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Participa??o das enfermeiras no processo de implanta??o de práticas obstétricas humanizadas na maternidade Alexander Fleming (1998-2004)
Progianti, Jane Márcia;Porfírio, Aline Bastos;
Escola Anna Nery , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452012000300003
Abstract: the objective of this historical-social study is to analyze the battle strategies in the process of implementing humanized practice at the alexander fleming maternity. the method used was oral thematic history. the analysis was performed using data triangulation, by articulating the oral statements with the written documents. the foundations of the study are the theoretical notions of field, habitus, symbolic power, symbolic battle and capital of the sociologist pierre bourdieu. the results showed that the inclusion of nurses in delivery care occurred through human resource capacity for this project and an intensive training. by being inserted in the center obstetric nurses have created their own space for action and developed a protocol of care. obstetrical nurses, by means of battle their strategies, have taken over areas and positions that distinguished them for the development of humanized practices that agree with their updated habitus.
A preserva??o perineal como prática de enfermeiras obstétricas
Progianti, Jane Márcia;Vargens, Octavio Muniz da Costa;Porfírio, Aline Bastos;Lorenzoni, Daniela Peixoto;
Escola Anna Nery , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452006000200014
Abstract: this is qualitative study which had as objectives to analyse the effects noticed by the woman due to the non accomplishment of the episiotomy and to analyze which nurse's actions were decisive for the non accomplishment of this surgical prcedure uder the wman's perspective. the sudy was accomplished from january to june 2005. data were obtained by an semi structured interview with 10 women who had a natural childbirth without episiotomy. data analysis was based on the proposal content analisis of bardin and also on the madeleine leininger's theory of the diversity and universality of cultural care. the results pointed out the positive effects felt by woman in her life and in her sexual relationship as consequences of the non accomplishment of the episiotomy. women also recognized the professional actions of obstetric nurses that sought the accommodation of the humanized care as actions that repadronize the medicalized care and also as important ones for the períneal preservation.
Jane M rcia Progianti,Aline Bastos Porf rio,Adriana Lenho de Figueiredo Pereira
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2013,
Abstract: Estudio cualitativo histórico-social que discute las contribuciones de la capacitación de las enfermeras obstetras brasile as en los centros de parto normales japoneses para la implantación de la Casa de Parto en Rio de Janeiro-RJ, en 2003. Las fuentes son documentos escritos y orales obtenidos en acervos y a través de entrevista semi-estructurada. Las etapas del análisis: ordenación, clasificación y triangulación de los datos. Para basar el análisis se utilizaron los conceptos de campo, habitus, poder simbólico y capital. Los resultados revelaron que la capacitación de las enfermeras obstétricas en el Curso de Asistencia al Parto en las Casas de Parto de Japón fue una estrategia del Gobierno Federal para reconfigurar el campo obstétrico que actualizó en habitus de estas enfermeras. Las dos enfermeras propuestas por la Secretaría Municipal de Sanidad-RJ al regreso del curso de formación ocuparon cargos institucionales que viabilizaron el funcionamiento de la Casa de Parto.
As práticas humanizadas desenvolvidas por enfermeiras obstétricas na assistência ao parto hospitalar
Aline Bastos Porfírio,Jane Márcia Progianti,Danielle de Oliiveira M. de Souza
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2010,
Abstract: O presente estudo tem como temática as práticas incorporadas e desenvolvidas por enfermeiras mediante a implanta o do modelo humanizado de assistência ao parto. Tem como objetivo discutir as práticas incorporadas e desenvolvidas por enfermeiras desde a implanta o do modelo humanizado de assistência ao parto. Trata-se de um estudo qualitativo, realizado em duas maternidades municipais do Rio de Janeiro, no período de fevereiro a abril de 2008. Os sujeitos foram 10 enfermeiras obstétricas. A coleta das informa es foi realizada por meio da entrevista semi-estruturada. Diante dosdepoimentos identificamos as unidades de registro e nomeamos os temas que foram agrupados em conjuntos maiores por afinidade de significa o. Desta forma, evidenciamos as categorias. Os resultados apontaram que as práticas incorporadas pelas enfermeiras que assistem ao parto hospitalar no contexto da humaniza o foram referentes ao banho de aspers o, a orienta o para uma respira o tranqüila, a valoriza o da liberdade de movimentos, o estabelecimento de vínculo entre enfermeira-parturiente, a presen a do acompanhante e o emprego do toque físico. Concluímos que apesar das condi es adversas, as enfermeiras est o seguindo os princípios e diretrizes da Organiza o Mundial de Saúde e do Ministério da Saúde em sua pratica hospitalar de assistência ao parto.
Educa??o a distancia: uma abordagem metodológica e didática a partir dos ambientes virtuais
Amarilla Filho, Porfírio;
Educa??o em Revista , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-46982011000200004
Abstract: this article is about the influence of virtual environments in long distance education: its demands, the techno-educational relations and the prior needs required in the process of education and learning that takes place in these environments. from an analysis of the virtual environment concept and the implications that its influence imposes to the teach-learning process, we analyze some methodology and didactic implications applied to this kind of educational project. so we propose a reflection on the concept of long distance education, from the understanding of the domains of education, the teacher and the student, based upon the challenges that this new technology presents to this modality of education.
