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Ana Paula Gerin Fanhani e Márcia Pires Ferreira
SaBios : Revista de Saúde e Biologia , 2006,
Abstract: Physical exercise, when practiced with moderation, proporcionates organic benefits. However, physical activities, which exceed physiological limits, promote an increase in production of oxygen free radicals. These radicals, when not neutralized, may initiate a deleterious process in cells and tissues, named oxidative stress. This degenerative process may originate different illnesses and, moreover, it seems to play an important role in the process of early aging. This study aimed to evaluate the consumption levels of food that contains antioxidants and the knowledge about its benefits among athletes, practitioners of different sportive modalities, of both sexes, in Umuarama-Paraná. A form containing four questions and an alimentary consumption frequency table was used. Were included in the study 11 men (22 to 30 years) and 10 women (18 to 22 years), all of them had the sport as a professional activity. It was observed that the athletes do not possess enough information about the action mechanisms of antioxidant substances in organism, as well as about its effect in the prevention of illnesses and early aging. Considering the frequency of antioxidant food consumption, 70% of the male athletes rarely ingest selenium and flavonoids, 50% rarely ingest vitamin E. Among female athletes, 73% and 55% rarely consume selenium and flavonoids, respectively. Thus, this research evidences the need to inform athletes about the importance of varied and balanced feeding that includes antioxidant foods in their day-by-day, preventing chronic illnesses and early aging.
Reabilita??o psicossocial dos usuários de álcool e outras drogas: a concep??o de profissionais de saúde
Pinho, Paula Hayasi;Oliveira, Márcia Aparecida Ferreira de;Vargas, Divane de;Almeida, Marilia Mastrocolla de;Machado, Ana Lúcia;Silva, Ana Luísa Aranha e;Colvero, Luciana de Almeida;Barros, S?nia;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342009000600020
Abstract: exploratory study with qualitative approach that had as its main objective to identify the conception of the health professionals about psychosocial rehabilitation from a reference center for the treatment of alcohol and other drugs related problems. the sample consisted of eleven health professionals with an academic degree, submitted to semi-structured interviews. the data analysis was made according to the hermeneutic dialectic method which originated the psychosocial rehabilitation category. the data demonstrated that in the professional's conception, the psychosocial rehabilitation is given in the realization of therapeutic workshops, outdoor activities, and the estabilishment of a partnership with other foundations. it is concluded that the concept of psychosocial rehabilitation that was made clear in the conception of these subjects is still associated to the traditional psychiatric model, which is attached to the logic of social normality, the main challenge to the psychosocial model of assistance to the alcohol and other drugs users.
Fatores preditores precoces de reinterna??o em unidade de terapia intensiva
Japiassú, André Miguel;Cukier, Michel Schatkin;Queiroz, Ana Gabriela Coelho de Magalh?es;Gondim, Carlos Roberto Naegeli;Penna, Guilherme Loures de Araújo;Almeida, Gustavo Ferreira;Kurtz, Pedro Martins Pereira;Rodrigues, André Salgado;Freitas, Márcia Barbosa de;Souza, Ronaldo Vegni e;Rosa, Paula Araújo;Faria, Clovis Jean da Cruz;Drumond, Luis Eduardo Fonseca;Kalichsztein, Marcelo;Nobre, Gustavo Freitas;
Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-507X2009000400004
Abstract: objective: to predict readmission in intensive care unit analyzing the first 24 hours data after intensive care unit admission. methods: the first intensive care unit admission of patients was analyzed from january to may 2009 in a mixed unit. readmission to the unit was considered those during the same hospital stay or within 3 months after intensive care unit discharge. deaths during the first admission were excluded. demographic data, use of mechanical ventilation, and report of stay longer than 3 days were submitted to uni and multivariate analysis for readmission. results: five hundred seventy-seven patients were included (33 excluded deaths). the readmission group had 59 patients, while 518 patients were not readmitted. the lead time between the index admission and readmission was 9 (3-28) days (18 were readmitted in less than 3 days), and 10 died. patients readmitted at least once to the intensive care unit had the differences below in comparison to the control group: older age: 75 (67-81) versus 67 (56-78) years, p<0.01; admission for respiratory insufficiency or sepsis: 33 versus 13%, p<0.01; medical admission: 49 versus 32%, p<0.05; higher saps ii score: 27 (21-35) versus 23 (18-29) points, p<0.01; charlson index: 2 (1-2) versus 1 (0-2) points, p<0.01; first icu stay longer than 3 days: 35 versus 23%, p<0.01. after logistic regression, higher age, charlson index and admission for respiratory and sepsis were independently associated to readmissions in intensive care unit. conclusion: age, comorbidities and respiratory- and/or sepsis-related admission are associated with increased readmission risk in the studied sample.
