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Performance Evaluation of Important Ad Hoc Network Protocols
Ahmed S,Alam MS
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking , 2006,
Abstract: A wireless ad hoc network is a collection of specific infrastructureless mobile nodes forming a temporary network without any centralized administration. A user can move anytime in an ad hoc scenario and, as a result, such a network needs to have routing protocols which can adopt dynamically changing topology. To accomplish this, a number of ad hoc routing protocols have been proposed and implemented, which include dynamic source routing (DSR), ad hoc on-demand distance vector (AODV) routing, and temporally ordered routing algorithm (TORA). Although considerable amount of simulation work has been done to measure the performance of these routing protocols, due to the constant changing nature of these protocols, a new performance evaluation is essential. Accordingly, in this paper, we analyze the performance differentials to compare the above-mentioned commonly used ad hoc network routing protocols. We also analyzed the performance over varying loads for each of these protocols using OPNET Modeler 10.5. Our findings show that for specific differentials, TORA shows better performance over the two on-demand protocols, that is, DSR and AODV. Our findings are expected to lead to further performance improvements of various ad hoc networks in the future.
Marital Adjustment, Stress and Depression among Working and Non-Working Married Women
Ms. Hina Ahmed Hashmi,Ms. Maryam Khurshid,Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan
Internet Journal of Medical Update - EJOURNAL , 2007,
Abstract: The present study is aimed at exploring the relationship between marital adjustment, stress and depression. Sample of the study consisted of 150 working and non-working married women (working married women = 75, non-working married women = 75). Their age ranged between 18 to 50 years. Their education was at least gradation and above. They belong to middle and high socio-economic status. Urdu Translation of Dyadic Adjustment Scale (2000), Beck Depression Inventory (1996) and Stress Scale (1991) were used. Results indicated highly significant relationship between marital adjustment, depression and stress. The findings of the results also show that working married women have to face more problems in their married life as compared to non-working married women. The results further show that highly educated working and non-working married women can perform well in their married life and they are free from depression as compared to educated working and non-working married women.
Behavioral response of resistant and sensitive Pseudomonas aeruginosa S22 isolated from Sohag Governorate, Egypt to cadmium stress
MS El-Sayed, MM Rehab, AS Ahmed
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: A total of 62 Pseudomonas isolates were selected from a contaminated site at Sohag district and tested for their resistance to cadmium metal. Isolate no. 22 was found to be the most resistant one and has a plasmid with molecular wt 27.491 Kbp. The minimal inhibition concentrations (MIC) for the resistant (R) and adopted sensitive (S) isolates were 1.0 and 0.119 mmol L-1, respectively. The growth, protein content and maximum specific growth rate (k) decreased with increasing concentrations of heavy metal. The generation time (T) increased with the addition of divalent cations (Fe2+, Mg2+ and Ca2+) plus cadmium. Under cadmium stress, three proteins of high molecular weights (208, 78 and 33.5 KD) were lost while one protein with low molecular weight (2.5 KD) was induced. LPS profile was modified under stress of CdCl2. Absence of bands in region I, which represents the O-specific antigen, and region II (core-oligosaccharide linked to lipid A) were recorded at high concentrations of CdCl2.
Optimization of Steam Distillation of Essential Oil of Eucalyptus tereticornis by Response Surface Methodology
MS Galadima, AS Ahmed, AS Olawale, IM Bugaje
Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This paper deals with optimization of yield of Eucalyptus tereticornis oil in steam distillation using response surface methodology (RSM). The factors considered were mass of solute/solvent ratio (A), extraction time (B) and steam rate (C). These parameters were varied at two levels. Conditions of optimum oil yield predicted were 105 min of extraction time and 0.032 kg/h steam rate. These factors gave an optimum oil yield of 2.05 %. Significant model terms were time, steam rate, and the interactions between them. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) indicates that the model was significant as evidenced from R2 of 0.9844 and the model F-value of 49.13. The oil yield predicted by the model was closed to the experimentally determined values (1.85 % and 1.87 % respectively); hence the model can be used for prediction of oil yield in essential oil extraction from E. tereticornis leaf via steam distillation method.
