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Newcomers in Educational System: The Case of French-Speaking Part of Belgium  [PDF]
Altay A. Manco, Patricia Alen
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2012.21015
Abstract: According to the Lisbon strategy for a knowledge society, entering school plays a significant role for any young immigrant. In Belgium, this issue is very worrying, as equity between native born students and those of foreign origin seems to be lacking. Finally, the situation in French-speaking Belgium is even more difficult than in the Flemish part of the country. Also, this paper aims to explore the strategies in place to welcome and integrate these children. It portrays specific guidance devices for young newcomers and analyzes possible correlations between them and the rate of academic success. In light of particularities of the Belgian educational system especially linked to the fact that we are in a federal state with different languages of reference, our study covers the portion of the federal state where French is the official language. The targeted group is that of newcomers of age to attend secondary school. The method of analysis and synthesis of available information includes both quantitative and qualitative data. Our approach was based on the description and analysis of the context of recognition and knowledge acquisition of young students of foreign origin in secondary education. Our analysis focuses on: accessibility to education and equality of success; adequacy to requirements, consistency and efficiency, as well as effectiveness of the education system; the relevance and specific training of teachers adapted to the newcomers; sustainability of the results: the insertion and future integration of youth; and finally, various linguistic, social and psychological dimensions, as well as citizenship. The report identifies some key elements of the context of schooling for young newcomers and offers brief elements of understanding of the history of immigration in this region. Specific and general practices for integration and schooling of young migrants, including accompanied or unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, are described. Finally, these elements are analyzed in terms of accessibility standards to school education, criteria for adequacy of such education to the specificity of immigrant children and finally, criteria for system effectiveness, and practical tracks are proposed.
Urban ecological characteristics and vascular wall flora on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Turkey
Volkan Altay
Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to specify the urban ecologic characteristics of Istanbul and to show their reflection to the vascular wall flora of the Anatolian side, which is a distinctive wall habitat. Plants samples of the urban habitat were collected from the top and vertical surfaces of walls during 2005-2007. A total of 101 taxa (81 species, 13 subspecies and 7 varieties) belonging to 74 genera and 33 families were recorded. It was determined that 80 species were Dicotyledones while 1 was Monocotyledone. The families with the largest number of taxa were Asteraceae (18 species, 22.22%), Poaceae (8 species, 9.87%), Lamiaceae and Brassicaceae (5 species, 6.17%), and Polygonaceae and Scrophulariaceae (4 species, 4.93%). The most common plant species on walls were Parietaria judaica L. (Urticaceae), Stellaria media (L.) Vill. subsp. media (Caryophyllaceae), and Mercurialis annua L. (Euphorbiaceae). The percentage of phytogeographical elements among the recorded taxa varied as follows: Euro-Siberian (6 taxa, 7.41%), Mediterranean (11 taxa, 13.58%), E. Mediterranian (2 taxa, 2.47%), Irano-Turanian (1 taxon, 1.23%) and unknown (61 taxa, 75.31%). It was found that 6 taxa (7.41%) were cosmopolitan, 12 (14.82%) were widespread while 1 (1.23%) was endemic. The results were compared with some other European wall floras and some similarities and dissimilarities were noted.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: In this essay the relation between two work of arts called ‘’Düsturül Mülk vezirul Melik and eyho lu Mustafa’s Marzuban –name ‘’ ,which were written in different centuries but conveyed a lot of similarities in terms of contend, theme and style, is studied. In the introduction part of the study, the term of plagiarism is focused on; the definition and types of plagiarism is scrutinized and then the general information about the translation of ‘’Düsturül Mülk vezirul Melik and eyho lu Mustafa’s Marzuban –name ‘’is given by making comparisons between two work of arts. As a result of the comparisons by puting forth the similarities in terms of theme, characteres, the composition of the work of art, language and style , it has been proved that Düst rü’l-Mülk Vezir ’l-Melik is not a copyright work of art in reality, but it has been composed by plagiarism in the translation of eyho lu Mustafa’s Marz ban –name Bu makalede farkl yüzy llarda yaz lm ancak konu, i erik ve üsl p bak m ndan ok fazla benzerlikler ta yan iki eser -Düst rü’l-Mülk Vezir ’l-Melik ve eyho lu Mustafa’n n Marz ban-name tercümesi- aras ndaki ili ki tan mlanmaya al lm t r. al man n giri inde “intihal” kavram üzerinde durularak, intihalin tan m , türleri ve yap l ekilleri irdelenmi ard ndan Düst rü’l-Mülk Vezir ’l-Melik ve eyho lu Mustafa’n n Marz ban-name tercümesi hakk nda genel bilgiler verilmi ve iki eser aras nda kar la t rmalar yap lm t r. Yap lan kar la t rmalar n sonucunda iki eser aras ndaki konu, ah slar, eserin düzenleni i, dil ve üslup bak m ndan saptanan benzerlikler s ralanarak Düst rü’l-Mülk Vezir ’l-Melik’in ger ekte te’lif bir eser olmad , eyho lu Mustafa’n n Marz ban-name tercümesi’nin intihali yoluyla ortaya konulmu bir eser oldu u iddias kan tlanm t r.