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La literatura entre las bellas artes y el mercado? Siete aproximaciones y un caso
Alberto Santamaría
Caracteres : Estudios Culturales y Críticos de la Esfera Digital , 2012,
Abstract: The present study analyses the current situation of literature relating to theoretical elements such as interartistic relationships that have developed in today’s culture, paying particular attention to performance and literary jam sessions. In order to achieve this, it provides a plurality of theoretical visions different to the contemporary phenomenon of literary artistic expression, so as to offer a multiplicity of approaches on the coeval nows of the creative space. Therefore, literary expressions such as Kosmopolis’ jams, or the case of Tatiana Damsky, among others, will be here considered.
Deconstruir la globalización desde la economía solidaria
Danú Alberto Fabre Platas,Simón Yeste Santamaría
Revista de Paz y Conflictos , 2012,
Abstract: This paper shows two cases of traditional trade and non monetary exchange (The tianguis named Del Santuario, runs two days a week in the city of Pátzcuaro, and the solidarian market of Los Mojtakuntani or Purepecha regional tianguis, on a monthy basis, on recent years) between the people from the communities around Lago de Patzcuaro, in Michoacan, Mexico. The objective is to look at the coexistence of these alternatives indigenous economic practices, as strategies for survival, as a local collective action implementation for resistance, built as a social memoir, as an utopia, in a context of postmoderns global processes.The structure of the document is simple. First, establish the basic notions for the framework. Second, explain the motivations to create this study and the perspectives considerated during the research. Then, establish if the phenomenon is isolated or not, and relates it with other references, at different levees (national level). To explain the scenario, the actors, the roles, and describing the traditional local market signs and how the trueque (exchange) operates inside the territory of Patzcuaro, on recent decades. This paper concludes with a serie of considerations and arise new question to enrich the debate and the research on this issue.
Evaluación económica de alternativas energéticas en la industria turística utilizando el método de Análisis del Costo del Ciclo de Vida (LCCA)
Alberto Santamaría Martiínez,Irela Ariza Lladó
Avanzada Científica , 2010,
Abstract: En el presente artículo, se examina el método económico de evaluación de alternativas, Análisis del Costo del Ciclo de Vida (LCCA), que es de especial interés para aquellos proyectos que tienen un alto valor de inversión inicial, remodelaciones y de mejoramiento de la eficiencia energética, particularmente en los que se quieren reducir los costos futuros de operación. Se ejemplifica metódica del LCCA con un caso práctico, en el que se demuestra la influencia de todos los costos relacionados con una alternativa, en la toma de decisión final para la adquisición de equipos o sistemas.
Rese as de libros
Sánchez álvarez-Insúa, Alberto,Esteban, Valeriano,Santamaría Pargada, Antonio,Escalera Cordero, Matías
Arbor : Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura , 2007,
Resistencia a los cloruros en el concreto adicionado con escoria de alto horno
Santamaría Díaz,Naliett Karina; Yamín Lacouture,Luis Eduardo; Arcila López,Carlos Alberto;
Revista de Ingeniería , 2006,
Abstract: for determining the chloride resistance of different concrete samples, the rapid chloride permeability test was used. this procedure has been established in the standard test method astm 1202 [1] for this purpose, national equipment was used. it follows the specifications of the method. the tested concretes had 6 different water/binder ratios (w/b) and three percentages of blast-furnace slag as a replacement of part of cement. although the age of the concrete was the same in all the cases, the time of saturation in water was different.
Resistencia a los cloruros en el concreto adicionado con escoria de alto horno
Naliett Karina Santamaría Díaz,Luis Eduardo Yamín Lacouture,Carlos Alberto Arcila López
Revista de Ingeniería , 2006,
Abstract: Para evaluar la resistencia a los cloruros en diferentes mezclas de concreto se realizó el ensayo de permeabilidad rápida a cloruros, estipulado en la norma ASTM 1202. Para ello se utilizó un equipo hecho en el país que sigue los requerimientos dados por esta norma. Se ensayaron concretos con 6 diferentes relaciones agua/cementante (a/c) y tres porcentajes de adición de escoria en reemplazo de parte del cemento. Aunque la edad a la que se evaluaron las muestras de concreto fue la misma, también se varió el tiempo de saturación de las muestras en agua./ For determining the chloride resistance of different concrete samples, the rapid chloride permeability test was used. This procedure has been established in the standard test method ASTM 1202. For this purpose, national equipment was used. It follows the specifications of the method. The tested concretes had 6 different water/binder ratios (w/b) and three percentages of blast-furnace slag as a replacement of part of cement. Although the age of the concrete was the same in all the cases, the time of saturation in water was different.
