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Response Proliferative Capacity of Undifferentiated Stem Cells of Obtained Human Adult Dental Follicle  [PDF]
Larissa Kim Higashi de Carvalho, Aline Vieira Pinheiro de Araujo, Manuela Garcia Laveli da Silva, Rosa Andréa Nogueira Laiso, Durvanei Augusto Maria
Stem Cell Discovery (SCD) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/scd.2014.44013
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study was correlation proliferative activity, markers express stem cells, and lipid peroxides of undifferentiated stem cells of human adult dental follicle (DF) following culture. Methods: For this study, we used 8 samples from DF of impacted third molars to maintain culture conditions and evaluated the growth curve, cell viability, production of lipid peroxidation, cell cycle phases, and proliferative index during 25 days of culture. Results: Cells after culture showed characteristics of fibroblast-like type following 25th day of culture. The results of lipid peroxidation showed that stem cells in culture produce 13 nmoles/ml malondialdehyde at the start of culture, increasing until the 12th day and then began a decline that lasted until the 25th day. We revealed that DFSCs presented a significantly higher percentage of cells in S + G2/M phases by the 15th day of culture compared with cells at the start of culture. Cell surface markers revealed that cell lines were negative for HLA-DR and positive for CD90, CD44, and CD105. The expression of p21 protein, involved in the regulation of the cell cycle, showed a significant increase from the 15th to 25th day of culture. Results of cell division rates show a significant increase between the 6th and 15th day of culture. Conclusions: We conclude that the culture remained stable during the 25 days of culture, presenting the markers of stem cells and markers of control, progression, and cell proliferation that there was an increased production of lipid peroxides between the 6th and 12th days; this increase is related to the increased numbers of cells that also occurs during this period. Then, there is a significantly decline in the production of lipid peroxides and the number of cells, which is accompanied by an increase in cell unviability.
Caracteriza??o de isolados de Xanthomonas campestris pv campestris de sistemas de produ??o organico e rea??o de brássicas à podrid?o-negra
Santos, Liliana Andréa dos;Bandeira, Diedja de A;Silva, Juliana P da;Silveira, Elineide B da;Gomes, Andréa Maria A;Mariano, Rosa de LR;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362008000400012
Abstract: ninety strains of xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris (xcc) from brassicas grown under organic farming systems in the "mata" and "agreste" regions of pernambuco, brazil, were characterized based upon sensitivity to antibiotics and copper sulfate, and esterase activity. most of the strains showed high sensitivity to tetracycline (76.6%), erythromycin (63.3%) and streptomycin (63.3%), resistance to amoxicilin (70%), gentamicin (40.0%) and norfloxacin (45.5%) and medium sensitivity (44.4%) or resistance (44.4%) to neomycin. fifty-five strains of xcc were resistant to copper sulfate at 50 mg ml-1 and all of them to 200 mg ml-1; 92.22% of the strains showed esterase activity. strains were grouped in seven similarity groups by the euclidean analysis-single linkage. the reaction of 14 genotypes of brassicas to strain "b21" of xcc was also studied. the genotypes significantly differed among them in relation to incubation period, incidence and disease severity. the highest disease severity was recorded on broccoli "ramoso", cauliflower "bola de neve" and "piracicaba de ver?o", and cabbage "chato de quintal", classified as highly susceptible to black rot. the chinese cabbage hybrids "af 70", "af 72", "af 69" and "af 66" were highly resistant to black-rot, while broccolis "ramoso" and "piracicaba precoce", cauliflower "piracicaba de ver?o" and "híbrido cindy" and cabbage "60 dias" showed intermediate resistance.
