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La tiranía de Gauss. Prejuicios y perjuicios de la normalidad en las ciencias sociales
Alfonso Vázquez Atochero
Caracteres : Estudios Culturales y Críticos de la Esfera Digital , 2012,
Abstract: Despite the rise of the social sciences in the last two centuries, we can not understand the advancement of humanistic studies if not through mathematics. The dichotomous excuse “science am / am of letters” has no place in the world of research. However humanist who is our domain, we can not ignore that mathematics is the code that describes the universe. Human behaviors are not case apart. In this article we will analyze the weight of normal, actually collected by Gauss and his famous curve of normal distribution or bell curve.
Vázquez Vaamonde, Alfonso
Materiales de Construccion , 1987,
Legal Issues and Scientific Constraints in the Environmental Assessment of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Mexico Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Gulf of Mexico  [PDF]
Luis A. Soto, Alfonso Vázquez-Botello
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.45B007

The largest accidental marine oil spill (4.9 million barrels) in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) seabed (1600 m) caused by the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in 2010, put to the test once again the resilient capacity of the pelagic and benthic realms of this Large Marine Ecosystem. Many are the ecological services provided by its waters (fisheries, tourism, aquaculture and fossil fuel reserves) to neighboring countries (US, Mexico and Cuba). However, the unprecedented volumes of hydrocarbons, gas and chemical dispersants (Corexit) introduced in the system, represent ecological stressors whose deleterious effects are still the subject of civil claims and scientific controversy. Presumably, the short scale effects were confined to the Gulf’s northeastern shallow waters, and the combined actions of weathering, biodegradation, and oil recovery left the system almost under pre-spill conditions. Unfortunately, surface and subsurface oil plumes were detected in the spill aftermath, and their dispersion trajectories threatened Mexico EEZ. Surface oil slicks were detected in the pristine waters of northern Yucatán, while subsurface oil plumes from the Macondo’s well blowout were dangerously advancing southwest towards key fishing grounds in the northwestern GoM. This disaster prompted the Mexican government to implement an ambitious ocean monitoring program adopting a bottom-up approach focused on building a base line for more than 42 physicochemical and biological variables for water, sediment and biota from the continental shelf-slope region of the NW GoM. Technological constraints have precluded systematic observations in the vast Mexican EEZ that could discriminate natural variability and oil seep emissions from antropic disturbances. Therefore, preliminary risk analyses relied on seasonal and historical records. Two years of field observations revealed subtle environmental changes in the studied area attributed to antropic disturbances. Waters maintained oligotrophic conditions and zooplankton and benthic infaunal biomass were also poor. Biomarkers in sediments and biota did not exceed EPA’s benchmarks, and sediment’s fingerprinting (δ13C) indicated marine carbon sources. Geomarkers revealed an active transport from the Mississippi towards the NW GoM of phyllosilicates bearing a weathered oil coating. Consequently, shelf and slope sediment toxicity begins to show an increasing trend in the region. The complexity of hydrocarbons bioaccumulation and biodegradation processes in deep waters of the GoM seems to indicate that meso-and

