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Nível de independência funcional e déficit cognitivo em idosos com doen?a de Alzheimer
Talmelli, Luana Flávia da Silva;Grato, Aline Cristina Martins;Kusumota, Luciana;Rodrigues, Rosalina Aparecida Partezani;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342010000400011
Abstract: this study investigated the influence of the functional independence level of elderly individuals with alzheimer's disease, according to cognitive assessment scores. participants were 67 elderly individuals who received care in the behavioral neurology outpatient clinic of hospital das clinicas in ribeir?o preto. participants were evaluated in 2008 through a questionnaire for socio-demographic data, functional independence measure (fim) and the mini-mental state examination (mmse). the cognitive deficit influenced the performance in carrying out activities of daily living. the average fim for elderly people without cognitive deficit was 107.7 and for individuals with deficit, 63.2 (p<0.001). average fim motor scores were 81.7 and 49.4 (p<0.001), and fim cognitive scores were 25.7 and 13.8 (p<0.001), respectively. knowing the reduction of independence and cognitive capacity is essential to maintain the provision of the basic needs of daily life. the study can support nurses' practice, improving elderly individuals and their families' living conditions.
Dependência funcional de idosos e a sobrecarga do cuidador Dependencia funcional de ancianos y la sobrecarga del cuidador Functional dependency of older individuals and caregiver burden
Aline Cristina Martins Grato,Luana Flávia da Silva Talmelli,Leandro Corrêa Figueiredo,Idiane Rosset
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2013,
Abstract: A finalidade deste estudo foi identificar a dependência funcional de idosos e a sobrecarga do cuidador. Trata-se de estudo epidemiológico e transversal realizado em 2009 com 574 idosos e 124 cuidadores em Ribeir o Preto-SP, por meio dos instrumentos MIF e Escala de Sobrecarga de Zarit. Entre os idosos, a maioria era do sexo feminino (67,8%), com média de 76,6 anos, baixa escolaridade (54,7%) e renda individual mensal de R$ 942,20. Apenas 15,7% foram identificados como dependentes. Dos cuidadores, 85,6% era do sexo feminino, com média de 56,5 anos e 90,3% eram familiares (filhas ou esposas). A média de sobrecarga dos cuidadores foi de 27,8 (±17,5). A dependência do idoso foi fator de risco para sobrecarga do cuidador (p<0,05). A abordagem preventiva e a interven o precoce devem ser prioritárias para essa popula o. S o necessárias a vigilancia de uma equipe multidisciplinar de saúde, a aplica o de instrumentos de avalia o do comprometimento da funcionalidade e a interven o para preven o da sobrecarga dos cuidadores. Se objetivó identificar la dependencia funcional de ancianos y la sobrecarga del cuidador. Estudio epidemiológico, transversal, realizado en 2009 con 574 ancianos y 124 cuidadores en Ribeir o Preto-SP, mediante los instrumentos MIF y Escala de Sobrecarga de Zarit. Entre los ancianos, hubo mayoría femenina (67,8%), media etaria de 76,6 a os y baja escolarización (54,7%), renta mensual individual promedio de R$942,20. Sólo 15,7% fueron identificados como dependientes. Entre los cuidadores, 85,6% era de sexo femenino, media etaria de 56,5 a os, 90,3% eran familiares (hijas o esposas). El promedio de sobrecarga fue de 27,8 (±17,5). La dependencia del anciano constituyó factor de riesgo para sobrecarga del cuidador (p<0,05). El abordaje preventivo y la intervención precoz deben priorizarse en este segmento. Son necesarios el apoyo de un equipo de salud multidisciplinario, la aplicación de instrumentos de evaluación del compromiso de la funcionalidad e intervención para prevenir la sobrecarga de los cuidadores. This study investigated the functional dependency of aged individuals and caregiver burden. This epidemiological and cross-sectional study was conducted in 2009 with 574 aged individuals and 124 caregivers in Ribeir o Preto, SP, Brazil, using the following instruments: Functional Independency Measure (FIM) and Zarit Burden Interview. Among the elderly, most (67.8%) were women with a mean age of 76.6 years, with a low educational level (54.7%) and an average monthly per capita income of R$942.20. Only 15.7% were identified as being depen
