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Study of procedures for solid waste management in municipalities of the VIIIth Hydrographic Region of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil Estudo dos procedimentos para o gerenciamento de resíduos sólidos nos municípios da Regi o Hidrográfica VIII do estado do Rio de Janeiro
Alessandra Cristina de Oliveira Gonalves Veloso,Márcia Mon??o Faustino,Marcelo Vizeu Dias,Luciano Ant?nio Diniz Caldas
Boletim do Observatório Ambiental Alberto Ribeiro Lamego , 2010,
Abstract: The solid waste management is a challenge for the public manager of any level of government and in any municipality. Th is work studies solid waste disposal in the VIIIth Hydrographic Region, which encompasses the municipalities of Casimiro de Abreu, Macaé, Nova Friburgo and Rio das Ostras, located in Macaé and Das Ostras rivers and in Imboacica Lagoon hydrographic basins. For this purpose, a questionnaire was given to municipalities with the intent of obtaining information about the provision and management of solid waste for each one. Preliminary results showed that there are two licensed landfills in this area, in Macaé and in Rio das Ostras cities, and that Nova Friburgo has a not licensed landfi ll. Th e tonnage of waste collected per day is: Macaé - 320 t / day; Nova Friburgo - 150 t / day, Rio das Ostras - 70 t / day and Casimiro de Abreu - 30 t / day. In this context, compatibilization among economic growth, social development and environmental protection in order to create solutions for waste final destination problems is necessary. A gest o dos resíduos sólidos é um desafi o para o gestor público de qualquer esfera de governo, e em qualquer município. Este trabalho estudou a destina o dos resíduos sólidos na Regi o Hidrográfi ca VIII, que engloba os municípios de Casimiro de Abreu, Macaé, Nova Friburgo e Rio das Ostras dentro das bacias hidrográfi cas dos rios Macaé e Imboacica. Para tanto, um questionário foi aplicado aos municípios, com intuito de obter informa es sobre a disposi o e o gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos de cada um deles. Os resultados preliminares mostraram que há dois aterros sanitários licenciados nesta área, em Macaé e Rio das Ostras, e que em Nova Friburgo há um aterro controlado. A tonelagem de resíduos recolhida por dia está distribuída, como se segue, Macaé: 320 t/dia; Nova Friburgo: 150 t/dia, Rio das Ostras: 70 t/dia e Casimiro de Abreu: 30 t/dia. Nesse contexto, faz-se necessário uma compatibiliza o entre o crescimento econ mico e social e a prote o ambiental, adequando solu es, entre outras, para o gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos urbanos.
Comparative Study of Endothelial Function and Uterine Artery Doppler Velocimetry between Pregnant Women with or without Preeclampsia Development
Augusto Henriques Fulgêncio Brand?o,Ludmila Maria Guimar?es Pereira,Alessandra Cristina de Oliveira Gonalves,Zilma Silveira Nogueira Reis,Henrique Vítor Leite,Ant?nio Carlos Vieira Cabral
Journal of Pregnancy , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/909315
Abstract: Background. Poor placentation and systemic endothelial dysfunction have been identified as main events in Preeclampsia (PE). The relationship and chronology of these phenomena are important if we are to understand the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying this major clinical problem. Objectives. To compare the evolution of placentation and endothelial function in normotensive and preeclamptic pregnancies. Patients and methods. In a prospective cohort study, 59 pregnant women with a high risk of developing PE were subjected to flow-mediated dilation (FMD) and to Doppler velocimetry of uterine arteries in order to obtain their Pulsatility Index (UtA-PI). The variations in the FMD and UtA-PI values, between 16+0 and 19+6 and 24+0 and 27+6 weeks of gestation, were compared, taking PE development into consideration. Results. Nine patients developed PE and the other 50 women remained normotensive. At 16+0 to 19+6 weeks of pregnancy, patients that developed PE presented higher values of UtA-PI than the normotensive group, but there was no difference in FMD results between them. At 24+0 to 27+6 weeks, the patients that developed PE presented higher values of UtA-PI and lower values of FMD than the women that remained normotensive. Conclusions. These results corroborate the evidence that endothelial injury is secondary to poor placentation. 1. Introduction Preeclampsia (PE) is a multisystemic disorder that accounts for a large number of maternal deaths in developed and developing countries worldwide [1–3]. Although its etiology remains unclear, several events in PE physiopathology are well studied and can be evaluated using biochemical or biophysical methods. In order to prevent PE complications, there are many early detection markers, which include maternal demographics, past medical, obstetric, family history, and some current pregnancy characteristics [4–6]. Maternal factors and history alone can be used as a PE risk stratification method. Elevated body mass index, maternal age extremes and Afro-American ethnicity are associated with a higher risk of PE [7]. Some diseases such as diabetes and chronic hypertension also significantly increase the risk [8]. The patients that present these conditions are the ones who will most benefit from a satisfactory and specific level of care, once the risk of developing PE in this groups rises threefold, reaching a PE prevalence of 45% [3]. Preeclampsia is essentially an endothelial disease [9, 10]. Progressive endothelial dysfunction leads to arterial hypertension, glomerular lesion, hepatic failure, and cerebral edema
