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Effect of Low Velocity Impact Damage on Buckling Properties  [PDF]
Ahmet YAPICI, Mehmet METIN
Engineering (ENG) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2009.13019
Abstract: The work described herein consists of experimental measurement of the post-impact buckling loads of E- glass/epoxy laminates. Composite samples with stacking sequence of [+45/?45/90/0]2s were subjected to low-velocity impact loading at energy levels of 36, 56.13, 79.95, 110.31 and 144 J. The impact tests were conducted with a specially developed vertical drop weight testing machine. Impact parameters like peak load, absorbed energy, deflection at peak load and damage area were evaluated and compared. Damaged specimens were subjected to compressive axial forces and buckling loads of the specimens were obtained. The relation between energy levels and buckling loads is investigated.
The effect of using a fungicide along with bactericide in the main soaking float on microbial load
AN Yapici
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: In the studies recently carried out on leather microbiology, a great deal of attention is paid to the fact that a considerable amount of fungi exist along with bacteria on the raw materials and in the pretanning processes and that they both have proteolytic and lypolytic activities. Because defects caused by fungi that mostly appear in tanning and post-tanning processes lead to drastic economical losses, it is important that fungi should be controlled from the initial steps of the manufacturing stages. To this end, bactericides with two different compositions (potassium dimethyl dithiocarbamate and quarternized compounds), and a fungicide (2-thiocyanomethylthio benzothiazole based) commonly used in Turkish leather industry were chosen. The bactericides were added into the main soaking float with and without different concentrations of fungicide. In each trial, liquor samples were taken at the end of the main soaking process and numbers of total aerobic mesophilic bacteria, the numbers of proteolytic and lypolytic bacteria, and numbers of total aerobic fungi, the numbers of proteolytic and lypolytic fungi were separately determined. When potassium dimethyl dithiocarbamate based bactericide at a ratio of 0.5% was used together with 2-(thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole based fungicide at a ratio of 0.5% in the main soaking process, it was found out that it was more effective against bacteria and fungi than when used alone. With the use of two antimicrobial agents in the aforesaid concentration, a synergistic effect appeared and whereas the number of fungi detected in the main soaking liquor decreased at a considerable level, all of the bacteria were controlled and so no bacterial growth occurred on the media.
?enay YAPICI
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: Family has been the most important societal entity that human being has had for thousands of years. It is a dynamic structure in which people learn the life style of society they live in and convey what they learn to next generations. Robust families are pre-condition of robust society in modern societies. Therefore, all nations protect families by laws and support them by improving quality of life. In our country, it is understood that while ensuring the prosperity of the society, nuclear family should be protected and supported. For this purpose, new national policies have been developed and new goals and objective have been adapted in the school curriculums. In this study, based on information related to current situation of family entity from literature, an analysis will be performed on family. Aile, uzun bin y llardan beri insano lunun sahip oldu u en nemli toplumsal kurumlardan biridir. nsan n i inde bulundu u toplumun ya ama bi imini rendi i ve rendiklerini kendisinden sonra gelenlere aktard dinamik bir yap d r.Modern toplumda sa l kl bir toplumun n art olarak sa l kl aile g rülmektedir. Bu nedenle de, bütün uluslar aileyi yasalarla korumakta, refah düzeyini yükselterek gü lendirmektedir. ülkemizde de, refah toplumuna d nü ürken olu an ekirdek ailenin korunmas ve gü lendirilmesi gerekti i giderek daha ok anla lmaktad r. Bu y nde ulusal politikalar olu turulmakta, yayg n ve rgün e itim programlar na bu y nde hedefler konulmaktad r.Bu al mada, aile kurumunun mevcut durumu ara t rma bulgular derlenerek, aile kurumuna ili kin bir analiz yap lmaya al lmaktad r.
Determination of bacterial and fungal numbers in floats of pre-tanning operations
ST Bilgi, BM Yapici, AN Yapici
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2009,
Abstract: This study was aimed at determining the numbers of bacteria and fungi in the floats of main soaking, liming, deliming-bating, degreasing and pickling stages. To this end, the numbers of total aerobic mesophilic, proteolytic, lipolytic and aerobic spore-forming bacteria and, the numbers of total aerobic fungi (yeast and mould), proteolytic and lipolytic fungi were determined on the media containing different concentration of NaCl (0, 5, 10, 15 and 25%). Sheep skins were processed up to the end of pickling stage by adding a commercial bactericide (Derbio DB 99), whose active ingredient is composed of quarternized compounds, into main soaking float. According to the results of the study, while most of the bacteria displayed growth from the main soaking process to the end of delimingbating, most of the fungi showed growth from the main soaking process to degreasing. It is found that main soaking and deliming-bating processes came to the fore in terms of bacterial growth. It is also remarkable that the numbers of proteolytic bacteria were higher in degreasing float as well as in main soaking float. In the study, fungal numbers were found to be lower in all the stages than bacterial numbers in general. Moreover, fungi displayed growth in all NaCl concentrations (0, 5, 10 and 15%) in all the processes up to the end of the degreasing process except on the media containing 25% NaCl for the main soaking float. As for in pickling float, only proteolytic fungi displayed growth on the media containing 0 and 5% NaCl.