Ulcerated Lesion in Buccal Mucosa in a Patient with Paracoccidioidomycosis—Case Report  [PDF]
Giovanna Lima Vaz, Lívia Cristina de Melo Pino, Aline Gabriela Santos Costa, Ibrahim Yahia El Somailli, Jo?o Roberto Resende Fernandes, Elayne Christina Meireles Martins, Daniel Cohen Goldemberg, Aline Hellen da Silva Camacho, Rhanna Neves Cirqueira, Daniel Almeida da Costa
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2017.510005
Abstract: Paracoccidioidomycosis is the most prevalent systemic mycosis in Latin America. It is a fungal infection caused by the dimorphic fungus Paracoccidioides brasiliensis. This microorganism can penetrate the human body through direct contact and can cause intense lymphadenopathy, ulcerated lesions in the oral cavity and in the skin among other alterations. In this study, we report a case of paracoccidioidomycosis with unusual clinical presentation, as it manifested in the female sex and although it did not present any relevant complaints of respiratory focus, it presented a single ulcerated lesion in the buccal mucosa. A biopsy of the lesion and a mycological examination revealed Paracoccidioidesbrasiliensis infection.
Metagenomic Analysis of a Tropical Composting Operation at the S?o Paulo Zoo Park Reveals Diversity of Biomass Degradation Functions and Organisms
Layla Farage Martins, Luciana Principal Antunes, Renata C. Pascon, Julio Cezar Franco de Oliveira, Luciano A. Digiampietri, Deibs Barbosa, Bruno Malveira Peixoto, Marcelo A. Vallim, Cristina Viana-Niero, Eric H. Ostroski, Guilherme P. Telles, Zanoni Dias, Jo?o Batista da Cruz, Luiz Juliano, Sergio Verjovski-Almeida, Aline Maria da Silva, Jo?o Carlos Setubal
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061928
Abstract: Composting operations are a rich source for prospection of biomass degradation enzymes. We have analyzed the microbiomes of two composting samples collected in a facility inside the S?o Paulo Zoo Park, in Brazil. All organic waste produced in the park is processed in this facility, at a rate of four tons/day. Total DNA was extracted and sequenced with Roche/454 technology, generating about 3 million reads per sample. To our knowledge this work is the first report of a composting whole-microbial community using high-throughput sequencing and analysis. The phylogenetic profiles of the two microbiomes analyzed are quite different, with a clear dominance of members of the Lactobacillus genus in one of them. We found a general agreement of the distribution of functional categories in the Zoo compost metagenomes compared with seven selected public metagenomes of biomass deconstruction environments, indicating the potential for different bacterial communities to provide alternative mechanisms for the same functional purposes. Our results indicate that biomass degradation in this composting process, including deconstruction of recalcitrant lignocellulose, is fully performed by bacterial enzymes, most likely by members of the Clostridiales and Actinomycetales orders.
Tecnologias audiovisuais: Displays, pixels e convergências digitais
Sebasti?o Carlos Squirra,Aline Farias Martins Oliveira
Revista Comunica??o Midiática , 2012,
Abstract: Television demanded passive recipients in a unidirectional communication. It was analog and methodical, because their schedule was fixed and linear. At present, the multiple digital platforms, with images and sounds in high definition, interactivity, connection to the Internet, 3D technology e mobility make the old television set, even in its terminology needs, to be rethought. On cyberspace, there is an ongoing process of fusion of the strong support TV with other media platforms as technological devices are more complementary, inseparable, interactive and perennials. Thus, this article focuses on the trends of uses and applications of communication apparatus, observing with attention the anachronism of terminology such as television and proposing display as the most appropriate classification.