Acidentes com material biológico entre os profissionais de saúde: uma análise da cobertura vacinal para hepatite b no cenário brasileiro
Adriana Cristina de Oliveira, Jacqueline de Almeida Gonalves
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2007,
Abstract: The Hepatitis B is an occupational disease that possesses form of prevention accessible, free and obligatory the all the professionals of the health area through the vaccination. And, during the attendance to the patient, these professionals need the effective protection with the complete vaccination outline. Due to the risk of the transmission of diseases during the occurrence of the work accident involving biological material and the need of knowing the professionals’ of the health area vaccine’s covering altered by biological material, this study intended through a literature revision to identify the vaccination outline for the professionals’ of health Hepatitis B. It was treated of a research through bibliographical revision regarding the last seven years (1999-2006), in the following bases of data LILACS (American Latin Literature and of Caribbean in Sciences of the Health), Medline (National Library of Medicine) and SCIELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), through the following descriptors in Portuguese: after of work, accident, biological, biosecurity, Hepatitis, prevention, vaccinates and professionals of health. The analyzed studies approached in your majority (71%) the team multiprofessional. The data on work accidents with biological material showed that the category professional more assault was the nursing, mainly among the auxiliary ones. The percentage of the outline complete vicinal among the professionals for Hepatitis B varied between 35,4 and 90% and, in only 57% of the studies enrolled outline complete of vaccine above 70% this way, the evidence that the workers present high risk of contamination for Hepatitis B, needing a more effective intervention for you prevention. It was verified in that study that the vaccine’s covering for Hepatitis B was unsatisfactory; with high percentages of incomplete outline of up to 64,6%. In this context, it fits the institutions and professionals’ health the sense and understanding risk motivating your professionals mainly the adoption of safe practices through the accompaniment and control of the workers’ immunization.
Acidente ocupacional por material perfurocortante entre profissionais de saúde de um Centro Cirúrgico
Oliveira, Adriana Cristina;Gonalves, Jacqueline de Almeida;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342010000200034
Abstract: occupational accidents involving piercing-cutting material are a concern for institutions and health workers due to the high frequency of invasive procedures and the dynamics involved in their practice. the objective of the present study was to identify the incidence of accidents, devices involved, contributing factors and post-accident behaviors. a cross-sectional study was conducted among 127 healthcare workers from the operating center. of the total number of accidents reported, 23.6% (30/127) involved piercing-cutting materials, including needles (73.3%), scalpels (6.7%) and electrocautery (6.7%). the factors contributing to the accident were: lack of attention (36.7%), poor working conditions (20.0%), neglect (13.3%), rushing (10%) and accident/chance (6.7%). only 15.4% of the accidents were recorded. underreporting was due to: irrelevance of the accident, unaware of the protocol of routine, negligence and work overload. results show the importance of implementing strategies for adopting/reviewing post-accident protocols aiming at reducing accidents and their underreporting.
The Optimization of Aspergillus sp. GM4 Tannase Production under Submerged Fermentation  [PDF]
Alessandra Gonalves de Melo, Rayssa Cristina Faria Pedroso, Luis Henrique Souza Guimar?es, José Guilherme Lembi Ferreira Alves, Eustáquio Souza Dias, Mário Lúcio Vilela de Resende, Patrícia Gomes Cardoso
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2014.43019

Tannase is a hydrolytic enzyme that is involved in the biodegradation of tannins and it has biotechnological potential in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries. Microorganisms, especially filamentous fungi, are important tannase producers. The aims of this work were to find a potential tannase producer and to improve the cultivation conditions. Three Aspergillus species (A. japonicus 246A, A. tamarii 3 and Aspergillus sp. GM4) were investigated in different culture media (Adams, Czapeck, Khanna, M5 and Vogel) and inducers (1% and 2% tannic acid; 1% green tea; 1% methyl gallate; 1% gallic acid). Aspergillus sp. GM4 and Adams medium were selected. The tannase production by Aspergillus sp. GM4 in Adams medium was induced in the presence of 2% (w/v) tannic acid and gallic acid as carbon sources, while green tea was not able to induce tannase production. The Plackett-Burman screening design was performed with the variables MgSO4, KH2PO4, yeast extract, tannic acid, agitation rate and salt solution. The variables MgSO4 and agitation rate were selected for the optimization of tannase production using a Central Composite Rotatable Design. Under optimized conditions, a 2.66-fold increase in the enzyme production was observed with small modifications in the medium composition.

