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Interdisciplinary Practices along with the Basic Literacy Process: The Continuing Education Focused on Teachers  [PDF]
Jáima Pinheiro de Oliveira, Ana Paula Zaboroski
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.617185
Abstract: This collaborative research aimed to assist the process of continuing education for educators, suggesting the permanent meeting of formation groups in service, with discussions on child development, language (oral and written) and its relation to basic literacy and the use of tools/resources to support these processes. Six teachers with higher degree and average age of 32 years old participated in this study. All six participants had experiences in basic literacy (varying from four to nine years). Their students that also participated in the study were from second and third grades, with an average of 22 students per classroom. The data collection were carried out through the Metatextual Intervention Program PRONARRAR (Oliveira & Braga, 2012) and through conducting workshops with teachers from dialogic activities aimed to verify the knowledge of these teachers on the acquisition and difficulties of language (oral and written), the link between language acquisition and basic literacy and the possibilities of support and resources in these processes in the school environment. After the research, the topics were discussed and thereafter proposed the use of PRONARRAR in classroom with, forming groups, in which the scribe should be alternated as the sessions were advanced. After 12 sessions, the analysis of the student productions displayed improvement, especially from the rise of parts of stories and their characteristics, indicating the understanding of these pupils about the constituent elements of the narrative. The macrolinguistic aspects also progressed, since the students wrote a paragraph for each part of the story. The intervention program was set as an alternative to the pedagogical practices geared to delay situations in the basic literacy process. It can also be considered as an alternative to an interdisciplinary work to support this process in the school environment.
A desconstru??o do conceito de dislexia: conflito entre verdades
Massi, Giselle;Santana, Ana Paula de Oliveira;
Paidéia (Ribeir?o Preto) , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-863X2011000300013
Abstract: this paper discusses the deconstruction of the concept of dyslexia, constructed around two axes: the health sciences, which present organic factors as causes of dyslexia (brain functioning, genetic factors, cognitive difficulties) and human sciences, which link causes to social factors (literacy, singularities, educational factors) whose implications result in children’s difficulties. there is, in one of the axes, the construction of pathology, and in the other, its deconstruction through concepts such as diversity, and social and cultural differences. this discussion is relevant because professionals working in these fields become either “accomplices” or “critics” of one of these interpretations of reality.
Dinamica da comunidade arbórea de uma mata de galeria do Brasil Central em um período de 19 anos (1985-2004)
Oliveira, Ana Paula de;Felfili, Jeanine Maria;
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042008000400006
Abstract: tree community dynamics was analyzed with basis on the data from the continuous inventory in an area of 64 ha of the gama gallery forest at the fazenda água limpa, df. the inventory consisted of 151 permanent (10 x 20 m) plots located systematically along ten transects placed every 100 m at right angles to the gama stream. all individuals with diameter at breast height (dbh) equal or greater than 10 cm were mapped in the plots, tagged and measured in 1985, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1999 and 2004. the periodic annual increment (pai) for the community during the 19 years period (1985-2004) was0.22 cm yr1, with coefficients of variation ranging from 84% to 143%. the trend of increment in diameter was characterized by the increase of the increments with the increasing diameter classes up to 52 cm of dbh. the mean annual mortality rate was 2.87% while the recruitment was 2.08%, resulting in a decrease in the density during the 19 years period. the half-life was 24.13 years from 1985 to 2004. the community was dynamic with 92% of all species either suffering mortality or gaining recruits or both but, 83% of total of species found in the forest occurred in all the analyzed periods. mortality was high but recruitment was also intense leading to a high turnover typical of an environment under strong border effect such as the gallery forests, which are narrow strips of tropical forests surrounded by savanna. these results suggest a very dynamic but stable community.
