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Aten??o à saúde mental na rede básica: estudo sobre a eficácia do modelo assistencial
Amaral,Márcia A. do;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101997000300010
Abstract: introduction: the implementation of the mental health policy in the health centers of campinas, southeastern brazil, is analysed. material and method: the methodology used consisted of a descriptive epidemiological study of a sample of 150 patients, discharged from a psychiatric hospital, and referred to health centers for continuing treatment. during the 4 months following discharge the attendance of the patients at these centers and return visits into hospital were verified. results: the results showed that 48.6% of the patients discharged by hospitals did not turn up at the health centers. of those who did get those, 51.4% abandoned their treatment before the end of the 4 months.the percentaje of 24.7% of the patients returned to hospital, most of them receiving a diagnosis of psychosis. conclusions: the problems encountered in the implementation of the mental health policy in the health center networt in campinas as regards the definition of the policy, the organization of the work of the professional teams and the results these services achieve, were brought out. the evidence that the transformation of the asylum calls for new psycho-social rehabilitation services and intersectional articulation to obtain good results in de-hospitalization and the salvaging of the citizenship of mentally-ill patients is reinforced.
Aten o à saúde mental na rede básica: estudo sobre a eficácia do modelo assistencial
Amaral Márcia A. do
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1997,
Abstract: INTRODU O: Objetivou-se analisar a implementa o da política de saúde mental para a rede básica de saúde, no Município de Campinas, SP (Brasil). MATERIAL E MéTODO: Foi feito estudo epidemiológico descritivo de uma amostra de 150 pacientes egressos de um hospital psiquiátrico e encaminhados aos centros de saúde para continuidade do tratamento. Durante 4 meses após a alta, foi verificado o comparecimento dos pacientes às atividades, assim como a ocorrência de reinterna es. RESULTADOS: Foram encontrados 48,6% dos pacientes em alta hospitalar que n o demandaram atendimento nos centros de saúde e dos que o fizeram, 51,4% abandonaram o tratamento num período de 4 meses. A prevalência de reinterna es em 4 meses foi de 24,7%, sendo maior entre os pacientes com diagnóstico de psicoses. CONCLUS ES: Foram evidenciados problemas na implementa o da política de saúde mental para a rede básica relativos à defini o das políticas, à organiza o do processo de trabalho das equipes de saúde e aos resultados alcan ados. Foi referendado o diagnóstico de que a transforma o do modelo manicomial demanda a existência de novos equipamentos de reabilita o psicossocial e a articula o intersetorial para alcan ar seus objetivos de desospitaliza o e resgate da cidadania dos doentes mentais.
Condi??o coclear e do sistema olivococlear medial de frentistas de postos de gasolina expostos a solventes organicos
Quevedo, Lenita da Silva;Tochetto, Tania Maria;Siqueira, Márcia do Amaral;
Arquivos Internacionais de Otorrinolaringologia , 2012, DOI: 10.7162/S1809-48722012000100007
Abstract: introduction: organic solvents have been increasingly studied due to its ototoxic action. objective: evaluate the conditions of outer hair cells and olivocochlear system in individuals exposed to organic solvents. method: this is a prospective study. 78 gas station attendants exposed to organic solvents had been evaluated from three gas stations from santa maria city, rio grande do sul (rs). after applying the inclusion criteria, the sample was constituted by 24 individuals. the procedures used on the evaluation were audiological anamnesis, transient otoacoustic emissions (teoaes) and research for the suppressive effect of teoaes. a group control (gc) compounded by 23 individuals was compared to individuals exposed and non-exposed individuals. the data collection has been done in the room of speech therapy of workers health reference center of santa maria. results: the teoaes presence was major in the left ear in both groups; the average relation of teoaes signal/noise in both ears was greater in ge; the teoaes suppressive effect in the right ear was higher in the individual of ge (62,5%) and in the left ear was superior in gc (86,96%), with statistically significant difference. the median sign/noise ratio of teoaes, according to the frequency range, it was higher in gc in three frequencies ranges in the right ear and one in the left ear. conclusion: it was not found signs of alteration on the outer hair cells neither on the olivocochlear medial system in the individuals exposed to organic solvents.
