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July Segueris,Milagros Aguilar,Anais Morales,Alicia Lozada
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2010,
Abstract: In the twenty-first century nursing discipline humanistic trends summons to consolidate the social role of the profession led to gauge the qualitative phenomena, including self-care theory raised by Dorothea Orem (1971) (1) developed a theory care based on systems theory nursing: In this article we present the experience of school care in a male of 11 years and 11 months was admitted because of fatigue and loss of consciousness suddenly. Which the entry in the pediatric emergency ventricular fibrillation is diagnosed is a severely abnormal heart rhythm that causes death unless immediately treated. This condition is responsible for 75 to 85% of sudden deaths in people with heart problems. In any unit, the nurse must identify the precise and rapid changes that could present the child monitored to ensure prompt action, and in many cases prevent or rehabilitate a cardiac arrest.
The Effect of Redshift Distortions on the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Signal
Anais Rassat
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: We show that linear redshift distortions in the galaxy distribution can affect the ISW galaxy-temperature signal, when the galaxy selection function is derived from a redshift survey. We find this effect adds power to the ISW signal at all redshifts and is larger at higher redshifts. Omission of this effect leads to an overestimation of the dark energy density $\Omega_\Lambda$ as well as an underestimation of statistical errors. We find a new expression for the ISW Limber equation which includes redshift distortions, though we find that Limber equations for the ISW calculation are ill-suited for tomographic calculations when the redshift bin width is small. The inclusion of redshift distortions provides a new cosmological handle in the ISW spectrum, which can help constrain dark energy parameters, curvature and alternative cosmologies. Code is available on request and will soon be added as a module to the iCosmo platform (http://www.icosmo.org)
Programa de capacitación docente para profesores universitarios sobre el uso de la herramienta wiki como estrategia de ense anza en la formación de adultos.
Anais Hidalgo Sanpedro
RED : Revista de Educación a Distancia , 2012,
Abstract: A pesar de la reflexión hecha por la comunidad académica acerca de la necesidad de formación tecnológica de los docentes, la hipótesis de la presente investigación consiste en que es poca la frecuencia de cursos que implementan los wikis como estrategia de ense anza a los estudiantes. Se abordó el problema desde la ausencia de formación tecnológica que posiblemente poseen los docentes, acerca de herramientas de colaboración con el uso de tecnología. Un wiki es una página web editable por los propios usuarios, en el que éstos interactúan en la elaboración de un único espacio. El presente es un proyecto factible cuyo objetivo es dise ar un programa de capacitación docente para los profesores de la Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología. Se aplicó un cuestionario auto-administrado en línea, a través del software gratuito Survey Monkey. Se envió el link a los 15 profesores de la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología (ULACIT), Costa Rica. Se encontró que los docentes de ULACIT son proclives a capacitarse como facilitadores de procesos en los que el estudiante interactúe con sus pares en la obtención de su aprendizaje. Se proponen tres acciones: la elaboración de un wiki por parte de los docentes, la implementación de un wiki en algunos de los cursos que imparte y la implementación de un diario de aprendizaje para recolectar las experiencias de los alumnos en la participación de un wiki. Las tres acciones propuestas buscan propiciar una experiencia inicial en el uso de wikis y adicionalmente un acompa amiento o asesoría a los docentes, en su primera implementación de dicha herramienta.
