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Are there any similarities and/or differences in sex determination methods used in forensic dentistry and paleodontology?
Aleksandar Kovaevi,Lea Gruengold
Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology , 2010,
Abstract: Estimation of sex is one of the most important procedures in the identification of an unknown person. Teeth are a potential source of information in that process. Estimation of sex in paleodontology is based on two approaches: visual inspection and statistical analysis. Many techniques have been developed within these two approaches. Forensic dentistry and paleodontology are two disciplines that share common observation platforms and methodology.
Intraocular foreign body removal: Case report
Kovaevi? Igor,Gakovi? Aleksandar,Stefanovi? Ivan,?uri? Smiljka
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2013, DOI: 10.2298/sarh1302081k
Abstract: Introduction. An intraocular foreign body may traumatize the eye mechanically, introduce infection or exert other toxic effects on the intraocular structures. Removal of a metallic intraocular foreign bodies (IOFB) use an internal (vitrectomy followed by forceps or internal magnet use) or external approach (large electromagnet). Outline of Cases. A 51-year-old man sustained injury of the left eye by a metal foreign body. On admission visual acuity was normal (VOS=1.0) and intraocular tension was within normal limits (TOS=10 mmHg). Nasal scleral entry wound was noticed. Ultrasound of the left eye was done, which confirmed existence of IOFB laying nasally, next to the ciliary body. Extraction of IOFB with a big electric magnet was done. Visual acuity on discharge was the same (VOS=1.0). Another man, aged 30 years, came to the clinic after injury of the left eye by a foreign body. On admission visual acuity was VOS=L+P+ (light and projection), TOS=44 mmHg (higher), traumatic cataract, scleral entry wound, corneal edema, existence of IOFB and initial endophtalmitis. Lensectomia and vitrectomia via pars plana with IOFB extraction were done. Visual acuity on discharge was VOS=5/60 with +6.50 Dsph = 0.3-0.4; TOS=17 mmHg. Conclusion. Magnet removal is indicated in patients when IOFB is laying free in the vitreous body or stopped near the entry wound during injury without other complications. Internal approach - pars plana vitrectomy with forceps removal is used when IOFB is stuck either on the peripheral or posterior part of the retina or if there are some of aforementioned complications.
Lateral lymphadenectomy in treatment of rectal carcinoma
Pavlov Maja,Kecmanovi? Dragutin,Kovaevi? Predrag,?epetkovski Aleksandar
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/aci0302081p
Abstract: The aim of this work is to present existence of the lateral lymphatic spread of metastases in patients with Dukes C low rectal carcinoma (60 % of all patients), located at or bellow peritoneal reflexion. Prospective clinical investigation analyzed the group of 64 patients (32 underwent lateral lymphadenectomy and 32 didn’t), all treated at 1st Surgical Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia. Lateral lymphatic spread of metastases was proven by frozen section in 8 cases, so extensive lateral lymphadenectomy was performed. In the group of patients who underwent lateral lymphadenectomy, positive lymph nodes were registered in 18 patients (56,2%); in group of patients operated without lateral lymphadenectomy, metastatic lymph nodes were registered in 12 patients (37,5%). According to results of this investigation, method of lateral lymphadenectomy, as well as extensive lateral lymphadenectomy, is significant for exact determination of postoperative stage of the disease. Also, there is a significant increase in number of patients with Dukes C stage of the disease. In those patients, mesorectectomy alone is not sufficient.
Vladimir Sre?kovi?,Branko Stankovi?,Aleksandar Krajinovi?,Mili? Kovaevi
Acta Medica Medianae , 2010,
Abstract: Fractures of the greater trochanter rank amongst severe injuries of bone tissue. They occur most frequently in patients over 65 years of age, nearly all of whom are diagnosed with osteoporosis. Non-surgical treatment does not prove to be satisfactory and results in high mortality rate. Surgical treatment is a method of fracture treatment of the trochanteric region, which enables early activation and thus prevents numerous complications in bedridden patients. Gamma3 nails are one of the most state-of-the-art implants for trochanteric fracture fixation. The implant is easy to embed, which does not require a large surgical team. This implant embedding requires the least invasive surgery and complications are rare.This paper describes 47 patients who received surgical treatment and is focused on the first nine months of 2009. The patients were treated at the Orthopaedics Ward of Health Centre Valjevo. They were in their seventies, average age: 72.21 years, with female sex prevailing (63.82%). The outcome was as follows: excellent in 65.96%, good in 17.02% and satisfactory in 4.25% of patients. Surface infections occurred in 6.38% of patients. One implant broke.We had one death outcome in the early post-surgical treatment.Surgical treatment of trochanteric fractures by Gamma3 implants proved very effective as it resulted in few complications and numerous excellent functional and anatomic outcomes. Thus we recommend it as an option when decision on treatment of this type of fractures is made.
