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Sistema sexual e biologia floral de Pouteria ramiflora e P. torta (Sapotaceae)
Gama, Lucilene Umbelino;Barbosa, Ana Angélica Almeida;Oliveira, Paulo Eugênio Alves Macedo de;
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042011000300011
Abstract: pouteria ramiflora and p. torta are tree species sympatric in the cerrado and were studied in the natural reserve of clube ca?a e pesca itororó (uberlandia-mg) in order to compare various aspects of their reproductive biology. the phenophases were evaluated weekly and their intensity was quantified. the floral biology, breeding system, sexual system and floral visitors were studied in the field and/or laboratory. in both species, leaf fall occurred in the end of the dry season, leaf flushing between the dry and the rainy season, flowering in the dry season and fruit maturation during the rainy season. they have tubular small greenish flowers, with small amounts of nectar and high pollen viability. they are self-sterile, non-agamospermic and had low fruiting success from natural pollination. p. torta is a hermaphrodite species, with protogynous and hercogamous flowers, while p. ramiflora is morphologically gynomonoecious but functionally unisexual. the apparently low pollen flow and the abortion of young fruits resulted in low fruit set from natural pollinations. both species are visited by several small insects, including butterflies, moths, flies and bees.
Aplica??o do Processo de Enfermagem: estudo de caso com uma puérpera
Alves, Albertisa Rodrigues;Chaves, Edna Maria Camelo;Freitas, Maria Célia de;Monteiro, Ana Ruth Macedo;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672007000300019
Abstract: the study aimed at implementing the nursing process for a post-partum woman with cardiomyopathy after cardiorespiratory arrest. we conducted a clinical case study, in an intensive care unit of fortaleza, ceará, brazil, in the period from september to october, 2005. the data were obtained after evaluation for elaboration of nursing diagnoses according to nanda taxonomy ii, clinical judgment, intervention and goals. the nursing diagnoses found were: impaired verbal communication, decreased cardiac output, inefficient respiratory pattern, excessive volume of fluids, diarrhea, impaired physical mobility and deficit in selfcare. we highlighted the importance of the process as focus of the nurse's work in the clinic, in order to favor the patient's return to his family context as well as give credibility to the nurse's job.
The action of Vitamin C in the coagulation process: an experimental in vitro study
Ana Alves Macedo,Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista de Oliveira,Hye Chung Kang,Magali Rezende de Carvalho
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2012,
Abstract: Vitamin C is empirically used by nurses to unblock long-term venous catheters. The study aims at analyzing the action of vitamin C in the coagulation process, establishing an in vitro coagulation model and fibrinolysis. It is an in vitro experimental study of the total blood of 10 healthy volunteers and 13 pools of citrated plasma. The results showed reduction of serum D-dimer with statistical significance when treated with vitamin C before and after clot formation. The weight of clots in blood presented significant reduction only when treated with vitamin C before the clotting process. However, when using vitamin C after clot formation a change is noticed in its structure and consistency. There were no significant differences in the weight of fibrin clots. It was concluded that vitamin C acts with greater intensity during the pre-clot formation phase and with less intensity in the two subsequent hours.
