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Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation , 2013, DOI: 10.2478/v10215-011-0030-6
Abstract: The purpose of the research was to see whether work of special educators and rehabilitators in the regular school has a positive influence on peer relationship among students with delayed cognitive development.The accent was on friendship quality, social competence and antisocial behavior. The research comprised 150 students with slow cognitive development, 52 of who have support of special educators and rehabilitators in regular education, while the remaining 98 students are without support. Friendship quality was evaluated applying Friendship Quality Questionnaire. School Social Behavior Scale was used in order to evaluate social competence and antisocial behavior. Differences among the groups were examined by t-test from SPSS 14 Windows software package.The results have shown that students with slow cognitive development having support from special educators and rehabilitators evaluate their friendship more qualitative. Students with delayed cognitive development attending schools without special educators and rehabilitators engaged demonstrate better level of the social competence. As far as antisocial behavior concerns, no differences were found. The results obtained indicate need for redefining the role of special educators and rehabilitators in regular primary education.
Validation of a Screening Model for Referrals to Support Students with Hidden Disabilities in Higher Education  [PDF]
Alma Dizdarevi, Vesna Bratov?i?, Senad Mehmedinovi?, Amila Mujezinovi?, Selma Porobi?, Bahira Demirovi?
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.62007
This study describes validation of a screening model for Referrals to Support with Hidden Disabilities in Higher Education. A screening model describes the screening procedures implemented by HEIs in all 8 public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the study, 5073 bachelor students were participated. There were 1371 (27%) male and 3702 (73%) female participants. In this research, the questionnaire for students in higher education was used. In order to validate the screening model, a multivariate method of exploratory factor analysis was applied. The intercorrelation of manifest variables was calculated, and on the basis of the obtained coefficients, the variables were selected for further analysis. The variables were subjected by calculating the coefficient of the inner consistency of the Cronbach alpha, and an estimate of the reliability of the variables was made by calculating the interstellar statistics. On the basis of the obtained results of factor analysis, a set of 28 manifest variables have been reduced to 15 variables that have satisfactory reliability and internal agreement, and it is justifiable to use them as a screening model. Findings support the requirement for a reliable and valid standardized assessment procedure for HEIs, which would provide equitable access to an initial diagnosis.
Free trade area in southeast Europe: Growth potentials and implications for Croatia
Nela Vlahini?-Dizdarevi
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci : ?asopis za Ekonomsku Teoriju i Praksu , 2004,
Abstract: Paper focuses on preconditions, actual trade flows and growth potentials of the Free Trade Zone in Southeast Europe. Further trade liberalisation and implementation of all 21 bilateral trade agreementswould be important incentive for intra-regional trade, especially within SEE-5, where, according to gravity model results, there exist situations of “under-trade”. Bilateral trade between Croatia and S&MNrepresents such “under-trade” situation that gives large space for Croatian export growth to this market. On the other hand, trade with B&His already above the predicted level and it could even fall in the future because great part of B&H imports was triggered by Western assistance. According to the analysis, the establishment of the Free Trade Area in SEE gives potentials for an increase in intra-regional trade (especially SEE-5), but these benefits could be fully reached only by pursuing parallel trade integration towards the EU in order to avoid trade diversion effect.
Macroeconomic context of economic reforms in electricity sector of transition countries
Nela Vlahini?-Dizdarevi,Tomislav Galovi?
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci : ?asopis za Ekonomsku Teoriju i Praksu , 2007,
Abstract: The paper addresses the question of macroeconomic environment and its impact on economic reforms in electricity sector of CEE countries that have become new EU Member States and SEE countries. The research is based on the thesis that macroeconomic drivers and macroeconomic context of the economic reforms in electricity sector considerably differ between developed and transition countries. The analysis aimed to test the broadly accepted assumption that regulatory reforms and liberalized environment should generally result in cost reflective prices and better quality of services. Our analysis shows that the reform results in CEE and SEE transition countries have been significantly different. Most of new EU Member States have recorded high increase in electricity prices as the result of cost re-flective tariffs level and gradual phase-out of direct and indirect electricity price subsidies. Though these cost-based tariffs have had a positive impact on efficiency improvements, they have also harmed social welfare and competitiveness in CEECs. On the other hand, most of the SEECs (except Croatia) are faced with low collection rates and still have low tariffs that do not reflect costs of supply. The other objective of the reform - quality of services has been perceived high in all CEECs, while in most SEE countries the quality of the electricity is still the obstacle to business environment
Risk factors and diabetic retinopathy
Admira Dizdarevi,Amila Alikadi?-Husovi?,Vahid Jusufovi?
