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Gallstone ileus following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and sphincterotomy: a case report
Amit Goyal, Anurag Srivastava
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-2-342
Abstract: We report a case of a 67-year-old woman who presented with gallstone ileus following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and sphincterotomy for choledocholithiasis. She had a history of terminal ileum resection with ileocolic anastomosis for Crohn's disease. A 3 cm gallstone was found to be impacted just proximal to the previous ileocolic anastomosis. A second gallstone was found on digital examination of the proximal small bowel.A gallstone may enter the gastrointestinal tract following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and sphincterotomy and impact proximal to an anastomotic stricture as demonstrated here. The radiographic image of small bowel obstruction plus air in the biliary tree is a classic diagnostic finding. After stone extraction, the entire small bowel and colon should be digitally examined for further stones.Gallstone ileus, caused by migration of a large gallstone either from the gallbladder or common bile duct into the terminal ileum, is an unusual but well documented cause of intestinal obstruction in the elderly.A 67-year-old woman had been unwell for 5 days with intermittent nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, progressive abdominal distension and obstipation. She had been having similar, though less severe, symptoms for the previous 6 months. She had a history of ERCP for common bile duct stones and terminal ileum resection with ileocolic anastomosis for Crohn's disease. The physical examination revealed a distended abdomen, with no palpable masses and no hernias. Numerous distended loops of small intestine, air in the biliary tree, and a calcified intraluminal mass were identified on the abdominal X-ray (Figure 1). These findings established the diagnosis of gallstone ileus. Laparotomy revealed distended loops of small bowel and a clear transition zone from dilated to collapsed bowel just proximal to the previous ileo-colic anastomosis. A 3 cm stone was palpated at this site. A second gallstone was found on digital examina
Elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals of uniaxial symmetry
Amit Srivastava,Shri Singh
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/16/41/001
Abstract: We study in detail the influence of molecular interactions on the Frank elastic constants of uniaxial nematic liquid crystals composed of molecules of cylindrical symmetry. A brief summary of the status of theoretical development for the elastic constants of nematics is presented. Considering a pair potential having both repulsive and attractive parts numerical calculations are reported for three systems MBBA, PAA and 8OCB. For these systems the length-to-width ratio ${x_0}$ is estimated from the experimentally proposed structure of the molecules. The repulsive interaction is represented by a repulsion between hard ellipsoids of revolution (HER) and the attractive potential is represented by the quadrupole and dispersion interactions. From the numerical results we observe that in the density range of nematics the contribution of the quadrupole and dispersion interactions are small as compared to the repulsive HER interaction. The inclusion of attractive interaction reduces the values of elastic constants ratios. The temperature variation of elastic constants ratios are reported and compared with the experimental values. A reasonably good agreement between theory and experiment is observed.
A New Weighted Information Generating Function for Discrete Probability Distributions
Amit Srivastava,Shikha Maheshwari
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: The object of this paper is to introduce a new weighted information generating function whose derivative at point 1 gives some well known measures of information. Some properties and particular cases of the proposed generating function have also been studied.
Lateral closed wedge osteotomy for cubitus varus deformity
Srivastava Amit,Srivastava D,Gaur S
Indian Journal of Orthopaedics , 2008,
Abstract: Background: Lateral closed wedge (LCW) osteotomy is a commonly accepted method for the correction of the cubitus varus deformity. The fixation of osteotomy is required to prevent loss of correction achieved. The fixation of the osteotomy by the two screw and figure of eight wire is not stable enough to maintain the correction achieved during surgery. In this prospective study we supplemented the fixation by Kirschner′s (K-) wires for stable fixation and evaluated the results. Materials and Methods: Twenty-one cases of the cubitus varus deformity following supracondylar fractures of the humerus were operated by LCW osteotomy during February 2001 to June 2006. The mean age of the patients at the time of corrective surgery was 8.5 years (range 6.6-14 years). The osteotomy was fixed by two screws with figure of eight tension band wire between them and the fixation was supplemented by passing two to three K-wires from the lateral condyle engaging the proximal medial cortex through the osteotomy site. Result: The mean follow-up period was 2.5 years (range seven months to 3.4 years). The results were assessed as per Morrey criteria. Eighteen cases showed excellent results and three cases showed good results. Two cases had superficial pin tract infection. Conclusion: The additional fixation by K wires controls rotational forces effectively besides angulation and translation forces and maintains the correction achieved peroperatively.
