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The Association of Early Childhood Education and Care with Cognitive Learning Outcomes at 15 Years of Age in Finland  [PDF]
Aino Saarinen, Jari Lipsanen, Minna Huotilainen, Mirka Hintsanen, Liisa Keltikangas-J?rvinen
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2019.104033
Abstract: Background: We investigated whether child’s participation in early childhood education and care (ECEC) is associated with later cognitive learning outcomes at 15 years of age in Finland. Methods: The Finnish PISA 2015 data (N = 4634) was used. Learning outcomes in science, reading, mathematics, and collaborative problem-solving were evaluated with computer-based tests in 2015. Participation in ECEC and parental SES were assessed with questionnaires. Results: In any learning outcome, students who had only participated in preschool at 6 years of age did not differ from students who had started in ECEC at any other age between 1 - 5 years. Additionally, at a trend level, participation in ECEC before preschool had more beneficial effects on learning outcomes among students with high parental SES than low parental SES. Conclusions: ECEC before preschool is not associated with learning outcomes at 15 years of age in Finland. ECEC may not have compensatory effects for children coming from socioeconomically disadvantaged families in Finland. In the future, it is necessary to further investigate which factors might diminish the inequality in learning outcomes between children coming from different family background. In particular, more research is needed about the influence of both societal factors (e.g. integration of immigration families, psychosocial family environment, gender-specific factors) and child-care related factors (e.g. special education; individually tailored day care programs for high-risk children).
Sickness, Hygienic Education and Village Practice: Tuberculosis in the Life of a Cobbler
Tuija Saarinen
Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics , 2008,
Abstract: The understanding of sickness and health depends on culture and age and is a part of our worldview. Sickness and health are thus in a central position in human life. Tuberculosis, for example, was formerly a common disease in Finland. Before the Second World War there did not exist medicines that cured people of tuberculosis. The first concord of antibiotics was received in 1947. Vaccinations against tuberculosis started on a mass scale in the following year. The article focuses on one person, who suffered from tuberculosis. He was a village cobbler called Juho M k r inen (1892–1967). The study draws on a variety of sources including the villagers’ interviews, Juho M k r inen’s autobiography and letters. All sources deal with the writers’, their relatives’ or neighbours’ health. Life in a village society was concentrated on health and its care. Very much attention was focused on hygienic education, as well. Because infectious diseases like tuberculosis were feared, most people tried to hide their disease in order not to be ostracised. Thus tuberculosis and its influence on the course of human life is a part of our common history of everyday life.
Critical Sustainability: Setting the Limits to Growth and Responsibility in Tourism
Jarkko Saarinen
Sustainability , 2014, DOI: 10.3390/su6010001
Abstract: The idea of sustainable development has been discussed in tourism research for almost a quarter of a century. During that time, sustainability has become an important policy framework for tourism and regional developers guiding their planning and development thinking. Sustainability has also emerged academically as an important field of research with an emphasis on defining the limits to growth and responsibilities in tourism. However, while there are urgent needs to incorporate sustainability into tourism, there is also a growing amount of frustration among scholars on the conceptual nature of sustainability and how tourism as a private-driven economic activity relates to the ideals of sustainable development. This has created an increasing need to understand and potentially reframe the concept. The purpose of this paper is to overview the conceptual dimensions of sustainable tourism and discuss some of the main sources of frustration. Based on this, it is concluded that while a conceptual plurality seems to be unavoidable, there is a need to re-frame i.e., rescale and decentralize tourism in policy frameworks and practices aiming towards sustainability.
My name is Legion. Literature and Genealogy in António Lobo Antunes
Rinhaug, Aino
452o F : Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada , 2010,
Abstract: The present contribution seeks to examine the topic of “national identity and literature” by focusing on how a collective – family or nation – is constituted by a number of “power relations.” These “power relations”, in turn, are produced, or created by the collective as a whole and could be said to represent the frontiers of the group at any given time. When these considerations are brought into a work of fiction, it becomes clearer that the relations in question are of a discursive nature. Discourse is power and, as such, disciplinary of both of the collective as well as of each individual within the group. As an example of this kind of discourse, the analysis focuses on the novel, O meu nome é Legi o, by Portuguese author, António Lobo Antunes.
António Lobo Antunes: Production and Consumption of Subjectivity
Aino Rinhaug
Review of European Studies , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/res.v1n2p3
Abstract: António Lobo Antunes (1942-) is one of Portugal’s leading contemporary authors, whose reputation as a world-class writer is confirmed by the number of publications, translations and dedicated readers. The present article is concerned with his latest novel, O arquipélago da insónia, or The Archipelago of Insomnia, if translated into English. The text represents a great challenge insofar as reading and understanding of contemporary literature is concerned. As in several of his earlier works, Lobo Antunes continues to explore the limits of narration and readability by experimenting on narrative structure and voice. The focus of my analysis is the organisation and structure of the work, which I regard as autopoietic, or self-generating. I intend to look at how the various voices, or subjectivities in the novel relate in a productive, but also consumptive fashion, in order to maintain the continuous process of making literature.