Total polyphenol content and antioxidant activity of commercial Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) juice and its components
Bramorski, Adriana;Cherem, Adriana da Rosa;Marmentini, Chaiana Paula;Torresani, Joseane;Mezadri, Tatiana;Costa, Andréa de Almeida Silva;
Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-82502010000400006
Abstract: the plant morinda citrifolia l. (noni) has been the focus of many recent studies due to its potential effects on treatment and prevention of several diseases. however, there are few in vivo and in vitro studies concerning its composition and antioxidant capacity. the aim of the present study was to determine the total polyphenol content (tpc) and antioxidant capacity of a juice commercialized as noni juice, but containing grape, blueberry and noni fruits. commercial noni juice was compared against its separate constituents of blueberry and grape juice. folin-ciocalteu and dpph? methods were used to determine the concentration of total polyphenol content and antioxidant activity, respectively. commercial noni juice presented higher values of tpc (91.90 mg of gallic acid/100 ml juice) and antioxidant activity (5.85 mmol/l) compared to its 5% diluted constituents. concentrated blueberry juice presented higher tpc and antioxidant activity than the other juices analyzed. considering that the blueberry and grape juices account for only 10% in the composition of commercial noni juice, it can be inferred that these two components contribute significantly to the antioxidant activity. therefore, additional studies are necessary in order to elucidate the contribution of the noni juice as an antioxidant.
Effect of Physical Exercise on the Level of DNA Damage in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients
Andréa Lúcia G. da Silva,Helen T. da Rosa,Eduarda Bender,Paulo Ricardo da Rosa,Mirian Salvador,Clara F. Charlier,Dinara Jaqueline Moura,Andréia R. de Moura Valim,Temenouga N. Guecheva,Jo?o Ant?nio Pegas Henriques
ISRN Pulmonology , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/907520
Abstract: This study assessed the chronic effects of physical exercise on the level of DNA damage and the susceptibility to exogenous mutagens in peripheral blood cells of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. The case-control study enrolled COPD patients separated into two groups (group of physical exercise (PE-COPD; ); group of nonphysical exercise (COPD; )) and 51 controls. Peripheral blood was used to evaluate DNA damage by comet assay and lipid peroxidation by measurement of thiobarbituric acid reactive species (TBARS). The cytogenetic damage was evaluated by the buccal micronucleus cytome assay. The results showed that the TBARS values were significantly lower in PE-COPD than in COPD group. The residual DNA damage (induced by methyl methanesulphonate alkylating agent) in PE-COPD was similar to the controls group, in contrast to COPD group where it was significantly elevated. COPD group showed elevated frequency of nuclear buds (BUD) and condensed chromatin (CC) in relation to PE-COPD and control groups, which could indicate a deficiency in DNA repair and early apoptosis of the damaged cells. We concluded that the physical exercise for COPD patients leads to significant decrease of lipid peroxidation in blood plasma, decrease of susceptibility to exogenous mutagenic, and better efficiency in DNA repair. 1. Introduction The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in countries with different levels of economic development, and it is estimated that in 2020 the COPD will become the third leading cause of death all over the world [1, 2]. COPD is currently defined as a preventable and treatable disease characterized by airflow limitation, resulting from an abnormal inflammatory reaction to inhaled particles from cigarette smoking and associated with comorbidities [2]. The COPD is multifactorial and its pathology often includes systemic inflammation and oxidative stress [3, 4]. The formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by cigarette smoke and inflammatory cells, generated in the pulmonary epithelium, has been associated with slowly progressive and irreversible decrease in forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), loss of muscle mass, and muscle dysfunction [3, 4, 11] and probably modulates some of the systemic effects of COPD (i.e., skeletal muscles atrophy, osteoporosis, anemia, and cachexia [11, 12]). Some of the many different compounds in cigarette smoke can react directly with cellular components to form ROS while other carcinogens must be activated to produce single- and double-strand
Adhesion strategy and early bond strengths of glass-fiber posts luted into root canals
André Luis Faria-e-Silva,Adriano Augusto Melo Mendon?a,Rosa Maria Viana de Bragan?a Garcez,Aline da Silva de Oliveira
Brazilian Oral Research , 2012,
Abstract: This study investigated the effect of coinitiator solutions and self-adhesive resin cement on the early retention of glass-fiber posts. Cylindrical glass-fiber posts were luted into 40 incisor roots with different adhesion strategies (n = 10): SB2, Single Bond 2 + conventional resin cement (RelyX ARC); AP, Scotchbond Multipurpose Plus (SBMP) activator + primer + ARC; APC, SBMP activator + primer + catalyst + ARC; and UNI, self-adhesive cement (RelyX Unicem). Pull-out bond strength results at 10 min after cementation showed APC > UNI > SB2 = AP (P < 0.05). The adhesion strategy significantly affected early bonding to root canals.
