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Effects of TMD evolution and partonic flavor on $e^+e^-$ annihilation into hadrons
Alessandro Bacchetta,Miguel G. Echevarria,Piet J. G. Mulders,Marco Radici,Andrea Signori
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We calculate the transverse momentum dependence in the production of two back-to-back hadrons in electron-positron annihilations at the medium/large energy scales of BES-III and BELLE experiments. We use the parameters of the transverse-momentum-dependent (TMD) fragmentation functions that were recently extracted from the semi-inclusive deep-inelastic-scattering multiplicities at low energy from HERMES. TMD evolution is applied according to different approaches and using different parameters for the nonperturbative part of the evolution kernel, thus exploring the sensitivity of our results to these different choices and to the flavor dependence of parton fragmentation functions. We discuss how experimental measurements could discriminate among the various scenarios.
Evaluation of antigen specific recognition and cell mediated cytotoxicity by a modified lysispot assay in a rat colon carcinoma model
Valentina Bordignon, Paola Cordiali-Fei, Monica Rinaldi, Emanuela Signori, Andrea Cottarelli, Manuela Zonfrillo, Fabrizio Ensoli, Guido Rasi, Maria Fuggetta
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1756-9966-31-9
Abstract: Here we show a simple and reproducible assay for the evaluation of antigen-specific CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes based on a LysiSpot technique for the simultaneous determination of antigen-specific IFN-γ production and assessment of tumor cytolysis. The assay was developed within an experimental model of colorectal carcinoma, induced by the colorectal tumor cell line DHD-K12 that induces tumors in BDIX rats and, in turn, elicits a tumor- specific immune response.Using DHD-K12 cells transfected to express Escherichia coli β-galactosidase as target cells, and by the fine setting of spot colours detection, we have developed an in vitro assay that allows the recognition of cytotoxic T lymphocytes induced in BDIX rats as well as the assessment of anti-tumour cytotoxicity. The method highlighted that in the present experimental model the tumour antigen-specific immune response was bound to killing target cells in the proportion of 55%, while 45% of activated cells were not cytotoxic but released IFN-γ. Moreover in this model by an ELISPOT assay we demonstrated the specific recognition of a nonapeptide epitope called CSH-275 constitutionally express in DHD-K12 cells.The assay proved to be highly sensitive and specific, detecting even low frequencies of cytotoxic/activated cells and providing the evaluation of cytokine-expressing T cells as well as the extent of cytotoxicity against the target cells as independent functions. This assay may represent an important tool to be adopted in experimental settings including the development of vaccines or immune therapeutic strategiesA major effort in the tumour immunology research area is directed to the identification of tumor antigens for the development of specific anti-tumour immune therapies. Several putative anti-cancer vaccines have been studied in animal models through immunization with intact tumour cells, cancer-related peptides, Ag-loaded dendritic cells (DCs), different viral delivery systems as well as vaccines combined
On Nonlinear Gauge Theories
Daniele Signori,Mathieu Stienon
Mathematics , 2008, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomphys.2009.04.013
Abstract: In this note, we study non-linear gauge theories for principal bundles, where the structure group is replaced by a Lie groupoid. We follow the approach of Moerdijk-Mrcun and establish its relation with the existing physics literature. In particular, we derive a new formula for the gauge transformation which closely resembles and generalizes the classical formulas found in Yang Mills gauge theories.
