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Reference Point Based TR-PSO for Multi-Objective Environmental/Economic Dispatch  [PDF]
Ahmed Ahmed El-Sawy, Zeinab Mohamed Hendawy, Mohamed A. El-Shorbagy
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.45110

A reference point based multi-objective optimization using a combination between trust region (TR) algorithm and particle swarm optimization (PSO) to solve the multi-objective environmental/economic dispatch (EED) problem is presented in this paper. The EED problem is handled by Reference Point Interactive Approach. One of the main advantages of the proposed approach is integrating the merits of both TR and PSO, where TR has provided the initial set (close to the Pareto set as possible and the reference point of the decision maker) followed by PSO to improve the quality of the solutions and get all the points on the Pareto frontier. The performance of the proposed algorithm is tested on standard IEEE 30-bus 6-genrator test system and is compared with conventional methods. The results demonstrate the capabilities of the proposed approach to generate true and well-distributed Pareto-optimal non-dominated solutions in one single run. The comparison with the classical methods demonstrates the superiority of the proposed approach and confirms its potential to solve the multi-objective EED problem.

Synthesis of Some N-[(4-Substituted-1-Piperazinyl)-Oxo(Alkyl and Ethylcarbamoyl)]-3-(2-Thiophenyl)Acrylamides as Non-Steroidal Anti-Allergic and Anti-Inflammatory Agents  [PDF]
Osama I. Abd El-Salam, Ahmed M. Shalaby, Abdulah A. El-Sawy, Soha Elshihaby, Mohamed Abdulla
Open Journal of Synthesis Theory and Applications (OJSTA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojsta.2013.22008

An interesting approach for the design of anti-allergies is rationally considered. It was proved that current anti-allergic drugs comprise piperazine and acrylic acid segments. In harmony with these findings, new products 5a-u were synthesized starting from conjugated 2-thiopheneacrylic acid with amino acid esters3a-g followed by coupling of their acid derivatives4a-g with some piperazine segments, with the aim to increase their biological activities and decrease side effects. The anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activities of the products were evaluated and promising results were obtained.

Local Search-Inspired Rough Sets for Improving Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm  [PDF]
Ahmed A. EL-Sawy, Mohamed A. Hussein, El-Sayed Mohamed Zaki, Abd Allah A. Mousa
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.513192

In this paper we present a new optimization algorithm, and the proposed algorithm operates in two phases. In the first one, multiobjective version of genetic algorithm is used as search engine in order to generate approximate true Pareto front. This algorithm is based on concept of co-evolution and repair algorithm for handling nonlinear constraints. Also it maintains a finite-sized archive of non-dominated solutions which gets iteratively updated in the presence of new solutions based on the concept e-dominance. Then, in the second stage, rough set theory is adopted as local search engine in order to improve the spread of the solutions found so far. The results, provided by the proposed algorithm for benchmark problems, are promising when compared with exiting well-known algorithms. Also, our results suggest that our algorithm is better applicable for solving real-world application problems.