Clinical Assessment of Treatment Outcomes Following Borago officinalis Extract Therapy in Patients Presenting with Cyclical Mastalgia  [PDF]
Carlos Romualdo Barboza Gama, Ricardo Lasmar, Gustavo Falc?o Gama, Lisa Oliveira, Erika Cesar de Oliveira Naliato, Marcia Gonalves Ribeiro, Flavia de Paoli, Adenilson de Souza da Fonseca, Camila Sirieiro Abreu, Mauro Geller, Alessandra Santos
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2015.66047
In order to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Borago officinalis (900 mg borage oil capsules) in the treatment of patients presenting with cyclic mastalgia, 91 subjects were included in the study. Efficacy assessments were performed based on data obtained prior to the start of treatment (Pretreatment), and after each menstrual cycle (Assessment 2—following 45 days of treatment; and Assessment 3—at the end of the 90-day treatment period). Primary efficacy measures considered the results of the Mastalgia Questionnaire, including a 100 mm visual analog pain scale assessing mean, most intense mastalgia severity, and impact on work, sleep, and sexual activity. Safety and tolerability measures included any changes in vital signs and physical exam in relation to pretreatment, any changes in clinical laboratory exams in relation to pretreatment, and the occurrence of adverse events after the first dose of study medication. The VAS scores of the mean mastalgia and most severe mastalgia both showed statistically significant (p < 0.0001) reductions from Pretreatment to Assessment 3. Mean mastalgia scores improved among 92.3% of the treated patients, while most severe mastalgia scores improved among 93.4% of patients. There were statistically significant improvements in the assessments of mastalgia impact on work (χ2 = 28.24; gl = 4; p < 0.0001), sleep (χ2 = 14.29; gl = 4; p = 0.0006), and sexual activity (χ2 = 16.11; gl = 4; p = 0.0029) during the treatment period. The results of this study indicate a significant improvement in the mastalgia of the treated patients together with an improvement in the quality of life parameters evaluated. In terms of safety, the tolerability of the treatment was good, with the presence of some adverse events, all of which had been previously described with use of the Borago officinalis extract. No serious side effects were reported, and the events that did occur were transitory. Based on the results of this study, we concluded that the Borago officinalis extract was safe and effective in the treatment of cyclic mastalgia among the treated patients.
Sub-notification of work accidents involving sharp-edged material in the surgical center unit
Adriana Cristina de Oliveira, Jacqueline de Almeida Gonalves, Adriana Oliveira de Paula
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2008,
Abstract: The aim was to evaluate the notification of work accidents among professional of the Surgical Center Unit, to identify the incidence and factors related to the accidents with sharp-edged material and to determine the immunization situation for Hepatitis B. The 127 research participants were classified in the following categories: physicians 23,8%, medical residents 30,1%, nurses 1,6%, technicians 20,9% and nursing assistants 16,5%, and general services workers 7,1%. The complete hepatitis B vaccine series was verified in 75,6%. The professional category that experience more accidents was the physician 46,6% and the work accident was notified by only 15,4% of the respondents. The physician category had 6,3 (2,2-17,8) times more chance of suffering an accident and for the inadequate dispose of the sharp-edged material the chance of accident was 3,4 (1,2-9,3) times. According to these results, it is suggested to implement professional’s training on adoption of biosafety measures, conferences regarding of accidents notification seeking to reduce work accidents.