Seletividade de herbicidas para híbridos simples de milho (Zea mays L.) Herbicide selectivity to corn (Zea mays L.) hybrids
L.H. Signori,R. Deuber
Planta Daninha , 1980, DOI: 10.1590/s0100-83581980000100008
Abstract: Com o objetivo de estudar a seletividade de herbicidas, aplicados isolados ou em mistura, foram realizados quatro experimentos em vasos, com híbridos simples de milho IAC 7777 (dentado), C-72 (dentado) e IAC 1227 (duro), em solos argiloso e barrento. Em cada experimento foram aplicados dois herbicidas e sua mistura, como segue: I) atrazine a 2,40 kg de i.a./ha, pendimethalm a 1,75 kg e atrazine a 2,00 kg + pendimethalin a 1,25 kg; II) atrazine a 2,40 kg, metolachlor a 3,24 kg e atrazine a 2,00 kg + metolachlor a 2,52 kg; III) cianazine a 2,25 kg, pendimethalin a 1,50 kg e cianazine a 1,75 kg + pendimethalin a 1,00 kg; IV) atrazine a 2,40 kg, alachlor a 2,40 kg e atrazine a 1,60 kg + alachlor a 1,68 kg. Em cada experimento havia um tratamento testemunha. Foram obtidos os pesos de maté ria seca e os comprimentos de raízes e folhas, em quatro épocas, dentro dos períodos iniciais de 36, 49, 27 e 37 dias, respectivamente, para os experimentos I, II, II I e IV. Havia duas repeti es para cada trata mento, cada época de amostragem e cada híbrido sendo adotado o delineamento totalmente casualizado. ós herbicidas pendimethalin e cianazine, isolados ou em mistura, n o causaram qualquer efeito no crescimento inicial das plantas de milho. Nos três expe rimentos em que fo i apli cado, o atrazine mostrou efeito estimulante em várias das amostragens, pelo aumento de peso de matéria seca ou de comprimento de raízes. ó metolachlor e o alachlor apresentaram efeitos fitotóxicos em raízes e folhas, nas primeiras amostragens, com redu o de peso e comprimento de folhas e de caules. Dos híbridos estudados, o IAC 7777 e o C-72 aprese ntaram o crescimento mais vigoroso . ó IAC 1227 apresentou menor tolerancia aos herbicidas usados. ó solo barrento possibilitou melhores condi es de crescimentos às plantas de milho que o argiloso, devido à sua fertilidade e textura. Four experiments in pots, in greenhouse, were performed with the corn hybrids IAC 7777, C-72 and IAC 1227, in clay and loamy soils, to stud' the selectivity of single mixed applied herbicides. In each experiment two he rb ic id es and their misture were applied in pre-emergence, as follows: I) atrazine at 2,40 kg a.i./ha, pendimethalin at 1,75 kg and atrazine at 2,00 kg plus pendimethalin at 1,25 kg; II) atrazine at 2,40 kg, metola chlor at 3,24 kg and atrazine at 2,00 kg plus metolachlor at 2,52 kg; III) cianazine at 2,25 kg, pendimethalin at 1,50 and cianazine at 1,75 kg plus pendimenthalin at 1,00 kg; IV) atrazine at 2,40 kg, alachlor at 2,40 kg and atrazine at 1,60 kg plus alachlor at 1,68 kg. Each experiment had
Lixivia o de pendimethalin e napropamide em dois tipos de solos
L.H. Signori,R. Deuber
Planta Daninha , 1979,
Lixivia o de trifluralin, atrazine e bromacil em três diferentes solos Leaching of trifluralin, atrazine and bromacil in three different soils
L. H. Signori,R. Deuber,R. Forster
Planta Daninha , 1978,
Abstract: Foi estudada a taxa de lixivia o dos herbicidas trifluralin. atrazine e bromacil em três la. tossolos de texturas diferentes, utilizando-se as doses normais de uso de cada um. Foram utilizadas colunas n o deformadas de cada solo e, após a percola o de precipita o simulada de 110 ou 220 mm, semearam-se capim-arroz (Echinochloa cruz-galli (L.) Beauv.) e alface (Lactuca sativa L. var. La Chaume) longitudinalmente nas metades de cada uma. A lixivia o dos herbicidas foi avaliada aos 21 e 33 dias após a semea o. Com indica o dada pelo capim-arroz verificou-se que o trifluralin apresentou lixivia o pequena em quantidade e extens o no perfil, sendo semelhante nos três solos. No solo argiloso e areno-argiloso, com 110 ou 220 mm de chuva, o bromacil apresentou lixivia o bem maior que o atrazine. O bioensaio indicou que as concentra es de bromacil e de atrazine decresciam com a profundidade do perfil. As taxas de lixivia o dos herbicidas foram, de modo geral, proporcionais à sua solubilidade. The leaching rate of trifluralin, atrazine and bromacil in three latossols, with different textures, applying normal dosages of each. was studied. Intact columns of each soil were used and simula ted precip itations of 110 or 220 mm of water, Echinochloa cruz-galli L. Beauv. and Lactuca sativa cv. La Chaume were sown lenghtwise in the two halves of each colum. The leaching rate of the herbic ides was evaluated 21 and 23 days after seedling. With the indication given by E. cruz_galli it was verified that trifluralin showed very little leaching in the soil prof ile, and was similar in the three soils. In the clay and sandy-clay soils with 110 or 220 mm of rain, bromacil showed higher leaching rate than atrazine. In the loamy soil both herbicides showed simila r leaching due to the presence of caulinite, with has a low adsorbing capacity for atrazine. The bio-assay indicated that the bromacil and atrazine concentrations diminished with the profile depth. In general the leaching rates of the hebicides were proporcional to their solubilities.