Maxwell’s Equal Area Law and the Hawking-Page Phase Transition
Euro Spallucci,Anais Smailagic
Journal of Gravity , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/525696
Abstract: We study the phases of a Schwarzschild black hole in the Anti-deSitter background geometry. Exploiting fluid/gravity duality, we construct the Maxwell equal area isotherm?? in the temperature-entropy plane, in order to eliminate negative heat capacity BHs. The construction we present here is reminiscent of the isobar cut in the pressure-volume plane which eliminates unphysical part of the Van der Walls curves below the critical temperature. Our construction also modifies the Hawking-Page phase transition. Stable BHs are formed at the temperature , while pure radiation persists for . turns out to be below the standard Hawking-Page temperature and there are no unstable BHs as in the usual scenario. Also, we show that, in order to reproduce the correct BH entropy , one has to write a black hole equation of state, that is, , in terms of the geometrical volume . 1. Introduction Black holes (BHs) are among the most intriguing solutions of Einstein equations. Their geometric description is fully provided by the theory of general relativity and is discussed in many excellent textbooks. However, this is only half of the story. Since the original works by Bekenstein and Hawking, some new aspects of the BH behavior emerged once quantum field theory is coupled to a BH background geometry. Even if this is only a “semiclassical” quantum gravity formulation, the outcome has profoundly changed the prospective of the BH behavior. A stellar mass, classical, BH is characterized by the unique feature of being a perfect absorber with a vanishing luminosity. From a thermodynamical point of view, a classical BH is a zero temperature black body. However, nuclear size BHs, interacting with quantized matter, are almost perfect black bodies as they emit black body radiation at a characteristic nonvanishing temperature! Moreover, BHs are assigned a thermodynamical property identified with entropy. Thus, there are two complementary descriptions of BH physics: one in terms of pure space-time geometry and the other in terms of thermodynamics. The two descriptions are related to each other through the so-called “first law” of BH (thermo)dynamics as follows: where = total mass energy, = Hawking temperature, = entropy, = the Coulomb potential on the horizon, = electric charge, = angular velocity of the horizon, and = angular momentum. The first law (1) is the basis of the thermodynamical description of the BH as a “fluid” where is the variation of total energy split into variation of “internal,” “electrostatic,” and “rotational” pieces, which are then given a thermodynamical meaning. By
"Kerrr" black hole: the Lord of the String
Anais Smailagic,Euro Spallucci
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2010.03.075
Abstract: Kerrr in the title is not a typo. The third "r" stands for "regular", in the sense of pathology-free, rotating black hole. We exhibit a long search-for, exact, Kerr-like, solution of the Einstein equations with novel features: i) no curvature ring singularity; ii) no "anti-gravity" universe with causality violating timelike closed world-lines; iii) no "super-luminal" matter disk. The ring singularity is replaced by a classical, circular, rotating string with Planck tension representing the inner engine driving the rotation of all the surrounding matter. The resulting geometry is regular and smoothly interpolates among inner Minkowski space, borderline deSitter and outer Kerr universe. The key ingredient to cure all unphysical features of the ordinary Kerr black hole is the choice of a "noncommutative geometry inspired" matter source as the input for the Einstein equations, in analogy with spherically symmetric black holes described in earlier works.
Maxwell's equal area law for charged Anti-deSitter black holes
Euro Spallucci,Anais Smailagic
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we present the construction of the Maxwell equal area law in the Hawking temperature graph for a charged black hole in Anti-deSitter background. We are able to find exact solution for the corresponding isotherm and entropies for "gaseous" (large) black holes and "liquid" (near-extremal) black holes. Isothermal construction removes the unphysical, negative heat capacity, regions. Furthermore, extremal black holes turn out to be dual to "un-shrinkable" molecules of Van der Waals real fluid, which may explain their thermodynamical stability.
Black holes production in self-complete quantum gravity
Euro Spallucci,Anais Smailagic
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2012.02.023
Abstract: A regular black hole model, which has been proposed by Hayward, is reconsidered in the framework of higher dimensional TeV unification and self-complete quantum gravity scenario (Dvali, Spallucci). We point out the "quantum" nature of these objects and compute their cross section production by taking into account the key role played by the existence of a "minimal length" l_0. We show as the threshold energy is related to l_0. We recover, in the high energy limit, the standard "black-disk" form of the cross section, while it vanishes, below threshold, faster than any power of the invariant mass-energy \sqrt{-s}.
Thermodynamical phases of a regular SAdS black hole
Anais Smailagic,Euro Spallucci
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1142/S0218271813500107
Abstract: This paper studies the thermodynamical stability of regular BHs in AdS5 background. We investigate off-shell free energy of the system as a function of temperature for different values of a "coupling constant" L=4 theta/l^2, where the cosmological constant is Lambda = -3/l^2 and \sqrt{theta} is a "minimal length". The parameter L admits a critical value, L_{inf}=0.2, corresponding to the appearance of an inflexion point in the Hawking temperature. In the weak-coupling regime L < L_{inf}, there are first order phase transitions at different temperatures. Unlike the Hawking-Page case, at temperature 0\le T \le T_{min} the ground state is populated by "cold" near-extremal BHs instead of a pure radiation. On the other hand, for L \g L_{inf} only large, thermodynamically stable, BHs exist.
Vinculación entre creatividad, arte y enfermedad en la actividad pictórica
Myriam Marcano Torres,Anais Marcano Michelangeli
Gaceta Médica de Caracas , 2003,
Semiología de la enfermedad en la pintura venezolana
Myriam Marcano Torres,Anais Marcano Michelangeli
Gaceta Médica de Caracas , 2003,

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