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Analysis of Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotroph Bacteria from Human Environments
Microbiology Indonesia , 2008,
Abstract: The formation of pink biofilm in wet places are usually correlated with chlorine-resistant pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFM). In this study we investigated the presence of PPFM bacteria through bacterial isolation and detection of mxaF gene from wet places of human-made environments. A total of eighteen PPFM bacterial isolates were recovered from the formation of biofilm bacterial of four test places such as washstands, bathrooms, and potable water supplies. Confirmation of the isolates through biochemical analysis were done using catalase, oxidase and urease tests. Chlorine-resistance-activity was assayed for all of the isolates. Antibiotic resistance were examined for ampicillin (25 μg), tetracycline (30 μg), kanamycin (30 μg), trimethoprim (1.25 μg), and streptomycin (10 μg) using the agar diffusion method. Genomic DNA was subjected to PCR analysis with primers corresponding to the 5’- and 3’- end conserved segments of the mxaF gene. PCR amplification followed by DNA sequencing of 16S rRNA gene were done for some isolates. We recovered 18 isolates of PPFM bacteria. Biochemical analysis indicated that the isolates were positive for catalase, oxidase, and urease activities. Chlorine-resistance-analysis showed the majority of the isolates were resistant to chlorine. Antibiotic resistance assays showed all of the isolates exhibited resistance to trimethoprim but were sensitive to streptomycin, kanamycin, and tetracycline but were variably resistant to ampicilin. PCR detection using specific primers for the mxaF gene gave a positive result for all of the isolates. DNA sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene of two isolates showed that isolate WD10 had a 98% similarity with the mxaF gene from Methylobacterium lusitanum strain MP2 and isolate WK2 had a 98% similarity to the mxaF gene from Afipia felis strain RD1. The formation of pink biofilm of four wet areas in this study were correlated with the presence of chlorine-resistant PPFM bacteria and we confirmed with the presence of the mxaF gene in all of the isolates. This finding needs to be widely publicized since some PPFM bacteria were known as opportunistic pathogens.
Hadri Kusuma
Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan , 2006,
Abstract: This research provides the relevant of accounting information and the effect for earnings management practice. Two financial information that used in this research are earnings and book value. This research separate earnings management discretionary accruals in short term and long term discretionary accruals. The object are 495 companies that listing in Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2003- 2005. The research indicates that earnings and book value relevant as an indicator to appraisal performance of a company. This research also indicates that earning management have not any effect to the relevant of earnings and book value when earnings management do through short term and long term discretionary accruals. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Penelitian ini menguji relevansi informasi laporan keuangan dalam menguji dampak praktek manajemen laba terhadap relevansi informasi laporan keuangan. Dua informasi keuangan yang digunakan yaitu laba dan nilai buku. Penelitian ini memisahkan proksi manajemen laba discretionary accruals menjadi short-term dan long-term discretionary accruals. Hasil pengujian terhadap 495 sampel perusahaan yang terdaftar di BEJ selama kurun 2003-2005 menunjukan bahwa laba dan nilai buku ekuitas tidak kehilangan relevansinya sebagai indikator untuk menilai kinerja suatu perusahaan. Penelitian ini juga menemukan bahwa, manajemen laba tidak memiliki dampak apapun terhadap relevansi laba dan nilai buku ekuitas ketika manajemen laba dilakukan melalui short-term dan long-term discretionary accruals. Kata kunci: laba, nilai buku, manajemen laba, discretionary accruals, short-term, long-term discretionary accruals.
Contrasting Transmission Dynamics of Co-endemic Plasmodium vivax and P. falciparum: Implications for Malaria Control and Elimination
Rintis Noviyanti?,Farah Coutrier?,Retno A. S. Utami?,Hidayat Trimarsanto?,Yusrifar K. Tirta?,Leily Trianty?,Andreas Kusuma,Inge Sutanto?,Ayleen Kosasih?,Rita Kusriastuti
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 2015, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003739
Abstract: Background Outside of Africa, P. falciparum and P. vivax usually coexist. In such co-endemic regions, successful malaria control programs have a greater impact on reducing falciparum malaria, resulting in P. vivax becoming the predominant species of infection. Adding to the challenges of elimination, the dormant liver stage complicates efforts to monitor the impact of ongoing interventions against P. vivax. We investigated molecular approaches to inform the respective transmission dynamics of P. falciparum and P. vivax and how these could help to prioritize public health interventions. Methodology/ Principal Findings Genotype data generated at 8 and 9 microsatellite loci were analysed in 168 P. falciparum and 166 P. vivax isolates, respectively, from four co-endemic sites in Indonesia (Bangka, Kalimantan, Sumba and West Timor). Measures of diversity, linkage disequilibrium (LD) and population structure were used to gauge the transmission dynamics of each species in each setting. Marked differences were observed in the diversity and population structure of P. vivax versus P. falciparum. In Bangka, Kalimantan and Timor, P. falciparum diversity was low, and LD patterns were consistent with unstable, epidemic transmission, amenable to targeted intervention. In contrast, P. vivax diversity was higher and transmission appeared more stable. Population differentiation was lower in P. vivax versus P. falciparum, suggesting that the hypnozoite reservoir might play an important role in sustaining local transmission and facilitating the spread of P. vivax infections in different endemic settings. P. vivax polyclonality varied with local endemicity, demonstrating potential utility in informing on transmission intensity in this species. Conclusions/ Significance Molecular approaches can provide important information on malaria transmission that is not readily available from traditional epidemiological measures. Elucidation of the transmission dynamics circulating in a given setting will have a major role in prioritising malaria control strategies, particularly against the relatively neglected non-falciparum species.
