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DYNA , 2011,
Abstract: Este artículo, propone un modelo de Inventario Gestionado por el Vendedor (Vendor Managed Inventory-VMI-) mejorado respecto al modelo propuesto por Yao [1] en una cadena de abastecimiento para dos eslabones con un vendedor y un comprador, que considera los costos de envío del proveedor al comprador y un inventario sincronizado. Se analizan los costos totales relevantes de la cadena de abastecimiento y los benefi cios para cada uno de los eslabones en comparación con las situaciones en que no se implemente la política de VMI y en la que se implemente el modelo de VMI propuesto por Yao[1]. Se revisa el impacto de la aplicación de VMI en el sector panifi cador en Colombia, con el uso de parámetros que fueron determinados en estudios anteriores [2] y se obtiene que la implementación de una política de coordinación de inventarios es benefi ciosa tanto para el proveedor como para el comprador.
Descripción de un brote de bacteriemia por Leclercia adecarboxylata probablemente asociado al uso de viales contaminados de heparina
Correa,Ana Lucía; Mazo,Luz María; Valderrama,Mónica Patricia; Restrepo,Alejandra; Jaimes,Fabián;
Infectio , 2012,
Abstract: leclercia adecarboxylata is part of the enterobacteriaceae family occasionally reported as an opportunist microorganism in patients with any kind of immunosuppression as neutropenia, cirrhosis or cancer. we report an outbreak with five cases of leclercia adecarboxylata bacteremia in patients with several immune conditions, most likely associated to contaminated heparin vials. we also present an updated literature review and discussion regarding the particular characteristics of the outbreak and the microorganism.
Evaluación del grado de queratinización y el recuento de AgNORs en citología exfoliativa de mucosa oral normal de individuos fumadores y no fumadores
Orellana Bustos,Alejandra Isabel; Espinoza Santander,Iris Lucía; Franco Martínez,María Eugenia; Lobos Jaimes -Freyre,Nelson; Ortega Pinto,Ana Verónica;
Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal (Ed. impresa) , 2004,
Abstract: objetive.in smokers with clinically normal buccal mucosa, cytological changes such as increased keratinization, and higher nucleolar activity have been observed. in these studies the cells for cytological smears were obtained with a wooden spatula. our objectives were to evaluate the depth of cytological smears of oral mucosa obtained with both a brush (endobrush) and a wooden spatula, and to compare the degree of keratinization and the nucleolar activity in smokers and non-smokers. design. we obtained cytological smears of clinically normal lateral tongues of 30 smokers and 30 non-smokers using both a wooden spatula and endobrush. the samples were dyed with papanicolaou and the agnors. results. with the wooden spatula we found a greater percentage of enucleated superficial epithelial cells (p = 0.016) and deeper cells were obtained with an endobrush (intermediate cells) (p = 0.035). the smokers showed a greater percentage of enucleated superficial cells with both techniques, however this difference was significantly greater with endobrush (p=0.005). the average of agnors in the nucleated cells was greater in smokers (3.83) than in non-smokers (2.79) (p=0.003). conclusion. the endobrush allows the clinician to obtain deeper cells of buccal mucosa. smokers with clinically normal mucosa show a greater percentage of keratinized cells and a greater nucleolar activity, suggesting that cigarette smoking influences the cellular activity of the mucosa of the lateral tongue.
Cardioimplante con células madre: Evolución a 43 meses
Trainini,Jorge C.; Lago,Noemí; Mouras,Jorge; Masoli,Osvaldo; Barisani,José Luis; Christen,Alejandra; de Paz,Jorge; Giordano,Roberto; Chada,Salvador; Jaimes,Fernando; Bordone,Javier; Redruello,Graciela;
Revista argentina de cardiolog?-a , 2009,
Abstract: background heart failure following a myocardial infarction is one of the major problems a cardiologist has to deal with. the reduction in the number of cardiac myocytes with subsequent formation of unfunctional fibrotic scars produces irreversible damage for cardiac function. recent studies have demonstrated that implant of bone marrow stem cells in the myocardium offers a new possibility to recover systolic function after myocardial infarction. these preliminary data suggest the feasibility of implanting bone marrow stem cells in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to coronary heart disease. objectives to assess the feasibility and safety of bone marrow stem cells implant in the heart of patients with ventricular dysfunction secondary to necrotic scars, and to evaluate changes in clinical symptoms and segmental wall motion of areas of non-viable tissue during long-term follow-up. material and methods we included 13 male patients (mean age 53.6±10.3 years) with an average follow-up of 43 months. a total of 88 segments had fibrotic tissue (6.77 segments per patient). concomitant coronary artery bypass graft surgery was performed in remote ischemic and viable areas. patients were evaluated with dobutamine stress echocardiography, color kinesis and radionuclide ventriculography. results the cell suspension contained 0.7%±0.4% cd34+ cells. cell viability was greater than 95%. stem cells were implanted by 33.07±8.2 injections during coronary surgery via sternotomy with an average of 5.93±2.2 ml of solution in akinetic and metabolically non-viable segments. adverse outcomes were not reported during hospitalization. mean new york heart association functional class improved from 2.4±0.5 to 1.1±0.3 (p<0.0003), the ejection fraction increased from 26.4%±8.6% to 34.6%±13% (p<0.001). left ventricular diastolic diameter did not vary during follow-up. postoperative tests, performed by independent observers, demonstrated functional recovery in 47% of the segments implan
Application of the Cross Wavelet Transform to Solar Activity and Major Earthquakes Occurred in Chile  [PDF]
Patricia Alejandra Larocca
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2016.711095
Abstract: Historical earthquakes registered in Chile (from 1900 up to 2015) with epicenters located between 17?30'S and 56?0'S latitude and yearly mean total sunspot number have been considered in order to evaluate a significant linkage between them. The occurrence of strong earthquakes along Chile and the sunspots activity are analyzed to inspect possible influence of solar cycles on earthquakes. The cross wavelet transform and wavelet coherence analysis were applied for sequences of sunspots and earthquakes activity. An 8 - 12 years modulation of earthquakes activity has been identified.