Age and growth of Pimelodella pappenheimi (siluriformes, pimelodidae) from an Atlantic Forest Stream in Southern Brazil
Amaral, Marina Faria do;Aranha, José Marcelo Rocha;Menezes, Márcia Santos de;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89131999000400010
Abstract: studies were performed to determine the growth curves in length and weight for pimelodella pappenheimi in the "das pombas" stream, a coastal stream susceptible to the flash flood phenomenon. samples were collected from september-95 to february-97, monthly, using electric fishing. the fishes were measured in total length and weight. a total of 156 pairs of otholits were taken for ring reading. the ford-walford transformation allowed the use of von bertallanffy expression. the pale ring formation was annual, and it occurred between the summer and the autumn. this species grews in length according to lt=15.86 (1-e-0.57(t+0.1551) ) equation and in weight according to wt= 24.23 (1-e-0.57(t+0.1551) )3.12. the increase in length was faster until the second year of life, whereas the increase in weight was more noticeable between the first and fourth years of life.
A clínica ampliada e compartilhada, a gest?o democrática e redes de aten??o como referenciais teórico-operacionais para a reforma do hospital
Campos,Gast?o Wagner de Sousa; Amaral,Márcia Aparecida do;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232007000400007
Abstract: this paper uses elements of the paideia concept to suggest guidelines for contemporary hospital reform, particularly the reorganization of work processes based on the concepts of extended general practice and democratic management. instead of production-line work processes, an alternative way of structuring patient care is proposed, newly crafted with professional autonomy and clearly defined clinical responsibilities. an analysis is also presented of the difficulties and consequences of integrating hospitals with public health systems.
A experiência de arquivamento intermediário em escritórios de advocacia de Belo Horizonte, na ótica da gest?o de documentos: estudo de casos múltiplos
Medeiros, Nilcéia Lage de;Negreiros, Leandro Ribeiro;Amaral, Cléia Márcia Gomes do;
Perspectivas em Ciência da Informa??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-99362011000200004
Abstract: the study describes and discusses the criteria for transfer of administrative documents and legal processes to agency records centers in three law offices in belo horizonte, from the viewpoint of document management. the results showed that space problems were prevalent in deciding the transfer the documentation to spaces outside the office premises.the following alternatives were adopted: archival storage of legal processes outside the downtown area and owned by the office; archival storage of legal processes, such as a deposit, in a room located in the downtown area and owned by the office; outsourced warehouse for the storage of human resources and accounting / finance documents. it was observed that the decision for adoption of spaces for an agency records center, where the rent per square meter is cheaper, did not have the life cycle of documents as a reference. in this sense, the benefits brought by the adoption of systematic evaluation was overlooked. it is observed that the three law firms are facing a growing production of documents without planning / management / evaluation, and that documentation tends to reach a high volume.
Biological parameters of cattle ticks fed on rabbits
Amaral, Maria Alice Zacarias do;Prata, Márcia Cristina de Azevedo;Daemon, Erik;Furlong, John;
Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-29612012000100005
Abstract: with the objective of encouraging the use of rabbits as alternative hosts for the cattle tick, four rabbits were infested on the ears and back. from the second day of infestation the developmental stages were observed. e duration of larval engorgement and changes were estimated between six and eight days in the region of the back and between 've and seven days in the pinna. e nymphal engorgement and changes occurred at approximately 10.80 ± 2.65 days in the dorsal and 11.00 ± 2.52 days in the ear, with the engorgement of adults and copulation occurring at 7.03 ± 2.45 days, on the dorsal region and 8.55 ± 1.82 days in the region of the pinna. e parasitic period ranged from 21 to 29 days (back) and from 23 to 30 days (pinna). e engorged females of the back and ear weighed on average 34.43 ± 18.73 and 36.30 ± 18.10 mg, respectively. e nutritional and reproductive e/ciency indexes were 17.38 ± 14.27 and 26.85 ± 17.13% (back) and 17.42 ± 12.22% and 30.70 ± 19.80% (pinna). although not appropriate to maintain successive generations of rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus, rabbits can be used for di:erent stages of engorgement of the ixodid, allowing experimental studies.
