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Osteoporosis Risk Assessment
Alipek,ümit Gafuro?lu,Hatice Bodur,?zlem Y?lmaz
Türkiye Fiziksel Tip ve Rehabilitasyon Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Ob-jec-ti-ve: The aim of this study was to determine which patients have priority for Bone Mineral Density (BMD) measurement by using osteoporosis risk indices in order to reduce diagnostic costs. Metarials and Methods: BMD at the lumbar spine (L1-L4) and the femur neck was measured using Dual Energy X-Ray absorptiometry in 537 post-menopausal women aged 45 years or older. Risk indices like Osteoporosis Screening Tool (OST), Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimation (SCORE), Osteoporosis Risk Assessment Instrument (ORAI), Osteoporosis Index of Risk (OSIRIS) and the WHO Fracture Risk Assessment Tool (FRAX) scores were calculated. Sensitivity, selectivity, positive and negative predictive values of the indexes was investigated to detect patients with low BMD. Results: Osteoporosis was observed in34,3% of the subjects. Osteoporosis rate was found to be high in high-risk groups of all indexes. The most effective indices were observed to be OST, SCORE and FRAX-H, in terms of sensitivity, selectivity, positive and negative predicting value. However, in the lumbar region, ratio of patients that can be missed using indexes was not found low enough. Conclusion: In this study, the most effective indices were observed to be OST, SCORE and FRAX-H. The rate of overlooked patients was not low enough in the lumbar area. We believe that, it would be useful to use screening tests for femur osteoporosis. Turk J Phys Med Re-hab 2012;58:212-19.
Calculation of Constitutive Parameters from Electric and Magnetic Field Measurements in an Anisotropic Medium with a Triaxial Instrument  [PDF]
Ertan Pek?en
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.41007

A hypothetical electric and magnetic induction tensor is considered in an anisotropic medium. The sources are magnetic dipoles. In such a medium, constitute parameters can be calculated by combining electric and magnetic field measurements. Constitutive parameters are not a scalar in this case. They are tensors, so parameters have at least both horizontal and vertical components in a uniaxial medium. These calculated parameters from the field measurement are horizontal and vertical conductivity, permittivity, and magnetic permeability. Operating frequency range is also quite large. It is up to 4 GHz. A hypothetical instrument should measure gradient fields both electric and magnetic types as well.

Development of Functional Human NK Cells in an Immunodeficient Mouse Model with the Ability to Provide Protection against Tumor Challenge
Amanda Kwant-Mitchell,Elishka A. Pek,Kenneth L. Rosenthal,Ali A. Ashkar
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0008379
Abstract: Studies of human NK cells and their role in tumor suppression have largely been restricted to in vitro experiments which lack the complexity of whole organisms, or mouse models which differ significantly from humans. In this study we showed that, in contrast to C57BL/6 Rag2?/?/γc?/? and NOD/Scid mice, newborn BALB/c Rag2?/?/γc?/? mice can support the development of human NK cells and CD56+ T cells after intrahepatic injection with hematopoietic stem cells. The human CD56+ cells in BALB/c Rag2?/?/γc?/? mice were able to produce IFN-γ in response to human IL-15 and polyI:C. NK cells from reconstituted Rag2?/?/γc?/? mice were also able to kill and inhibit the growth of K562 cells in vitro and were able to produce IFN-γ in response to stimulation with K562 cells. In vivo, reconstituted Rag2?/?/γc?/? mice had higher survival rates after K562 challenge compared to non-reconstituted Rag2?/?/γc?/? mice and were able to control tumor burden in various organs. Reconstituted Rag2?/?/γc?/? mice represent a model in which functional human NK and CD56+ T cells can develop from stem cells and can thus be used to study human disease in a more clinically relevant environment.
Difficulties Encountered by Pre-Service Classroom Teachers in Constructing Stories about Line Graphs
Cemalettin I??k,Tu?rul Kar,Ali Sabri ?pek,Ahmet I??k
International Online Journal of Educational Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The study aimed to determine possible difficulties of pre-service classroom teachers in creating daily-life stories about line graphs. It was conducted with 80 pre-service classroom teachers studying in the final year of a Classroom Teacher Education Program at Atatürk University. The three-item Story Construction Test developed about line graphs was used as the data collection instrument. It was found that the pre-service classroom teachers had certain difficulties in constructing suitable daily-life stories for line graphs. The pre- service classroom teachers had the most difficulty in translating the continuous change in the graphs to the stories they constructed. In addition, other difficulties were noted in the pre-service classroom teachers such as inability to convey the starting value in the graph to the story, inability to represent linear change (increase or decrease), inability to represent the breaking points in the graph, and inability to convey the ending value in the graph to the story in the stories where continuous change was represented. 2012 IOJES. All rights reserved
A New Descriptive Statistic for Functional Data: Functional Coefficient Of Variation
pek DEVEC? KOCAKO?, ?stem K?YMEN KESER, Ali Kemal ?EH?RL?O?LU
Alphanumeric Journal , 2015, DOI: 10.17093/aj.2016.4.2.5000185408
Abstract: In this study, we propose a new descriptive statistic, coefficient of variation function, for functional data analysis and present its utilization. We recommend coefficient of variation function, especially when we want to compare the variation of multiple curve groups and when the mean functions are different for each curve group. Besides, obtaining coefficient of variation functions in terms of cubic B-Splines enables the interpretation of the first and second derivative functions of these functions and provides a stronger inference for the original curves. The utilization and effects of the proposed statistic is reported on a well-known data set from the literature. The results show that the proposed statistic reflects the variability of the data properly and this reflection gets clearer than that of the standard deviation function especially as mean functions differ.
