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Upper Badenian diatom paleoecolgy of the western part of Central Paratethys
Aleksander Horvat
Geologija , 2003,
Abstract: In the western part of Central Paratethys, on the territory of Slovenia, the Upper Badenian diatoms occur only in the Kr{ko basin. The diatom paleoecology of the Upper Badenian beds suggests their deposition in the marine littoral, in warm to moderatelywarm water of depth less than 100 meters and of salinity above 30 ‰.The frequency of resting spores and of species Thalassionema nitzschioides in the Upper Badenian sediments indicates an increased bioproduction and connection with centers of the littoral upwelling, and by this also the connection of Central Paratethys with theMediterranean via the “Transtethyan corridor” up to the end of Badenian.
How many jobs are for geologists and are there to many students of geology?
Mihael Bren?i?,Aleksander Horvat,Dorotea Ver?a
Geologija , 1999,
Miocene pteropods from Poli ki Vrh in Slovenske gorice, northeast Slovenia
Vasja Miku?,Rok Ga?pari?,Milo? Bartol,Aleksander Horvat
Geologija , 2012,
Abstract: In the paper relatively modestly preserved but very numerous pteropod remains from Middle Miocene – Badenianmicaceous marlstones of Poli~ki Vrh locality in Slovenske gorice, northeastern part of Slovenia are described.The fossils were attributed to the pteropod family Cliidae Jeffreys, 1869, respectively the species Clio pedemontana(Mayer, 1868). They represent the first documented finds of this species in Slovenia, and so far also the southernmostoccurrence of the pteropods belonging to this species in Neogene beds of the Styrian basin in the Central Paratethys.
Sintetski glikokonjugati: model za prou avanje biomolekularnih procesa i e erima potaknutih neenzimskih preobrazbi peptida/proteina
Horvat, ?.
Kemija u Industriji , 2007,
Abstract: Although the biological and medical importance of complex carbohydrates and glycoconjugates is firmly established, many of the molecular details of how these intriguing compounds accomplish their functions are not understood well. Unraveling these molecular mechanisms is very important since our understanding of the role of glycoconjugates in nature has traditionally fallen far behind the accumulated knowledge on other biopolymers such as proteins and nucleic acids.The synthesis of pure, well-defined glycoconjugates of bioactive peptides is essential to the study of the biological processes that they mediate. This paper covers the methods for glycoconjugate assembly and biological activity screening. Within this context, the impact of the carbohydrate moiety on receptor selectivity, chemical and metabolic stability will be addressed.The diversity and complexity of nonenzymatic glycation products found in naturally occurring peptides/proteins hasten the need to clarify the sequence of reactions that carbohydrate adducts undergo and to find biomarkers of specific sugar-peptide structures. Addressing these issues, it is demonstrated how the structure of the sugar moiety controls the formation of glycation products from the endogenous opioid peptide, Leu-enkephalin. It is shown that the information gained from carbohydrate-peptide model systems provides a novel mechanism for the generation of the glycation (Maillard) reaction intermediates under physiological conditions and better insights into the damage to endogenous peptides as a result of glycation by reducing sugars in vivo.
Gauss’ Problem, Negative Pell’s Equation and Odd Graphs  [PDF]
Aleksander Grytczuk
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2011.14026
Abstract: In this paper we present some results connected with still open problem of Gauss, negative Pell’s equation and some type graphs.In particular we prove in the Theorem 1 that all real quadratic fields K=Q( ) , generated by Fermat’s numbers with d=Fm+1=22m+1+1,m≥2, have not unique factorization. Theorem 2 give a connection of the Gauss problem with primitive Pythagorean triples. Moreover, in final part of our paper we indicate on some connections of the Gauss problem with odd graphs investigated by Cremona and Odoni in the papper [5].