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilization Promotes Aerial Part Development and Affect Nutrient Uptake by Carobinha of the Brazilian Cerrado  [PDF]
Willian Vieira Gonalves, Maria do Carmo Vieira, Thiago de Oliveira Carnevali, Néstor A. Heredia Zárate, Heldo Denir Vhaldor Rosa Aran, Kátia Cristina Silva Mineli
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.813227
Abstract: Producing Brazilian Cerrado plants, especially ones endangered, is essential for your maintenance. In this way, fertilization is furthermore uncertain. Here, we demonstrate the impact of soil addition of nitrogen (N, 4.20, 18.90, 31.50, 44.10 and 59.85 mg·dm-3) and phosphorus (P, 9.56, 57.38, 95.62, 133.86 and 181.67 mg·dm-3) fertilizers levels on the development and on nutrients uptake by Jacaranda decurrens subsp. symmetrifoliolata (carobinha), species of the Brazilian Cerrado, in a long term pot trial. The N and P addition together increased plant height and N concentration in roots. N and P also increased the P concentration and content on the roots in young plants, but in the older plants, isolated effect of both was stronger than their combined action. The N addition promoted branching, production of dry leaves and dry xylopodium, contents of K, Ca and P on the leaves, and N content on the roots. However, the N reduced xylopodium diameter, leaf area, and Mg contents in the young plants, but increased them in the older plants. The P addition increased stem diameter and dry biomass, P concentration and N content on the leaves, Ca content on the roots and also reduced N concentration on the leaves. However, the P addition increased Mg concentration on the roots in the young plants and reduced it in the older plants. In general, N levels ranging between 25.69 - 38.85 mg·dm-3 and P levels between 84.39 - 109.23 mg·dm-3 promote more effectively the plant development. Thus, N and P fertilization can promote the aerial development of plant and a differential allocation of nutrients between the carobinha tissues.
Prevalence of Low Levels of Vitamin D in Type 2 Diabetes at the City of Mangueirinha, Paraná, Southern Brazil  [PDF]
Paulo Sérgio Chiamolera, Cristiano Alvariza Amaral, Monica Cristina de Oliveira Russo, Gilberto de Oliveira Netto, Ricardo Augusto Fernandes, Ricardo Teles de Andrade, José Luiz Gonalves Buscariolli, Denise Rosso Tenório Wanderley Rocha, Alberto Krayyem Arbex
Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases (OJEMD) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2016.61002
Abstract: Background: Diabetes mellitus is a worldwide epidemic. In 2002 there were 173 million diabetic adults worldwide, and these numbers are expected to reach up to 300 million people by 2030. Meanwhile, vitamin D deficiency has its worldwide prevalence directly influenced by factors as solar radiation, skin color, latitude and seasons, cultural habits of populations such as clothing and food, and these factors are important to explain the different prevalences of vitamin D deficiency in the world. Methods: A prospective cross-sectional cohort study was conducted with patients in the outpatient clinic of the Health Unit of the city of Mangueirinha, Paraná, Southern Brazil. Fifty-four type 2 diabetic patients were evaluated (38 women and 16 men), aged 55.8 ± 12.6 years. The following variables were evaluated: age, ethnicity, presence of type 2 diabetes (DM2), hypertension, dyslipidemia, weight, BMI, WC, blood pressure, blood glucose, glycated hemoglobin, ionized calcium, PTH, 25-OH Vit, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, urea, creatinine, uric acid and red cell/hematocrit. Results: mean BMI was 30.2 ± 4.4 kg/m2, indicating class 1 obesity in this population. Fasting glucose levels were approximately 169.8 ± 74.5 mg/dL. The 25-OH vitamin D values for this population were 23.4 ± 8.3 ng/mL, and 13% of them showed 25-OH vitamin D levels above 30 mg/dL. Fifty percent of those patients had vitamin D levels lower than 30 mg/dL, and 37% had less than 20 mg/dL. Conclusions: this study suggests that vitamin D is associated with low levels of vitamin D in type 2 diabetic patients. Supplementation of vitamin D should be considered in diabetic patients, when levels under 30 mg/mL are found.
Características biológicas de linhagens de Trichogramma pretiosum, criados em ovos de Sitotroga cerealella e Anagasta kuehniella
Pratissoli, Dirceu;Holtz, Anderson Mathias;Gonalves, José Roberto;Oliveira, Regiane Cristina de;Vianna, Ulysses Rodrigues;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362004000300012
Abstract: the biological characteristics of five lineages of t. pretiosum riley (hym.: trichogrammatidae), collected from tomato crops, and reared in a. kuehniella (zeller) and s. cerealella (olivier) eggs were evaluated. the parasitism rate of the lineages, varied from 56,1 to 68.6%, when the host was a. kuehniella, being higher than for s. cerealella. the viability of all lineages, when reared in s. cerealella eggs, was superior to 90%; however, only those lineages reared in s. cerealella eggs and collected in afonso cláudio and venda nova dos imigrantes (espirito santo state, brazil) were significantly higher than those reared on a. kuehniella. the longevity of the offspring submitted to the parasitism, was higher in all the lineages reared in a. kuehniella eggs. all five lineages can be mass reared using both hosts. however, considering the parasitism rate and the quality of the progeny, the host a. kuehniella seems to be superior than s. cerealella
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