Som fricativo sonoro /?/: modifica??es vocais
D'Avila, Helena;Cielo, Carla Aparecida;Siqueira, Márcia do Amaral;
Revista CEFAC , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462010005000104
Abstract: purpose: verify the vocal modifications that occurred after the utilization of the fricative hearing sound /?/ in ten adult women that had no vocal laryngeal alterations. methods: they passed through a vocal and acoustic evaluation as well as hearing perception, and then they auto-evaluated their voices before and after the technique. results: statistically significant, namely: positive subjective feelings; spectrograms showing more definition for the harmonic and formants, noise reduction, and more regularity on the trace. conclusion: the technique produced less effort in phonation, more comfort during the vocal production and a more vocal production in the studied group.
Rela??o entre capacidade vital, tempos máximos de fona??o de /e/ emitido de forma áfona, de /s/ e estatura em mulheres adultas
Miglioranzi, Shanna Lara;Cielo, Carla Aparecida;Siqueira, Márcia do Amaral;
Revista CEFAC , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462011005000036
Abstract: purpose: to check the relation among the values of vital capacity (cv), maximum phonation times (mpt) of closed voiceless /e/ (/?/) and of /s/ and height in adult normal women. method: 48 females, between 18 and 44 years, with no intervening factors in measures of interest (smoking, sport practicing, singing, lung disorder, articulation disorder) collected their measures of vc, mpt/?/ and mpt/s/, three times each, and the highest produced values for each variable were selected for analysis, beyond the self-reported height. all four variables were compared. spearman's correlation coefficient was used to check the relationship; wilcoxon test for related samples was used to compare mpt/s/ and mpt/?/, such as the coefficient of variation calculation, in order to compare their homogeneity. results: positive significant correlation between: vc and mpt/s/ (r=0.326; p=0.024); vc and mpt/?/ (r=0.379; p=0.008); mpt/s/ and mpt/?/ (r=0.360; p=0.012); and vc and height (r=0.432; p=0.002); not presenting significant correlation between height and mpt. mpt/s/ significantly higher than mpt/?/. mpt/?/ of the sample (10.43s) significantly lower than reference values (p<0.001). in the homogeneity of mpt, its variation coefficients were very close: 35.60% (mpt/s/) and 39.11% (mpt/?/), respectively. conclusion: there was positive significant correlation between vc and mpt and among the mpt themselves, and vc and height. there was no correlation between height and mpt. values of mpt/?/ were significantly lower than mpt/s/, due to the absence of articulatory control, allowing for an accurate assessment of the respiratory level control.
Capacidade vital e tempos máximos de fona??o de /e/ áfono e de /s/ em mulheres adultas
Miglioranzi, Shanna Lara;Cielo, Carla Aparecida;Siqueira, Márcia do Amaral;
Revista CEFAC , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462011005000036
Abstract: purpose: to check the vital capacity (vc) and the maximum time values of phonation (mtp) as for the voiceless /e/ (represented by /é/) and the /s/ in adult women, comparing it with the proposed normality pattern. method: collecting vc, mtp/é/, mtp/s/ values and self-reported stature of 48 women between 18 and 44-year old, normal condition according to otorhinolaryngological, myofunctional, vocal, breathing and hearing ratings. we applied descriptive statistical analysis, shapiro-wilk normality test and calculated the coefficient variation; we adopted a 5% significance level. results: mean values: 3.206ml as for vc, 17.49s as for mtp/s/ and 1.65m as for height, with normal distribution, mtp/é/ did not have a normal distribution and whose 10.43s average was significantly lower than the literature values (p<0.001). however, mtp/é/ showed quite close medium and median values (10.43 and 10.25s) and coefficient variation very similar to the mtp/s/. conclusion: for the analyzed group, we found medium vc and mtp values compatible with those reported in the literature. and medium mtp/é/ values below those proposed in the literature. the average values of mtp/é/ were found to be below the one proposed by the existing theoretical framework, showing the need for more similar studies - to investigate the field of measuring mtp/?/ - in order to set up the normal range according to gender and more scientific data on what appears to be the most suitable for the separate evaluation of respiratory control during emission.
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