Representa es das mulheres de Cristópolis sobre a importancia do exame de Colpocitologia
Gleycimara Oliveira dos Santos,Ana Paula Steffens
Scire Salutis , 2011, DOI: 10.6008/ess2236-9600.2011.001.0002
Abstract: Trata-se de uma pesquisa descritiva e qualitativa, a qual objetivou conhecer a importancia que as mulheres atribuem ao exame de colpocitologia e as representa es vivenciadas por elas na realiza o deste procedimento. Os dados foram coletados através de um formulário para tra ar o perfil socioecon mico dos sujeitos da pesquisa, e de uma entrevista semi-estruturada. Foram entrevistadas doze mulheres, momento este em que houve a satura o dados. Observou-se com a pesquisa que muitas mulheres resistem em comparecer as unidades básicas de saúde para realiza o do exame colpocitológico, e que sentimentos de vergonha, medo, receio e desinforma o contribuem em grande parte para esta ausência. Conclui-se que os profissionais de saúde podem contribuir para mudar esse quadro, através de um atendimento mais humanizado, onde seja preconizado acima de tudo o conforto e o bem estar dessas mulheres, aliado à educa o em saúde.
Contraception Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Adolescents at Risk of Pregnancy in Northeastern Brazil  [PDF]
Gilka Paiva Oliveira Costa, Giulia Paiva Oliveira Costa, M?nica de Paula Farias, Ana Cristina Pinheiro Fernandes de Araújo
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2014.46046

Background: Contraceptive methods (CM) are important resources in the prevention of adolescent pregnancy. This study aimed to investigate adolescent knowledge, attitudes and practices related to contraception. Study Design: A cross-sectional and exploratory study was conducted with 7th to 9th grade adolescents in northeastern Brazil. Their knowledge, attitudes, and contraceptive method use were analysed by gender, age and sexual initiation groups. Results: A sexual debut had been experienced by 21% (n = 120) of all respondents (n = 570). The majority of the respondents who had experienced a sexual debut were male (73.3%, n = 88), their mean age was 15 years (SD = 1.46), and 49.3% (n = 59) never used any CM. The participants displayed low knowledge and unfavourable and ambivalent attitudes concerning contraception. Conclusion: Adolescents initiate sexual intercourse with knowledge and attitudes that limit the use of CM, which makes them more at risk of pregnancy. Further research that will be representative of the specific population in need of interventions is necessary.

Os dilemas da economia solidária: um estudo acerca da dificuldade de inser??o dos indivíduos na lógica cooperativista
Barreto, Raquel de Oliveira;Paula, Ana Paula Paes de;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512009000200003
Abstract: this article aims to contribute to the discussion in the area of solidary economy. based on the ideas of guerreiro ramos and maurício tragtenberg, the work analyzed the difficulties found by individuals to be inserted in the cooperative logic. in order to reach its objective, a case study was made in coopetex, in which were analyzed aspects like the existence of the cooperative principles, the participation and the automanagement, as well as the presence of the values and characteristic practices of the capitalist model of production. it was possible to identify a devaluation of the principles which guides the cooperative movement and that automanagement exists only as a discourse. also, it was perceived that capitalist values and methods are widely used, which makes the cooperative a reproduction of the conventional enterprises. from the obtained results, it was possible to conclude that cooperative members need to change their way of acting in order to provide legitimacy for cooperative's functioning.
As práticas de letramento na escola e na família no contexto da surdez: reflex?es a partir do discurso dos pais e professores
Schemberg, Simone;Guarinello, Ana Cristina;Santana, Ana Paula de Oliveira;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Especial , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-65382009000200006
Abstract: meaningful experiences in reading and writing have a major role in constituting subjects who see themselves as readers and authors. early on, deaf children generally have little participation in social practices related to writing, which puts them at a disadvantage in relation to their expectations and hypotheses about this mode. considering that children have their first contact with this language modality in the family and that the role of the school is to teach writing in its full diversity, this study aims to analyze and discuss literacy practices encountered at the home and school environments of a group of deaf children. the study was conducted with 12 teachers from regular schools and 12 parents, centering on deaf students who were registered at the centro de atendimento especializado em surdez (caes), an in-service program in a neighbor city in the metropolitan area of curitiba, paraná. interviews were conducted with the parents focusing on aspects related to reading practices at home. questionnaires (with open and closed questions) were used to collect data with the teachers, focusing on written language practices in the classroom. results show that reading and writing practices are quite limited in the family environment. this raises issues about how deaf children are (or are not) being immersed in the world of writing in order to constitute themselves as literate beings. likewise, in school environments, reading and writing practices are still mainly conducted using textbooks, revealing a lack of diversity in the kinds of written material that makes its way into the classroom.