An unusual origin of proximal coronary bypass anastomosis in a patient with porcelain aorta: How we solved the problem
Kovaevi? Pavle,Velicki Lazar,Red?ek Aleksandar,Golubovi? Miodrag
Medicinski Pregled , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/mpns1104215k
Abstract: Severe calcification of the ascending aorta (porcelain aorta) is a very difficult condition in cardiac surgery because of a high embolization potential during the process of cannulation, aortic cross-clamping and a particular difficulty to suture the proximal anastomosis. We described a case of a 68-year-old female referred to our Institute due to unstable angina. Further diagnostics revealed a severe high grade, multilevel fibrolipid symptomatic carotid stenosis and ostial left main coronary artery stenosis and a highly calcified ascending aorta and aortic arch. We performed simultaneous carotid segment replacement with the Dacron prosthesis and revascularisation of the left anterior descending coronary artery. Proximal venous anastomosis was created in the Dacron prosthesis of the right carotid artery. Perfusion of the patient was achieved via the graft sutured at the right subclavian artery due to impossibility of direct aortic cannulation.
Epizootiological and clinical characteristics of bovine dermatophytosis caused by Trichophyton verrucosum
Potkonjak Aleksandar,Kovaevi? Jovan,Suvajd?i? Ljiljana,Tomi? Dijana
Veterinarski Glasnik , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/vetgl1106349p
Abstract: Dermatophytoses present frequent contagious fungal skin diseases in humans and animals. Zoophyllic types of dermatophytes are almost always present in animals. The dominant dermatophyte specie in cattle and other ruminants is Trichophyton verrucosum of the Family Arthrodermataceae. In the course of this investigation, a total of 566 animals of the Holstein- Friesian breed were examined epizootiologically and clinically. Methods of epizootiological, clinical and laboratory examinations were applied. The material used for laboratory investigations that included direct microscopic examinations including the isolation and identification of the cause, were hair samples and skin scars of cattle suspected of having the infection. Using the described methods, we established and described cattle infection with T. verrucosum in a farm in the district Ju noba ki okrug, in the Republic of Serbia. A prevalence of cattle skin infection with T. verrucosum of 29.5% was established. In addition to the exhibited charateristic eflorescences that correspond to the clinical picture of dermatophytoses, we also registered the occurrence of hemorrhages, suppurations and necroses. Further epizootiological investigations are necesssary in order to eliminate the source of infection.
Ministernotomy: A preliminary experience in heart valve surgery
Kovaevi? Pavle,Mihajlovi? Bogoljub,Velicki Lazar,Red?ek Aleksandar
Vojnosanitetski Pregled , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/vsp1105405k
Abstract: Background/Aim. The last decade of the 20th century brought up a significant development in the field of minimally invasive approaches to the valvular heart surgery. Potential benefits of this method are: good esthetic appearance, reduced pain, reduction of postoperative hemorrhage and incidence of surgical site infection, shorter postoperative intensive care units (ICU) period and overall in-hospital period. Partial upper median sternotomy currently presents as a state-of-the art method for minimally invasive surgery of cardiac valves. The aim of this study was to report on initial experience in application of this surgical method in the surgery of mitral and aortic valves. Methods. The study was designed and conducted in a prospective manner and included all the patients who underwent minimally invasive cardiac valve surgery through the partial upper median sternotomy during the period November 2008 - August 2009. We analyzed the data on mean age of patients, mean extubation time, mean postoperative drainage, mean duration of hospital stay, as well as on occurance of postoperative complications (postoperative bleeding, surgical site infection and cerebrovascular insult). Results. During the observed period, in the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases of Vojvodina, Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery, 17 ministernotomies were performed, with 14 aortic valve replacements (82.35%) and 3 mitral valve replacements (17.65%). Mean age of the patients was 60.78 ± 12.99 years (64.71% males, 35.29% females). Mean extubation time was 12.53 ± 8.87 hours with 23.5% of the patients extubated in less than 8 hours. Mean duration of hospital stay was 12.35 ± 10.17 days (in 29.4% of the patients less than 8 days). Mean postoperative drainage was 547.06 ± 335.2 mL. Postoperative complications included: bleeding (5.88%) and cerebrovascular insult (5.88%). One patient (5.88%) required conversion to full sternotomy. Conclusion. Partial upper median sternotomy represents the optimal surgical method for the interventions on the whole ascendant aorta (including aortic valve) and mitral valve through the roof of the left atrium, with a few significant advantages compared to the full sternotomy surgical approach.
