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Metodologías cuantitativas para la optimización del servicio de urgencias: una revisión de la literatura
Velásquez-Restrepo,Paula Andrea; Rodríguez-Quintero,Alma Karina; Jaén-Posada,Juan Sebastián;
Revista Gerencia y Políticas de Salud , 2011,
Abstract: this paper presents a literature review that lists the most common problems encountered in emergency departments and operations research methodologies most applied for study and solution. the advantages and disadvantages of the methods and results are shown. we found that the main issues addressed by researchers are: inefficiency in the flow of patients, assess service capacity vs. demand and long waiting times of patients for treatment. it is mainly used discrete event simulation and mathematical programming. none of the references evaluated considering changing the current system outline and explore demand reduction.
Happiness and Optimism Interventions at Work: Gender Differences  [PDF]
Alejandro Sanín-Posada, Marisa Salanova Soria, Pablo Vera-Villaroel
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104842
Abstract: The aim of this quasi-experimental study was to analyze the changes derived from happiness and optimism interventions in 12 groups of employees chosen at random in two Colombian companies. For the happiness intervention, three conditions were applied: Expressing Gratitude, Acts of Kindness and Pencil in the Mouth. In the case of optimism, three other conditions were used: Breaking the Routine, Reformulating Goals and Resignifying Failure. In addition, an-swers from a control group, a placebo group and another group on a waiting list were included. 93 people completed the questionnaires at both Time 1 (before the intervention) and Time 2 (after the intervention). Testing of related samples was performed to verify the changes according to each condition. The results show that the condition of kindness alone and combined with the reformulation of goals tended to have more positive effects on happiness levels. There were differences in the effectiveness associated with gender and the employees’ previous levels of happiness and optimism. The practical applications of these findings in the work context and their influence on work performance are discussed.
Educación en Ingenierías: de las clases magistrales a la pedagogía del aprendizaje activo
Rodríguez Serrano,Karla Patricia; Maya Restrepo,María Alejandra; Jaén Posada,Juan Sebastián;
Ingeniería y Desarrollo , 2012,
Abstract: in view of the needs of a changing world that demands the reinforcement of creative and innovative processes, engineering education becomes one of the most relevant issues for a nation pursuing its insertion and survival into knowledge society. in this respect, active learning methodologies are perceived as the most appropriate tools leading engineers to an educational environment that prepares them for the challenges faced by society. our work is a review of the active learning methodologies frequently used by engineering colleges and their success like a sort of appropriate tools for inspiring motivation and creativity in student and teachers alike. also, it finds that the implementation of active learning practices backed by technologies of information and communication has become in a recent source of good experiences and discoveries. the results of the implementation of some of them are presented.
La Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico, OCDE, y la definición de compentencias en Educación Superior: El caso México
Hernández Mondragón,Alma Rosa; Rodríguez Cortés,Karina;
Educere , 2008,
Abstract: the article has as objective: to analyze the cooperation organization and economic development (ocde, in spanish) recommendations defined for mexico and their impact in the context of higher education competences regarding higher education policies. aiming to expose the content, in a first section we locate the background on the definition of policy in higher education in mexico; and on a second one, we present the debates generated around the definition of competences by the ocde, particularly the deseco project, and on a third section, the integration of the tuning-latin america project. to conclude, we present a group of reflections on the topic.
Opium: The Evolution of Policies, the Tolerance of the Vice, and the Proliferation of Contraband Trade in the Philippines, 1843-1908
Alma N. Bamero
Social Science Diliman , 2006,
Abstract: This research entitled “Opium: The Evolution of Policies, the Tolerance of the Vice, and the Proliferation of Contraband Trade in the Philippines, 1843-1908” presents a discussion of the opium trade in Asia, the commercial networks it created, the political ties it strengthened, and the social relations itfostered. It also aims to reconstruct an aspect of Philippine social history in the nineteenth century through the use of archival materials that bear witness to the distribution and exploitation of a substance which some people stillclassify as taboo. The poppy was not endemic to the Philippines but opium, its derivative substance, was known to numb pain and could induce a “natural high” that left one with feelings of ease and contentment. A more complete introduction to the drug necessitates a discussion of the way it was extractedand processed. It is a cash crop that does not require complex devices and is, therefore, within the reach of farmers and common folk. From the eighteenth to the nineteenth centuries opium became very popular among the Chinese who discovered that their markets were being flooded with it by the British sothat the latter could pay for the tea that they craved.The Spanish Bourbons, in an effort to boost Philippine economy, allowed the trading of this substance. Initially this was supervised by the officials of the Alcaiceria de San Fernando but in 1843 the meticulous examination of the country’s finances merited the creation of an opium revenuefarm through municipal franchising. Opium could only be used by the Chinese who were migrating in big groups. This paper presents the details of the monopoly contract, identifies some of the wealthier contratistas of the period, and discusses the consequences of such a commercial venture. Smuggling orcontraband trade proliferated and by way of illustration the events namely, the Scandal of 1843 and the Gunga Incident, have been narrated. The creation of an over-all apprehending unit called Resguardo and the para-military comisionadosfor the Chinese community assured the Royal Treasury of a constant supply of cash.The pragmatism of the government was the basis for its tolerant attitude. Even at the time of the Revolution, leaders like Aguinaldo used the opium trade for the acquisition of funds. The American colonial officials made the “supreme” sacrifice of giving up profits from its importation andtrade only in 1908 with the passage of the Opium Law.