Mohammed Abd El-Rahman El-Shorbagy,Ahmed El-Sawy,Zeinab Hendawy
Journal of Global Research in Mathematical Archives , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, we apply a proposed approach for solving multi-objective engineering design problem (MOEDP) with multiple objectives. In the proposed approach, a reference point based multi-objective optimization (MOO) using a combination between trust region (TR) algorithm and particle swarm optimization (PSO). The integration of TR and PSO has improved the quality of the founded solutions, also it guarantee the faster converge to the Pareto optimal solution. TR has provided the initial set (close to the Pareto set as possible) followed by PSO to improve the quality of the solutions and get all the points on the Pareto frontier. Detailed numerical results on three different MOEDP are reported to demonstrate the effectiveness and advantages of the proposed algorithm for solving practical MOEDP.
Hydroxamic acid surface active agents
Ahmed, M. H.M.,Mahmoud, A. A.,El-Sawy, A. A.
Grasas y Aceites , 2001,
Abstract: p-Hydroxy phenyloctadecanol and p-hydroxy phenyloctadecanoic acid were used as new precursors for the preparation of surface active hydroxamic acid including different moles of propylene oxide. The hydroxamic acid was prepared by the reaction of propenoxylated products with sodium chloroacetate, followed by methyl esterification and the resultant product reacted with hydroxyl amine hydrochloride to give the hydroxamic acid. The structures of prepared hydroxamic acid were confirmed by spectroscopic study. The surface activity of prepared hydroxamic acid was studied; the results revealed that, the prepared hydroxamic acid has pronounced surface activity, the alcohol substrate shows a surface activity superior than the acid substrate. Se han utilizado el p-hidroxifeniloctadecanol y el ácido p-hidroxifeniloctadecanoico como nuevos precursores para la preparación de tensioactivos derivados del ácido hidroxámico, que incluyen diferentes moles de óxido de propileno. El ácido hidroxámico se preparó por reacción de los productos propenoxilados con cloroacetato sódico, seguido de la formación de ésteres metílicos, y los productos resultantes se hicieron reaccionar con clorhidrato de hidroxilamina para dar los derivados del ácido hidroxámico. Las estructuras de los derivados preparados del ácido hidroxámico, se confirmaron por técnicas espectroscópicas, estudiándose su actividad superficial cuyos resultados mostraron que dichos compuestos tenían un alto valor. La actividad superficial del sustrato alcohólico fue mayor que la del sustrato ácido.
Binary-Real Coded Genetic Algorithm Based k-Means Clustering for Unit Commitment Problem  [PDF]
Mai A. Farag, M. A. El-Shorbagy, I. M. El-Desoky, A. A. El-Sawy, A. A. Mousa
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/am.2015.611165
Abstract: This paper presents a new algorithm for solving unit commitment (UC) problems using a binary-real coded genetic algorithm based on k-means clustering technique. UC is a NP-hard nonlinear mixed-integer optimization problem, encountered as one of the toughest problems in power systems, in which some power generating units are to be scheduled in such a way that the forecasted demand is met at minimum production cost over a time horizon. In the proposed algorithm, the algorithm integrates the main features of a binary-real coded genetic algorithm (GA) and k-means clustering technique. The binary coded GA is used to obtain a feasible commitment schedule for each generating unit; while the power amounts generated by committed units are determined by using real coded GA for the feasible commitment obtained in each interval. k-means clustering algorithm divides population into a specific number of subpopulations with dynamic size. In this way, using k-means clustering algorithm allows the use of different GA operators with the whole population and avoids the local problem minima. The effectiveness of the proposed technique is validated on a test power system available in the literature. The proposed algorithm performance is found quite satisfactory in comparison with the previously reported results.
Autonomic changes in fibromyalgia: Clinical and electrophysiological study
N El-Sawy, G El-Tantawi, GH Achmawi, H Sultan, S Younis
Alexandria Journal of Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Autonomic nervous system (ANS) dysfunction is one of the suggested pathophysiological mechanisms of fibromyalgia (FM). Its dysfunction may contribute to enhanced pain and other clinical problems associated with FM. Previous studies showed conflicting results regarding ANS function in FM. Some studies showed increased while other showed decreased ANS activity in FM patients. Thus, the autonomic responses in FM patients need further elaboration. Aim of the work: The aim of this work was to evaluate the autonomic dysfunction in FM patients clinically and electrophysiologically. Subjects and methods: Twenty-five patients (23 females and 2 males) diagnosed as FM and 15 apparently healthy individuals served as a control group were included in this study. Patients were subjected to thorough clinical examination and assessment of 1 – pain by McGill pain questionnaire (MPQ), 2 – sleep by Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), 3 – depression by Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression(HRSD) and 4 – functional status by Fibromyalgia