The c.-1639g>A polymorphism of the VKORC1 gene and his influence on the therapeutic response during oral anticoagulants use
Kova? Mirjana,Raki?evi? Ljiljana,Masla? Aleksandar,Radojkovi? Dragica
Vojnosanitetski Pregled , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/vsp0908617k
Abstract: Background/Aim. A single nucleotide polymorphism c.- 1639G>A in the promoter region of vitamin K-epoxide reductase (VKORC1) gene has been found to account for most of the variability in response to oral anticoagulants (OA). The aim of the study was to determine the incidence and the effect of c.-1639G>A polymorphism on the acenocoumarol dosage requirements in the group of patients under stable anticoagulation, and to estimate the variability in response to OA. Methods. Our study included 200 consecutive patients requiring low (n = 43), medium (n = 127) and high (n = 30) acenocoumarol dose. Results. Out of 43 low dose patients, 40 (93 %) carried the A allele. The A allele was less frequent in the group of 30 patients requiring high dose: among these patients 13 (43.3%) carried the A allele in the heterozygous form and none of them carried AA genotype. The patients with GG genotype required 2.6 times higher dose than the patients carriers of AA genotype (p < 0.0001). In 33 patients (16.5%) the overdose occurred during the initiation of anticoagulant therapy and in 11 patients (5.5%) it was associated with bleeding. Out of the group of 33 overdosed patients, 27 and 6 patients carried AA and GA genotype, respectively (p < 0.000001). Conclusion. VKORC1 significantly influenced OA dose and predicted individuals predisposed to unstable anticoagulation. The carriers of AA genotype required 2.6 time lower doses of OA than the carriares of GG genotype. Pharmacogenetic testing could predict a high risk of overdose among 28.5 % of our patients - carriers of AA genotype, before anticoagulation therapy initiation.
The emission of particulate matters and heavy metals from cement kilns – case study: co-incineration of tires in Serbia
Aleksandar Jovovi?,Zoran Kovaevi,Dejan Radi?,Dragoslava Stojiljkovi?
Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly , 2010,
Abstract: Co-incineration of wastes started more than 20 years ago. In the last 10 years, the use of alternative fuels in the cement industry is continuously increasing. The use of solid wastes in cement kilns is one of the best technologies for a complete and safe destruction of these wastes, due to the fact that there is a simultaneous benefit of destroying wastes and getting the energy. However, particulate matters (PM) and gaseous chemicals emitted from a source into the environment could be directly transmitted to humans through air inhalation. Therefore, for accurate health risk estimation, the emission of pollutants must be determined. In this work, the analysis of the emission of different pollutants when replacing partially the fuel type used in a cement kiln is done. PM, PM10, heavy metals and inorganic pollutants are analyzed. The methods used for sampling and analysis are the standard methods suggested by the EU regulations for stack analysis. Experimental results have shown the encouraging results: in particular clinker characteristics were unmodified, and stack emissions (NOx, SO2 and CO mainly) were in the case of tires, slightly incremented but remaining almost always below the law imposed limits, and in some cases were even decreased.
Our experiencies in treatment of squamous cell skin cancer of head and heck
Kovaevi? Predrag,Vi?nji? Milan M.,Vi?nji? Aleksandar M.
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/aci0304085k
Abstract: The incidence of squamous cell skin center is the second, after basocellular skin cancer. Surgical treatment is the first and most effective therapy for this tumor. The aim of study is to present experiences of Surgical clinic in Nis in treatment of squamous cell skin cancer in head and neck. During 10-year period (1990-2000) there were operated 346 patients with squamous cell skin cancer of head and neck. We performed wide surgical exsicion with clinical free margins of 5-10 mm, and more radical excision and reconstructions for advanced tumors. We registered postoperative complications in 14 (4,04%) patients. Early diagnose and adequate treatments of squamous cell skin cancer are preperiquisite for good postoperative results and low complication rate.
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