Los programas de postgrado para la administración pública en Venezuela ?qué y cómo se aprende?
Córdova Jaimes,Edgar;
Investigación y Postgrado , 2009,
Abstract: this research had as objective the technocratic characteristics and tendencies assumed in the formation at a postgraduate level (master and specialization) of managers for the public area in venezuela since the changes occurred in public administration from the reform of the state until nowadays. two variables were selected in order to explain the technocratic phenomenon: the cogniscitive (contents expressed in the curricular units and several other academic experiences) and the teaching-learning processes, analyzed from curricular data of postgraduate programs. it concluded that the action and discourse of the venezuelan university were associated to the changes in economy; it showed an evident tendency (a selection of contents and objects of study) to the technocracy of learning, which produces a narrow vision about public management, having difficulties for the comprehension in extenso of the reality and socio-political implications of this phenomenon.
Construcción política ciudadana y desarrollo en Venezuela
Córdova Jaimes,Edgar;
Frónesis , 2008,
Abstract: citizen participation is linked to the promotion of endogenous development by the venezuelan state; it is carried out in the midst of structural re-adjustments purposed to define a new political-economic organization model that arose from the national constitution in effect since 1999, which establishes citizen participation as a central element for democracy. this constitutional precept has been developed through a series of laws, establishing, in the author?s judgment, a broad spectrum legal citizenry: recent changes have established participation systems, such as the communal councils, to plan, design and execute public policy. the assumed premise is that promoting an economy that values what is local requires the re-politicization of the citizens (political construction), that is, ?converting the legal citizenry into political citizenry.? the objective of this study is to determine the characteristics that the construction and functioning of communal councils are taking on, particularly on the east coast of the lake in the state of zulia. research is of a documentary, field type using interviews and participant observation. it was noted that the communal councils are structures promoted by the central government, weakening their potential as mechanisms for citizen construction of public spaces that make endogenous development viable.
Pruebas diagnósticas: uso e interpretación
Acta Medica Colombiana , 2007,
Abstract: the diagnostic tests are a fundamental component of the clinical practice; not only for the diagnosis but also for the patients? daily care, for making decisions related to the prognosis, and even for defi ning public health policies in the scope of indications and usefulness of screening tests, making the diagnosis is not a goal by itself. it is only done if it leads to a specifi c action or a clinical decision, and this decision does not always imply therapeutic interventions. this review shows in a very practical way the basic elements for using and interpreting the diagnostic tests. the general principles that rule the diagnostic tests, their use and interpretation, are equally applicable to the basic components of the clinical history such as anamnesis and fi ndings in the physical examination.
El nexo entre calidad gubernativa y elecciones: discusión conceptual y aplicación al gobierno local mexicano
Moreno Jaimes, Carlos;
Perfiles latinoamericanos , 2012,
Abstract: this paper presents an introductory discussion on the relationship between electoral democracy and the quality of governments. it briefly reviews the main conceptual dilemmas faced by the contemporary literature when trying to define the term "quality of government", and it proposes a definition that underlines the impartiality of governmental processes, the responsiveness of governments, and their effectiveness. based on such definition, the paper analyzes the complex relationship between democratic elections and quality of government from a theoretical perspective. finally, it discusses the case of municipal governments in mexico to illustrate the problems of governmental quality at the local level.
Modelos en desarrollo de terapias derivadas de biotecnología
Jaimes Monroy,Gustavo;
Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Químico - Farmacéuticas , 2007,
Abstract: the objective of gene therapy for the treatment of cancer is to kill tumor cells but preserve normal tissue. a variety of strategies to achieve these aims have demonstrated promising results in the laboratory, including molecules that can specifically target pre-determined sequences in the dna or rnam; that sequences provide a means to modulate endogenous gene function. the different types of molecules: triplex forming molecules, antisense oligodeoxynucleotides, ribozymes, rna interference, aptamers and decoys, are reviewed in this paper.
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