Un panorama general de la estructura organizacional para la investigación en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín-Colombia.
Iatreia , 2004,
Abstract: the purpose of this paper is to describe the origin, the offices and the regulations under which investigation is assumed in the university of antioquia school of medicine in medellín, colombia. the investigation is carried out by professors, students and independent investigators legally ascribed to the investigation groups which are the base of the investigative system of the school. these groups function in several ways in the center for the investigation in medicine (centro de investigaciones médicas -cim-), several corporations and the school for medical investigations (escuela de investigaciones médicas y aplicadas eima). their relationships with other investigative organizations inside the university are also shown.
Sabía usted? El paciente en estado crítico
Alvaro Sanín Posada
Iatreia , 1991,
Un panorama general de la estructura organizacional para la investigación en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín-Colombia. A panoramic view of the organizational structure in the University of Antioquia School of Medicine. Medellin-Colombia
Alvaro Sanín Posada
Iatreia , 2004,
Abstract: En este ensayo se explica en que dependencias y bajo que regulaciones se investiga en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Antioquia. Los proyectos de investigación son efectuados por docentes y estudiantes así como por investigadores debidamente inscritos, conformados en Grupos de Investigación que son la célula esencial del sistema. Estos Grupos funcionan en el Centro de Investigaciones Médicas –CIM–, las Corporaciones y la Escuela de Investigaciones Médicas y Aplicadas –EIMA–. Se describen además las funciones del Comité para el Desarrollo de la Investigación CODI y de la Sede de Investigación Universitaria SIU. The purpose of this paper is to describe the origin, the Offices and the regulations under which investigation is assumed in the University of Antioquia School of Medicine in Medellín, Colombia. The investigation is carried out by professors, students and independent investigators legally ascribed to the investigation groups which are the base of the investigative system of the School. These groups function in several ways in the Center for the Investigation in Medicine (Centro de Investigaciones Médicas -CIM-), several Corporations and the School for Medical Investigations (Escuela de Investigaciones Médicas y Aplicadas EIMA). Their relationships with other investigative organizations inside the University are also shown.
Experimental and Theoretical Properties of MoS2+x Nanoplatelets  [PDF]
D. H. Galvan, A. Posada Amarillas, N. Elizondo, M. José-Yacamán
Modern Research in Catalysis (MRC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/mrc.2013.24022

The synthesis and the catalysis in the HDS of DBT reaction of nanostructured self-supported catalyst containing MoS2+x nanoplatelets have been investigated. Enhancement of higher activity observed in sulfide catalyst sample (d) with respect to the ex situ and in situ references is more closely related to the morphology change of particles (nanoplatelets). In this work, we suggest that certain structures present in model catalysts maybe related to low dimensional structures and present a theoretical study of two MoS2 clusters (one made of 34 atoms/cluster and the second one made of 41 atoms/cluster), to these clusters seven sulfur atoms were randomly located at the surface of the sulfur layer, in order to simulate certain structures resembling arrow shaped nanoplatelets that were found in a High Resolution TEM analysis performed in some MoS2 samples. Additionally, one of the goals is to enquire about the electronic properties presented in such structures when the clusters terminated as Moor S-edge and if it could be correlated to the catalyst behavior of these compounds. To the 34 atoms/cluster Mo-edge yielded metallic behavior while the second cluster the 41 atoms/ cluster S-edge yielded a semiconductor behavior with a forbidden energy gap Eg of the order of @ 3.6 eV between the Valence and Conductions bands respectively. Moreover, to the same clusters enunciated formerly, when the sulfur atoms were located at the surface of the S-layer, for the first cluster (34 atoms/cluster) yielded a more metallic behavior, while the second one (41 atoms/cluster) yielded an isolator behavior. Our results agree with the experimental and theoretical results presented by several groups in different laboratories arriving to the conclusion that the S-Mo-S Mo-edge arrow heads structures could be responsible to the enhancement of the catalytic activity on the MoS2 studied samples.

Guzmán, Edgar. Obra poética completa. Arequipa: Cascahuesos Editores y Editorial unsa, 2010. 320 pp.
Karina Marín
Perífrasis : Revista de Literatura, Teoría y Crítica , 2011,
Abstract: Rese a
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