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Comparison of impacts of friction massage, stretching exercises and analgesics on pain relief in primary fibromyalgia syndrome: a randomized clinical trial
Amanollahi A,Khatibi A,Hollisaz MT,Shamseddini AR
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Background: Stretching exercises and massage therapy are both suggested for pain relief in fibromyalgia syndrome. Previous studies have not proved their superiority over each other. This study compared the therapeutic effects of friction massage, stretching exercises, and analgesics on pain relief in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome.Methods: We evaluated 129 female patients with the diagnosis of primary fibromyalgia visited at the physical medicine clinics of Baqiyatallah Hospital in Tehran, Iran during 2010- 2011. Patients were randomly divided into three groups: the first group received 400 mg ibuprofen P.O. (3 times per day) and 25 mg nortriptyline (daily) P.O. as analgesic, the second group was treated by friction massage and the third group performed stretching exercises. Patients were assessed three times (initially, after one and four weeks) by visual analogue scale (VAS).Results: The mean age of participants was 60.46 years. The mean age in each treatment group was 46.66 years in medication group, 46.73 years in stretching group and 46.65 years in friction massage group. Changes in VAS score over 4 weeks were 2.4, 3.1 and 1.9, in the first, second, and third groups, respectively. The changes in VAS were significantly different in the first and second groups rather than the controls (P<0.05).Conclusion: The effect of stretch exercise on pain relief was similar to analgesics, but it was more effective than friction massage. Moreover, the therapeutic effect of stretching exercise on pain relief upon four weeks was more permanent than friction massage but it was similar to analgesics.
Post operation recurrence of inguinal hernia in children and its relation with suture material
Omid Amanollahi
Behbood , 2011,
Abstract: Background: Using non-absorbable suture in children hernia repair to decrease of recurrence is recommended in the most pediatric surgery centers. The aim of this study was to determine relationship between kind of suture material and rate of hernia recurrence. Methods: In this clinical trial 200 children (age 1-5 years) with inguinal hernia who operated in Imam-Reza Hospital (kermanshah –Iran Between April 2007 until April 2008) enrolled into the study. Cases were selected by convenience sampling method and then randomly divided into two groups (100 cases per group) and operated with absorbable (silk 3-0) and non-absorbable (vicryli 3-0) suture material. Following period was 12 months after operation and collected data analyzed by statistical software. Emergency operations were excluded from the study.Results: 83% of patients were boy and 17% were girl. %53 showed right side inguinal, 29% left side and %18 were bilateral hernia. After one year follow up only one case of recurrence was observed in each group.Conclusion: Our study confirmed that recurrence of inguinal hernia in children after surgery, is not related to kind of suture material (absorbability) and we didn’t find any significant difference. Other factors than suture material may influence recurrence rate of hernia operation in children.
PM10 distribution using remotely sensed data and GIS techniques; Klang Valley, Malaysia
Jamil Amanollahi
EnvironmentAsia , 2011,
Abstract: Remote sensing and GIS have been increasingly used for air pollution monitoring in past decade. In this study the distribution of PM10 were measured at eight air quality monitoring stations in Klang Valley. The attempt was carried out in GIS environment. The data are belonging to the beginning of the week –Monday- and weekend –Saturday-. Aerosol optical thickness (AOT) values retrieved from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) were interpolated in GIS for comparison with ground station PM10 data. The validation between AOT and amount of PM10 in the atmosphere were analyzed using non-linear correlation coefficient (NLCC) for 2004. Results showed that the amount of PM10 at the beginning of the week is higher than the weekend. Remote sensing data showed better distribution of PM10 than ground station data. The NLCC results had a range from (0.10) at Petaling Jaya to (0.61) at Shah Alam. This study shows that GIS is useful tool to generate distribution map of PM10. This study shows that MODIS AOT data are able to present the amount of PM10 over large spatial scales that there is no ground stations air quality monitoring.
