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Diagnóstico molecular da toxoplasmose: revis?o
Kompalic-Cristo, Alicia;Britto, Constan?a;Fernandes, Octavio;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442005000400003
Abstract: toxoplasmosis infects millions of people worldwide. the prevalence of human infection in many countries is estimated in approximately 40% to 50%. in brazil this rate increases up to 80%, depending on the studied area. the majority of human hosts present the infection as asymptomatic carriers. serologically negative pregnant women may contribute to a higher morbidity of the disease due to parasite transmission to the fetus via placenta if acute toxoplasmosis is acquired during pregnancy. the diagnosis of acute toxoplasmosis has relied on the evidence of circulating anti-parasite igm. the high sensitivity of the present serological techniques has brought results of residual igm eventually confounding final diagnosis. in this scenario, the molecular techniques, such as the polymerase chain reaction (pcr), may promote a better interpretation of the real status of human/parasite interaction, although they have not been extremely validated for routine use in the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis.
Alicia Kompalic Cristo,Luis Eduardo Traviezo Valles,Elsys Cárdenas,Mario Torres
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this research was to study the frequency of intestinal parasites in patients from three communities belonging to the state of Lara, Venezuela. A rural community, Miracuy, Andrés Eloy Blanco municipality, a suburban community, Agua Viva, Palavecino municipality and a third community (control group) consisting of samples made of patients from Barquisimeto, a city in the Iribarren municipality of the state of Lara. After the application of the coprological techniques to each stool sample, a total of 503 samples was obtained. From those samples, 35,8% belonged to the urban group, 48,9% to the suburban group and 15,3% to the rural one. The group with the highest proportion of intestinal parasites was the rural one (80,5%). The most common parasites were the protozoa, being Blastocystis hominis the most prevalent in the three groups, followed by Giardia lamblia and Endolimax nana. Among helminths, Ascaris lumbricoides was the most common metazoan, followed by Trichuris trichiura. It is considered that the high prevalence rates in these parasitic diseases are associated with lack of information, as well as living conditions in marginal and rural population, including the lack of enforcement of hygiene, health education, adequate water storage, poor sewage systems and garbage disposal, among others. Funded by UCLA project CDCHT-013-ME-2008.
Jeanette Delmoral,Luis Eduardo Traviezo Valles,Elsys Cárdenas,Alicia Kompalic
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2009,
Abstract: We report a human case of Babesia sp., Which is a frequent coccidian parasite in cattle, dogs and cats but rare inhumans. These female patient four years of age whose mother reported anemia, approximately two months duration,concomitant hyperoxia and generalized weakness, and it is transferred to the Social Security Hospital, being evaluated bya general practitioner, who said tests laboratory, which showed the presence of parasites in blood. In view of these resultsis referred to the Section of Medical Parasitology at UCLA, where he performed peripheral blood smears observed bymorphological and morphometric analysis, the presence of Babesia sp., An obligatory intraerythrocytic parasite
Wound Healing: From Epidermis Culture to Tissue Engineering  [PDF]
Alicia Lorenti
CellBio (CellBio) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/cellbio.2012.12003
Abstract: The skin is the largest organ of the individual, being the interface between the body and the microenvironment. In severely burned patients and other diseases, the physiological processes of wound healing are not sufficient to complete the closure of their wounds. The in vitro culture of autologous epidermis, which has represented the beginning of Tissue Engineering, is a valuable tool for the treatment of these patients. Keratinocytes can be cultured and stratified in vitro, and an entire epidermal sheet can be obtained. The epidermis cells can be amplified in the laboratory from a skin sample to obtain a surface equivalent to that required for each patient. This technology was first used clinically in 1981 and in Argentina since 1991. Wound repair is a complex process that involves dermal and epidermal cells, extracellular matrix, soluble factors and the sum of interactions between them, providing physical, biological and chemical keys capable of guiding cell function. Seeking to improve the results obtained with cultured epidermis, tissue engineering was directed towards the development of substitutes that not only involve epidermis but also the dermal component. The tissue engineered skin and its therapeutic applications reported in this review demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of these approaches. It represents a clear benefit in wound healing. Now, focus must be directed on the development of new scaffolds, developed by different technologies, such as polymer science, or nanotechnology, able to be used as templates to direct the growth of cells, in an attempt to better regenerate the lost skin.
Gender Dysphoria and Body Integrity Identity Disorder: Similarities and Differences  [PDF]
Alicia Garcia-Falgueras
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.52025

Gender Dysphoria and Body Integrity Identity Disorder are sometimes together in the 19% of the cases. Other discomfort diseases related to identity, body scheme and/or integrity are discussed in relation to Gender Dysphoria. Because persons experiencing Gender Dysphoria need a precise diagnostic that protects their access to care and will not be used against them in social, occupational or legal areas a distinction diseases is provided in this text, because a meticulous description with clear exclusion criteria is required.