Internet: fator de inclus o da pessoa surda
Andréa da Silva Rosa,Cristiano Cordeiro Cruz,Maria Helena Palma de Oliveira,Rosangela Formentini Caldas,Maria de Cléofas Faggion Alencar,Luis Eduardo Alvarado Prada,Jim Kyle,Célia Maria Ribeiro,Sidney Reinaldo da Silva,,Rosina Duarte
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2001,
Abstract: Neste trabalho s o descritos alguns dos vários tipos de uso que um surdo pode fazer da Internet. Para tal iniciamos com uma apresenta o resumida sobre a história da Internet, seguida por um panorama geral sobre a condi o de vida dos surdos ao longo da história da humanidade até os dias de hoje. Com base nisso, s o apresentados vários recursos que a Internet pode oferecer aos surdos, no sentido de potencializar-lhes independência e melhor acesso à informa o/ comunica o. Também s o discutidas algumas novas potencialidades que ela pode prover a esta parte da popula o em um futuro próximo, através da sua evolu o técnica e do surgimento e desenvolvimento de outras tecnologias. In this paper we describe some kinds of useful Internet applications related to deaf people. In the first section we present some outlines on Internet evolution, followed by a general overview of deaf people life conditions throughout history of mankind, shown in the second section. With this in mind, in the third section we present various means by which Internet may offer deaf people the possibility of independence and better access to information/communication tools. Finally, in the last section we deal with some new Internet applications, based on emergent technologies, which may enhance deaf people quality of life. Keywords Surdo --- Internet --- Inclus o --- Tecnologia --- Deaf people --- Internet --- Inclusion --- Technology
Deaf children learning to sign
Jim Kyle,Andréa da Silva Rosa,Cristiano Cordeiro Cruz,Maria Helena Palma de Oliveira,Rosangela Formentini Caldas,Maria de Cléofas Faggion Alencar,Luis Eduardo Alvarado Prada,Jim Kyle,Célia Maria Ribeiro,Sidney Reinaldo da Silva,,Rosina Duarte
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2001,
Abstract: It used to be thought that deaf children had a language difficulty. Research we have carried out on deaf children in deaf families from the age of three months, indicates that deaf children learn sign language as effectively as hearing children learn to speak. In contrast, deaf children from hearing homes, even in signing programmes at school lag behind in the acquisition of sign language even up to the age of 11 years. Some initial intervention work has been carried out with families to introduce sign language earlier and several possible means of improving the language environment of deaf children are explored in this paper. Costumava-se pensar que as crian as surdas tinham dificuldade de linguagem. Uma pesquisa que realizamos com crian as surdas, de famílias surdas, a partir de 3 meses de idade, indica que crian as surdas aprendem a língua de sinais t o eficazmente quanto crian as ouvintes aprendem a falar. Em contraste, crian as surdas, de lares ouvintes, mesmo estando em programas para o aprendizado de sinais na escola, ficam atrás na aquisi o da língua de sinais até a idade de 11 anos de idade. Alguns trabalhos iniciais de interven o, que têm sido realizados com as famílias para introduzir a língua de sinais mais cedo, bem como vários meios possíveis de enriquecer o meio lingüístico de crian as surdas s o explorados nesse artigo. Keywords Sign language --- Sign language acquisition --- Deaf children --- Língua de sinais --- Aquisi o da língua de sinais --- Crian as surdas
Letramento e surdez: a língua de sinais como mediadora na compreens o da notícia escrita
Andréa da Silva Rosa,Luciana Cristina Trevizanutto,Leonardo Fernandes Souto,Maria Alice Andrade de Souza Descardeci,Carmi Ferraz Santos,Louren?o Ocuni Cá,Adriana Almeida Sales de Melo,Renilson Rosa Ribeiro
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2002,
Abstract: O presente artigo tem como objetivo discutir a constitui o da língua de sinais como mediadora para a compreens o do português escrito para leitores surdos n o alfabetizados. Procuramos, neste trabalho, abordar a notícia, como unidade de texto que se constitui através de determinadas rela es como acontecimento da cidade. Enquanto projeto de busca de significado, a leitura de jornais em língua de sinais foi geradora de novas experiências para os leitores surdos, através da apropria o e transforma o de significados das notícias impressas, o leitor surdo se constitui autor e produtor de seu próprio texto. This article aims to discuss how sign language mediates the understanding of written Portuguese for deaf non-literate readers. In this paper, we discuss news matter as text unit, constituted by means of certain relationships between the deaf reader and events occurring in the environment. As a project which intends to seek meaning, reading the paper in sign language generated new experience for deaf readers, though the appropriation and transformation of meaning of printed news, deaf readers can become authors and producers of their own texts. Keywords Língua de sinais --- Notícias --- Letramento --- Sign language --- News --- Literacy