Small Holder Poultry Management Practices and Constraints among Women Poultry Farmers in Kano, Nigeria
A Ahmed, MS Mijinyawa, AY Adamu, AO Suleiman
Nigerian Veterinary Journal , 2011,
Abstract: The poultry population in Nigeria is estimated at 104.3 million comprising of 72.4 million chickens, 11.8 million ducks, 4.7 million guinea fowls, 15.2 million pigeons and 0.2 million turkeys (FDLPCS, 1992; Ajala et al., 2007). The main sources of animal protein in Nigeria include beef, chicken, mutton, eggs, fish and rabbit. Of all these sources, poultry has the highest contribution to animal protein intake of rural dwellers (Ajala et al., 2007). Women in Africa and Asia make up more than one third of the farm work force, accounting for about 70% of the agricultural workers, 80% of the food producers and 100% of those who process basic foodstuff and 60-90% of those involved in marketing agricultural products (Anon, 1993; Maigida, 2000; Herath, 2008). Yet the role of women in these activities, as economically important as they are, has for many years not been appreciated either because women play very little part in the political activities or the decision making process, until recently (Anon, 1993). Women have important roles to play in animal production (Sanni, 2004; Herath, 2008) although these roles may vary according to the types of animals' being kept, type of production and other economic and cultural constraints (Oladele and Adekoya, 1990; Ogbosuka et al., 2003; Herath, 2005). Ample evidence indicates that many women across Nigeria whether in purdah or not, are engaged in various aspects of animal production (Maigida, 2000). However, as poultry farmers, women in many parts of Africa and Asia experienced or faced problems that tend to undermine their determination to raise income through rearing of animals on daily basis (Anon, 1993; Herath, 2005; Sonaiya, 2007). The integration of women as both agents and beneficiaries of development in the main sectors of the agricultural economy must therefore be a priority objective (Sanni, 2004). Kano is renowned as a centre of commerce and increasing number of people are engaged in rearing livestock particularly poultry. This serves to keep the women engaged and also supplement the income of the family especially among the working class in addition to providing eggs and meat to the family for consumption. Against this background, the objective of the survey was therefore to find out the management practices and associated problems faced by women poultry farmers in Kano.
Vaccination with newcastle disease vaccines strain i2 and lasota in commercial and local chickens in Plateau State Nigeria
U Musa, PA Abdu, UM Mera, PE Emmenna, MS Ahmed
Nigerian Veterinary Journal , 2010,
Abstract: Vaccination trials and comparative immunogenicity study using Newcastle disease vaccine strain I2 (NDVI2) and NDV La Sota administered to commercial and local chickens through intraocular (i/o), intramuscular (i/m), drinking water (dw), untreated sorghum, parboiled sorghum, sorghum coated with gum Arabic or commercial chick mash feed as vaccine carriers was conducted. Newcastle disease vaccine strain I2 and NDV La Sota vaccines provided protection to commercial and local chickens vaccinated through i/o, i/m or dw. No significant difference (P.0.05) was observed in the antibody titre of commercial or local chickens vaccinated with either NDVI2 or NDV La Sota vaccines administered via commercial feed, parboiled sorghum, parboiled sorghum coated with gum Arabic and untreated sorghum. NDVI2 or NDV La Sota vaccines administered through commercial feed, parboiled sorghum, parboiled sorghum coated with gum Arabic and untreated sorghum gave no or limited protection (0-22%) to the birds when challenged with a local strain of velogenic viscerotropic Newcastle disease virus Kudu 113 strain. It was concluded that the vaccine carriers used in this study were not suitable for delivery of NDVI2 or NDVS La Sota vaccines to local or commercial chickens.