Study on the ue of mannitol as inert homeopathic vehicle. Estudio del uso de manitol como vehiculo homeop tico inerte. Um Estudo sobre o uso do manitol como insumo inerte homeop tico.
Aline Fernandes,Tereza Cristina de Andrade Leit???£o Aguiar
International Journal of High Dilution Research , 2007,
Abstract: Homeopathic medicaments are prepared associating the active substance to an inert excipient which becomes an integral part of the remedy. The aim of this research was to analyze the use of mannitol as a homeopathic inert excipient, as a possible substitute to lactose in the preparation of tablets and powder. Research was conducted in homeopathic and manipulation pharmacies in the regions Centro and Icaraí of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, July to September, 2006. The use of mannitol as inert excipient was detected in all manipulation/homeopathic pharmacies of Niterói researched. The main declared reason for the use of mannitol as an option in the preparation of tablets and powders was the solicitation in medical prescriptions for patients with intolerance to lactose or diabetes. There was no report of undesirable effects related to the use of mannitol according to the people interviewed.
Contribui es do acompanhamento terapêutico na assistência ao portador de transtorno mental
Aline Cristina Dadalte Carniel,Luiz Jorge Pedr?o
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2010,
Abstract: A reforma psiquiátrica possibilitou transforma es na assistência à saúde mental e o acompanhamento terapêutico (AT) faz parte dessas transforma es. Vem fundamentando suas bases teóricas e sua prática aceita cada vez mais,por preencher as lacunas deixadas pelos tratamentos psiquiátricos tradicionais. O presente estudo objetivou apontar e discutir a contribui o do acompanhamento terapêutico no processo de assistência e reabilita o psicossocial do portador de transtorno mental. Para tanto foi escolhida, junto a uma equipe multiprofissional de um Centro de Aten o Psicossocial de Ribeir o Preto-SP, em 2007, uma usuária com a qual foram realizados dezesseis encontros de AT, cujos conteúdos foram trabalhados segundo o método qualitativo. Os resultados mostraram uma contribui o muito positiva do AT, tais como: resgate da auto-estima; retomada da realiza o de atividades rotineiras; convívio mais saudável no meio familiar e social e cria o de momentos de confronto do estado mental com a realidade,possibilitando modifica es no comportamento e melhoria da qualidade de vida. Assim sendo, foi possível considerar que o AT constitui-se em mais uma modalidade terapêutica a contribuir para a assistência e reabilita o psicossocial do portador de transtorno mental e pode ser incluído nos planos terapêuticos dos servi os de assistência à saúde mental, inseridos no contexto da reforma psiquiátrica.
Gymnosporangium cornutum em Portugal
Lopes,Maria Cristina; Martins,Victor Concei??o;
Revista de Ciências Agrárias , 2008,
Abstract: this work is included in the contributions to the recording and conservation of fungi from the portuguese flora. studies were carried out for several years in the plant protection department, of the national agronomic research station. in august 2004, a rust fungus identified as gymnosporangium cornutum was found on sorbus aucuparia in serra da estrela (manteigas - torre road), and the disease caused by this pathogen was severe at that location. during 2005 and 2007, g. cornutum telia were identified in juniperus spp., in serra da arrábida and in mata dos medos/pinhal do rei - almada.