Immunohistochemical Analysis of Human Homologue of Drosophila Patched (PTCH) in Dental Follicles of Impacted Third Molars Análisis Imunohistoquímico del Homólogo Humano del Gen Parcheado de Drosofila (PTCH) en Folículos Dentales de Terceros Molares Retenidos
David Moraes de Oliveira,Márcia Maria Ferreira da Silveira,Emanuel Sávio de Souza Andrade,Ana Paula Veras Sobral
International Journal of Morphology , 2012,
Abstract: This study investigated the immunodetection of PTCH in epithelial components of dental follicles associated with impacted third molars without radiographic signs of pathosis. One hundred and five specimens of dental follicles associated with impacted third molars with incomplete rhizogenesis (between Nolla's stage 6 and 9) were surgically removed from 56 patients. Epithelial cell proliferation was determined by using immunohistochemical labeling. Statistical analysis was performed using Fisher exact test and a level of significance of 5%. Of the 105 dental follicles collected, 3 were PTCH-positive. The specimens with squamous metaplasia and epithelial hyperplasia had higher rates of positivity for PTCH, as well as those with active remnants of odontogenic epithelium. This study suggests that the odontogenic cells of the dental follicle might be proliferating during the rhizogenesis, while the squamous metaplasia and hyperplasia of the epithelial lining and proliferative odontogenic epithelial rests show the differentiation potential of dental follicles. Se investigó la inmunodetección de PTCH en los componentes epiteliales de los folículos dentales asociados a terceros molares retenidos sin signos radiográficos y morfológicos de patología. Fueron quirúrgicamente extraídos de 56 pacientes 105 muestras de folículos dentales asociadas a terceros molares retenidos con rizogénesis incompleta (entre el estadio de Nolla 6 y 9). La proliferación de células epiteliales se deteminó mediante inmunohistoquímica. El análisis estadístico se realizó mediante la prueba exacta de Fisher. De los 105 folículos dentales recogidos, 3 fueron PTCH-positivos. Las muestras con metaplasia escamosa e hiperplasia epitelial tuvieron mayores tasas de positividad para PTCH, así como aquellos con los restos de proliferación del epitélio odontogénico. En conclusión, este estudio sugiere que las células odontogénicas del folículo dental podrían estar proliferando durante la rizogénesis, mientras que la metaplasia escamosa e hiperplasia del epitelio y de restos epiteliales odontogénicos en proliferación muestran el potencial de diferenciación de los folículos dentales.
Práticas inovadoras para o cuidado em saúde
Barros, S?nia;Oliveira, Márcia Aparecida Ferreira de;Silva, Ana Luisa Aranha e;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342007000500013
Abstract: the need to build a new look to the care, based on dialogue and creativity, enables the social transformation of the role of professionals in their practice. it is understood here that the care is more than an act: it is an attitude. moreover, the conceptual framework of psychosocial rehabilitation is an instrument that might enable the construction of this new look. in this context, to care is to consider the importance of building projects of life, significant for each user, as lynchpin of the therapeutic action. the necessary changes in mental health's practice and psychiatric nursing are progressing, since the knowledge produced in this area incorporates strategies to welcome and maintenance which considers, at all times, the exercise of active citizenship of the mental patients.
Biomedical Perspectives About Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Qualitative Analysis  [PDF]
Paula P. Souza, Adriana P. M. S. Rom?o, Ana Márcia S. Nakano, Julio C. Rosa-e-Silva, Francisco J. Candido-dos-Reis, Antonio A. Nogueira, Omero B. Poli-Neto
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2012.35077
Abstract: Because the aetiology of chronic pelvic pain is complex, studies of the condition involve extensive investigation but provide few conclusions. Numerous studies have addressed the experiences of women with chronic pelvic pain, as well as the interaction between those women and their health care providers. Our objective was to investigate how physicians at a specialised clinic perceive the medical care provided to such women. This was a qualitative study employing semi-structured interviews and content analysis. We interviewed seven physicians at the Chronic Pelvic Pain Outpatient Clinic of the University Hospital, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeir?o Preto, University of S?o Paulo, Brazil. Medical training and practice constituted the central theme of the study, which was subdivided into categories addressing the influence that the current medical training has on the type of medical care provided to women with chronic pelvic pain. Medical practice has been characterised by a reductionist approach to health and illness, as well as by the fragmentation of health care. These characteristics are, to a certain extent, the result of the biomedical model of education, which has been predominant, ignoring social, cultural, psychological and emotional aspects. There is a need to shift the medical paradigms toward a humanistic model of health care. We hope that we have provided a critical view of current medical training and practice, as well as of their effects in various health care settings, particularly in the provision of care to women with chronic pelvic pain.
Novos actores no trabalho em educa??o: os mediadores socioeducativos
Silva,Ana M. Costa e; Caetano,Ana Paula; Freire,Isabel; Moreira,M. Alfredo; Freire,Teresa; Ferreira,Ana Sousa;
Revista Portuguesa de Educa??o , 2010,
Abstract: although it is not a new social and educational practice, studies on characterization of mediation activities and on the profile of social and educational mediators are still scarce. in this paper the research team had two main purposes: to identify and to define the profile of social and educational mediators, and to characterize contexts and practices of social and educational mediation. even though it is an extensive study, undertaken nationwide in portugal (n=225), this is still an exploratory study, mainly descriptive. result analysis makes it possible to identify relevant aspects for coming research in this area along with avenues for future investment. the main professional and social and demographic characteristics of social and educational mediators stand out, as well as the diversity of contexts, the nature of their intervention, the diversity of education and training, and high individual self-esteem and sense of belonging to the group by the participants.
