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Complex projective structures on Kleinian groups
Albert Marden
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: Let M^3 be a compact, oriented, irreducible, and boundary incompressible 3-manifold. Assume that its fundamental group is without rank two abelian subgroups and its boundary is non-empty. We will show that every homomorphism from pi_1(M) to PSL(2,C) which is not `boundary elementary' is induced by a possibly branched complex projective structure on the boundary of a hyperbolic manifold homeomorphic to M.
The monodromy groups of Schwarzian equations on closed Riemann surfaces
Daniel Gallo,Michael Kapovich,Albert Marden
Mathematics , 1995,
Abstract: Let \theta:\pi_1(R) \to \PSL(2,\C) be a homomorphism of the fundamental group of an oriented, closed surface R of genus exceeding one. We will establish the following theorem. Theorem. Necessary and sufficient for \theta to be the monodromy representation associated with a complex projective stucture on R, either unbranched or with a single branch point of order 2, is that \theta(\pi_1(R)) be nonelementary. A branch point is required if and only if the representation \theta does not lift to \SL(2,\C).
REVERS O DO SALDO MIGRATóRIO INTERNACIONAL NEGATIVO DO BRASIL? EVIDêNCIAS PRELIMINARES COM BASE NOS DADOS DO CENSO 2010 Brazilian international migration negative balance reversal? Preliminary evidence from the 2010 Census Reversión del saldo migratorio internacional negativo del Brasil? Evidencias preliminares con base en los datos del Censo 2010
Marden Barbosa de Campos
Revista Paranaense de Desenvolvimento , 2011,
Abstract: Português De país historicamente receptor de imigrantes internacionais, nas últimas décadas do séculopassado o Brasil passou a perder popula o para o resto do mundo. A análise dos primeirosdados divulgados do Censo 2010 sugere que essa situa o pode estar se revertendo. A partirda aplica o de técnicas indiretas de estima o aos dados dos Censos 2000 e 2010, percebeseque o saldo migratório internacional do Brasil situou-se, na década de 2000, em valoresem torno de zero, podendo inclusive ter sido positivo no período. Isso pode ser consequênciatanto da redu o da emigra o de indivíduos que residiam no país para o exterior quanto doaumento do total de imigrantes internacionais. Como os dados referentes à migra o e àcobertura censitária ainda n o foram divulgados, as conclus es deste trabalho devem sertomadas de forma preliminar. Contudo, há evidências de que a participa o do Brasil nofen meno das migra es internacionais é de uma regi o tanto de atra o como de expuls ode popula o.English Historically, Brazil received international immigrants. Over the last decades, however, startedto lose population to other countries. The early data analysis from the 2010 Census suggeststhat this could be a reversing trend. Through the application of indirect estimation techniquesto the 2000 and 2010 censuses, it is noticed that the international migration balance inBrazil, during the 2000 decade, centered around zero. Results may even been positive for that period. This may result from the decreased migration of brazilian residents, or from theincrease in foreign immigration. Since migration and census coverage data were not divulgedyet, this paper’s conclusions should be taken in preliminary form. Nevertheless, there areevidences of the brazilian participation in the international migration phenomenon as bothattraction and repulsion region.Espa ol De país históricamente receptor de inmigrantes internacionales, en las últimas décadas delsiglo pasado Brasil pasó a perder población para el resto del mundo. El análisis de los primerosdatos divulgados del Censo 2010 sugiere que esa situación puede revertirse. A partir de laaplicación de técnicas indirectas de estimación a los datos de los censos 2000 y 2010, sepercibe que el saldo migratorio internacional de Brasil se situó, en la década de 2000, envalores alrededor de cero, logrando incluso haber sido positivo en el periodo. Eso puede serconsecuencia tanto de la reducción de la emigración de personas que se ubicaban en el paíspara el exterior, como del aumento del total de inmigrantes internacionales. Como los datosr
Fast Convergence in Semi-Anonymous Potential Games
Holly Borowski,Jason Marden
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Log-linear learning has been extensively studied in both the game theoretic and distributed control literature. It is appealing for many applications because it often guarantees that the agents' collective behavior will converge in probability to the optimal system configuration. However, the worst case convergence time can be prohibitively long, i.e., exponential in the number of players. We formalize a modified log-linear learning algorithm whose worst case convergence time is roughly linear in the number of players. We prove this characterization for a class of potential games where agents' utility functions can be expressed as a function of aggregate behavior within a finite collection of populations. Finally, we show that the convergence time remains roughly linear in the number of players even when the players are permitted to enter and exit the game over time.
A Bioenergetic-Redox Approach to the Effect of Live Yeast on Ruminal pH during Induced Acidosis in Dairy Cow  [PDF]
Jean Philippe Marden, Corine Bayourthe, Eric Auclair, Raymond Moncoulon
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2013.410A1008
Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the capacity of the live yeast (LY) Saccharomyces cerevisiae in optimizing ruminal pH and in understanding its mode of action during induced acidosis in dairy cow. Two non-lactating cannulated cows were used and offered twice daily a control diet (CD) consisting of 51% corn silage and 49% concentrates or a LY diet (LYD) composed of CD supplemented with 4 g of LY per cow and per day. Measurements of pH and redox potential (Eh) were continuously made at 1 h interval during an experimental period of 9 h per day. Samples of ruminal fluid were also taken at 2 h intervals for analyses of volatile fatty acids (VFA) and lactic acid. Oxygen partial pressure (logPO2) in the ruminal milieu was calculated from the Nernst equation, using either O2-H2O or lactate-propionate redox couples. The results showed an increase of 0.2 unit in ruminal pH when LYD was fed, which was accompanied by a mean difference in Eh of -20 mV with respect to CD. The logPO2 decreased significantly by 0.8 log unit for LYD when compared to CD. Concentrations of VFA and proportion of propionate were higher with LYD (114.4 mM and 17.1% total VFA) compared to CD (102.4 mM and 15.4% total VFA). Proportion of butyrate
A Novel Approach to Calculating Energy Density from Food Images Reduces Analysis Time and Cost  [PDF]
Zhaoxing Pan, Tyson Marden, Archana Mande, Janine Higgins
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2019.102018
Abstract: Traditional methods of self-reported food intake are characterized by limitations such as underreporting, high participant burden, and high cost. With the development of automated devices to capture food images and monitor food intake, an accurate and efficient method to estimate energy intake is needed. This study aimed to develop an accurate and time efficient method for estimating energy intake from food images by defining a simple and less burdensome way of estimating energy density (ED). Four experimental methods, exchange, food score-long, food score-short, and meal, were developed to estimate ED based on nutrient composition, water content, and relative proportion of foods in images, using different approaches. Three trained nutritionists analyzed 29 food images for ED using each method. All four experimental methods were compared to the full visual method in which a nutritionist estimated the portion size of each food consumed from dietary intake images and conducted data entry and analysis software. All experimental methods overestimated ED compared to the FVM but the meal method exhibited the closest agreement, lowest variance for ED, and significantly decreased analysis time by an average of 53 s/meal (p = 0.03). The meal method was used for full-scale validation by analyzing 213 food images against weighed food records. The meal method reduced analysis time by 69% (120 s; p ≤ 0.0001) and over-estimated ED by an average of 1.56 ± 3.17 J/g (p < 0.0001) compared to the FVM and 1.67 ± 3.09 J/g (p < 0.0001) compared to the WFR. The meal method is a novel and quick approach to calculate ED from dietary intake images.
L'email per imparare l'italiano: aspetti linguistici e contenutistici della comunicazione telematica in italiano L2
Pais Marden, Mariolina,Absalom, Matthew
FULGOR : Flinders University Languages Group Online Review , 2003,
Abstract: The integration of electronic communication into the teaching and learning of languages has opened up new horizons. This paper discusses a project involving the use of email exchanges in the Italian program at the Australian National University. Approximately eighty students participated in the project which consisted of two iterations of a one-to-one email conversation. This article examines the language and content of the messages constructed by students in terms of the following features: -the implications of the physical, psychological and temporal distance inherent in email communication -the differences between email communication of native speakers and learners -the dialogic nature of email communication and its relationship to both written and spoken communication -the importance of “empty” messages -the creativity of expression and the relationship between form and content.
Inverse Problem on Heat Conduction in Heterogeneous Medium  [PDF]
Albert Schwab
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2014.41003

