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Estabelecimento in vitro de Ocotea odorifera, O. catharinensis e O. porosa In vitro Establishment of Ocotea odorifera, O. catharinensis and O. porosa
Aline Moritz,Juliana Degenhardt,Leonardo Ferreira Dutra,Fabrício Augusto Hansel
Pesquisa Florestal Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.4336/2012.pfb.59.37
Abstract: Várias espécies da família Lauraceae encontram-se em risco de extin o, devido ao alto valor comercial de suas madeiras e a consequente explora o das reservas naturais. Dentre elas, Ocotea porosa (imbuia), O. odorifera (canela-sassafras) e O. catharinensis (canela-preta) s o de grande importancia no Sul do Brasil, de onde s o originárias. Estas espécies apresentam sementes recalcitrantes, o que dificulta sua regenera o natural. Alem disso, a propaga o por meio de estaquia e enxertia apresenta limita es. Este trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar a germina o e multiplica o in vitro das canelas preta e sassafrás na presen a de BAP e carv o ativado e a germina o e multiplica o in vitro de imbuia sob diferentes concentra es de sacarose no meio de cultura. Para as canelas preta e sassafrás foram avaliadas duas concentra es de NaClO na desinfesta o de embri es (0,1 % e 0,5 %). Na fase de multiplica o, foi avaliado o efeito de BAP e carv o ativado. Para a imbuia, foi avaliada a influência da concentra o de sacarose (30, 60, 90 ou 120 g.L-1) na introdu o e multiplica o in vitro. A porcentagem de germina o foi superior a 85 % para as três espécies. Para a canela sassafrás, as melhores taxas de multiplica o foram obtidas na presen a de 5 μmol.L-1 de BAP. Para a imbuia, a concentra o de 60 g.L-1 de sacarose no meio proporcionou as maiores taxas de multiplica o. Apesar de o estabelecimento da canela preta ter sido satisfatório, após algumas semanas no meio de multiplica o os explantes n o apresentavam aparência normal e oxidaram. Doi: 10.4336/2009.pfb.59.37 Several species of the Lauraceae family are endangered, due to the high value of their woods, and the consequent exploitation of natural populations. Among them, Ocotea porosa, O. odorifera and O. catharinensis, native from South Brazil, have recalcitrant seeds, what makes even more dificult their natural regeneration. This work aimed to evaluate in vitro seed germination and multiplication of O. odorifera and O. catharinensis in culture medium supplemented with activated charcoal and/or BAP and in vitro seed germination and multiplication of O. porosa in culture medium supplemented with several concentrations of sucrose. The effect of BAP and activated charcoal were tested in the multiplication of O. catharinensis and O. odorifera and the effect of sucrose concentration (30, 60, 90 ou 120 g.L-1) was tested in the multiplication of O. porosa. The germination percentage was higher than 85% for all species. BAP promoted the highest multiplication rates for O. odorifera. O. porosa showed the best
ADRB2, ADRB3, BDKRB2 and MTNR1B Genes Related to Body fat Modulation and Its Interaction with Physical Activity and Blood Pressure  [PDF]
Aline Marcadenti
Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases (OJEMD) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2015.57012
Abstract: Hypertension (HTN) is the risk factor that most contributes to mortality rates in the world, followed by physical inactivity and obesity. Despite the influence of genetic factors on the genesis of HTN, blood pressure levels are strongly influenced by environmental factors such as physical inactivity and overweight, characterizing it as a polygenic disease. Genetic components and environmental factors such as physical exercise may modulate the phenotype of individuals predisposed to medical conditions such as HTN, independently of modifiable factors such as increased levels of adiposity; however, studies have shown that polymorphic forms detected in genes involved in the mechanisms of blood pressure regulation and also related to body fat modulation may interact with physical activity levels and HTN. The aim of this article is to review the interactions between polymorphisms in ADRB2, ADRB3, BDKRB2 and MTNR1B genes, physical activity and blood pressure.
