se que, tanto para os piroxênios ricos quanto pobres em cálcio, os conteúdos dewollastonita (Wo) decrescem dos núcleos para as bordas dos gr os acompanhados de um aumento dos teores de ferrossilita(Fs). Nos piroxênios pobres em cálcio, há um fraco incremento em Wo, e moderado enriquecimento em Fs. As análises denúcleos e bordas dos gr os de plagioclásio mostraram composi es que variam de labradorita a bytownita no diabásio emetabasito e andesina a oligoclásio nos anfibolitos. As temperaturas de cristaliza o obtidas no diabásio e metabasito,segundo vários geoterm metros, indicam os mesmos intervalos de temperatura, quer utilizando-se os piroxênios, cuja varia omédia vai de 1100oC a 1200oC, quer usando-se plagioclásio, cuja varia o média situa-se em 1100oC. Existem dois tiposde anfibólios cálcicos: primários e secundários. Suas composi es s o muito variadas, principalmente no que concerne aoselementos de Mg e Fe. Análises químicas de opacos revelaram a presen a de magnetita e ilmenita.
Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Metabasites from the Votuverava Group (Apiaí Terrane, Southern Ribeira Belt): Evidence of a Calymmian Back-arc Basin Frederico
Frederico Meira Faleiros,Viviane Carillo Ferrari,Vicente Sérgio Costa,Ginaldo Ademar da Cruz Campanha
Geologia USP : Série Científica , 2011,
Abstract: The Votuverava Group (ca. 1500 - 1400 Ma), which is part of the Apiaí Terrane, a segment of the Southern RibeiraBelt, is composed of distal turbidites with signifi cant basic magmatism represented by concordant lenses of metabasite.Twenty metabasite samples were investigated using geochemical analyses (major and trace elements). Three groups (G1,G2, G3) were identifi ed based on Ti/V ratios, rare earth element patterns and MORB-normalized multi-element diagrams.All samples have tholeiitic signatures. The G1 group has a volcanic arc signature, with Ti/V ratios of 15 - 20, enrichmentof large ion lithophile elements (LILE) and depletion in high fi eld strength elements (HFSE) relative to the MORB. Thetrace element pattern indicates an important contribution of the subduction component. The G2 group has a MORBtypecomposition, with Ti/V ratios of 22 - 28. Nevertheless, the trace element behavior indicates a small contributionof the subduction component. The G3 group has an enriched MORB signature, with Ti/V ratio of approximately 40 andenrichment of LILE and HFSE. The variability of the TiO2/Yb and Nb/Yb ratios suggests that the G1 and G2 rocks were generated by shallow melting (N-MORB and E-MORB mantle sources, respectively). The G3 rocks are enriched in Ti and Nb, suggesting interaction between MORB and plume mantle sources. The coexistence of volcanic arc basalt and mid-ocean ridge basalt compositions, the overall geochemical patterns, and the sedimentary environment of the Votuverava Group are consistent with a backarc basin environment.
Credit Rationing and the Permanent Income Hypothesis Credit Rationing and the Permanent Income Hypothesis
Vicente Madrigal,Tommy Tan,Daniel Vicent,Sergio Ribeiro da Costa Werlang
Revista de Análisis Económico (RAE) , 1993,
Abstract: We model endogenous credit rationing and its effects on aggregate consumption behavior. We explain two important empirical paradoxes of the consumption literature. First, it is possible that some configurations of income/consumption streams be such that an outside observer could estimate a marginal propensity to consume greater than one. Second, if one tried to estimate an intertemporal substitution model disregarding credit constraints, it might result in a nonconcave utility function, even when consumers utility functions are concave. Credit Rationing and the Permanent Income Hypothesis
Impactos da redu??o da pluviometria na biomassa aérea da Floresta Amaz?nica
Chagas, Glayson F. B. das;Silva, Vicente de P. R. da;Costa, Antonio C. L. da;Dantas, Vanessa de A.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662012000100010
Abstract: this study was conducted in caxiuan? national forest, pará, brazil, to analyze the effects of decrease in rainfall on biomass, tree mortality and basal area of tropical rainforest within esecaflor project (lba). two experimental sectors with one hectare each of natural forest were utilized. plot a was maintained under natural conditions of climate and plot b with rainfall exclusion of about 90%. the growth parameters presented in this study refer to monthly data during the experimental period from 2005 to 2009 for the two experimental plots. results showed that a decrease in rainfall affected significantly all tree growth parameters over forest. the main evidence for this is that rainfall exclusion provides a reduction in basal area especially with diameter at breast height more than 10 cm. also, an increase in both tree mortality rate and consequently loss in plant biomass are larger in forest area with rainfall exclusion than under natural conditions of climate.
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