Fatores associados à violência por parceiro íntimo em mulheres brasileiras
d'Oliveira,Ana Flávia Pires Lucas; Schraiber,Lilia Blima; Fran?a-Junior,Ivan; Ludermir,Ana Bernarda; Portella,Ana Paula; Diniz,Carmen Simone; Couto,Márcia Thereza; Valen?a,Otávio;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102009005000013
Abstract: objective: to estimate the prevalence of physical and/or sexual violence by intimate partners and factors associated with this, in different sociocultural contexts. methods: this cross-sectional study formed part of the "who multi-country study on women's health and domestic violence against women". it consisted of representative samples of women from the municipality of s?o paulo (southeastern brazil) and from the zona da mata of pernambuco (northeastern brazil), this latter is a region with more traditional gender norms. interviews were conducted in the homes of 940 women in s?o paulo and 1,188 in the zona da mata, in the years 2000-1. the women were aged 15 to 49 years and had all had at least one affective-sexual partnership with a man during their lifetimes. three sets of factors were constructed, corresponding to hierarchically organized categories: sociodemographic, family and female autonomy/submission characteristics. hierarchical logistic regression was used to analyze factors associated with intimate partner violence at each location. results: a prevalence of 28.9% was found in sao paulo (95% ci 26.0;31.8) and 36.9% (95% ci 34.1;39.6) in zona da mata. up to eight years of schooling, conjugal physical violence between the women's parents, sexual abuse during childhood, five or more pregnancies and drinking problems were associated with intimate partner violence at both locations. financial autonomy for the woman, informal partnership, age and consent to the first sexual intercourse were associated with higher rates only in zona da mata. the socioeconomic characteristics that presented associations in the first category were mediated by other factors in the final model. conclusions: the findings show the relativization of socioeconomic factors in relation to other factors, particularly those representing gender attributes. sociocultural differences were found between the two locations, and these were reflected in the associated factors.
Denver II: evaluation of the development of children treated in the outpatient clinic of Project Einstein in the Community of Paraisópolis
Márcia Wanderley de Moraes,Ana Paula Rodrigues Weber,Marcela de Castro e Oliveira Santos,Fabiane de Amorim Almeida
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: To evaluate the neuropsychomotor development of children treated in an outpatient clinic, using the Denver Developmental Screening Test II (DDST-R). Methods: This was an exploratory descriptive research using a quantitative approach, conducted in the outpatient clinic of the Project Einstein in the Community of Paraisopolis (PECP), S o Paulo, Brazil. The sample consisted of 35 children, from birth to 6 years of age, most of them from 1 to 3 years old (19; 54.3%). They underwent the Denver II Test, which assesses four neuropsychomotor development areas: gross motor, fine motor adaptive, language and personal-social. Results: Most of the children (24, 68.6%) had test results compatible with normal development, while 10 (28.6%) had a “risk” test and 1 (2.9%) was “untestable” due to refusal to carry out the proposed activities. As to the items evaluated in each area, 7 children (20%) showed a developmental “delay” (when the child does not perform the activity passed by more than 90% of the children of his/her age) and 18 (51%) required “attention” (when the child does not perform the activity passed by 75 to 90% of the children of his/her age), predominantly in the language area. Conclusions: Although most of the children (68.6%) presented normal development in the test, we point out that in the remaining children (31.4%), the number of items classified as “delay” or “attention”, and tests classified as “risk” or “untestable” suggest impairment in neuropsychomotor development. We underscore the importance of the routine administration of the DDST-R for an early detection of developmental disabilities and thus establish primary prevention programs.
Triagem cognitiva: compara??es entre o mini-mental e o teste de trilhas
Mota, Márcia Maria Peruzzi Elia da;Banhato, Eliane Ferreira Carvalho;Silva, Kelly Cristina Atalaia da;Cupertino, Ana Paula Fabrino Bretas;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2008000300004
Abstract: this study investigated the performance of elderly people in the mini-mental state examination cognitive screening test. by comparing the performance of ninety-two elderly subjects in the mini-mental test and the trail making test, the authors demonstrated that the mini-mental test is not appropriate for identifying precocious cognitive decline. the results of the analyses showed that those who passed the trail test had better performance than those who failed. at first, these results may suggest that both the trail test and the mini-mental test are screening for cognitive decline. however, the analysis of the average number of correct answers in the test showed that around 90% of those who correctly completed the trail test b would pass the mini-mental test in clinical evaluations. these results held true even when a conservative cut-off point was adopted (those for literate subjects). almost 90% of the subjects, who would be described as having a cognitive deficiency per trail test b did not show a decline when mini-mental cognitive screening was used. these results point to the importance of reviewing the screening procedures when prevention of cognitive decline is the aim. these results suggest that the mini-mental cognitive screening test detects decline when it has already begun but that it has little value when evaluating a sample of healthy subjects.
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