Measuring the species occurrence and relative abundance in faunal studies: a case study of Finnish butterflies (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea) Оценка встречаемости и относительного обилия видов в фаунистических исследованиях на примере дневных бабочек Финляндии (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea)
Gorbach Vyacheslav,Saarinen Kimmo
Principy èkologii , 2012, DOI: 1234567
Abstract: Any faunal study in addition to the list of species assumes an evaluation of their occurrence and abundance. These estimates are usually subjective. We propose to unify the methods, using 10-point logarithmic scale. As an example, the results of day butterfly counts in Finland (1991–2011) were used. All the species were differentiated according to the occurrence in 10x10 km squares and relative abundance. Stochasticity in the distribution of the empirical frequencies can be reduced by fitting to a theoretical model. Современное фаунистическое исследование помимо составления списка видов предполагает оценку ряда экологических параметров, в частности их встречаемости и обилия. Такие оценки обычно субъективны. Мы предлагаем унифицировать методики, используя 10-балльные логарифмические шкалы. В качестве примера использовали данные учетов дневных бабочек в Финляндии за 1991–2011 годы. Все виды были дифференцированы по встречаемости и относительному обилию. Стохастичность в распределениях можно уменьшить подгонкой эмпирических частот под теоретическую модель.
The opinions of Finnish specialist physicians on social security system
Arttu O Saarinen
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2008, DOI: 10.2427/5855
Abstract: Background: We can argue that opinions are considered to be part of the physician’s professional identity. Professional identity has been considered a result of learning. After graduation physicians usually continue to study to gain a specialisation, and we can assume that this process affects their opinions because every specialty has its own “cultural climate”. Also, specialists have different views towards the welfare state because, for example, of the fact that they work with different types of population groups. Aim of the study: In this article we will describe how specialists feel about the current level of social security in Finland. Methods: The empirical analysis in our study is based on postal survey. The 2000 working age physicians’ random survey sample was picked from the register of the Finnish Medical Association (n=1092, response rate 54,6 %). The whole questionnaire included questions dealing with social security, health policy and health care system. The data was analysed using means and multinomial logistic regression analysis. Results: This study shows that surgeons and radiologists are the most critical of social security. These groups often think that social security is excessive. In contrast, psychiatrists show a stronger tendency to support social security. All in all, Finnish specialists are more critical of the social security system than are nonspecialised physicians. Conclusions: There are many similarities between Nordic countries when we look at the historical role of medical profession. We can also assume that specialist physicians' opinions on social security are quite similar compared to those of other Nordic countries.
A queima das pastagens naturais: efeitos sobre o solo e a vegeta??o
Jacques, Aino Victor Avila;
Ciência Rural , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782003000100030
Abstract: the effects of fire and alternative managements on soil and vegetation of native pastures were revised from several research works, jointing personal observations developed during almost 40 years in range areas of rio grande do sul, brazil. soil parameters such as potential acidity; aluminum concentration; basis saturation; and others were considered with vegetation parameters such as production and quality of green forage dry matter during the year; botanical composition; volumetric amount of water in soil; nutrients cycling through the forage and dead material; etc. the general conclusion based on the results of the revised works, is that the burning of natural pastures, in the high altitude region of southern brazil, must be avoided as a routine practice, because it is detrimental to the environment, reduces the forage yield and quality, and it is not a sustainable practice.
Proyecto para el Museo de Bellas Artes en Bagdad (1957-1963)
Alvar y Aino Aalto.
DC PAPERS : Revista de Crítica y Teoría de la Arquitectura , 2008,
A queima das pastagens naturais: efeitos sobre o solo e a vegeta o
Jacques Aino Victor Avila
Ciência Rural , 2003,
Abstract: Os efeitos do fogo e de alternativas de manejo sobre o solo e vegeta o de pastagens naturais foram revisados a partir de diversos trabalhos, juntando observa es pessoais desenvolvidas por quase quarenta anos em regi es campestres do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Parametros do solo como: acidez potencial; teores de alumínio; satura o de bases e outros foram considerados com parametros da vegeta o como: produ o e qualidade da matéria seca da forragem verde ao longo do ano; composi o botanica; quantidade volumétrica de água no solo; ciclagem de nutrientes através da forragem e do mantilho, etc. A conclus o geral, à luz dos resultados dos trabalhos revisados, é de que a queima das pastagens naturais, na regi o dos campos de altitude sulbrasileiros, deve ser evitada como prática rotineira, pois deteriora as condi es do solo, reduz o potencial produtivo e a qualidade da vegeta o nativa, e n o é uma prática sustentável.
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