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Un enfoque a la organización escolar a partir de la teoría neoclásica
Randolf Aguirre Aguirre
Educación , 2002,
Abstract: El presente artículo tiene como propósito presentar un breve esbozo sobre la teoría neoclásica que se ha insertado en la gestión institucional, haciendo que los centros educativos aparezcan disfuncionales e incapaces de estimular el desarrollo de las facultades del ser humano, lo que ha hecho que la escuela en su función socializadora haya merecido las críticas tanto de intelectuales como de otros miembros de la sociedad, las cuales han hecho ver que es cada vez más necesario el cambio en las estructuras operacionales de estas entidades, requiriéndose de mayor flexibilidad y dinamismo en los procesos tanto técnicos como políticos, es por ello que se hace referencia al modelo de organizaciones inteligentes como una alternativa de desarrollo institucional
Theoretical Deduction of the Hubble Law Beginning with a MoND Theory in Context of the ΛFRW-Cosmology  [PDF]
Nelson Falcon, Andrés Aguirre
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2014.44051
Abstract: We deduced the Hubble law and the age of the Universe, through the introduction of the Inverse Yukawa Field (IYF), as a non-local additive complement of the Newtonian gravitation (Modified Newtonian Dynamics). As a result, we connected the dynamics of astronomical objects at great scale with the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker ΛFRW) model. From the corresponding formalism, the Hubble law can be expressed as = (4π[G]/c)r, which was derived by evaluating the IYF force at distances much greater than 50 Mpc, giving a maximum value for the expansion rate of the universe of H0(max≈ 86.31 km·s-1Mpc-1, consistent with the observational data of 392 astronomical objects from NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED). This additional field (IYF) provides a simple interpretation of dark energy as the action of baryonic matter at large scales. Additionally, we calculated the age of the universe as 11 Gyr, in agreement with recent measurements of the age of the white dwarfs in the solar neighborhood.
Cambiando de perspectiva: cautivos en el interior de la frontera
Mundo agrario , 2006,
Abstract: this work focuses on the captive indians, ignored characters in the official history, that were silenced victims too, fruit of the ambivalent relationship -pacific and violent- between the indigenous and spanish world. the emphasis is put in the official policy since its captivity, giving special attention to the distribution, the modality of deposits, distinguishing those emanated from other causes.
Una arquitectura de la negatividad: La modernidad de la arquitectura de las salitreras.
ARQ (Santiago) , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-69962004005700016
Abstract: the nitrate towns of the atacama desert serve as an example for an analysis of how new technologies and a vision focused on productive activities and their processes gave rise to new human settlements in inhospitable corners of the extreme north of chile. these 19th century mining communities constituted a miniature laboratory for the birth of modernity.
La forma aristotélica y la solución de las aporías del libro beta
Eidos , 2010,
Abstract: the very core of the aristotelian philosophy, where the great metaphysical issues tackled by his predecessors (especially plato and the philosophers from the academy) were reconsidered, is structured around the notions of being (einai, to on), substance (ousia) and form (eidos, to ti en einai), largely discussed by aristotle in the central books of metaphysics. the understanding of the solutions provided by aristotle to the aporethic questions formulated and developed by him in the beta and kappa 1-2 books concerning the proper object of the first philosophy, the determination of the existent substances as well as the determination of the nature of the first principles of reality, depend all of them on the correct interpretation of such notions.
Las creencias involuntarias en Sexto Empírico y Hume
T?3picos , 2008,
Abstract: the object of study in this paper is belief. our aim is to show how, through this concept, hume's modern and pirro's ancient scepticism may converge into a fairly similar position. both the theoretical and at the same time practical attitudes consider it licit to "assent to what presents itself to man in an unavoidable way and independently from our will". as we now, there is for sixtus as well as for hume something, regardless of the name we give it ("phainómenon", "perceptions"), which "induces" us to or "demands" assent from us, [the latter being] a fundamental term which seems to indicate a concept common to both, ancient scepticism and hume's thought. would it then be legitimate or justified to keep giving our support to that statement of history that called hume first an "empiricist" and afterwards a "naturalist"? would it not be more accurate to trace some pirronism, even unconscious, in the scot's ideas? our answer starts off from michael frede's non-traditional interpretation, who somewhat firmly set up the idea that the sceptical resign having beliefs, or at least, can have them without by it trespassing the epoché. the central issue will then be to determine which meaning should be attributed to the term "belief".
Ideas y Valores , 2012,
Abstract: the article examines the difficulties posed by jürgen habermas's proposal regarding the role of religion in the public sphere, in order to clarify and analyze its philosophical assumptions. the article then goes on to set forth five objections on the basis of the debate over same-sex marriage, and to relate those objections to habermas's philosophical assumptions, in order to show the need for a more detailed review of the problem.
Prevalencia de la microalbuminuria en una población hipertensa de Navarra septentrional y su relación con otros factores de riesgo cardiovascular
Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra , 2004, DOI: 10.4321/S1137-66272004000100004
Abstract: aim. to determine the prevalence of microalbuminuria in a hypertense population in northern navarre and its relationship to other cardiovascular risk factors. patients and methods. all the known hypertensive patients in our area of work were included, and a transversal study was designed that also evaluated the presence of other cardiovascular risk factors, including diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, smoking and alcohol drinking. results. a total of 106 hypertensive patients (54.7% women) were studied. the presence of microalbuminuria was found in 19 patients (18%), and a significant percentage showed other cardiovascular risk factors - diabetes mellitus (24.5%), hypercholesterolemia (61.3%), and obesity (49%). in 12.2% there was a concurrence of arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia and obesity. eighty-four percent of the diabetics were type 2. the highest percentage of cardiovascular risk factors corresponded to the group of hypertensive patients with positive microalbuminuria, and the most significant differences were found in the group of diabetics. conclusions. the frequency of microalbuminuria in our hypertensive population was similar to that reported in other papers. a high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors was found, especially in the group of hypertensive patients with positive microalbuminuria.
La mortalidad infantil y la mortalidad materna en el siglo XXI
Aguirre, Alejandro;
Papeles de población , 2009,
Abstract: infantile mortality and maternal mortality have been reduced in a substantial manner in developed countries, so in these nations mortality tends to concentrate on the advanced ages of the population. however, in countries such as mexico relevant advancement in cutting down infantile and maternal mortality is not taking place, in spite of the notable progresses in this sense in recent decades; in order to advance heavy investments are required to continue advancing, since the frequent causes of persistent death -such as perinatal affections and congenital anomalies- are more expensive to fight than those immune-preventable diseases, which have been largely overcome. this article analyzes the possible scenarios in this respect, particularly of the evolution of the specific causes of infantile mortality and maternal mortality in mexico.
Control adaptativo para arranque de generadores de vapor mediante redes neuronales dinámicas
Universidad, Ciencia y Tecnología , 2009,
Abstract: in this document it will be explain the modeling and adaptive control by means of auto-recurrent neural networks for steam generators start-up with the purpose of obtain a minimum in the start-up time, the variance and the failures for manual settings of the process variables. the primary start-up process variable to control is the temperature, but in addition will be control the oxygen for guarantee the maximum performance of the burner combustion. both variables were controlled setting the relation between the natural gas and combustion air. the training data are empiric of the process and it was sampled every 2 minutes. the process and controller simulation was realized in matlab. the controller actions obtained in the simulations had concordance with a normal start up of the steam generator.

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