Perceptions on hypertension among migrants in Delhi, India: a qualitative study
Yadlapalli S Kusuma
BMC Public Health , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-9-267
Abstract: Qualitative methods with grounded theory approach were used to elicit EMs of hypertension held by neo- and settled-migrants. In-depth interviews with key-informants and focus group discussions with community members were conducted. The data were subjected to thorough reading and analysed by segregating the text under different themes.Hypertension has been perceived as a common and serious problem in the community. Lay conceptions have identified hypertension as symptomatic with ambiguity over perceived symptoms. City life has been perceived as a major predisposing factor for developing hypertension. City life has been corroborated with pollution and adulteration of food, stress, high fat diet along with physical inactivity and certain attitudes. The concepts of hypertension were interconnected and linked to their day-to-day living in the city. Inadequacy of awareness has been acknowledged and there was a felt need for awareness campaigns and screening programmes in the community. The EMs of hypertension among the neo- and settled-migrants and men and women were broadly similar. However, there were slight variations by gender and migration status in the perceived pathways to hypertension.Hypertension has been perceived as a common and serious problem in the community. Hypertension has been perceived as symptomatic; however, ambiguity prevails over perceived symptoms. Awareness and knowledge about hypertension and its consequences are inadequate in these communities. The felt need for awareness campaigns and mass screening programmes has emerged from the community and it provides enabling environment to successfully carry out public health interventions, by addressing the existing gaps, for prevention and control of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.Hypertension has become a significant problem and contributor to other cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in many developing countries experiencing epidemiological transition.[1,2] Asian Indians have increased risk
Lelia Kusuma Astuti
Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Breastfeeding in Indonesia has not fully implemented. Efforts to increase breastfeeding behavior in women who have exclusively breastfed infants in particular is still considered insufficient. The main problem is the socio-cultural factors, awareness of the importance of breastfeeding, health services and health workers who have not fully support the PP-ASI, vigorous promotion of formula milk and the mother worked. Knowledge mother became one of the factors that influence exclusive breastfeeding. Phenomenon that occurs in the region of Central Cilacap district, was found in mothers who have not given exclusively breastfed their babies and mothers still do not know the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding. Method: This was rurvey research using descriptive method. Data collection was spread out questionnaires, then the data obtained are processed statistically by descriptive analysis and presented in tabular form the frequency distribution. The number of respondents as many as 80 people. Result: The results showed that respondents who had a level of knowledge of both exclusive breastfeeding as much as 78%, the level of knowledge was 19%, and who have less knowledge level of 3%. White exclusive breasfeeding in the health center of Central Cilacap 60% and 40% of respondents did not give their babies breast milk exclusively. Conclusion: Women who have knowledge of both exclusive breastfeeding is not always given exclusively breasfed their babies, because there are many other factors that influence exclucive breasfeeding. Keywords : The knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding
Ita Kusuma Mahendrawati
Academic Research International , 2013,
Abstract: Garbage picker community who generally called as problem maker community who create slum dirty area in the metropolitan city or community who close to the criminal issue which made negative perception from the civil people and government to this community. In fact they have physical asset, human resources asset, financialasset and social fund asset which influence to the social living grade. Based on the path analysis counting, we could know physical asset, financial asset, human resources asset and social fund asset, also empowerment process which influence to the garbage picker empowerment to improve social living grade. After comprehensiveresearch which have done to the current garbage picker’s empowerment and doing focus group discussion than garbage picker’s empowerment model based on the asset able to divide in to the basic activity which has 3 (three) dimension, they are garbage picker image, back to the origin village, and life skills improvement, also supportiveactivities by providing social living facility in order to have better facility, counseling and monitoring. In regards to the garbage picker empowerment successful to reach the objective, this program requires to have government engagement to involve as facilitator. To build garbage picker image, some activities to working with mass media are first radio program, television show or online media, second new name for the garbage picker, third garbage picker identity, fourth garbage picker’s insurance and fifth health insurance for the garbage picker. Back to the origin village activities are first is partnership and second is back to the origin village. Life skills dimensionsactivity is life skills training and counseling. To support those program by providing social living facility such as housing, water and electricity, or modern garbage picker’s equipment. During this empowerment program, counseling and monitoring keep on going to achieve the objective and successful.