Public Procurement and Forest Governance: A German Case Study of Governmental Influences on Market-Driven Governance Systems
Moritz Albrecht
Social Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/socsci1010004
Abstract: With increased privatization of natural resource regulation, green or sustainable public procurement policies are emerging as incentives for sustainable development. Thus, a revival of governmental influences on so-called non-state, market-driven governance systems takes place. The paper exemplifies this development by reference to the green public procurement directives for wood products in Germany and its influence on major forest certification systems and forest governance. Using an approach of governmentality in relational space, the paper displays how governmental entities play a significant role in influencing forest governance systems and the greening of markets. The importance of the underlying relations that shape governmental instruments and their influences on forest certification and governance are evaluated from a German perspective. Acknowledging the market-driven aspects of forest certification systems, the paper highlights the often-neglected impacts of governmental regulation on emerging forest governance systems. Thus, the framework allows insights into how relations among political entities and their means of knowledge production are essential for processes of forest governance.
Liberalización financiera y el sentimiento del mercado: el caso de la economía mexicana
Cruz, Moritz;
EconoQuantum , 2009,
Abstract: given perfect mobility of capital, it has been argued that financial crises are triggered by swift changes of investors' confidence due to changes on the so-called fundamentals. this implies that once a government financially liberalizes its economy, it constraints its policy autonomy in an ex-post and ex-ante sense because its primary aim is to attract capital and avoid a sudden flight; that is, it aims at exclusively keeping investors' confidence. applying a markov switching autoregressive two regime model and using the m2 to international reserves ratio as the variable capable of modeling the changes on investors' confidence, this paper sheds light on these aspects, identifying the beginning and the end (the timing) of the 1994-95 mexican financial crisis. the estimated probabilities indicate that the financial panic started on november of 1994 and ended in august of 1995.
A "Virtual Island" for Qualitative Researchers: A Field Report on an Internet-based PhD-Study Group of Qualitative Researchers Within the "NetzWerkstatt" Concept Una "isla virtual" para los investigadores cualitativos: Reporte de campo de un grupo de estudio basado en Internet en un doctorado de investigadores cualitativos desde el concepto de "Red de trabajo" Eine "virtuelle Insel für Qual-Fr sche": Erfahrungsbericht einer netzbasierten qualitativen Arbeitsgruppe im Rahmen des NetzWerkstatt-Konzepts
Christine Moritz
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2008,
Abstract: In this article an account is given of the net-based working processes among the members of a group of qualitative researchers, called "Leuchtfeuer" (NetzWerkstatt, Institute for Qualitative Research, Freie Universit t Berlin, see http://www.qualitative-forschung.de/netzwerkstatt/arbeitsgruppen/gruppen/NW4/). After presenting the group and the contexts of group development, three main characteristics constitutive for the group's profile will be outlined using the metaphors of: "island life," as extracted before from data analysis (Section 5.1); "'voluntariness in joining or leaving, in taking and giving back" (Section 5.1.1); "specifics in the phase of life of candidates doing their doctorate" (Section 5.1.2); "confining and protective mechanisms adapted by the 'islanders' during their voluntary insulation in a 'virtual island world'" (Section 5.1.3). Section 5.2 addresses the question in what respect does "island life" meets specific requirements of qualitative research: exploratory phases of qualitative research need expert colloquy in "periods of rough copy and draft" (Section 5.2.1). This can be explained by attributes like "spontaneity" (Section 5.2.2) and "'fluidity" (Section 5.2.3) of successive utterances; both dispositions of mutual support by informational expert interchange emerge from "island life." This situation of enhanced communicative activities among experts will on the one hand stimulate productive thinking and abductive reasoning. Along with extensive activities (Section 5.2.4), each researcher is summoned to develop capacities of reflection and selection in respect to one's own subject matter. From our point of view, the general conditions of the NetzWerkstatt concept—particularly aspects of "protection" and "continuity"—constitute a potentially serviceable and commonsense definition of the field of communication. However, the range of possibilities opened by permanent and quasi-automatic documentation of communicative research work—in our context referred to as everyday activities in the form of correspondence among group members' synchronous written communication (chat) and asynchronous digital correspondence (mailing list)—have not yet been adequately recognized. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs090134 En este artículo se da cuenta de los procesos de trabajo basados en la red, entre los miembros de un grupo de investigadores cualitativos llamado "Faro" (Red de Trabajo, Instituto para la Investigación Cualitativa, Universidad Libre de Berlín, véase http://www.qualitative-forschung.de/netzwerkstatt/arbeitsgruppen/gruppen/NW4/). Luego de pres
The 'Political Economy of Conflicts': A Window of Opportunity for CFSP?
