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Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: Sasaniler d neminde Taberistan b lgesinde ya ayan Deylemlilerin ak nlar na kar garnizon kenti olarak kurulan Kazv n ehri, bu g revini slam fethinden sonra da devam ettirmi tir. Hz. mer d neminden Sel uklu hakimiyetine kadar Kazv n sürekli Deylemlilerin tehdidi alt nda kalm t r. Sel uklu d neminde ise ehrin potansiyel tehdit unsuru smail ler olmu tur. Kazv n ehri civar nda Abbas ler d neminde Musa ve Mubarekiyye ad alt nda iki ehir daha kurulmu tur. ehir slam d neminde Hz. mer ile beraber Emev ler, Abbas ler, Tahir ler, Zeyd ler, Saco ullar , Samano ullar , Ziyar ler, Büveyh ler, Gazneliler ve Sel uklular n hakimiyeti alt nda kalm t r. Zaman zaman Sel uklu saltanat mücadelelerine ev sahipli i yapman n yan nda Sünn - i hakimiyet mücadelesinin de yo unlukta ya and ehir, Elburz da lar n n eteklerinde, bol ormanl k alana sahip ve Deylem b lgesine s n rd r. slam co rafyac lar Kazv n’i Cibal b lgesinde tasnife tabi tutmakta ve ehirden vgülerle bahsetmektedirler.AbstractThe Qazvin city that was founded to against the attack of Daylam living in Tabaristan in the period of the Seljuks maintained its task after Islamic conquest. The Qazvin was threaten by the Daylam from the period of Caliph Omar to domination of Seljuk. As for the period of the Seljuk, Ismailies became potentially threat of city. Two cities also called as Musa and Mubarakiyah were founded nearby the Qazvin city in the period of the Abbasids. The city was governed firstly by Caliph Omar and then in turn by Umayyads, Abbasids, Tahirids, Zaidis, Sajids, Samanids, Ziyarids, Buwayhids, Ghaznavids and Seljuks in the period of slam. Occasionally, fight of sultanete of Seljuks and of Sunni and Shiities took place in that city. That city was located in the slope of the mountains of Elbourz and it had many of jungle area and border of Daylam. Muslim geographers accept that city in the Jibal region and speak in praises of it.
Echocardiographic detection of a metastatic right atrial mass in a patient with previously un-diagnosed hepatocellular carcinoma who presents with dyspnea  [PDF]
Ber-Ren Fang, Chin-Yew Lin, I-Ping Yen
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.32015
Abstract: A 69-year-old woman had experienced resistant edema of lower extremities and progressive dyspnea on exertion for two months. The pa-tient visited our emergency room owing to ex-acerbation of her dyspnea symptom. Echocar-diography demonstrated a mobile mass in the right atrium. Transesophageal echocardiogra-phy revealed a right atrial mass arising from the inferior vena cava which was partially mobile. The patient underwent urgent open heart sur-gery with resection of the right atrial mass and curettage of the tumor thrombus in the inferior vena cava. Histologic examination of the re-sected right atrial mass revealed the features of metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma. Subse-quent work-up revealed that alpha-fetoprotein level was 3780 ng/ml. Abdominal echocardi-ography showed a tumor mass in the right lobe of the liver. The post-operative course was complicated by pneumonia, sepsis, and multi- organ failure. The patient died 48 days after surgery.
Turkish Studies , 2012,
Abstract: This study aims to identify teaching staff’s various views about Turkish teaching researches. 25 teaching members at three universities were interviewed to obtain the study data. At the end of the study, it is discovered that mostly, teaching staff do not think that Turkish Teaching researches have been made as required because of various reasons and some of teaching staff think that the said studies could not solve the problems experienced in this field. During the study the academicians also expressed that mostly, Turkish teaching researches have not been taken into account in Turkish curriculum and that support should be asked from the faculty members in departments of education. The study also gives various suggestions from the teaching staff for conduct of researches in Turkish teaching field as required and for settlement of issues encountered in this area al man n amac retim elemanlar n n Türk e e itimi ara t rmalar yla ilgili e itli g rü lerini belirlemektir. Bu ama la ü üniversitede 25 retim üyesi ile g rü ülerek ara t rman n verileri elde edilmi tir. al man n sonunda retim üyelerinin a rl kl olarak Türk e e itimi ara t rmalar n n e itli sebeplerle gerekti i gibi yap lmad ve retim üyelerinin bir k sm n n ise s z konusu al malar n bu alanda ya anan sorunlar z(e)medi i dü üncesinde olduklar tespit edilmi tir. Ara t rma kapsam ndaki akademisyenlerin, Türk e dersi müfredatlar nda Türk e e itimi al malar n n a rl kl olarak dikkate al nmad n ve e itim bilimleri b lümlerinde g rev yapan retim üyelerinden destek al nmas gerekti ini dü ündükleri de belirlenmi tir. al mada, ayr ca, ara t rma kapsam ndaki retim üyelerinin Türk e e itimi alan nda yap lan al malar n gerekti i gibi yap larak bu alanda ya anan sorunlara zümler üretebilmesine y nelik e itli nerilerine yer verilmi tir.