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Siyasetnames include information and admonitions about political and state administration. They are works of art that give admonitions and inspirations to the rulers and statesmen on how to administrate the state better. They include information about the political, social and economical structures of their times. Siyasetnames are very important sources because they reflect the administrative concept and value of their times. Ottoman Empire, having a strong background of state tradition, has a very rich siyasetname tradition. In this study, the effects of siyasetname tradition upon Ottoman literature that incluses XIV. and XVI. centuries , known as classical period, are analyzed. Also, in this study, the copyrigt and interpretation siyasetnames written in this period are analyzed and information about general aspects of these siyasetnames are given. Siyasetnameler, siyaset ve devlet y netimi hakk nda bilgi ve nasihatler i eren, daha iyi bir devlet y netiminin sa lanmas i in hükümdar ve devlet adamlar na üt ve telkinlerde bulunan eserlerdir. Yaz ld d nemin siyasi, sosyal ve ekonomik yap s hakk nda bilgiler i ermesi; devrinin y netim anlay n ve de erlerini yans tmas sebebi ile siyasetnameler, tarihi ve sosyolojik a dan ok nemli kaynaklard r. K klü bir devlet gelene ine sahip olan Osmanl Devleti, ayn zamanda ok zengin bir siyasetname gelene ine de sahiptir. Bu al mada siyasetname gelene inin, Klasik d nem olarak tabir edilen XIV. ve XVI. yüzy llar aras Osmanl yaz n dünyas ndaki etkileri irdelenmektedir. Ayr ca al mada bu d nemde yaz lm olan te’lif ve tercüme siyasetnameler de incelenmekte ve bu siyasetnamelerin genel zellikleri hakk nda bilgiler verilmektedir.
Continuity of selectorial maps
Serpil Altay
Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper the selectorial map notion is introduced and the conti-nuity property of selectorial map is studied. The necessary and sufficient conditions for continuity of selectorial maps are obtained.
Notes on Gauss law applied for time varying electric field in vacuum
Altay Zhakatayev
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Gauss's law in integral form states that closed surface integral of electric field is proportional to net charge present within the volume bounded by this closed surface. Gauss's law in differential form states that divergence of electric field is proportional to charge's volume density. From Gauss's law it is concluded that in vacuum, where no electric charges are present, divergence of electric field and closed surface integral of electric field are zero. In this paper we make an attempt to theoretically prove that for time-varying electric fields Gauss's law is not valid. In other words, for time-varying electric field even in vacuum divergence of electric field and closed surface integral of electric field are non-zero. We do this by considering simple sinusoidal motion of the charge and then by calculating closed surface integral at specific time of time-varying electric field due to charge motion. Results show that for charges at still and at motion with constant velocity Gauss's law is valid. However for charges moving with acceleration, Gauss's law is no longer valid.
Very Short Literature Survey From Supervised Learning To Surrogate Modeling
Altay Brusan
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: The past century was era of linear systems. Either systems (especially industrial ones) were simple (quasi)linear or linear approximations were accurate enough. In addition, just at the ending decades of the century profusion of computing devices were available, before then due to lack of computational resources it was not easy to evaluate available nonlinear system studies. At the moment both these two conditions changed, systems are highly complex and also pervasive amount of computation strength is cheap and easy to achieve. For recent era, a new branch of supervised learning well known as surrogate modeling (meta-modeling, surface modeling) has been devised which aimed at answering new needs of modeling realm. This short literature survey is on to introduce surrogate modeling to whom is familiar with the concepts of supervised learning. Necessity, challenges and visions of the topic are considered.
Deployment Challenges of Offshore Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainability in Developing Countries  [PDF]
Arif Sari, Ali Karaduman, Altay Firat
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2015.75037
Abstract: This research aims to expose deployment challenges of offshore renewable energy systems in developing countries. The investigation of the deployment model covers climate conditions, economic conditions, necessary infrastructure services and wind power by considering the case of Cyprus Island which is one of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) countries. The convenience of Offshore Energy Systems to the territory and their systematic proper work is an important issue. Because of that, the setting up of Offshore Wind Energy Tribunes in Cyprus, the planning process, structuring of cost values and necessary resources, the investigation of the geographic conditions for obtaining the energy flow and assessment of these conditions for Offshore Wind Tribunes are the prime objectives of this study. The orientation period and the applicable qualifications of the offshore energy systems were evaluated on the basis of the world wide references. The study is concluded by the estimation of the advantages and disadvantages of the system for Cyprus.
Lung metastasis of giant cell tumor: Case report
Canan Altay,Sedat Altay,Emine Osma
Medical Journal of Bakirk?y , 2009,
Abstract: Giant cell tumor of bone is a locally osteolytic tumor with variable aggressiveness occasionally even by metastases. The lungs are the principal site of metastases, and the pulmonary lesions are pathologically indistinguishable from the primary tumor. In this case report we document a case of giant cell tumor of distal end of the radius in which, associated with local recurrence, there were simultaneous metastases to lung.
Animal Food Chain Based Particle Swarm Optimization
Ayca Altay,Gulgun Kayakutlu
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2011,
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