Moritz Weiss
Journal of Contemporary European Research , 2008,
Abstract: The European Union (EU) is frequently criticised for lacking substantive military capabilities and thus not being able to conduct an effective security policy. The objective of this article is to challenge the underlying assumptions of this critique in light of the features of contemporary security problems and the ‘demands’ they pose to effective security policy. Firstly, the article points towards some conceptual fallacies that these assumptions tend to be based on. Secondly, it presents an exemplary empirical exploration of the EU’s emerging potential to address what has been termed the ‘Political Economy of Conflicts’. Finally, the article suggests that the distinct characteristics of today’s security challenges might indeed constitute a ‘window of opportunity’ for the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) to further evolve as a prominent actor in world politics.
The sand grain and the butterfly. Instability in geodesy and geophysics
H. Moritz
Annals of Geophysics , 1997, DOI: 10.4401/ag-3871
Abstract: The problems of convergence of series in celestial mechanics and of certain series in geodesy (Molodensky's series and spherical harmonics) show similar features, involving a curious instability. This is imaginatively expressed as the butterfly effect in chaos theory and the sand-grain effect for spherical harmonics. Similarly, the geodetic boundary-value problem (M.S. Molodensky, L. Hormander) and the KAM problem in nonlinear dynamics have a common mathematical structure: a hard inverse function problem. Such interrelations are reviewed in the present paper.
Kontingenz, Redundanz, Transzendenz? - Zum Gerechtigkeitsbegriff Niklas Luhmanns
Moritz Renner
Ancilla Iuris , 2008,
Abstract: Niklas Luhmanns systemtheoretische Rekonstruktion der Kontingenzformel Gerechtigkeit“ gilt als der anspruchsvollste Versuch einer positivistischen Gerechtigkeitstheorie. Der Versuch zielt darauf ab, den Begriff der Gerechtigkeit aus den Operationen des Rechtssystems selbst zu entwickeln und setzt an der formalen Konsistenz rechtlicher Entscheidungen an. Vielfach ist Luhmanns Theorie daher ihr vermeintlicher Verlust der Einzelfallgerechtigkeit vorgeworfen worden. Neuere, an der Dekonstruktion orientierte Luhmann-Interpretationen begegnen diesem Einwand, indem sie die Offenlegung der Selbstwidersprüche des selbstreferentiellen Rechtssystems als eine Form der Rechtskritik auffassen, welche dem Rechtsdiskurs zwar immanent bleibt, zugleich aber auf die M glichkeit seiner Transzendierung verweist.
Die goldene Frucht Ostindiens – Eine Warengeschichte der Muskatgewürze
Moritz Herrmann
Skriptum : Studentische Onlinezeitschrift für Geschichte und Geschichtsdidaktik , 2012,
Abstract: Moritz Herrmann writes about a different aspect of history: Die goldene Frucht Ostindiens. Eine Warengeschichte der Muskatnuss.“ (The Golden Fruit of East-India: The History of the Nutmeg Trade). The story ranges from the discovery of nutmeg, its way to Europe and its significance in early modern times.The actual reason for the numerous voyages of discovery during the 15th and 16th century was the acquisition of trade items and exotic spices. Nutmeg trees only grew on a small island group in the east of what is nowadays known as Indonesia. Therefore, nutmeg became a rare trade item. Out of a cultural historical viewpoint, the reader is introduced to the nutmeg tree and its economical life conditions. The arduous production of the spice and its manifold use as a luxury foodstuff and as a medicine are also depicted. A subsequent in-depth analysis of the European trade relations shows the numerous conflicts of interest. The problematic relationship between the indigenous population and the European traders are also considered. At the end of the 16th century, the Portuguese domination in the high-sea spice trade was challenged by Britain and the Netherlands. Especially the Netherlands played a crucial role in this process, as they had a prosperous monopoly on the nutmeg trade until 1810.The historical importance of nutmeg spices not only had an impact on international trade and worldwide political relations, but also can be regarded as an example of European early capitalism as well as an example for the increasing colonialisation of indigenous people. Moritz Herrmann achieves the goal of showing the far-reaching dimensions of the inconspicuous little nut, which nowadays can be found in almost every German household.
Comentario a Ventajas comparativas y política industrial en una economía abierta
Moritz Cruz
Investigación económica , 2009,
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