Rectal Biopsy for diagnosis of hirschsprung disease in constipated children
Omid Amanollahi,Mansour Rezaei
Behbood , 2011,
Abstract: Background: Constipation is a common problem in children and most of them are idiopathic or functional. Only a few percent of constipations may relate to Hirschsprung disease (HD) and may need to rectal biopsy for diagnosis. Now a day, most of these children referred to the pediatric surgeon for rectal biopsy to rule out of HD. With regard to complication, Emotional Effect, spending time and the cost and other side effects of sugary procedure, it seems logical and essential to determine restrict criteria for surgical performance. That's why we performed this study.Methods: 100 cases of children rectal biopsies (43 girl and 57 boys) have been recorded during 2006-2008 in Kermanshah Imam Reza hospital included in this descriptive-analytic study. Known constipation etiologies such as hypothyroidism, anal stenoses were excluded from the study. Results: Study showed that only 15 percent of subjects were diagnosed for Hirschsprung. Disease has been started before 6 months of age in the most of cases and all of them showed one or more major symptoms of HD. In 85% of samples pathology reports were normal who were diagnosed idiopathic constipation and all of them after 6 months of age and none had major symptom of HD.Conclusion: We concluded that rectal biopsy is not necessary in children whose constipation disease has been started after 6 months of age and did not indicate a cardinal sign of Hirschsprung.
Spiritual Intelligence and Life Satisfaction among Married and Unmarried Females  [PDF]
Seyed Mohammad Kalantarkousheh, Naeimeh Nickamal, Zahra Amanollahi, Elahe Dehghani
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.28024

The present research was performed to survey a relationship between spiritual intelligence and life satisfaction in two groups, married and unmarried females in the city of Esfahan, Iran. A total of 202 females were selected by the simple random sampling method to participate in this study. It used the King’s Spiritual Intelligence Inventory and Philip Carter’s Life Satisfaction Inventory to measure the variables. The research was designed according to the correlational method. For statistical analysis of data, it used the Pearson’s correlation method, multivariate regression and independent t-test. The results of this study showed a meaningful relation between life satisfaction and spiritual intelligence. There was also a relation between life satisfaction in the two groups of married and unmarried females, however there was no difference in terms of spiritual intelligence in these two groups. The results of regression analysis have shown that spiritual intelligence is predictive of life satisfaction. Further, findings indicated that the rate of life satisfaction in married females is more than in unmarried females.

Report of 23 cases of choledochal cyst from two hospitals, Mofid and Taleghani in Tehran (1986-2004)
Omid Amanollahi,Farid Najafi,Mohammadbagher Heydari
Behbood , 2010,
Abstract: Background: Choledochal cyst is a congenital disorder of biliary tract. It is rare in western but more common in Asian countries. Most studies have been case reports but in this study for assessment of surgical method of treatment and late complications, patients were followed for 18 years. Methods: This retrospective study was done based on 23 patients profiles with diagnosis of choledochal cyst who have been admitted in two hospitals, Mofid and Taleghani in Tehran during 1986-2004. Diagnosis was based on imaging and intraoperative findings variables for assessment were age, sex, cyst type, clinical picture and surgical method of treatment.Results: 70% of cases were female. Type I (sacular and fusiform, 74%) was the most common type, 70% of cases were between 1-5 years old, sonography was the most common imaging technic, that used for diagnosis (100% of cases), Icter was the most common clinical picture found in 70% of cases, surgical procedures and method in 70% of cases was standard and 30% of patients underwent palliative procedures.Conclusion: Although this study shows similarity in age, sex, common type, diagnostic and treatment methods with another centers and countries, but it shows necessity of surgeon’s encouragement to use standard surgical method for decreasing late complications of disease.
How to Select a Journal to Submit and Publish Your Biomedical Paper?
Farhad Shokraneh,Roghayeh Ilghami,Rasoul Masoomi,Alireza Amanollahi
BioImpacts , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: selection of journal for publication purpose is one of concerns of biomedical researchers. They apply various criteria to choose appropriate journal. Here, we have tried to collect main criteria biomedical researchers use to select a journal to submit their work. Methods: we collected these criteria through focus group conversations with researchers during our careers, feedbacks from participants of our scientific writing workshops and non-systematic reviewing of some related literature. Results: we have presented a summative and informative guidance in selection of biomedical journals for biomedical paper submission and publication. Conclusion: Categorized criteria as a mnemonic tool for authors may help the authors in journal selection process.