Okke Kusuma Sumantri Zaimar
Makara Seri Sosial Humaniora , 2002,
Abstract: Tropes and its formation. Tropes have always attracted the attention of specialists in linguistic as well as in literature, but it seems that there are still some problems which can not be solved, some topics are not yet explained clearly. This research is an effort to understand the formation of tropes from semantic point of view. It does not claim to analyse all tropes, because there are too many tropes to be analysed. By telling about the relation between the signifier, the signified and the referent, this research tries to achieve a better understanding of the problems related to the tropes.
SEJARAH MEMORI DAN DISTINGSI IDENTITAS: Pengalaman Agama Monoteistik dari Peradaban Mesir Kuno
Subhani Kusuma Dewi
Mukaddimah : Jurnal Studi Islam , 2012,
Abstract: History of ancient Egypt in fact distorts interrelations between socio-cultural aspects, especially on memory. Mnemohistory as a framework is a way of approaching history in preserving the memory of the socio-cultural life of the community or the so-called actual history. The tradition of monotheism in ancient Egypt (Akhenaton and Moses), both of which have been siginifcant figures particularly as examining theological foundation through Mnemohistory lens. With an emphasis on the above framework, this paper scrutinises a distinct identity that directly and significantly influences religious practices. This leads to a revolution within religious tradition. It is imperative to say, impacts of this distict identity potentially trigger tensions within the interrelation primary-secondary religion. [Sejarah faktual Mesir kuno dalam aspek sosial-kultural mendistorsi aspek interrelasi budaya, terutama terhadap memori. Mnemohistory sebagai sebuah metodologi adalah cara mendekati sejarah melalui ingatan yang dipelihara oleh kehidupan sosial budaya masyarakat, dan melahirkan sebuah sejarah aktual. Tradisi monoteisme di Mesir kuno (Akhenaton dan Musa) memiliki hubungan erat bila diteliti melalui mnemohistory. Melalui mnemohistory, tulisan ini menemukan adanya distingsi identitas terhadap praktik keagamaan yang berdampak signifikan pada lahirnya revolusi keagamaan. Dampak lainnya adalah lahirnya ketegangan interrelasi agama primer-sekunder.]Kata Kunci: Egyptologi, monoteisme, sejarah memori, Distingsi Mozaik
Gideon Hadi Kusuma
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2000,
Abstract: In partially prestressed concrete, crack width is rarely calculated. The crack width was controlled only by limiting the steel stress. This paper introduced crack width calculations which has been developed in America (ACI). The calculations show that factor influencing crack width is not only the steel stresses, but there are some other variables. "Unified approach" is used to introduce design aids in the form of graphs and tables that can be used for partially prestressed, prestressed and reinforced concrete. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Pada beton pratekan parsial, jarang dilakukan perhitungan lebar retak. Lebar retak dibatasi dengan melakukan pembatasan tegangan baja yang terjadi. Makalah ini memperkenalkan perhitungan lebar retak yang sudah dikembangkan di Amerika (ACI). Hasil perhitungan menunjukkan bahwa lebar retak tidak hanya dipengaruhi tegangan saja, tetapi juga variabel lainnya. Dalam paper ini dengan mengunakan prosedur perhitungan yang sama untuk beton pratekan, pratekan parsial maupun beton bertulang biasa (unified approach), dibuat dan diperkenalkan alat bantu berupa grafik dan tabel. Kata kunci: beton pratekan parsial, lebar retak, unified approach
Intussusception in Japanese infants: Analysis of health insurance claims database  [PDF]
Masayoshi Miura, Keiko Sato, Hisao Muto, Kusuma Gopala, Katsiaryna Holl
Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojped.2013.34056

In order to better understand the possible impact of second-generation rotavirus vaccines on the incidence of intussusception (IS), robust knowledge of the baseline childhood epidemiology of IS from various sources is essential. This study estimated the overall and agespecific baseline incidence of IS among young Japanese children. Data on 57 IS cases from 42,438 screened children aged less than 12 months, born between January 2005 and April 2011 and covered by the health insurance claims database were retrospectively extracted (NCT01479491). IS cases were identified using the International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision (K56.1), with relevant examination and procedural codes. The extracted data were used to estimate the incidence of IS. Among all IS cases extracted, 51 (94.4%) were confirmed IS, of which 49/51 (96.1%) were hospitalized, 2/51 (3.9%) visited outpatient wards; 26/51 (51.0%) were males. The overall incidence of confirmed IS and IS hospitalizations among children aged less than 12 months was 143.5 (95% CI: 106.8 - 188.6) and 137.8 (95% CI: 102.0 - 182.2) per 100,000 children-years, respectively. Three (5.9%) IS cases were identified in children aged below 3 months. IS cases peaked between 6 - 11 months of age (40/51 [78.4%]) with the highest incidence (321.5 [95% CI: 138.8 - 633.4] per 100,000 children-years) observed at 10 months of age. The overall recurrence rate of IS was 3.7% (95% CI: 0.5 - 12.7). The baseline incidence of IS in Japanese children aged less than 12 months was higher than that observed in other countries prior to the introduction of second-generation rotavirus vaccines.

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