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Iterative Methods for Obtaining Energy-Minimizing Parametric Snakes with Applications to Medical Imaging
Alexandru Ioan Mitrea,Radu Badea,Delia Mitrea,Sergiu Nedevschi,Paulina Mitrea,Dumitru Mircea Ivan,Octavian Mircia Gurz u
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/918510
Abstract: After a brief survey on the parametric deformable models, we develop an iterative method based on the finite difference schemes in order to obtain energy-minimizing snakes. We estimate the approximation error, the residue, and the truncature error related to the corresponding algorithm, then we discuss its convergence, consistency, and stability. Some aspects regarding the prosthetic sugical methods that implement the above numerical methods are also pointed out.
The Limits of Representative Democracy
Ioan Alexandru
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Juridica , 2010,
Abstract: The public administration is closely linked to political power of the state, for which it implies the fact that the relationship of subordination is not against political parties or governmentcoalitions, but more of political power, democratically and constitutionally formed at the level of state’s representative bodies. The subordination and the separation are not dichotomous, they are not incompatible, but they form what it is known as, according to philosophy, inseparable and complementary opposed. Basically adopting an etymological definition (demos = people and kratos = power, status), the democracy is the people’s government. The personalization of the political life increases with the proliferation of monocratic institutions - as part of the state. Under these conditions, the elections, rather after having renounced at the party list, tend to transform into a ritual, a procedure for identifying people, which breaks down into an almost unconditional delegation of authority. So, beware of politicians who wish, under the reasoning of the elective investment, to be players in the democracy game, ignoring the rules established in the constitution.
On the Legitimacy of Representation During the Transition towards Democracy
Ioan Alexandru
EIRP Proceedings , 2012,
Abstract: From the very beginning we need to mention the fact that legitimacy as a social fact does notnecessary coincide with the legitimacy that grants the legal character, although normally the doubtsconcerning the legitimacy of an action, of a process, of an authority or of an institution represent the source ofmistrust and are questioning their legality. (Rosanvallon, 2010, pp. 21-29) With other words, it is not enoughfor a process to observe the regal requirements, nor for a qualified and legally authorized or recognized bodytake a favourable decision. The legitimacy involves trust and total and active acceptance of the majority ofcitizens towards the result of the actions of institutions and of the relevant public persons.
Ioan Alexandru Szabo
Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis Arad, Seria Stiinte Economice , 2011,
Abstract: The paper deals with the issue of functional relations between the structure of theinternal audit and external audit in the public domain. The introduction isaddressed to international standards and regulatory framework that stipulates theneed for consolidation of the cooperation relations between the two categories ofprofessionals, namely, internal auditors and external public auditors. The authoremphasizes the importance of developing and of signing the Protocol ofcooperation and collaboration between the two audit authorities that are the Courtof Accounts and The Public Finance that support the professional partnership. Thearticle also presents the terms of the Protocol signed between external audit andinternal audit in the public sector. Finally, it is concluded that the increasing therole of internal audit in the implementation and development of management andinternal control system within public entities, is conditioned by the functionality ofthe collaboration and cooperation relationships between the two audits.
Considerations Regarding the Mix of Anticrisis Fiscal Policies in Romania
Ioan TALPO?,Alexandru AVRAM
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2011,
Abstract: The last centuries, it has been noticed that the economic activity does not unfold linearly, that the expansion periods are followed by a contraction of the economic activity, that the peak moments cannot be maintained endlessly and that, after recession, a relaunch of the economic activity may occur. The political and economical cycles, emphasized by the last decades, made people talk more about the countercyclical policies and about the behaviour of the politicians seen in strong connection with the behaviour of the voting population. To reduce the effects of the current crisis, the state uses fiscal incentives, this representing a combination of public expenses and a reduction of the taxes for the companies and the households which aims at the revival of the economic life, the increase of employment and the recovery of the business environment. The countercyclical policies are known and applied all over the world, each responsible government choosing those instruments of budget and fiscal policy which best match the concrete possibilities of economy and correspond with its political doctrines. Thus seen the mix of fiscal policies is firstly a political choice, but with a strong impact on the economy of a country.
On the Possibility of Mystery. Philosophy and Esotericism
Ioan Alexandru Tofan
Meta : Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of the present article is to show that the relation esoteric-exoteric is intrinsec to philosophy. For Hegel, mistery and esoterism are categories related to the finite and so, with the incomplete reflection of the spirit in himself. The speculative philosophy is oriented towards the ideal of complete (vollst ndigt) revelation of the object and so, towards an intrinsec exoteric character of philosophical reflection.
Sur la légitimité théologique de la démocratie
Ioan Alexandru Tofan
Meta : Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy , 2011,
Abstract: The following study attempts to inquire on the possibility of a theological discourse on democracy. It reflects, first of all, the multiple forms of the political theology and describes one specific scenario, that of a hermeneutical relation between the two poles. The next step is to identify concrete historical forms of this relation and depicts two main possibilities: the ideological religious legitimation of the political (Schmitt) and the messianic vocation as original tension that makes possible both discourses (Agamben). Two ways of conceiving democracy are further discussed: the “ideological” democracy and the “dialectical” form, that assume the absolute transcendence of its subjects.
On How God Does Not Die in the Idea. The Hegelian Project of the Philosophy of Religion
Ioan Alexandru Tofan
Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies , 2009,
Abstract: In what follows I intend to sketch the Hegelian project of the Philosophy of Religion (Religionsphilosophie) mainly by following two coordinates: on the one hand, my aim is to approach it starting from Hegel’s main “dialogue partners” – Christian Wolff and Kant – and from the critique of speculative philosophy on the scenarios of the Illuminist theologies. On the other hand, the first part completed, the discussion will pursue a different route, namely, that of a classical topic discussed by Hegel in his lectures: the relation between philosophy and religion. I am trying to show how Hegel “solves” the tension between the two by lending it a hermeneutic dimension, thus opening up reflections on religion to the encyclopedic segment of the philosophy of spirit.
On p-adic Speh representations
Alexandru Ioan Badulescu
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: This note contains new short proofs of known results on Speh representations of inner forms of $GL_n$ over a local non archimedean field of any characteristic.
Correspondance de Jacquet-Langlands pour les corps locaux de caractéristique non nulle
Alexandru Ioan Badulescu
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: We prove the Jacquet-Langlands local correspondence in non-zero characteristic, using the proof by Deligne, Kazhdan and Vign\'eras for the zero characteristic case and the theory of closed fields of Kazhdan. We also prove the orthogonality relations for an inner form of $GL_n$ in non-zero characteristic.
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