Avalia o microbiológica das águas dos bebedouros do Campus I da Faculdade de Medicina do Triangulo Mineiro, em rela o à presen a de coliformes totais e fecais
Oliveira Ana Carolina Santana de,Terra Ana Paula Sarreta
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2004,
Psychosocial Factors Involved in Absenteeism—A Qualitative Analysis in a Brazilian Context  [PDF]
Alessandro Vinicius de Paula, Ximena Christina de Carvalho Oliveira, Ana Alice Vilas Boas, Júlia de Moura Martins Guimar?es
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.58092

Work is a fundamental activity for human beings not only because it provides the benefit of a wage but also because it allows the subject to draw primitive anxieties that are evoked only in the frame of human-work relations. In Brazilian context, removed workers are often victims of prejudice beyond the organization space, triggering feelings of weakness and uselessness. The absence from work may also jeopardize both physical and mental health. Thus, this study aims to understand the psychosocial factors (social support, affect, coping skills and perception of future and health status) involved in absenteeism and the process of withdrawing work and its consequences on people’s lives. A qualitative approach was chosen for gathering and analyzing data. Four workers from different professional categories participated in this qualitative study. It was observed that stop working brought serious implications for the lives of investigated subjects, who reported feelings of estrangement, fear, emptiness, depression, helplessness and dependence. The most frequent difficulties in relation to absenteeism refer to the part of the tie break of social and financial issues. The main strategy for dealing with problems arising from job withdraws was to seek social support from friends and family. Regarding plans and the prospective, they experienced a critical period (immobilization), requiring a process of (re)adapting to the new situation ahead. Given the above, it is noteworthy to understand that the consequences of absenteeism or temporary withdrawing of labor become a necessary measure to preserve physical and mental health; a task open to interventions of work and organizational psychology.

Insulin in Central Nervous System: More than Just a Peripheral Hormone
Ana I. Duarte,Paula I. Moreira,Catarina R. Oliveira
Journal of Aging Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/384017
Abstract: Insulin signaling in central nervous system (CNS) has emerged as a novel field of research since decreased brain insulin levels and/or signaling were associated to impaired learning, memory, and age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Thus, besides its well-known role in longevity, insulin may constitute a promising therapy against diabetes- and age-related neurodegenerative disorders. More interestingly, insulin has been also faced as the potential missing link between diabetes and aging in CNS, with Alzheimer's disease (AD) considered as the “brain-type diabetes.” In fact, brain insulin has been shown to regulate both peripheral and central glucose metabolism, neurotransmission, learning, and memory and to be neuroprotective. And a future challenge will be to unravel the complex interactions between aging and diabetes, which, we believe, will allow the development of efficient preventive and therapeutic strategies to overcome age-related diseases and to prolong human “healthy” longevity. Herewith, we aim to integrate the metabolic, neuromodulatory, and neuroprotective roles of insulin in two age-related pathologies: diabetes and AD, both in terms of intracellular signaling and potential therapeutic approach. 1. Introduction Almost all cell types are responsive to insulin. However, liver, muscle, and adipose tissue are the most sensitive to the hormone [1], rendering it the most important anabolic hormone identified to date. In vertebrates, this peptide belongs to a superfamily of structurally related proteins, the insulin-related family of substances, that includes insulin-like growth factors-1 (IGF-1) and -2 (IGF-2) and relaxin [2]. Until three decades ago, insulin was considered only as a peripheral hormone, unable to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and to affect the central nervous system (CNS) [3–5]. However, this idea was challenged after the detection of immunoreactive insulin in dog cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) [6]. Further studies provided clear evidence that insulin occurs in brain, where it may reach high levels [7, 8], exerting long-term trophic effects on CNS neurons [2]. Although the in vivo brain insulin levels remain controversial, they appear to be 10- to 100-fold higher than in plasma and to change during brain development, with the highest values in late fetal and early neonatal rabbit brain (about 80–90 and 195?ng/g, respectively), that decrease in the adult brain (about 32?ng/g) [7]. Insulin present in adult CNS is primarily derived from pancreatic β-cells and is transported by CSF into the brain [3–5, 9, 10]. This insulin crosses
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