A Note on Hypertension Classification Scheme and Soft Computing Decision Making System
Pankaj Srivastava,Amit Srivastava,Anjali Burande,Amit Khandelwal
ISRN Biomathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/342970
Abstract: Nowadays young professionals are a soft target of hypertension due to the increased work pressure and poor tolerance. Many people have high blood pressure for years without knowing it. Most of the time, there are no symptoms, but when this condition goes untreated it damages arteries and vital organs throughout the body and that is why it is also termed as the silent killer. Complications arising from hypertension could lead to stroke and heart failure. Soft computing approach provides a sharper conclusion from vague, ambiguous, and imprecise data (generally found in medical field) using linguistic variables. In this study, a soft computing diagnostic support system for the risk assessment of hypertension is proposed. 1. Introduction A human body is a complex system and there are a number of variables that affect its functioning. The abnormality in its functioning causes a number of symptoms in the form of primary stages of different diseases although the recognition of these symptoms and their mapping with the diseases precisely is not an easy one. Sometimes compications in human body may be caused by improper diagnosis or improper management of the disease or due to the inaccessibility of medical personnel [1]. The quickening speed of change and adoption of western lifestyles by people in developing countries have led to a sharp rise in the incidence of hypertension [2]. Hypertension is a medical term for high blood pressure which is a condition that occurs when the pressure in the arteries is above the normal range. According to one of the studies “Recession has had an adverse impact on jobs in India and perhaps this is one of the reasons why cases of Hypertension have gone up in past two years among young IT professionals”. Recent analysis has predicted that more than 1.56 billon people will be living with hypertension worldwide by the year 2025. It has been declared by a survey report that one of four adults in India has high BP which kills 7.5 million people worldwide each year; moreover, AIDS, diabetes, road accidents, and tuberculosis are put together. In India 23.1% men and 22.6% women have high BP a notch lower than the global prevalence of one in three adults says the World Health statistics 2012 released, 16 May 2012. Jain [3] established a decision making process phenomenon in the presence of fuzzy variables. Poli et al. [4] developed a neural network expert system for diagnosing and treating hypertension. Degani [5] discussed computerized electrocardiogram diagnosis using fuzzy approach. Charbonnier et al. [6] proposed the statistical and
Biomass Production and Partitioning Pattern of Yam (Dioscorea rotundata)
Amit Kumar Srivastava,Thomas Gaiser
Agricultural Journal , 2013,
Abstract: There has been a decline in yam production relative to cassava and rice in Africa but yam is such a preferred staple food that, bearing in mind population increases, demand will remain and there will not be an absolute decline. Tuber yield of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) is determined by the total production of dry matter (DM) and its distribution within the crop. Dry matter partitioning is of great importance in crop production. Improvement of crop yield by plant breeding has resulted from higher harvest indices rather than improved DM production. However, there are limits to the fraction of assimilates that can be diverted to the harvestable organs. In this present study the effect of fertilizer on biomass production and the distribution of dry matter increments to the plant parts of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) was determined by analysing data from field experiments set up in the Upper Oueme Basin, (Benin Republic) over two years (2005 and 2006) where yam was harvested periodically during the entire stages of its growth. It can be concluded that fertilizer application has highly positive significant effect on total biomass production of yam in both the years (an increase of 42 and 84% in total biomass production under fertilized condition was registered in year 2005 and 2006, respectively) and dry matter distribution tended to follow a regular pattern if expressed as a function of phenological growth phase of the crop in both fertilized and unfertilized management practice.