The effect of reuse of unhairing-liming residual floats through regeneration on the microorganism number
BM Yapici, AN Yapici, E Ke ici
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: Even though microorganism load was mostly ignored in the unhairing-liming process due to extremely high pH values, it is a question to answer when unhairing-liming residual floats are reused through regeneration. The objective of this paper was to determine the number of total aerobic mesophilic bacteria and of proteolytic, lypolytic, aerobic spore-forming bacteria, and of total aerobic fungi (mould and yeast), proteolytic and lypolytic fungi in each unhairing-liming residual float reused ten times through regeneration. Enumeration of bacteria and fungi was done in three different concentrations of NaCl [0, 5, and 10% (w/v)]. The experiments were carried out with and without antimicrobial agents (experimental and control). In this study, generally, the values obtained from experimental samples were detected to be lower than control samples. For experimental samples, when all the NaCl concentrations were taken into account, the minimum and maximum numbers of total aerobic mesophilic bacteria and of proteolytic, lypolytic, aerobic spore-forming bacteria were found as follows: 2.0x101 – 3.9x102 cfu.mL-1, 1.0x101 – 4.1x102 cfu.mL-1, 2.0x101 – 5.4x102 cfu.mL-1 and 1.0x101 – 2.0x102 cfu.mL-1, respectively. In these samples, it was found out that the minimum and maximum numbers of total aerobic fungi and of proteolytic and lypolytic fungi were 3.0x101 – 2.8x103 cfu.mL-1, 1.0x101 – 1.2x103 cfu.mL-1, and 5.0x101 – 3.5x103 cfu.mL-1, respectively. In the study, there is a significant finding that the numbers of fungi were higher than those of bacteria. In addition, when bactericide and fungicide were added into the soaking processes and when unhairing-liming residual floats were reused ten times via regeneration, it was revealed that the numbers of bacteria and fungi can be controlled.
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: In this study we have attempted to analyse theatre plays as one of the basic means used by political systems to turn individuals into ideological beings. With this goal in mind we looked upon theatre from the point of view of its function of conveying a particular ideology as a means used for forming the social and cultural structure of the society in the political system along with the Turkish Na tional Struggle and the announcement of the establis ment of the Turk sh Republic. The Republic being estab lished in some aspect upon the refusal of the cultural inheritance of the Ottoman Empire had to reshape the past along with shaping the future and all its compo nents like politics, science, administration, law, etc. It is natural that during this indispensable process of estab lisment the function of art began to serve the goal men tioned above, together with politics, science and law.Our study is built around theatre plays as one of the most suitable means of reading the mass and moti vating it in a particular direction in the period of time right after the Republic was established. When chosing the literary works for this study we took pains to pick the ones that belong to the particular period of time, written in 1923-1940, the years when the ideology of the Repub lic was being shaped. Thus, the historical teatre plays written in this pe riod of time can be classified according to the period they describe into four groups. These periods are: The history of Turkey before accepting Islam, last period of the Otto man Empire, the period of the Turk sh National Struggle and the period after the Rebuplic was established. It is possible to see that the chosen theatre plays represent these four periods in the Turkish History. Bu al mada, siyasal sistemlerin bireyleri ideolojik varl klara d nü türürken kulland temel ara lardan, sanat n bir kolu olarak tiyatro kurumu analiz edilmeye al lmaktad r. Bu ama la, Milli Mücadele ve Cumhuri yet’in ilan ile birlikte, siyasal sistemde toplumun sosyal ve kültürel yap s n n in as nda kullan lan bir ara olarak tiyatronun ideolojikle tirme i levi üzerinde durulmu tur. Cumhuriyetin, belirli alanlarda, bir reddi miras üzerine kurgulanmas , onun tüm unsurlar ile siyaset, bilim, y netim, hukuk vb. alanlarda gelece i planla mas / ekillendirmesinin yan nda, ge mi i de yeniden kurgulamas gereklili ini zorunlu k lm t r. Bu zorunlu lu un, s zü edilen in a sürecinde siyaset, bilim ve hu kukla birlikte sanat da benzer bir ama do rultusunda i levselle tirmesi do ald r. al mam z, Cumhuriyet’in kuruldu u zaman di limi d
Seed germination characteristics of broad bean, lentil and common bean irrigated with different dilutions of pre-tanning effluents
Tayyar,emun; Nail Yapici,Ali;
Interciencia , 2009,
Abstract: leather manufacturing is a worldwide industry that has been carried out for centuries and has achieved great importance in turkey. however, the leather industry is associated with the generation of large amounts of waste water and solid wastes that are a threat to the environment. a germination experiment was conducted to determine the effect of different dilutions of pre-tanning effluents on the germination characteristics of broad bean, lentil and common bean. the experiment was designed as a completely randomized block with three replications. seeds of each species were sown and irrigated with different dilutions of pre-tanning effluents (1:10, 1:40 and 1:80 tap water:effluent), undiluted pre-tanning effluent, and tap water (control). number of germinated seeds, germination percentage, root length, root weight, shoot length, shoot weight and root+shoot weight were measured at 15 days after planting. all germination properties varied considerably, and significant differences among them were determined (p<0.05). undiluted pre-tanning effluent had adverse effects and no germination occurred for any of the tested plant materials. except for the undiluted pre-tanning effluent, no significant differences were detected in the number of germinated seeds and germination percentage, whereas some differences among treatments were observed for the remaining characteristics.