Under consideration is a nonclassical stationary problem on heat conduction in a body with the pre-set surface temperature and heat flow. The body contains inclusions at unknown locations and with unknown boundaries. The body and inclusions have different constant thermal conductivities. The author explores the possibility of locating inclusions. The article presents an integral criterion based on which a few statements on identification of inclusions in a body are proved.

Post Mid-Staffordshire Inquiries Reaction, in and about the National Health Service (NHS), England. The Missing Pieces: Organizational, Care and Virtue Ethics Perspectives  [PDF]
Albert Coleman
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.516131

The release of the Mid Staffordshire hospital report otherwise called the Francis report once again ignited the debate about the issue of abuse of especially vulnerable patients, while navigating the care pathway as inpatients in hospitals; within the National health service (NHS), England. Once more the official reaction from the NHS directorate is more “standards” to monitor failed standards in patient care. Of interest in the official responses so far, are the unheard voices addressing the issue of healthcare and organizational ethics concerns that need revisiting. This article seeks to revisit practice, systems and care issues leading to incidents of the type of the Staffordshire abuses, and the important but yet unheralded place of organizational and care ethics in helping to curb such abuses from re-occurring.

Road Traffic Accidents in Ghana: A Public Health Concern, and a Call for Action in Ghana, (and the Sub-Region)  [PDF]
Albert Coleman
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2014.411092
Abstract: This paper highlights the increasing problem of road traffic accident (RTA) related morbidity and mortality in Ghana, and the public health measures needed to control the problem. Descriptive data in the public domain from statutory bodies and media houses reports on country RTA information, as well as academic papers on the problem, were used as source of information about the problem. The observed trend in Ghana indicates that RTA related fatalities and injuries continue to be increasing, as morbidity and mortality factors since the year 2000. Most of the remedial measures suggested in academic papers, and state agencies measures to curb the RTA trend in Ghana to date, have discussed the problem in terms of injury and safety issues/measures. This paper suggests that the increasing RTAs with associated morbidity and mortality in Ghana need to be looked at more as a public health problem and priority that requires prompt tackling using a public health problem orientated approach and measures, than just as a safety problem due to RTAs’, as is currently done.
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