Esplendor y decadencia del sistema político mexicano, 1940-2000
Alfonso Carrillo Vázquez,Alfonso Carrillo Luvianos
Política y cultura , 2006,
AZCáRAT E LUXáN, BLANCA; AZCáRATE LUXáN, Ma VICTORIA y SáNCHEZ SáNCHEZ, José (Dir.): Atlas Histórico y Geográfico Universitario.
Alfonso Vázquez González
Didáctica Geográfica , 2006,
Los reglamentos democráticos del CSIC: una valoración
Vázquez Vaamonde, Alfonso J.
Arbor : Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura , 2003,
Abstract: A partir de un exhaustivo análisis comparado de los textos de los distintos Reglamentos del CSIC promulgados en la Espa a democrática, se constata la progresiva reducción de la participación de los investigadores (pérdida de competencia de los órganos colegiados frente a los unipersonales). De este modo se va configurando una organización que se gobierna con escaso control sobre el que la dirige, mientras que se acentúa el control para quienes trabajan en ella y hacen posible su supervivencia. Todo ello no se ha visto acompa ado por la consecución de una mayor relevancia de la institución en el sistema científico-técnico espa ol. Al reconocer la importancia de los recursos humanos en la investigación, se pone de manifiesto la responsabilidad del propio personal del CSIC en la aceptación (y consolidación) de esta situación.
Aprender los pasados jugando. Realización de un telediario con entrevistas
Yolanda Tornero Sotoca,Alfonso Vázquez Vázquez
Foro de Profesores de E/LE , 2007,
Abstract: Presentamos una divertida propuesta articulada en torno a una tarea final en grupo: la grabación en vídeo de un informativo de noticias. Dos alumnos adoptarán los papeles de presentadores y darán paso, como si se tratase de televisión en directo, a los reporteros que entrevistarán a los protagonistas de las noticias, personajes encarnados por sus compa eros de clase.
Presencia de esteroles en sedimentos del Río Coatzacoalcos y de la Laguna del Ostión, Veracruz, México
Juan M. Cortés Vázquez,Alfonso V. Botello
Revista internacional de contaminación ambiental , 1988,
Abstract: Se realizó la cuantificación e identificación de algunos esteroles presentes en los sedimentos recientes del estuario del Bajo Río Coatzacoalcos, así como en la Laguna del Ostión, Veracruz, MCxico. Para el análisis de los esteroles se empleó la técnica de cromatografia de gases, pudiCndose identificar los siguientes esteroles: colesterol, ergosterol, stigmasterol, lanosterol y 8-sitosterol, además de coprostanol y colestanol, siendo Cstos Gltimos indicadores químicos de la contaminación fecal por desechos humanos. Los resultados obtenidos muestran una concentración de esteroles más alta en el Río Coatzacoalcos que los datos descritos previamente por otros autores para los puertos de Veracmz y de Mazatlán, MCxico; pero más baja que los niveles mencionados para el estuario del Rfo Clyde en Inglaterra y la Bahta de Nueva York, EUA. Asimismo, la Laguna del Ostión presenta niveles de concentraciones de esteroles más altos que el Río Coatzacoalcos, lo cual se debe a la pobre circulación de las masas de agua y a la descarga directa de los desechos fecales por parte de las comunidades de pescadores que habitan en sus cercanías.
New approaches for the analysis of audience use: patterns and value creation sources for the nancial news companies
Alfonso Vara Miguel,María José Vázquez Schaich
Estudos em Comunica??o , 2011,
Abstract: The new post-neoclassic economic approaches developed by the Behavioural Economics and the New Institutional Economics theories opened the door for non economical disciplines to explain the real economic behavior of the agents (individuals, organizations, companies and government). Within this disciplines, economists began to integrate the media and the media theory into the economic theory. This new research approach for Media Economics and Media Management is signi cant because it focus on the social function of the communication industry from an economic perspective. Also, it represents an opportunity for media scholars to advance in the understanding of the functions of the media in a given economic system and its development, the use that the audience does of the economic information and media, and the sources of value creation for this media companies. From this new perspective, four functions and sources to create value for the economic media companies where analyzed: i) the diffusion of the information and meanings that promotes people’s par- ticipation in the economic and nancial systems; ii) the impact in the information asymmetry and transaction costs in the markets; iii) the enhancement of the coordination between the economic agents that allows the implementation of policies for economic development; iv) the creation of ideological platforms of debate that contribute to the diffusion and social validation of economic ideas that allow the coordination mentioned above. The study of the case of Expansión shows how this business media performed the rst two functions to become the leader of the segment for more than 20 years, but couldn’t ful ll the other two. Therefore, it was not able to become a public reference and authority as the general information media, just like happened with other economic newspapers in Europe or the Wall Street Journal in the United States.
Quality of life of patients with brucellosis in an endemic area of Mexico  [PDF]
Guillermina García-Juárez, Efrén Ramírez-Bribiesca, Luz M. Hernández-Calva, José D. Vázquez-Vázquez, Alfonso Pérez-Sánchez, Christine M. Budke
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.49090
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate quality of life of patients infected with brucellosis compared to a control population from the same geographic region. The quality of life of brucellosis positive and brucellosis negative individuals from rural and urban areas of Mexico was evaluated using the Short-Form SF-36 Health Survey. This survey is a generic measure of physical and mental health-related quality of life. Data analysis was performed using one-way analysis of variance and the Tukey test. Brucellosis patients had lower overall quality of life compared with the controls. Brucellosis patients from rural areas had lower overall quality of life (P < 0.05) compared with brucellosis patients from urban areas. In conclusion, human brucellosis affects quality of life, with patients living in rural areas most severely impacted. This may be due to the lack of local public policies and programs for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of brucellosis.

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