Gymnosporangium cornutum em Portugal Gymnosporangium cornutum in Portugal
Maria Cristina Lopes,Victor Concei??o Martins
Revista de Ciências Agrárias , 2008,
Abstract: Este trabalho teve como objectivo reunir informa o relativa à espécie Gymnosporangium cornutum Arthur ex Kern e está incluído na contribui o para o inventário e conserva o de fungos da Flora Portuguesa. Em Agosto de 2004, um fungo identificado como ferrugem Gymnosporangium cornutum foi encontrado em Sorbus aucuparia na Serra da Estrela (Manteigas - estrada da Torre). Em 2005 e em 2007 teleutos de G. cornutum foram identificados em Juniperus spp., na Serra da Arrábida e na Mata dos Medos/Pinhal do Rei - Almada. This work is included in the contributions to the recording and conservation of fungi from the Portuguese Flora. Studies were carried out for several years in the Plant Protection Department, of the National Agronomic Research Station. In August 2004, a rust fungus identified as Gymnosporangium cornutum was found on Sorbus aucuparia in Serra da Estrela (Manteigas - Torre road), and the disease caused by this pathogen was severe at that location. During 2005 and 2007, G. cornutum telia were identified in Juniperus spp., in Serra da Arrábida and in Mata dos Medos/Pinhal do Rei - Almada.
Assessment of caregiver burden with elderly having cognitive deficit Evaluación de la sobrecarga en cuidadores de ancianos con déficit cognitivo Avalia o da sobrecarga em cuidadores de idosos com deficit cognitivo
Aline Cristina Martins Gratao,Luana Flávia da Silva Talmelli,Vanderlei José Haas,Sueli Marques
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0103-21002012000600013
Abstract: To characterize the elderly with cognitive déficit, and family caregivers who live in the urban communit,y and to identify the caregiver burden. METHODS: An observational, cross-sectional study, conducted between January and July 2009. Seventy elderly (aged 65 and older) were assessed for cognitive deficit using the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE); their 70 caregivers were evaluated by the Zarit Burden Scale (ZBS) and the Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ). The data were entered and validated by double entry in the MS Excel Program, and were analyzed using SPSS software, version 15.0. RESULTS: Of the caregivers, 47.1% were children. We obtained a mean for the ZBS of 30.3 (± 17.3) and 6.2 (± 3.2) for the SRQ, p <0.05, correlating lower scores of the MMSE with high scores on ZBS and SRQ. CONCLUSIONS: Cognitive deficit of the elderly was a predictive factor for burden and emotional distress of caregivers. Knowing the reduction of cognitive capacity related to caregiver burden is essential for preserving caregiver health. OBJETIVOS: Caracterizar ancianos con déficit cognitivo y cuidadores familiares que viven en la comunidad urbana e identificar la sobrecarga de los cuidadores. MéTODOS: Estudio observacional, seccional, conducido entre enero y Julio de 2009 con 70 ancianos de 65 a os o más de edad con déficit cognitivo evaluados por medio del miniexamen del Estado Mental (MEEM) y con sus 70 cuidadores evaluados por la Escala de Sobrecarga de Zarit (ESZ) y el Self Reporting Questionaire (SRQ). Los datos, digitados y validados por doble entrada en el Programa Excel fueron analizados en el aplicativo SPSS, versión 15.0. RESULTADOS: De los cuidadores, 47,1% eran hijos (as). Se obtuvo la media para Zarit, 30,3(±17,3) y 6,2(±3,2) para SRQ, p<0,05, correlacionando bajos scores de MEEM con altos scores de la ZBI y SRQ. CONCLUSIONES: El déficit cognitivo de esos ancianos fue el factor predictivo para la sobrecarga y disconfort emocional de sus cuidadores. Conocer la reducción de la capacidad cognitiva relacionada a la sobrecarga del cuidador es indispensable para preservar su salud. OBJETIVOS: Caracterizar idosos com deficit cognitivo e cuidadores familiares que vivem na comunidade urbana e identificar a sobrecarga dos cuidadores. MéTODOS: Estudo observacional, seccional, conduzido entre janeiro e julho de 2009 com 70 idosos com 65 anos ou mais de idade com deficit cognitivo avaliados por meio do miniexame do Estado Mental (MEEM) e com seus 70 cuidadores avaliados pela Escala de Sobrecarga de Zarit (ESZ) e o Self Reporting Questionaire (SRQ). Os dados, digitado
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