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Method of Designing Generators of Pseudorandom Sequences for Information Protection Based on Shift Register with Non-Linear Feedback Function  [PDF]
Saleh Al-Omar
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2014.54020
Abstract: This paper proposes an efficient, high-tech method of construction of pseudorandom binary sequences generators with a repetition period 2n for n-bit shift register with a nonlinear feedback function. The developed method is illustrated by constructing a nonlinear function feedback shift register. It is proved that the offered method requires the realization of a memory size proportional to n2 that allows making successful use of suitable generators for practical use on the shift register of the longer word.
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Screening Mixed-Ligand Cu(II) and Zn(II) Complexes; DNA Binding Studies on Cu(II) Complex  [PDF]
Omar H. Al-Obaidi
Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials (OJINM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojinm.2012.24007
Abstract: Several mixed ligand Cu(II), Zn(II) complexes using (benzylidenethiourea) (obtained by the condensation of benzaldehyde and thiourea) as the primary ligand and (acetamide or thioacetamide) as an additional ligand were synthesized and characterized analytically and spectroscopically, magnetic susceptibility and molar conductance measurements ,as well as by UV-Vis. and IR spectroscopy. The interaction of the complexes with calf thymus (CT)DNA was studied using absorption spectra, while the concentration of DNA in gel electrophoresis remained constant at 10 μl. They exhibit absorption hypochromicity increased during the binding of the complexes to calf thymus DNA. The complexes show enhanced antimicrobial activities complexes with the free ligand. A theoretical treatment of the formation of complexes in the gas phase was studied, this was done using the HYPERCHEM-6 program for the Molecular mechanics and Semi-empirical calculations.
Assessment of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants in the Ambient Air in Al Mirfa City, United Arab Emirates  [PDF]
Entisar Al Katheeri, Fadi Al Jallad, Muthanna Al Omar
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2012.37077
Abstract: From 2007-2009, National Energy and Water Research Center (NEWRC) on behalf of Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) conducted a long term baseline study of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ozone (O3) and particulate matter <10 μm in diameter (PM10) using ambient air quality station located in the vicinity of Al Mirfa power plant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).The objective of this study was to establish baseline levels and study the behavior of airborne pollutants from natural as well as anthropogenic origins with temporal variations. The study reveals that the average hourly values for NO2, SO2, and 8 hour average of CO were within the acceptable levels of 400, 300 and 30,000 μg/m3 respectively, whereas the levels of O3 as 8 hour average (<200 μg/Nm3) and PM10 (<150 μg/Nm3) occasionally exceeded the FEA permissible limits during the study period. Seasonal variation based on three years data reveals that the highest concentration of NO2 and SO2 were during winter and for CO and O3 during summer months. Results indicate that the levels of SO2 and CO were significantly controlled and improved while the fuel combustion of Al Mirfa power plant had increased from 2007 to 2009. Dust has significantly impact on the air quality by elevated levels of PM10 exceed in several instances associated with regional sand- storm during the monitoring period.
Burst Error Correction Method Based on Arithmetic Weighted Checksums  [PDF]
Saleh Al-Omar, Atef Obeidat
Engineering (ENG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2012.411098
Abstract: In this paper a new approach for increasing the performance of burst error correction that occurs during data transmission in low-frequency channels with pulse-code modulation is proposed. The specific technique is based on the weighted checksum which is computed with arithmetic operations. It is shown that the solution proposed not only guarantees the correction of any single error burst but it also lowers the computational complexity so that procedure correction time does not depend on controlled data block length. Finally, the use of the algorithm is illustrated via the thorough presentation of an example of erroneous data transmission.
Development of Anti-Wear/Antioxidant Additives for High Quality Metalworking Fluid from Waste Petroleum Products  [PDF]
Noura Al Mehbad, A. M. A. Omar
Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology (JSEMAT) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jsemat.2014.41006

Surfactants are used for formulation metal working fluids. These fluids are applied to the interface between a cutting tool and the metal working piece to provide friction reduction. In the present paper, poly aromatic ammonium sulphonate and polyaromatic benzyl triethanolamsonium ethoxylate with 6 ethylene oxide units were synthesized and blended with coupling agent like dodecyl alcohol and oleic acid to produce cutting fluid and evaluate as antiwear. Values of surface tension of these additives were measured in oil phase and consequently CMC was determined for all additives and their mixtures in oil phase. The efficiency of these additives depends on their chemical structure and the presence of ether oxygen brings about the association of the surfactant with metal surface, hence very good wetting properties. The antiwear characteristic of surfactants increases with increasing polar linkages in the aromatic moieties forming chelated and coordinated layer. This is due to the increase in the number of sites to chemisorption on the metal surface. The films formed are highly condensed ring aromatic layered structures. These films provide lower wear and depend on the type of surfactants concentration

Pollution Scenarios through Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Based on Real Measurements of Selected Urban Areas in Abu Dhabi, UAE  [PDF]
Entisar Alkatheeri, Fadi Al Jallad, Muthanna Al Omar
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2012.23033
Abstract: Power requirements in the city of Al Mirfa in western Abu Dhabi are covered by the Al Mirfa Power and Distillation Plant. Comprehensive emission inventories for 2007-2008 were used to execute an ENVIMAN (OPSIS AB Company, Sweden) Gaussian dispersion model to predict ambient ground level concentrations of nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM10) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) at selected receptors considering all emission sources located in the area. Two years of meteorological data was used in conjunction with the dispersion model to compute NOx and SO2 levels in and around the power plant. To validate the model, computed results were compared with the average values measured at a fixed Air Quality Station in Al Mirfa city. The highest hourly, daily and annual ground level concentrations under exiting meteorological conditions were then analyzed. The computed results for the study area revealed that daily, hourly and annual concentration values did not exceed the Federal Environment Agency (FEA) standard, and the contribution of plant emissions to the ground levels pollutants in the surrounded area range from 3.1 to 109 μg/m3 for NO2, and 1.1 to 41.4 μg/m3 for CO. This study can be considered a baseline study for any future expansion in the plant. Based on these results, mitigation strategies are not required.