Calculation of the Centrally Symmetric and Vortex Forces Acting on Momentum in Distortion Tensor Field: Explanation of High-Temperature Plasma and Vortex Motions  [PDF]
Aleksander Yakovlevich Braginsky
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2019.74055
Abstract: The paper deals with calculation of the centrally symmetric and vortex forces for the momentum of a particle in the distortion tensor field from the action minimum, by analogy with the calculation of forces for a charge in an electromagnetic field. It is demonstrated that: 1) The compensating interaction tensor corresponds to the distortion tensor in a solid. 2) The centrally symmetric force of the distortion tensor acts on the momentum as a charge, and is analogous to the Coulomb force. In a gas, it results in change in the momentum value of the molecules exponentially to some extent. The action of this force explains the high-temperature plasma in the gas. 3) The vortex force of the distortion tensor is equivalent to the Peach-Koehler force in a solid. It acts on the momentum flow, similar to the Lorentz magnetic force, and explains the vortex motions in space, in the form of black holes, and in the atmosphere, in the form of cyclones and anticyclones.
Effective field theory, large number of particle species, and holography
Horvat, R.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2009.02.057
Abstract: An effective quantum field theory (QFT) with a manifest UV/IR connection, so as to be valid for arbitrarily large volumes, can successfully be applied to the cosmological dark energy problem as well as the cosmological constant (CC) problem. Motivated by recent approaches to the hierarchy problem, we develop such a framework with a large number of particle species. When applying to systems on the brink of experiencing a sudden collapse to a black hole, we find that the entropy, unlike the total energy, now becomes an increasing function of the number of field species. An internal consistency of the theory is then used to infer the upper bound on the number of particle species, showing consistency with the holographic Bekenstein-Hawking bound. This may thus serve to fill in a large gap in entropy of any non-black hole configuration of matter and the black holes. In addition, when the bound is saturated the entanglement entropy matches the black hole entropy, thus solving the multiplicity of species problem. In a cosmological setting, the maximum allowable number of species becomes a function of cosmological time, reaching its minimal value in a low-entropy post-reheating epoch.
Martina Horvat
Kriminologija i Socijalna Integracija , 2011,
Abstract: The article analyzes animal torture and other crimes and misdemeanors that sanction animal cruelty and torture. It displays the prevalence of violations of the provisions of Article 260 of the Croatian Penal Code. In addition it shows the current world researches that indicate a relationship between animal cruelty and violence among people in order to emphasize the connection between these seemingly different forms of violence and to explain the social danger of animal cruelty. Separately it analyzes the animal cruelty in childhood as a symptom of behavioral disorders or inadequate environment in which the child lives. Then it analyzes the relationship between animal torture especially cruelty to pets, and domestic violence as well as the prevalence of animal torture among the offenders, especially those who have committed violent crimes. In conclusion it stresses the importance of treatment and preventive measures against torture of animals and some recommendations for preventive activities and treatment. It is concluded that a better understanding of the relationship between animal torture and violence between people could lead to development of more effective preventivestrategies and treatment interventions against all forms of violence.
Research of private label development in Croatia
Sandra Horvat
Tr?i?te/Market , 2009,
Abstract: Private labels have been present on the market since 19th century but their intensive market growth began in the last thirty years after retailers realized what their potential could be in the fight against ever-growing competition. Their market growth has not been distributed equally thought the world so Europe became the region with the highest private label market share, which exceeds 40% on some markets. Although the private label market share in Croatia is considerably smaller, it has also increased steadily over the last decade since private labels were introduced on the market. This paper presents the findings of a research conducted for the purpose of identifying trends in private label development on the Croatian market. The research was conducted through in-depth interviews with private label managers in retail companies in Croatia, and with the managers responsible for private label production in manufacturing companies. The research identified three expected trends of private label development in Croatia and these are: an increase in private label quality, the maintenance of a price gap between private labels and manufacturers’ brands and a further increase in the private label market share.
Book review: Previ i , J., Ozreti Do en, . (ur.): "Osnove marketinga"
Sandra Horvat
Tr?i?te/Market , 2007,
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