Separation Axioms in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Amit Kumar Singh,Rekha Srivastava
Advances in Fuzzy Systems , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/604396
Effect of aluminum addition on the optical, morphology and electrical behavior of spin coated zinc oxide thin films
Amit Kumar Srivastava,Jitendra Kumar
AIP Advances , 2011, DOI: 10.1063/1.3640406
Abstract: Aluminum-doped ZnO thin films of high optical transmittance (~ 84-100%) and low resistivity (~ 2.3x10-2 Ωcm) have been prepared on glass substrate by the spin coating and subsequent annealing at 500°C for 1h in air or vacuum. Effect of aluminum doping and annealing environment on morphology, optical transmittance and electrical resistivity of ZnO thin films has been studied with possible application as a transparent electrode in photovoltaic. The changes occurring due to aluminum addition include reduction in grain size, root mean square roughness, peak-valley separation, and sheet resistance with improvement in the optical transmittance to 84-100% in the visible range. The origin of low electrical resistivity lies in increase in i) electron concentration following aluminum doping (being trivalent), formation of oxygen vacancies due to vacuum annealing, filling of cation site with additional zinc at solution stage itself and ii) carrier mobility.
Separation Axioms in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Amit Kumar Singh,Rekha Srivastava
Advances in Fuzzy Systems , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/604396
Abstract: In this paper we have studied separation axioms , in an intuitionistic fuzzy topological space introduced by Coker. We also show the existence of functors and and observe that is left adjoint to . 1. Introduction Fuzzy sets were introduced by Zadeh [1] in 1965 as follows: a fuzzy set in a nonempty set is a mapping from to the unit interval , and is interpreted as the degree of membership of in . Atanassov [2] generalized this concept and introduced intuitionistic fuzzy sets which take into account both the degrees of membership and of nonmembership subject to the condition that their sum does not exceed 1. ?oker [3] subsequently initiated a study of intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces. In this paper we have searched for appropriate definitions of the separation axioms , in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces. Hausdorffness in an intuitionistic fuzzy topological space has been introduced earlier by ?oker [3], Bayhan and ?oker [4], and Lupianez [5]. In [4], the authors have given six possible definitions of Hausdorffness including that given in [3], and a comparative study has been done. In this paper we have introduced another definition which generalizes the corresponding definition in a fuzzy topological space given in [6]. Our definition is more general than those given in [3, 5], and it turns out to be equivalent to in [4]. -ness in an intuitionistic fuzzy topological space has been defined earlier in [4] in six possible ways. Out of those, we have chosen as it generalizes the most appropriate definition of -ness in a fuzzy topological space (cf. definition 5.1, [7]). We have also introduced a suitable definition of -ness in an intuitionistic topological space. The appropriateness of the definitions has been established by proving several basic desirable results; for example, they satisfy hereditary, productive, and projective properties. We have also shown that the functor IF-Top BF-Top preserves these separation properties. 2. Preliminaries Throughout denotes a nonempty set, denotes the unit interval , and and denote the intervals and , respectively. A fuzzy set in is a function from to . The collection of all fuzzy sets in is denoted by . For any , denotes the fuzzy complement of , and the constant fuzzy set in , taking value , is denoted by . A crisp subset of will be identified with its characteristic function. If , then will be identified with the fuzzy set in which takes the same value as if and zero if . Definition 1 (Atanassov [2]). Let be a nonempty set. An intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS, in short)?? is an ordered pair of fuzzy sets
On some geometric properties of generalized Musielak-Orlicz sequence space and corresponding operator ideals
Amit Maji,P. D. Srivastava
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let $\bold{\Phi}=(\phi_n)$ be a Musielak-Orlicz function, $X$ be a real Banach space and $A$ be any infinite matrix. In this paper, a generalized vector-valued Musielak-Orlicz sequence space $l_{\bold {\Phi}}^{A}(X)$ is introduced. It is shown that the space is complete normed linear space under certain conditions on the matrix $A$. It is also shown that $l_{\bold{\Phi}}^{A}(X)$ is a $\sigma$- Dedikind complete whenever $X$ is so. We have discussed some geometric properties, namely, uniformly monotone, uniform Opial property for this space. Using the sequence of $s$-number (in the sense of Pietsch), the operators of $s$-type $l_{\bold{\Phi}}^{A}$ and operator ideals under certain conditions on the matrix $A$ are discussed.
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