Interacciones sociales, conductas delictivas, violencia y consumo de drogas en una banda juvenil: reporte de registros conductuales y diarios de campo
Sergio Stern,Ma. Asunción Lara,Carlos Santamaría,Sergio Alberto Obregon
Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología , 1990,
Abstract: Two types of data-collectlng systems, field diarles and time sampling of behavíor, were used to study a juvenile gang in a marginal community of Mexico City. These two ways of gathering data give us ímportant Information conceming the gang. wlth regards lo social functioníng, víolence, delinquency and dmg usage. Field diaries offer us a panoramlc, global vision of the gang. as we find here descriptions of the .person or the group and how they interact with other factors of their envíronment, Iike the family or the community. Time sampling of bebavior gives us quantitative Information on tbe types of behavior whicb occur most frequentIy wlthin the gang. Both types of information are necessary in orden to arrive at a more comprehensive view of the gang. as one needs to inelude qualitative and quantítatíve aspects to better describe and understand It
Congreso virtual de informática en salud: experiencias con la herramienta Plone
Díaz Martínez,Ana Gloria; Abreu García,María Teresa; Vega Vázquez,Haddid; Ramos Pérez,Lourdes; Santamaría,Carlos Alberto; Rivero Pérez,Elier;
ACIMED , 2009,
Abstract: reference is made to the holding of the sixth congress of health informatics, made in 2007, and its organization by the national information center science medical-infomed. it explains the adaptations made to the platform plone for use as a tool for managing the event. from this experience customization of a plone site to manage a scientific conference virtual, we proposed to generate a new product to cover the virtues of tool future events. the new product created from this experience used for the conclusion of the seventh congress of health informatics, held in 2009.
Consideraciones sobre el arquetipo en la novela: El combate de Ednodio Quintero
Letras , 2007,
Abstract: the main aim of this article is to show how a fictional reality is constructed in ednodio quintero?s el combate. in this novel, the writer evidences a series of events which are part of a universal culture: the man?s origin that reproduces that of the universe, the presence of the hero, the prominence of the man-woman relationship... all these elements are nourished and rooted in the symbolic. therefore, the theories of psychoanalysis, of the eminent viennese physician sigmund freud and his pupil karl gustv jung, will support the analysis. el combate, breaks into different fields, where the word is employed as a source gathering mythical and magic powers and dreams, the writer?s specialty, act as a resource for the rescue of unknown and hidden in the human being.
Aspectos psicosociales del manejo de la disfunción eréctil: Hábitos tóxicos y estilo de vida. La pareja en la disfunción eréctil. Psicoterapia y terapia de pareja
Cabello Santamaría,Francisco;
Archivos Espa?oles de Urología (Ed. impresa) , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-06142010000800016
Abstract: objectives: sexuality on the whole and erectile response particularly are not alien to psychosocial and couple features. we review al psychological and couple features that interfere on erection and also point out the interventional directions of couple therapy that give the best results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. methods: we performed a bibliographic review about the psychological and social features under the current way of life in relation to erectile response physiology, in addition to review different models of couple therapy. results/conclusions: the separation of the couple reproduction-pleasure achieved in the 50's enabled a progressive claim from women of their need to be satisfied, representing one of the reasons that led to the phenomenon of "performance anxiety" that, altogether with some toxic habits (tobacco consumption, alcohol, drugs, sedentary life, etc) help the appearance of erectile dysfunction. when psychological factors are an important part of the problem, couple sexual therapy in combination with phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors is the therapy of choice.

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