Medicinski Glasnik , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of the study was to determine the correlation between risk factors and diabetic retinopathy, which is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries for patients aged 20 to 65.We compared risk factors between patients without retinopathy, with non-proliferate and with proliferate retinopathy (p< 0.05). Duration of diabetes is most important for the development of retinopathy. Hyperglycaemia and high blood pressure are important for progression. Better control of blood sugar and elevated blood pressure can reduce progression of retinopathy and riskof vision loss.
Complete pancreas traumatic transsection
H Drljevi?,N. Dizdarevi,H. Hod?i?
Medicinski Glasnik , 2005,
Abstract: This report presents a case of a twenty-year old male with complete pancreas breakdown in the middle of its corpus, which was caused by a strong abdomen compression, with injuries of the spleen, the firstjejunumcurve,mesocolon transversum, left kidney, and appereance of retroperitoneal haemathoma. Surgical treatment started 70 minutes after the injury. The treatment consisted of left pancreatectomy with previous spleenectomy, haemostasis of ruptured mesocolon transversum blood vessels, left kidney exploration, suturing of the firstjejunumcurvelession and double abdomen drainage. Posttraumatic pancreatitis which appeared on the second postoperative day and prolonged drain secretion were successfully solved by conservative treatment.
The role of energy in economic growth: the case of Croatia
Nela Vlahini?-Dizdarevi,Sa?a ?ikovi?
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci : ?asopis za Ekonomsku Teoriju i Praksu , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to examine the causal relationship between energy and economic growth in Croatia using data for the period from 1993 to 2006. We use a bivariate model of real GDP and five energy variables: energy consumption in industry and households, oil consumption, primary energy production and net energy imports. Since we found cointegration for all of the tested relationships, we use an Error Correction Model (ECM) which also allows us to distinguish between long and short term relationship among the variables.The empirical results provide clear support of causality that runs from real GDP growth to all energy variables. Our results differ from most of the studies analysing developing countries and are similar to those investigating developed, post-industrial economies with strong tertiary sector. Our research results reflect relatively low energy intensity in Croatia as a consequence of transition depression during the 1990s and the process of deindustrialization.
Signed polyomino tilings by n-in-line polyominoes and Groebner bases
Manuela Muzika Dizdarevi,Marinko Timotijevi?,Rade T. ?ivaljevi?
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Conway and Lagarias observed that a triangular region T(m) in a hexagonal lattice admits signed tiling by three-in-line polyominoes (tribones) if and only if m=9d-1 or m=9d for some integer d. We apply the theory of Groebner bases over integers to show that T(m) admits a signed tiling by n-in-line polyominoes (n-bones) if and only if m=dn^2-1 or m=dn^2 for some integer d. Explicit description of the Groebner basis allows us to calculate the "Groebner discrete volume" of a lattice region by applying the division algorithm to its `Newton polynomial'. Among immediate consequences is a description of the tile homology group of the $n$-in-line polyomino.
Hilvanando opuestos: lecturas identitarias a partir de la conformación de una comunidad mapuche en Lago Puelo, Provincia de Chubut
Av?? , 2007,
Abstract: the supported increase in real - estate business in patagonia since the decade of 1990, has a strong impact in lake puelo on the claims to possession of the land of descendants of former settlers came to the region at the end of the nineteenth century. the following article proposes to analyse from a turnerian perspective, and starting from the recent conformation of a mapuche community in the area, how the struggles for possession of the land, the ethnic - national identity of the involved actors and the role played by the provincial and local state through its territorial politics are related to one another. to analyse these events in key of "social dramas" will allow us not only to understand the different stages that had been occurring in this centenarian struggle but also will provide us with a frame from which rethink, starting from the analysis of this small area, the "official" story of the identities of the people of the (andes) mountain chain.
Para onde foram os bebês? Em busca de uma Antropologia de bebês (e de seus cuidadores)
Gottlieb, Alma;
Psicologia USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642009000300002
Abstract: in much anthropological literature infants are frequently neglected as outside the scope of both the concept of culture and disciplinary methods. this article proposes six reasons for this exclusion of infants from anthropological discussion. these include the fieldworker’s own memories and parental status, the problematic question of agency in infants and their presumed dependence on others, their routine attached to women, their seeming inability to communicate, their inconvenient propensity to leak from a variety of orifices, and their apparently low quotient of rationality. yet investigation of how infants are conceived beyond the industrialized west can lead us to envision them far differently from how they are conceived in the west (including by anthropologists). confronting such comparative data suggests the desirability of considering infants as both relevant and beneficial to the anthropological endeavor.

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