Size-dependent antimicrobial properties of CuO nanoparticles against Gram-positive and -negative bacterial strains
Azam A, Ahmed AS, Oves M, Khan MS, Memic A
International Journal of Nanomedicine , 2012, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/IJN.S29020
Abstract: ependent antimicrobial properties of CuO nanoparticles against Gram-positive and -negative bacterial strains Original Research (3339) Total Article Views Authors: Azam A, Ahmed AS, Oves M, Khan MS, Memic A Published Date July 2012 Volume 2012:7 Pages 3527 - 3535 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/IJN.S29020 Received: 28 March 2012 Accepted: 28 April 2012 Published: 10 July 2012 Ameer Azam,1,2 Arham S Ahmed,2 M Oves,3 MS Khan,3 Adnan Memic1 1Center of Nanotechnology, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 2Center of Excellence in Materials Science (Nanomaterials), Department of Applied Physics, 3Department of Agricultural Microbiology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India Background: CuO is one of the most important transition metal oxides due to its captivating properties. It is used in various technological applications such as high critical temperature superconductors, gas sensors, in photoconductive applications, and so on. Recently, it has been used as an antimicrobial agent against various bacterial species. Here we synthesized different sized CuO nanoparticles and explored the size-dependent antibacterial activity of each CuO nanoparticles preparation. Methods: CuO nanoparticles were synthesized using a gel combustion method. In this approach, cupric nitrate trihydrate and citric acid were dissolved in distilled water with a molar ratio of 1:1. The resulting solution was stirred at 100°C, until gel was formed. The gel was allowed to burn at 200°C to obtain amorphous powder, which was further annealed at different temperatures to obtain different size CuO nanoparticles. We then tested the antibacterial properties using well diffusion, minimum inhibitory concentration, and minimum bactericidal concentration methods. Results: XRD spectra confirmed the formation of single phase CuO nanoparticles. Crystallite size was found to increase with an increase in annealing temperature due to atomic diffusion. A minimum crystallite size of 20 nm was observed in the case of CuO nanoparticles annealed at 400°C. Transmission electron microscopy results corroborate well with XRD results. All CuO nanoparticles exhibited inhibitory effects against both Gram-positive and -negative bacteria. The size of the particles was correlated with its antibacterial activity. Conclusion: The antibacterial activity of CuO nanoparticles was found to be size-dependent. In addition, the highly stable minimum-sized monodispersed copper oxide nanoparticles synthesized during this study demonstrated a significant increase in antibacterial activities against both Gram-positive and -negative bacterial strains.
Clinical Profile of Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee A Study of 162 Cases
Shakoor MA,Taslim MA,Ahmed MS,Hasan SA.
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2009,
Abstract: One hundred sixty two patients of osteoarthritis (OA)knee were studied to describe their clinical profile. Thepatients were included according to the criteria developedby the American College of Rheumatology. Detailedhistory, clinical examination and X-rays were carried out.The data were analysed statistically and the results wereexpressed in percentage and frequency. In this study, 96(59.3%) were male and 66 (40.7%) were female. Themean age of the subject was 53.73 ± 11.35 years. Mostof the patients of were in the age group of 50 to 59 years.Maximum number of females in the age group of 35 to45 years was affected. Most of the males were affectedin the later ages, between 55 to 65 years. Most of thepatients were middle class (68.5%) and housewives(35.8%). Mean height was 159.99 ± 8.12 cm and meanweight was 63.34 ± 11.60 kg. Mean duration of symptomswas 25.25 ± 38.85 months. Most patients gave the historyof gradual onset of the pain (87.7%). Most of the patientshad no morning stiffness in the knee (90.1%). Morningstiffness was present in 9.3% but it was for less than onehour. Maximum patients had intermittent pain (53.7%)but 46.3% patients had constant pain. By this study, itcan be concluded that OA knee is commoner in malesbut females develop it earlier in the life than the males.
Methodology for Performance Analysis of Textile Effluent Treatment Plants in Bangladesh
MS Khan,S Ahmed,AEV Evans,M Chadwick
Chemical Engineering Research Bulletin , 2009,
Abstract: The efficiency of individual units of an effluent treatment plant (ETP) determines the overall performance of the plant and the final effluent quality. In this study an ETP of a composite textile industry was investigated using this method. Water samples were collected from the main units of the ETP and were analyzed for key parameters. The results were used to diagnose problems with the treatment units and to suggest modifications. From this, a simple but robust methodology was developed for evaluating the performance of the different treatment units and the ETP as a whole that could be implemented by ETP managers on a regular basis to improve the performance so that the effluent leaving the factory meets national standards and conforms to the requirements of international buyers. The results showed that poor management, especially chemical dosing, was seriously affecting the ETP's performance and that simple measures could address the problems.
A Snapshot at the Poetry of Edward Estlin Cummings: A Linguistic Exploration
Ahmed Abdel Azim ElShiekh,Ala Eddin Sadeq,MS Mona Ahmed Saleh
English Language and Literature Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ells.v2n3p102
Abstract: This paper deals with an exploration of the poetry world of E. E. Cummings’ (Edward Estlin Cummings, October 14, 1894- September 3, 1962) from a linguistic perspective. For limitations of time and space, a couple of his representative poems are selected with the purpose of conducting a stylistic analysis of his poetry in the light of discourse analysis with particular reference to lexical and syntactic features that help make Cummings’ style a peculiar example of style as deviation from the norm.
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