Reading Skills Articles on Gender Variable / Okuma Becerisi ile lgili Makalelerde Cinsiyet De i keni
Uluslararas? Türk?e Edebiyat Kültür E?itim Dergisi , 2013, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7884/teke.153
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to discover if there are various differences between boys and girls in respect to reading skill as well as reasons for them based on the articles published in Turkey. The study has indicated various results in favor of the girls mainly in regard to various aspects of reading skill such as comprehension. It has been discovered in this study that several studies concluding differences related to sex variable do not explain the reasons for the situation in favor of girls or boys or they only refer to similar studies related to reading skill. In the study, it has also been concluded that the reason behind more positive attitude of girls towards reading in some articles is because they spend more time at home than the boys. Various suggestions have been made at the end of the study.Bu al man n amac okuma becerisinde k zlarla erkekler aras nda e itli farkl l klar n olup olmad n , sebepleriyle birlikte, Türkiye’de yay nlanan makalelerden hareketle belirlemektir. Ara t rman n sonunda okuma becerisinin okudu unu anlama gibi e itli y nlerinde k zlar ile erkekler aras nda a rl kl olarak k zlar lehine olan e itli sonu lar n oldu u ortaya km t r. al mada cinsiyet de i keni ile ilgili farkl l klara ula an bir ok al man n k zlar veya erkekler lehine olan durumun sebebini a kla(ya)mad veya sadece okuma becerisiyle ilgili benzer al malara at fta bulundu u da tespit edilmi tir. Ara t rmada, ayr ca, ara t rma kapsam ndaki baz makalelerde k zlar n okumaya kar daha olumlu tutumlar i inde olmas n n vb. k zlar n erkeklere g re evde daha ok zaman ge irmelerine vb. ba land sonucuna da ula lm t r. al man n sonunda e itli nerilere yer verilmi tir.
Mediastinoscopy and More
Akif Turna
Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.4328
Abstract: Mediastinal lymph nodes are of great importance in surgically resectable non-small cell lung cancer patients and resectional surgery in N2 patients has been proven to be futile. Mediastinoscopy still remains gold standard despite the improvements in computerized tomography, PET-CT, introduction of Endobronchial Ultrasonography guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA). EBUS-TBNA has been defined as a non-invasive and effective method for mediastinal lymph node staging. However, the falsenegativity of the technique seemed to increase with probability of N2 disease. The method is feasible in patients with low N2 frequency. The morbidity of the procedure is very low and the morbidity is nearly nil. Extended mediastinoscopy is another technique to evaluate the anterior mediastinal lymph nodes.. Remediastinoscopy (repeat mediastinoscopy) is theoretically feasible procedure for the evaluation of the patients who had previously proven me-diastinal lymph node involvement and received neoadjuvant therapy. However, it is usually suboptimally done due to the fibrous adhesions caused by previous intervention. New methods such as video-assisted mediastinoscopic lymphadectomy (VAMLA) and Transcervical extended mediastinal lymphadectomy (TEMLA) are lymph node dissection methods that remove all accessible lymph nodes and aim to reach 100% of accuracy. In conclusion, mediastinoscopy can be deemed as a gold standard method for evaluation of mediastinal involvement in patients with mediastinal tumor and non-small cell lung cancer. TEMLA and VAMLA as methods for total lymphadenectomy seem promising and will be considered more in future.
Minimal Critical Sets of Refined Inertias for Irreducible Sign Patterns of Order 2  [PDF]
Ber-Lin Yu
Advances in Linear Algebra & Matrix Theory (ALAMT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/alamt.2013.32002