impact questionnaire (FIQ). Assessment of ANS function was carried out by tilt table test, measuring supine and standing blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) and sympathetic skin response (SSR) of the hands. Results: Compared to controls, there was a statistically significant decrease of standing systolic BP standing, diastolic BP and standing HR as well as a statistically significant increase in latency and decrease in amplitude of SSR of the hands of the FM patients. HRSD was correlated positively with supine systolic BP and standing diastolic BP whileMcGill pain questionnaire was correlated positively with supine systolicBP.Moreover,VAS falling asleepwas correlated positivelywith standing systolicBP. Conclusion: The studied FM patients showed ANS dysfunction in the form of abnormal responses to active and passive changes in posture as well as abnormal SSR.
Using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization to solve Machine Time Scheduling Problem with Random Starting Time
M. A. Shohla,A. A. El-Sawy,M. Nofal,S. F. El-Zoghdy
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: The starting time in the machine time scheduling problem will be assumed stochastic follows certain distribution. A hybrid algorithm combines the mutation operation with particle swarm optimization algorithm with constriction factor has been developed to find best starting time for each machine in each cycle when starting time follows normal distribution.
Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: Introduction: Laryngeal cancer (LC) is an important health problem. It is one of the most common respiratory cancers. The prevalence of this cancer is increasing all over the world. Objectives: The aim of the present study is to determine the clinical features of the laryngeal cancer patients underwent total laryngectomty (TL); to define the characteristic features of surgery in these patients; and to define the life style, health behavioral, sociodemographic and clinical risk factors of the patients. Subjects and methods: A total of 90 laryngeal cancer patients and a control group of the same number were enrolled in the study. A case-control, hospital based study design was used. Results: The most important clinical features of the studied laryngeal cancer cases underwent TL were; most lesions site was glottis (56.7%), presented with hoarseness of voice (85.6%) and most of the patients were in stage III (63.3%). Also, the most important characteristics of the surgery in these cases were 64.4% had TL and primary tracheoesophageal puncture, 88.9% underwent thyroidectomy and 25.6% had preoperative tracheostomy. The +ve reflux symptoms index was significant clinical risk factor (OR=6.77). Factory worker occupation was significant risk factor (OR=4.65). The most important sociodemographic risk factors for laryngeal cancer were male sex, urban residence, old age, low social level and low occupational level (ORs= 52.59, 2.43, 2.43, 1.99 and 1.97; respectively). Further, the most important significant health behavioral risk factors were cigarette smoking, goza smoking and no healthy food intake (ORs= 4.44, 4.25 and 2.74; respectively). Recommendations: Population based studies are needed in different areas in Egypt and on large numbers of patients to understand the full epidemiology of the laryngeal cancer and quality of life of these patients.
New heterocycles having double characters; as antimicrobial and surface active agents.
Amine, M. S.,F.Eissa, A. M.,El-Sawy, A. A.,Shaaban, A. F.
Grasas y Aceites , 2004,
Abstract: Fatty acids isothiocyanate (1) was used as a starting material to synthesize some important heterocycles such as triazoles, oxazoles, thiazoles, benzoxazoles and quinazolines by treating with different types of nucleophiles such as nitrogen nucleophiles, oxygen nucleophiles, and sulfur nucleophiles. The produced compounds were subjected to propylene oxide in different moles (n = 3, 5 and 7) to produce novel groups of nonionic compounds having the double function as antimicrobial and surface active agents which can be used in the manufacturing of drugs, cosmetics, pesticides or can be used as antibacterial and/or antifungal. The physical properties as surface and interfacial tension, cloud point, foaming height, wetting time, emulsification power and the critical micelle concentration (CMC) were determined, antimicrobial and biodegradability were also determined. Isocianatos de acidos grasos se utilizaron como material de partida para la síntesis de importantes heterociclos tales como triazoles, oxazoles, thoazoles, benzoxazoles y quinazolinas mediante el tratamiento de los mismos con diferentes tipos de nucleofilos tales como nucleofilos nitrogenados, oxigenados, o azufrados. Los compuestos producidos se trataron con oxido de propileno a diferentes concentraciones molares (n = 3, 5 y 7) para producir nuevos grupos de compuestos no iónicos que tuvieran la doble función de ser compuestos antimicrobianos y agentes de superficie, que se pudieran usar en la fabricación de medicinas, cosméticos, pesticidas o como antibacterianos o antifúngicos. Se determinaron sus propiedades tales como tensión superficial e interfacial, punto de turbidez, altura de espuma, tiempo de mojado, poder de emulsificación y concentración micelar crítica (CMC), asi como sus propiedades antimicrobianas y de degradabilidad.

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