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Sobre a primeira lei da termodinamica: as diferenciais do calor e do trabalho
Anacleto, Joaquim;Anacleto, Alcinda;
Química Nova , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422007000200043
Abstract: we treat some subtleties concerning the first law of thermodynamics and discuss the inherent difficulties, namely the interpretation of the heat and the work differentials. by proposing a new differential equation for the first law, which is written using both system and neighborhood variables, we overcome the mentioned difficulties and establish a criterion for the definition of heat and work.
Entropy change of an ideal gas determination with no reversible process
Anacleto, Joaquim;
Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-11172005000200012
Abstract: as is stressed in literature [1], [2], the entropy change, ds, during a given irreversible process is determined through the substitution of the actual process by a reversible one which carries the system between the same equilibrium states. this can be done since entropy is a state function. however this may suggest to the students the idea that this procedure is mandatory. we try to demystify this idea, showing that we can preserve the original process. another motivation for this paper is to emphasize the relevance of the reservoirs concept, in particular the work reservoir, which is usually neglected in the literature2. starting by exploring briefly the symmetries associated to the first law of thermodynamics, we obtain an equation which relates both the system and neighborhood variables and allows entropy changes determination without using any auxiliary reversible process. then, simulations of an irreversible ideal gas process are presented using mathematica?, which we believe to be of pedagogical value in emphasizing the exposed ideas and clarifying some possible misunderstandings relating to the difficult concept of entropy [4].
Elements of style of BPMN language
Anacleto Correia
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Several BPMN graphical tools support, at least partly, the OMG's BPMN specification. The BPMN standard is an essential guide for tools' makers when implementing the rules regarding depiction of BPMN diagrammatic constructs. Process modelers should also know how to rigorously use BPMN constructs when depicting business processes either for business or IT purposes. Several already published OMG's standards include the formal specification of well-formedness rules concern-ing the metamodels they address. However, the BPMN standard does not. Instead, the rules regarding BPMN elements are only informally specified in natural language throughout the overall BPMN documentation. Without strict rules concerning the correct usage of BPMN elements, no wonder that plenty of available BPMN tools fail to enforce BPMN process models' correctness. To mitigate this problem, and therefore contribute for achieving BPMN models' correctness, we propose to supplement the BPMN metamodel with well-formedness rules expressed by OCL invariants. So, this document contributes to bring together a set of requirements that tools' makers must comply with, in order to claim a broader BPMN 2 compliance. For the regular process modeler, this report provides an extensive and pragmatic catalog of BPMN elements' usage, to be followed in order to attain correct BPMN process models.
Bootstrap confidence intervals for industrial recurrent event data
Anacleto, Osvaldo;Louzada, Francisco;
Pesquisa Operacional , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-74382012005000008
Abstract: industrial recurrent event data where an event of interest can be observed more than once in a single sample unit are presented in several areas, such as engineering, manufacturing and industrial reliability. such type of data provide information about the number of events, time to their occurrence and also their costs. nelson (1995) presents a methodology to obtain asymptotic confidence intervals for the cost and the number of cumulative recurrent events. although this is a standard procedure, it can not perform well in some situations, in particular when the sample size available is small. in this context, computer-intensive methods such as bootstrap can be used to construct confidence intervals. in this paper, we propose a technique based on the bootstrap method to have interval estimates for the cost and the number of cumulative events. one of the advantages of the proposed methodology is the possibility for its application in several areas and its easy computational implementation. in addition, it can be a better alternative than asymptotic-based methods to calculate confidence intervals, according to some monte carlo simulations. an example from the engineering area illustrates the methodology.
Calor e trabalho: s?o estes conceitos invariantes sob a permuta sistema-vizinhan?a?
Anacleto, Joaquim;Ferreira, José M.;
Química Nova , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422008000700048
Abstract: it is argued that the invariants associated to the first law of thermodynamics and to the concept of identical processes lead to a clear definition of heat and work. the conditions for heat and work to be invariant under a system-surroundings interchange are also investigated. finally, examples are presented to illustrate the above conditions.
Extrativismo de bromélias no Estado do Paraná
Negrelle, Raquel Rejane Bonato;Anacleto, Adilson;
Ciência Rural , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782012000600005
Abstract: aiming to contribute to the better understanding of the wild harvesting participation in the context of the bromeliads trade, the results from a study focused on: a) identifying and to characterizing the bromeliads wild harvesters (formally and not formally registered) in the state of the paraná; b) identifying and characterizing the harvesting methodologies, preparation and trade routes, and c) surveying the harvesters opinion on the facilities and difficulties of bromeliads wild harvesting are presented. the bromeliads wild harvesting was detected in 12 municipalities at parana state, involving 31 harvester families, most of them concentrated at the coastal zone (n=10) and ortigueira mun. (7). two basic harvester types were identified: resident and opportunist with outstanding differences between them especially related to volume and forms of extraction. a total of 21 bromeliads species were identified as submitted to wild harvesting, being the more frequently collected: vriesea incurvata gaudich. (cited by 90% of the interviewed harvesters), nidularium innocentii lem. (77%), vriesea platynema gaudich. (67%), tillandsia stricta sol. ex ker gawl. (55%) and vriesea carinata wawra (55%).