Let S be a nonempty, proper subset of all refined inertias. Then, S is called a critical set of refined inertias for ireducible sign patterns of order n if \"\" is sufficient for any sign pattern A to be refined inertially arbitrary. If no proper subset of Sis a critical set of refined inertias, then S is a minimal critical set of refined inertias for sign patterns of order n . In this paper, all minimal critical sets of refined inertias for irreducible sign patterns of order 2 are identified. As a by-product, a new approach is presented to identify all minimal critical sets of inertias for irreducible sign patterns of order 2.

The Minaret of the Great Mosque in Algiers, a Structural Challenge  [PDF]
Dan Constantinescu, Dietlinde K?ber
Open Journal of Civil Engineering (OJCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2013.32A004

The Great Mosque in Algiers will be the third largest mosque in the world and its minaret the highest. The region has a high seismic risk. The project designed by a German team of architects and engineers is under construction and will be finished by 2016. Due to the minaret slenderness and to the special composite structure chosen to withstand lateral loading, the structural design faced some challenging aspects. The paper presents the design philosophy, some significant structural features and details of the minaret structure.

Structural Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Slabs on Ground  [PDF]
Philipp L?ber, Klaus Holschemacher
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2014.23B008

This paper aims to contribute to the classification and specification of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and to deal with the question if structural glass fiber reinforced concrete as a special kind of glass fiber reinforced concrete is suited for use in load-bearing members. Despite excellent material properties, the use of glass fibers in a concrete matrix is carried out so far only in non- structural elements or as a modification for the prevention of shrinkage cracks. The aim of re- search at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig is the use of alkali-resistant macro glass fibers as concrete reinforcement in structural elements as an alternative to steel fiber reinforcement. Slabs on ground, as an example for structural members, provide a sensible application for the new material because they can be casted as load bearing and non-load bearing and are mostly made of steel fiber reinforced concrete. In the future, structural glass fiber reinforced concrete shall provide a simple and visually appealing alternative to conventional steel bar or steel fiber reinforced concrete. The glass fibers can also be used in combination with conventional reinforcing bars or mat reinforcements. Initial investigations have announced some potential.

Avrupa Birli ine Tam üyeli in E i inde Türkiye(Turkey, On the Threshold of Full Membership to The European Union)
M. Akif ?ZER
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper, Turkey European Union partnership that enables starting full membership negotiations with European Union and historical background are being analysed. After evaluating historical events, will analyse negotiation process for full membership that is very important for Turkey. In this process, Turkey’s strategy will be very important because Greece and Cyprus may vote against Turkey frequently. For this reason, in this paper, we analyse basic principles of negotiations, its content, process and being successful conditions in detail. After this, we will evaluate Turkey’s process of full membership negotiations with European Union.
Mehmet Akif KORKMAZ
Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken , 2010,
Abstract: Clothing is as visual communication a part of the social life. In the life the use of the clothing with work, everyday life or celebration has very close relationship between the clothing and communication. The woman clothing of A asar, which stands western part of Trabzon, is the adjustment of the tradition and modernizing. The main piece of the rural and regional clothing builds itself this new solemn costume up into last operational sequence. These newly fashionable clothes are a product of the rural clothing. That is communication, where the Yayla celebration and wedding used clothing of the women from Trabzon alpazar develop from the relationship tradition and new.

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