Traumatic injuries in pregnant women: A case of motor vehicle accident for “Ground Round” discussion
Alireza Ahmadi,Taravat Fakheri,Javad Amini Saman,Omid Amanollahi
Journal of Injury and Violence Research , 2011,
Abstract: The main objective for introducing this case study is to create a platform from which the importance of road traffic related injuries and traumas can be emphasized and discussed within and across various fields of investigation. The long term goal is to entice public campaign around unmet needs for higher road safety measures to reduce primary, secondary, and tertiary risks of injuries and traumas. Case: a 28-year-old pregnant woman with a 16-week gestational age fetus was involved in a road car crash resulting in multiple traumas. Evaluation and treatment was initiated in the local Urgent Care Unit and continued in the emergency department and operation room. Patient underwent the following procedures: laparotomy, diverting colostomy, terminating pregnancy, right calcaneal traction and long leg splint, as well as multiple irrigation-debridements. Finally, the wound was left open and the patient was admitted to Intensive Care Unit. We hope that the introduction of this case for a "Ground Round" discussion will stir up a comprehensive discussion regarding the injury and trauma related preventive measures as well as treatment approaches in cases involving pregnant women in car accidents, and will bring about a holistic overview of this issue by the experts in various fields.
Assessment of Vegetation Variation on Primarily Creation Zones of the Dust Storms Around the Euphrates Using Remote Sensing Images
Jamil Amanollahi,Shahram Kboodvandpour,Ahmad Makmom Abdullah,Parinaz Rashidi
EnvironmentAsia , 2012,
Abstract: Recently, period frequency and effect domain of the dust storms that enter Iran from Iraq have increased. In this study, in addition to detecting the creation zones of the dust storms, the effect of vegetation cover variation on their creation was investigated using remote sensing. Moderate resolution image Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM5) have been utilized to identify the primarily creation zones of the dust storms and to assess the vegetation cover variation, respectively. Vegetation cover variation was studied using Normalized Differences Vegetation Index (NDVI) obtained from band 3 and band 4 of the Landsate satellite. The results showed that the surrounding area of the Euphrates in Syria, the desert in the vicinity of this river in Iraq, including the deserts of Alanbar Province, and the north deserts of Saudi Arabia are the primarily creation zones of the dust storms entering west and south west of Iran. The results of NDVI showed that excluding the deserts in the border of Syria and Iraq, the area with very weak vegetation cover have increased between 2.44% and 20.65% from 1991 to 2009. In the meanwhile, the retention pound surface areas in the south deserts of Syria as well as the deserts in its border with Iraq have decreased 6320 and 4397 hectares, respectively. As it can be concluded from the findings, one of the main environmental parameters initiating these dust storms is the decrease in the vegetation cover in their primarily creation zones.
A Flexible Design for Optimization of Hardware Architecture in Distributed Arithmetic based FIR Filters
Fazel Sharifi,Saba Amanollahi,Mohammad Amin Taherkhani,Omid Hashemipour
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: FIR filters are used in many performance/power critical applications such as mobile communication devices, analogue to digital converters and digital signal processing applications. Design of appropriate FIR filters usually causes the order of filter to be increased. Synthesis and tape-out of high-order FIR filters with reasonable delay, area and power has become an important challenge for hardware designers. In many cases the complexity of high-order filters causes the constraints of the total design could not be satisfied. In this paper, efficient hardware architecture is proposed for distributed arithmetic (DA) based FIR filters. The architecture is based on optimized combination of Look-up Tables (LUTs) and compressors. The optimized system level solution is obtained from a set of dynamic programming optimization algorithms. The experiments show the proposed design educed the delay cost between 16%-62.5% in comparison of previous optimized structures for DA-based architectures.

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