Intencionalidade: mecanismo e interac o
Porfírio Silva
Principia : an International Journal of Epistemology , 2010,
Abstract: In this essay we try an answer to the question has intentionality to be reduced to anything? We propose that it is possible to reduce any variety of intentionality to a specification of mechanisms (internal organization of the items involved in a given intentional phenomenon) and a historical pattern of interaction (structure of mutual significant relations historically acquired by different items involved in the same intentional phenomenon). We first clarify the meaning of this proposal having recourse to the Ruth Millikan’s teleosemantics. Then, we assess the relevance and feasibility of our proposal, considering, in a succession, the case of animals and humans, of machines, and of sophisticated human collectives. We conclude arguing the heuristic nature of the proposed reduction.
Retail Transformation and Old Retailers: Can They Adapt to Change?
Pedro Porfírio GUIMAR?ES
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , 2012,
Abstract: Over the past decades there have been changes in cities with consequences for its vitality and viability. Recently we have witnessed new changes with the increase of new city centres scattered around the city and surroundings. The retail sector has followed this trend, and can even be considered as one of its anchors, through the construction of large shopping centers. These changes have caused impacts on the retail structure of the once dominant historic city centre. With less capacity to adapt to the changes that have been affecting the sector, the old retailers of these areas have seen their importance shrink. The consumption patterns have been changing quickly and the communication between retailers and consumers have been using new tools. Based on data collected through interviews conducted under REPLACIS project, into three areas of Lisbon, this article aims to confirm whether it’s possible to classify the profile of retailers based on the use of new forms of communication and age stratum. After the analyses of the data we confirm the relation. In terms of retail planning this means that new measures should be implemented in order to revitalize city centres.
Analysis of the association between Epstein-Barr virus and classic Hodgkin?s lymphoma in adult patients from Ceará (Brazil) by immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
Pinto, Marília Taumaturgo;Ferreira, Francisco Valdeci de Almeida;Pitombeira, Maria da Silva;Magalh?es, Silvia Maria Meira;Costa, Clara Maria Bastos Eloy da;Lima Filho, Paulo Wagner Linhares;Férrer, Renata Praciano Correia;Aguiar, Andrei Levine Porfírio de;Rocha Filho, Francisco Dário;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442006000300009
Abstract: the prevalence of epstein-barr virus (ebv) in patients with classical hodgkin?s lymphoma (chl) is geographically variable. in the present study the prevalence of ebv in chl was assessed in adult patients from ceará, brazil. thirty-seven cases were immunohistochemically evaluated for ebv using latent membrane protein (lmp1) antibody and for ebv latency-associated rna (eber1) using in situ hybridization (ish). sex and age did not differ among patients as to the frequency of chl. nodular sclerosis was the predominant histological subtype. lmp1 was found in reed-sternberg cells in 67.5% of the cases whereas ish detected eber1 in 75.6%. regarding histological subtypes ebv infection rates were not found statistically different in nodular sclerosis (ns) and mixed cellularity (mc) subtypes (p = 0.66).
Psicanálise e o pensamento científico: entre o fisicalismo e/ou a contraciência em diferentes modos de subjetividade
Bastos, Rogério Lustosa;
Psicologia USP , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642001000100005
Abstract: discussing psychoanalysis, from its insertion in the language and in the human sciences, chiefly focusing on foucault, this article calls in question its nearness and farness regarding the scientific thinking. thus, mainly analyzing it in its interconnections to the contemporaneous subjectivity, it will be highlighted that such discipline not only stands off from the basic parameters of the classical scientific thinking, but also lays itself as an aside science, or rather, as a counter-science. such feature, besides the vocation for clinical psychology, puts it into relief as a discipline which offers other important contributions, being them in the aesthetics field, in the epistemology, in the authorship, which is multiple, and in the humanities as a whole.
Suicídios, psicologia e vínculos: uma leitura psicossocial
Bastos, Rogério Lustosa;
Psicologia USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642009000100005
Abstract: thinking suicide as an existential continuous with different degrees (first degrees - unconscious fantasies; intermediate degrees - suicide attempts; extreme degrees - fatal suicide), this article aims primarily at discussing the approaches of freud and jung on the subject. moreover, it attempts to associate suicide to psychological processes, centered on bonding. these are basically seen as a bonding pattern initiated within the family group (primary socialization). therefore, a pattern characterized by disruption (a difficulty to allow its members to differentiate themselves) at this first level tends to be repeated during the secondary socialization events: conjugal, work, education, religion relationships, etc. thus, without proper support, in some cases, this difficulty can lead to attempts or fatal suicides. this issue as well as its psychosocial processes will be discussed particularly through the institutional approach of bastos (2001b), bleger (1984), guirado (2004).

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