Diagnósticos de enfermagem relacionados à amamenta o em unidade de alojamento conjunto Diagnósticos de enfermería relacionados a la lactancia materna en unidad de alojamiento conjunto Nursing diagnoses related to breastfeeding in a rooming-in unit
Evilene Pinto da Silva,Albertisa Rodrigues Alves,Ana Ruth Monteiro Macedo,Regina Maria de Sá Barreto Bezerra
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2013,
Abstract: O estudo objetivou identificar, em uma unidade de Alojamento Conjunto, diagnósticos de enfermagem relacionados ao fen meno da Amamenta o de acordo com a taxonomia II da NANDA-I. Realizou-se um estudo descritivo-exploratório, envolvendo 83 m es e seus bebês, no período de fevereiro a abril de 2011. Os dados foram coletados por meio de um instrumento fundamentado na Teoria das Necessidades Humanas Básicas e, após tratamento estatístico, apresentados em tabelas. Nos resultados, o diagnóstico mais frequente foi Amamenta o eficaz, com 65 (78,3%). Estima-se que os diagnósticos de enfermagem relacionados à Amamenta o contribuir o para que os cuidados de enfermagem possam ser mais direcionados, de modo a promover uma assistência mais qualificada, humanizada e eficaz. El objetivo del estudio fue identificar, en una unidad de Alojamiento Conjunto, los diagnósticos de enfermería relacionados con la Lactancia materna, así como sus factores relacionados y características definitorias. Realizó-se un estudio descriptivo, exploratorio, involucrando 83 madres y sus bebés, de febrero a abril de 2011. Los datos fueran recogidos por medio de un instrumento basado en la Teoría de las Necesidades Humanas Básicas, presentados en tablas estadísticas. En los resultados, el diagnóstico más frecuente fue la Lactancia materna eficaz, con 65 (78,3%) casos. Se estima que los diagnósticos de enfermería relacionados con la Lactancia materna contribuyen para que la atención de enfermería pueda ser más específica con el fin de promover una asistencia más calificada, humana y efectiva. The study aimed to identify, in a Rooming-in unit, diagnoses related to the phenomenon of breastfeeding according to the NANDA-I Taxonomy II. It was conducted a descriptive exploratory study involving 83 mothers and their babies in the period of February to April 2011. Data were collected by means of an instrument based on the Theory of Basic Human Needs and, after statistical analysis, presented in tables. The results showed that the most frequent nursing diagnosis was Effective breastfeeding, identified in 65 (78.3%) cases. It is estimated that the nursing diagnoses related to breastfeeding can contribute to nursing care so that it can be more targeted, in order to promote a more qualified, effective and human care.
An unusual case of an isolated capitellar fracture of the right elbow in a child: a case report
José Gon?alves Pestana, Ana Macedo Fran?a, António Cunha Freitas, Bruno Jales, Cristina Alves, Fabíola Ferreira, Manuel Ramos, Mário Pereira
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-6-57
Abstract: We present the case of an 11-year-old Portuguese girl with a displaced fracture of the capitellum of the right elbow, a typical Hahn-Steinthal or Type 1 fracture, which was followed for one year. The treatment and outcome of this fracture are described. Our patient underwent an open reduction and internal fixation with two cannulated screws. There were no complications and normal elbow function was recovered.The authors believe that cannulated screw fixation is a reliable method of treatment for Type 1 capitellar fracture in children because it enables good interfragmentary compression, early mobilization, faster functional elbow recovery and implant removal is rarely necessary.Isolated capitellar fractures are rare and represent only 1% of all elbow fractures and 6% of distal humeral fractures [1-3]. In children under the age of 12, these fractures are even more unusual and, to the best of our knowledge, such an injury has not been reported in a young child [3-8]. The mostly cartilaginous composition of the capitellum below that age makes it more resistant to stress. Therefore, a fall on the outstretched hand (which is the mechanism of injury in most of these cases) is more likely to produce a supracondylar or lateral condylar fracture. As the capitellum grows and ossifies in older children, it becomes more susceptible to shear injury [5,9]. Fracture of the lateral humeral condyle is usually seen at a younger age group and may be confused with a fracture of the capitellum. A fracture of the capitellum is an osteochondral fracture and is entirely intra-articular. The epicondyle, the growth plate and the metaphysis are not involved, and the posterior part of the lateral condyle remains intact. Differentiation between a fracture of the lateral humeral condyle and a capitellar fracture is important with respect to treatment [7,8].The presently accepted classification systems of capitellar fractures are descriptive and not treatment-directed [10]. Bryan and Morrey class
Violência e identifica??o de ra?a como consequência da categoriza??o de grupo
Gon?alves, Diego Macedo;
Estudos de Psicologia (Natal) , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-294X2010000100013
Abstract: evolutionary psychology has shown that collective aggression toward out-group members in some specific situations, is part of the human behavioral repertoire. the human mind contains mechanisms designed for the formation of alliances and coalitions. this psychological mechanism, called "us versus them", influences individuals to assume a contrary or a favorable attitude in relation to a given group and may generate violent conflicts. one way whereby this mental process is manifested is through race categorization. the human being uses various cues to categorize groups, among them skin color. this is a plastic and dynamic process, which can change depending on the social context.