Fishtail Points, Technology and Microwear Analysis from the Negro River Basin, Uruguay  [PDF]
Hugo G. Nami, Alicia Castro
Archaeological Discovery (AD) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ad.2014.23008
Abstract: Ongoing research performed in the central part of Uruguay added new Paleo-Southamerican finds from the Negro River basin. A number of lithic exemplars were analyzed to determine their technology and function. The examined artifacts provided a new perspective on Fisthail points. Microwear analysis showed that there is a difference in the location of microscopic polishing between the blade and stem in the examined points. Polishing in the stem’s border might be attributed to leather or a similar substance, probably the leather cord or sinew used to bind the points in the foreshaft. The surface of the stem shows a coarse micro-topography and has patches of black residues. The coarse micro-topography suggests the use of an adhesive substance covering the whole stem, while the black patches are probably the residue used to glue the points in the foreshafts. Most remarkable is the discovery of the use of edge-to-edge and overshot flaking for bifacial reduction, technical features shared with Paleoindian fishtailed points from North and Central America.
Los imaginarios urbanos y el constructivismo geográfico: los hologramas espaciales
EURE (Santiago) , 2007, DOI: 10.4067/S0250-71612007000200004
Abstract: this paper has a methodological orientation (a specific qualitative methodology). it also develops the relationship between the methodological proposal and a theoretical conceptualization of a constructivist type (a geographical constructivism). the first part of the text develops the perspective of the social construction of city places. the second part analyzes the relationship between urban imaginaries and the social construction of places. finally, the third part develops the central point of the article: the methodological challenges of this particular constructivist perspective. to do this, the most frequent approaches are analyzed and their limitations noted. this is followed by the methodological strategy called 'spatial holograms', which seeks to avoid the limitations of traditional approaches although it is not without pitfalls of its own
Los profesores y los decimales: Conocimientos y creencias acerca de un contenido de saber cuasi invisible
ávila, Alicia;
Educación matemática , 2008,
Abstract: this article analyzes the knowledge and beliefs a group of 25 elementary school teachers has about decimal numbers and their link with mexican reforms in mathematics at the end of the 20th century. the analysis is based on data collected from questionnaires, interviews, and opinions expressed in a workshop for fifth and sixth grade teachers, with the former in preponderance. the results show that, despite the mathematical and functional importance decimals have, these numbers constitute a quasi-invisible content in primary education, because the teachers' main concerns and actions center on how to write using "the point" minimizing and even excluding attention to the conceptual aspects of these numbers. it also offers decisive evidence that their knowledge of the math and teaching technique of decimals is quite limited, which sheds light on the approaches observed and the likelihood that the curricular innovation they are involved in will be overlooked unless institutional conditions are overhauled.
Forma y Función , 2012,
Abstract: in this paper, we analyze various grammatical phenomena found in bilingual speakers, as well as in speakers of spanish as a second language in a linguistic contact situation (toba-spanish) in argentina. on the one hand, we describe a number of structures that could be attributed to transference from the indigenous language; on the other hand, we examine some grammatical properties related to the process of second language acquisition which have no direct connection to the toba grammar. assuming this distinction as a starting point, we analyze the kind of grammatical element involved in each case. to do so, we adopt the generative grammar theoretical model and, especially, the proposal of the distributed morphology (halle & marantz 1993 and subsequent work) in order to adscribe the aforementioned phenomena to precise grammatical aspects. beyond the descriptive goal of this paper, the analysis of the data allows us to conclude that the transference processes and the second language acquisition phenomena show differences, and that these could be related to different grammatical "places". in addition, this analysis contributes to the general idea that variation across languages is formalizable, and that contact phenomena could help in this formalization.
Aportes del proceso diagnóstico psicoanalítico al tratamiento de las adicciones en ámbitos hospitalarios
Anuario de investigaciones , 2007,
Abstract: this work is the articulation between the investigation project: significance the reduction harm' s application at attendance camp in addictions treatment. director: alicia donghi ( proinpsi 2004 - 2007) who is investigating the correspondence between the emergence corporal's disorders or injuries and the abstinence consume substances in the treatment's addictions according to abstentions model and the another investigation project ubacyt: subjective causality in a social emergency situation. the diagnostic process and the therapeutic effects of psychoanalysis that studies the feasibility and the difficulties of the diagnosis process in patients who consult in a situation of socioeconomic urgency in the avellaneda seat of the university of bs as. the present work is the articulation of sends projects almost the subjective responsibility.

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