Ibrahim Umit YAPICI,,Hasan AKBAYIN
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2012,
Abstract: In this study, it is aimed to determine the high school students’ views on blended learning. The study was carried out in biology course for the lesson unit of “Classification of Living Things and Biodiversity” with 47 9th grade students attending Nevzat Ayaz Anatolian High School in the second term of the academic year of 2009-2010. The lessons were taught in a way appropriate to the blended learning model both via the Internet and on face-to-face basis. As the online dimension of the blended learning model, Moodle, a Learning Management System (LMS), was used. The application lasted 10 weeks. The scale of learners’ views on blended learning was applied and interviews were held to determine the views. As a result of the analysis of the scale, it was seen that their views were “highly” positive. The interviews held with the students revealed that the blended learning model provided students with various opportunities such as getting prepared for the lessons, reviewing the lessons as many times as wanted, reaching the subject-related materials without being dependent on time and place, testing oneself and communicating with the teacher and other students out of the school. The interviews also revealed that there were various problems though such as lack of Internet connection at home and problems experienced while playing the videos.
Mathematical Modelling in Placing of Fresh Concrete  [PDF]
Ahmet Bilgil
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.33023
Abstract: The main problem in working with fresh concrete is the aggregate segregation during filling of formwork. The segregation is strongly related to W/C (Water/Cement) ratio. The fresh concrete is usually considered as a Non-Newtonian fluid since it is a mixture of aggregate, cement and water. The flow behavior of the fresh concrete to W/C ratio plays a crucial role in the quality of the high performance concretes by affecting the flow behavior of the fresh concrete. The aggregates in the fresh concrete usually cause segregation in the final product depending on the flow condition. In this study, the mechanism of segregation in such systems was theoretically investigated. The mould filling of fresh concrete was numerically investigated and aggregates were considered as Lagrangian particles and segregation was identified from trajectories of such particles. It was found that the aggregates were trapped at the dead zones leading to segregation in the system. The particle size and geometry of the mould was found to have significantly affect the segregation in the system.
Inhibition of Conidia Germination and Mycelial Growth of Botrytis cinerea by Some Alternative Chemicals
ismet Yildirm,Binnur Meri?li Yapici
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: Fungal activities of food additives, potassium sorbate, methylparaben, sodium benzoate, propylparaben, sorbic acid and plant activators harpin-protein and potassium dioxide were comparatively examined with ipradion in vitro conditions on two isolates of Botrytis cinerea obtained from strawberry fruits. Food additives and plant activators showed inhibitory effect at different levels on the mycelial growth of fungus isolates. According to the Minimum Inhibition Concentration (MIC), sorbic acid (300 μg mL-1 for each isolate) and comparison fungicide ipradion (10 μg mL-1 for each isolate) displayed the highest inhibition effect on the radial mycelial growth of fungal isolates. Similar efficacy was obtained at the highest dose (1000 μg mL-1) from other additives propylparaben (for both isolates), potassium sorbet and methylparaben (for isolate 1) and from plant activator potassium oxide. It was detected that all alternative substances has high inhibition activity according to ED50 values. Methylparaben, harpin-protein and potassium oxide revealed efficacies similar to ipradion. While harpin-protein did not have any effect on B. Cinerea germination, other alternative substances excluding potassium sorbate inhibited germination completely at differing doses. Potassium oxide and food additives except potassium sorbate inhibited the spore germination of isolates by 50% at doses between 25-345 μg mL-1. MIC value of ipradion on spore germination of isolate-1 and isolate-2 was determined as 10 and 30 μg mL-1, while ED50 values were determined as 2.9 and 12.5 μg mL-1, respectively. Data obtained from the research verified that food additives may be used in traditional and organic agriculture individually, or in appropriate combination with each other or with fungicides. Moreover, the study put forth that harpin-protein and potassium oxide not only activate plants against pathogens, but they may also have toxic effect on different growth periods of fungus. Although ipradion works only with two isolates, its MIC and ED50 values were considered noteworthy in terms of the resistance risk of B. cinerea.
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