Balan?o social: avalia??o de informa??es fornecidas por empresas industriais situadas no estado de Santa Catarina
Pinto, Anacleto Laurino;Ribeiro, Maisa de Souza;
Revista Contabilidade & Finan?as , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-70772004000300002
Abstract: the social audit is a statement that was created with a view to disclosing the social responsibility of organizations. this instrument, which has been widely discussed, provides users with accounting information regarding the organizations' internal policies on the human promotion of employees and the quality of life in organizations; the formation and distribution of wealth; the organizations' attitude in relation to the environment and spontaneous contributions to the community. in brazil, the preparation of the social audit is still not mandatory and there are no official models or indicators for disclosing the data. however, an increasing number of organizations from various sectors are adopting the practice, including the companies analyzed in this research. this study provides a review on the concepts and indicators of the aforementioned report and, basically, evaluates the content of the information provided by the largest companies (by number of employees) in the state of santa catarina. the results reveal that social audits have been used by companies throughout the state. however, they use different models; disclose the indicators in a wide variety of forms; omit important information and provide data for two periods only, as a result of which social audits are not as useful to the users as they potentially could be.
Produ??o e perfilhamento de Brachiaria decumbens Stapf. em fun??o de doses de enxofre
Santos, Anacleto Ranulfo dos;Monteiro, Francisco Antonio;
Scientia Agricola , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90161999000300025
Abstract: an experiment with brachiaria decumbens stapf. cv. basilisk in a sand subtrate was carried out under greenhouse conditions from october to december 1996. the objective was to determine the effect of sulfur fertilization (eight sulfur levels were used: 0; 2; 4; 16; 32; 48; 64 and 80 mg l-1 of solution) on the forage dry weight and tiller number. a randomized complete block design, with four replications, was used. at forty and seventy days after transplanting, the first and second harvest were performed. sulfur rates significantly increased grass shoot and root dry weight and influenced the tiller number in the plants.
Comércio de bromélias no Paraná Bromeliads production and trade in Paraná, Brazil
Adilson Anacleto,Raquel Rejane Bonato Negrelle
Revista Ceres , 2013,
Abstract: Realizou-se um estudo prospectivo da cadeia produtiva de bromélias no Estado do Paraná, objetivando conhecer o perfil do produtor paranaense, com respectiva capacidade de atender às demandas de mercado, identificar e caracterizar os diferentes níveis da cadeia produtiva e detectar os principais pontos de estrangulamento do desenvolvimento desse setor. Para tanto, foram entrevistados 19 produtores, 160 varejistas e 18 atacadistas. A quantidade de bromélias oriundas da produ o do Paraná e aptas ao mercado era de 5.340 plantas ao ano, inferior à demanda do Estado. As condi es exigidas pelos varejistas (v) e atacadistas (a) para aquisi o de bromélias dos produtores regionais eram: pre o igual ou inferior ao praticado em S o Paulo (exigido por: v = 134; a = 18), qualidade da produ o condizente com a encontrada no mercado (v = 86; a = 16), capacidade de efetuar entregas periódicas (v = 81; a = 11) e capacidade de atendimento dos pedidos extras (v = 55; a = 7). N o foi encontrado produtor no Estado do Paraná que pudesse atender a todas as exigências de forma simultanea. Os principais entraves que impediam a inser o da produ o no mercado regional eram decorrentes da inaplicabilidade dos modelos de gest o da produ o rural, adotados pelos produtores, e das incongruências tecnológicas observadas na maioria dos viveiros de cultivo, que resultavam em produ o de baixa qualidade. This paper is a prospective study about the bromeliads production and trade in Paraná State, Brazil, which aimed to know the producers' profile in Paraná State with the respective capacity of meeting market demands, identify and characterize the different levels of the bromeliads production chain, as well as detect the main bottlenecks to the development of this sector. A total of 19 producers were interviewed; 160 retailers and 18 wholesalers. The amount of bromeliads from the regional production and suitable to be the traded was 5340 plants per year, which was lower than the State demand. The conditions demanded by retailers (r) and wholesalers (w) to purchase bromeliads from regional producers were: equal to or lower price than it is sold in S o Paulo (required by: r = 134; w = 18), production quality demanded as found in the market (r = 86; w = 16), ability to make regular deliveries (r = 81; w = 11) and replacement capacity for requests of extra orders (r = 55; w = 7). It was not found in Paraná a producer that could meet all requirements simultaneously. The main barriers that prevented the inclusion of production in the regional market were due to the inapplicability of the rura
Telemedicina: possibilidades versus realidade
Osmir Kmeteuk Filho,Carolina Richter Anacleto
Revista Eletr?nica de Sistemas de Informa??o , 2005,
Abstract: A telemedicina n o é uma solu o universal para todos os problemas relacionados ao cuidado da saúde, porém, pode ajudar a minimizar o tempo e a distancia, barreiras extremamente significativas à assistência a saúde, especialmente em áreas n o metropolitanas. Sendo um dos objetivos da telemedicina proporcionar a assistência à saúde com qualidade as regi es remotas e distantes, n o se pode ignorar o fato de que estas regi es n o disp em de tecnologias de ponta para comunica o. Este estudo visa proporcionar dados que permitam uma reflex o sobre as possibilidades reais de uso da telemedicina, buscando utilizar as condi es tecnológicas disponíveis na maior parte das regi es distantes dos grandes centros de atendimento para a sua prática.
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