Assessment of Wind Energy Potential as a Power Generation Source in the Azraq South, Northeast Badia, Jordan  [PDF]
Omar Al-Nhoud, Mohammad Al-Smairan
Modern Mechanical Engineering (MME) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/mme.2015.53008
Abstract: Due to several climate changes caused by greenhouse gases and to increasing need for clean energy sources, more attention has been grew to renewable energy sources and wind energy is one of the most promising energy source in the future. The current paper presents an investigation of the wind power potential in Azraq south area, a remote location in the Northeast Badia of Jordan using real wind speed data. Also, other wind characteristics with the help of one method of meteorological and Weibull are assessed to evaluate of which at a height of 10 m above ground level and in open area. Long term data (1991-2001) period measured mean wind speed data measured at 10 m height was analyzed. Based on these data, the highest and the lowest wind power potential are in July and December, respectively. Also, it was indicated that the shape and scale parameters for Azraq south varied over a wide range. The monthly values of Weibull shape parameter k ranged from 1.05 to 4.2 with a mean value of 3.06. While the monthly values of the Weibull scale parameter c were in the range of m/s, with a mean value of 4.57 m/s. It was also concluded that the site studied was not suitable for electric wind application in large-scale. It was found that the wind potential of the region could be adequate for non-grid connected electrical and mechanical applications, such as wind generators, battery charging and water pumping as well as agricultural applications.
Feasibility Study to Install Wind Farm in Bab Al-Hawa, Irbid, Northwest of Jordan  [PDF]
Mohammad Al-Smairan, Omar Al-Nhoud
Modern Mechanical Engineering (MME) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/mme.2019.91004
Abstract: The utilization of wind energy for power generation purposes is becoming increasingly attractive and gaining a great share in the electrical power production market worldwide. This research was considered a feasibility study of wind energy farm in Bab Al-Hawa, Irbid. The average wind speed in the site is (6.5 m/s). Data have been collected, which includes the average monthly wind speed for 10 years, but by HOMER software to create the hourly wind speed of a representative year is created in order to build Weibull distribution and to calculate the energy generated output of the project. This project contains the construction of 33 wind turbines in 3.11 km square. Each turbine has a capacity of 900 kW rated power and the total rated capacity is 29.7 MW. The capacity factor was found equal to 37.1% which means the amount of utilization of the turbine capacity. The results show that the turbines work 87,286 h/yr, and the total energy generated is 96.548559 GWh/yr. from the 33 wind turbines installed. The initial cost of this project is equal to 80.5243 M$ and the Payback period is 7 years. We have taken into account the environmental impact such as CO2 emissions into consideration. CO2 reductions by using wind energy instead of
Gallstone Ileus: A forgotten rare cause of intestinal obstruction
Al-Obaid Omar
Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology , 2007,
Abstract: Gallstone ileus is an uncommon complication of cholelithiasis, with a high morbidity and mortality rate - usually related to the delayed diagnosis of intestinal obstruction. Diagnosing gallstone ileus needs a high index of suspicion. A case of a gallstone ileus is reported. The clinical presentation, radiological features, intraoperative findings, operative procedure and literature review are presented.
On presimplifiable group rings
Omar Al-mallah
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: A ring A is called presimplifiable if whenever a; b belongs to A and a = ab, then either a = 0 or b is a unit in A. Let A be a commutative ring and G be an abelian torsion group. For the group ring A[G], we prove that A[G] is presimplifiable if and only if A is presimplifiable and G is a p-group with p belongs to the Jacobson radical of A, and it is shown that A[G] is domainlike (i.e all zero divisors are nilpotents) if and only if A is domainlike and G is a p-group and p is a nilpotent in A. Furthermore, whenever the group ring A[G] is presimpli?able we prove that A[H] is presimplifiable for any subgroup H of G. Also, for a torsion free group G we prove that A[G] is domainlike if and only if A[G] is integral domain.
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