A violência contra a mulher na perspectiva de policiais militares: espa o para a promo o da saúde = The violence against women from the perspective of police officers: a gap to health promotion
Marisa Signori,Valéria Silvana Faganello Madureira
Acta Scientiarum : Health Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: Trata-se de uma pesquisa qualitativa desenvolvida na cidade de Concórdia, Estado de Santa Catarina, com 10 policiais militares e com o objetivo de analisar a concep o de violência contra a mulher na perspectiva dos mesmos. Os dados foram coletados através de entrevista semi-estruturada e analisados com a técnica do Discurso doSujeito Coletivo – DSC. Os discursos expressam os motivos da violência, a concep o dos policiais sobre ela e por que a mulher n o denuncia o agressor. O álcool é apontado como o principal motivo da violência, bem como a cultura machista e o descumprimento dasobriga es femininas pela mulher. A análise revela que a mulher n o denuncia a violência sofrida principalmente por dependência financeira, medo de sofrer nova violência, vergonha e esperan a que o companheiro mude de atitude. Família e violência ainda permanecemcomo quest es de ambito privado. This qualitative research was developed at Concórdia, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, with 10 police officers. It aimed to analyze the conception of violence against women from their perspective. The data was collected through a semi-structured interview and analyzed with the Collective Subject Speech technique – DSC. The speeches expressed the reasons of violence, the participants’ conception of it and why women do not denounce the aggressor. The alcohol, the male chauvinist culture and the non-execution of female obligations were pointed out as reasons to violence. Data analysis revealed that women do not denounce mainly because of financial dependence, fear of suffering more violence, for being ashamed and for hope in the partners’ change of attitude. Family and violence still remain considered as private issues.
An Innovating Application: in Situ Polymerization Une application innovante : la polymérisation in situ
Saltel J. L.,Signori F.,Grosjean F.
Oil & Gas Science and Technology , 2006, DOI: 10.2516/ogst:1995013
Local de a??o de trifluralin na germina??o de capim-carrapicho
Deuber, Robert;Forster, Reinaldo;Signori, Lúcia Helena;
Bragantia , 1977, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051977000100026
Abstract: studies were performed in pots and in field to know the capacity of germination of cenchrus echinatus l. at different depths. in pots the seeds germinated from 1 to 11 cm and in the field from 1 to 9 cm in clay soil and from 1 to 10 cm in loamy soil. the germination of two or three seeds from the same fructescence was frequent. in two other tests the side of action of trifluralin at 0.84 kg/ha, in loamy soil, was studied. the herbicide showed activity on the meristematic zones of the root and coleoptile, inhibiting the growth of the shoot and root. the affected regions showed an increase in diameter.
Misidentification and Other Preanalytical Errors
Pierangelo Bonini, , , Ferruccio Ceriotti, Gaia Mirandola, Chiara Signori
Journal of Medical Biochemistry , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10011-008-0012-5
Abstract: The largest number of laboratory errors occur in the preanalytical phase and are mainly due to educational and organizational reasons. The experience of our institution, as well as the results of an Italian interlaboratory effort to detect and reduce errors/risk of errors in laboratory medicine will be illustrated.
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