Mensura??o do angulo articular do cotovelo no teste de tens?o neural em indivíduos com hanseníase
Scheibe, Débora;Oliveira, Jaqueline Francieli Pacheco de;Gon?alves, Sibelly Blum;Gomes, Anna Raquel Silveira;Macedo, Ana Carolina Brandt de;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502012000200013
Abstract: leprosy is a chronic and granulomatous disease, which affects skin and peripheral nervous system by invasion of mycobacterium leprae in the immune system. the objective of this study was to evaluate the ulnar neural tension test in leprosy patients. in applying the test of neural tension, it was done goniometry and photometry to measure the angle of the elbow joint, and to perform the photometry we used a samsung camera, 12.1 mega pixels, and the data were analyzed using corel draw software x5 (microsoft?). we selected 44 individuals of pro-hansen foundation, with an average age of 48.13±12.55 years, divided in three groups: g1, g2 and g3. g1 consisted of leprosy volunteers with preserved sensibility; the g2, the ones with leprosy and with no sensibility; and g3 was control group. in goniometry, it was found significant difference (p<0.05) when comparing the g1 and g2 with control of both the right and left limb, but no difference was found when comparing the two leprosy groups. in photometry, it was found difference between g2 and the control and bilaterally between the g1 and control on the left side. comparing the right and left limbs, difference was not found in any group. patients with leprosy showed a decrease in range of movement of elbow flexion in ulnar neural tension test in both sides when compared to the control group.
Ten-year trends in prevalence of asthma in adults in southern Brazil: comparison of two population-based studies
Fiori, Nadia Spada;Gon?alves, Helen;Dumith, Samuel C.;Cesar, Maria Aurora Dropa Chrestani;Menezes, Ana M. B.;Macedo, Silvia Elaine Cardozo;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2012000100014
Abstract: there are discrepancies in the literature regarding time trends in the occurrence of asthma in adults. this study compared asthma prevalence in two cross-sectional studies with a ten-year interval in pelotas, rio grande do sul state, brazil. the first, in 2000, included 1,968 individuals, and the second, in 2010, 2,466 adults (20-69 years). prevalence of wheezing and shortness of breath in the prior 12 months remained the same after ten years (6% and 6.1%, respectively). in both studies, asthma was more frequent among females and people with low family income. physician-diagnosed asthma increased by 35.6%, and lifetime incidence of asthma, by 32.2%. there was no percentage change in current asthma symptoms or current asthma. local socioeconomic improvement between the two studies was consistent with the increase in medical diagnosis, but did not reflect better management of asthma symptoms, underlining the need for investment regarding other determinants of the disease.
Perfil da contamina??o com aflatoxina entre embalagens de produtos de amendoim
Gloria, Eduardo Micotti da;Romero, Alessandra de Cássia;Carvalho, Ana Paula Pereira;Calori Domingues, Maria Antonia;Gon?alves, Priscila Vieira de Macedo;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612006000300027
Abstract: this study was carried out to evaluate the profile of aflatoxin contamination distribution among packages of peanut candies trading. aflatoxin occurrence and distribution date from this study suggest that sampling plans to aflatoxin detection in processed products are always associated with high degree of uncertain of presence or not and of the true average level of contamination. to improve sampling plans it is necessary to consider the differences among product types. there are processed products whose the raw material is grounded, like "pa?oca" and other that it is not, like "amendoim japonês". occurrence and distribution of aflatoxin contamination among packages in lots of "pa?oca" was more homogeneus than in lots of "amendoim japonês".
Efeito de ro?adas no controle do alho-macho (Sisyrinchium platense johnst.)
Girardi-Deiro, Ana Maria;Mota, Adilson Ferreira da;Gon?alves, José Otávio Neto;Macedo, Walfredo;Oliveira, Odoni Loris Pereira de;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X1999000600022
Abstract: "alho-macho" (sisyrinchium platense johnst.) is a native plant occurring on natural pasture at the southwestern region of rio grande do sul, brazil, on heavy clay black soils with poor drainage, specially when these were modified by cultivation. in these grassland areas livestock breeding, alone or associated to agriculture, have a great economic importance. cattle do not graze s. platense, and the natural desirable plants are usually replaced by this species and may restrict the potencial gains in animal production. aiming to evaluate the effects of clipping once, twice and four times in controlling this plant, an experiment in a randomized complete block design was carried out in two geographical situations of a natural pasture, during three years. the results showed a decrease mean of 55% on foliage cover of "alho-macho" when clipping once, twice or four times on wet areas. in dry areas the decrease on foliage cover mean was 30,7% when clipping once or twice.
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