The Emerging Issue of Solid Waste Disposal Sites Emissions in Developing Countries: The Case of Brazil  [PDF]
André Luiz Bufoni, Marcia da Silva Carvalho, Luciano Basto Oliveira, Luiz Pinguelli Rosa
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.510090

While the main concerns with municipal solid waste in developed countries like the European Union and the United States are to reduce and recycle the energy recover in order to drastically reduce the residues disposal to landfill, for developing countries the targets on waste management are much more basic. This seems to be the case in Brazil that with a new regulation, it still attempts to eradicate the inadequate waste disposal for open dumps. Thus, the aim of this paper is to depict the context, the criteria and discuss the strategies used for: the municipalities achieve the goals and adhere the plan; choice and configuration of disposal sites; and economic instruments adopted and bringing the whole scenario to discussion, including methane emissions inventory thru the case study of the Rio de Janeiro State. The Rio de Janeiro State municipal solid waste management scenario has drastically changed in last five years from 9% of residues sent to adequate destinations, to the perspective of eradication of open dumps before the end of 2014. The results indicate that only adequate disposal of waste is mandatory with the prevalence of the sanitation approach. The evidences also indicate that planning goals to reduce waste are modest and the landfill gas recover is generally accepted as the optimal solution. This paper concludes that, unless the stakeholders add to the plan a more aggressive policy to increment, the competitiveness of other waste technologies that favor the landfilling reduction and energy recover, Rio de Janeiro State will face the increase of landfill numbers and sizes, management cost, environmental and leachate impact, post-closure care expenses, contaminating life-span, and methane emissions.

Seroprevalence of antibodies to Chlamydophila abortus in ovine in the State of Alagoas, Brazil
Pinheiro Junior, José Wilton;Mota, Rinaldo Aparecido;Piatti, Rosa Maria;Oliveira, Andréa Alice da Fonseca;Silva, Aline Melo da;Abreu, Sílvio Romero de Oliveira;Anderlini, Giulliano Aires;Valen?a, R?mulo Menna Barreto;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822010000200015
Abstract: the goal of this study was to perform a seroepidemiological investigation and to identify risk factors associated with infection of chlamydophila abortus of sheep herds in the brazilian state of alagoas. the study was conducted with samples of 274 ewes with ages equal to or higher than 24 months in 25 herds and in 23 towns located in three regions of the state (sert?o, agreste and eastern alagoas). anti-c. abortus antibodies were detected using the microcomplement fixation test. the risk factors, were determined based on questionnaires consisting of objective questions, about the farmer and general characteristics of the herd like size, sanitary situation and reproductive management. among 274 sera samples analyzed for c. abortus, 59 (21.5%) were positive with titers >32, 187 (68.3%) negative and 28 (10.2%) suspect with titers >16. in the 23 towns studied, 20 had positive animals. among herds 21 (77.7%) of had positive animals. the only variable which appeared to be significant in the multivariate analysis was the region, and sert?o was the most significant (p<0.001; or=3.48; t.i. 1.79 - 6.76). results indicate that infection by chlamydophila abortus is widespread on sheep farms in the state of alagoas. others studies, however, have to be conducted to isolate the agent in order to confirm the role of the bacteria is reproductive disturbances in sheeps. in addition to that, control and prophylactic measures along with health promoting programs have to be encouraged on the studied farms so that infection reates are reduced.
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