stanbul’da yeti en ilk filozoflar m zdan K nal zāde Ali Efendi’nin terbiye hakk ndaki efkār ve telakkiyāt na bir nazar
?smet ?PEK
Sakarya University Journal of Education , 2012,
Abstract: Yusuf Z YA, eviriyaz ve sadele tiren smet PEK
Author’s Reply; Hyperbilirubinemia and Pelvicaliceal Dilatation
pek Akil
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics , 2012,
Kosova Vilayeti Dahilinde Ger eklesen G ler /// Emigrations Occured in Kosovo County
Nedim ?pek
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2010,
Abstract: Tanzimat d neminde Rumeli’de kurulan vilayetlerden birisi deKosova’d r. 1878- 1912 y llar aras nda siyasi, sosyal ve iktisadigelismeler sonucu vilayet dahilinde i g , d stan i e g ve i ten d sa g hareketleri yasanm st r. Kosova’ya gelen muhacirlerin kahir ekseriyetiniS rbistan sahas ndan gelenler olusturmaktayd . kinci s ray iseBosnaklar isgal etmekteydi. Vilayet dahilindeki muhacirlere imkanlar l üsünde yard m edilmistir. Ayn d nemde vilayet dahilindeki S rp veBulgarlar ise S rbistan ve Bulgaristan’a firar y ntemiyle g edeceklerdir.Avrupa’n n herhangi bir müdahalesinden ekinen Bab ali gayrimüslimg ünü nlemeye al sm st r.Balkan savaslar n müteakip Kosova vilayeti topraklar S rbistan’ nkontrolüne ge er. S rp idaresinin izledi i nüfus politikas sonucu Kosovadahilindeki Müslümanlardan bir k sm g karar al rken S rbistantopraklar ndan Kosova’ya y nelik S rp g ü de ger eklesir. //// One of the counties established in Rumelia during administrativereforms period is Kosovo. As a result of political,social and economicaldevelopments in 1878-1912, the movements of internal migration,migration from external to internal, migration from internal to externaloccured in the county. The overwhelming majority of emigrants coming toKosovo were the ones coming from Serbia. Bosnians followed them. Aidhad been done to the emigrants in the county as much as possible. Inthe same period, Serbians and Bulgarians in the county will emigrate toSerbia and Bulgaria by escaping. The Sublime Port abstaining fromEuropean intervention tried to prevent nonmuslim emigration. After theBalkan Wars Serbia governs Kosovo county. As a result of population policy followed by Serbia, while some of the Muslims in Kosovo weredeciding to emigrate, Serbian emigration to Kosovo from Serbia occured.
Birol ?PEK
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: In this article, sound changes occurring in foreign borowings within the dialects of Elaz city have been discussed.In the study, it has been tried to be put forward that whether the foreign borrowings in the dialects of Elaz city have undergone what types of sound changes as different from the Turkish written language. Thus sound changes of these words occurred within the process of being Turkish have been stated by classifying them one by one. Sound changes in foreign borrowings have been divided into two main groups as changes in consonants and changes in vowels by demonstrating how the foreign borrowings within the dialects of Elaz city are pronounced and how they differ. Bu makalede Elaz ili a zlar nda al nt s zcüklerde meydana gelen ses de i meleri ele al nm t r. al mada Elaz ili a zlar ndaki al nt s zcüklerin Türkiye Türk esi yaz dilinden farkl olarak ne gibi ses de i melerine u rad ortaya kar lmaya al lm t r. B ylece bu s zcüklerin Türk ele me sürecinde ge irdi i ses de i meleri s n fland r larak tek tek belirtilmi tir. Elaz ili a zlar ndaki al nt s zcüklerin nas l telaffuz edildi i ve ne ekilde de i ti i g sterilerek al nt s zcüklerdeki ses de i meleri ünlü ve ünsüz de i meleri olmak üzere iki ana gruba ayr lm t r.
Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken , 2009,
Abstract: Book Review
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