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Osisanya AYO,Adeniyi Sam OLUFEMI,Udoh Godwin GREGORY
Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation , 2013, DOI: 10.2478/v10215-011-0031-5
Abstract: Individuals with hearing impairment are confronted with a lot of problems due to the condition of their disability. This has a negative impact on their social and psychological well-being with multiplying effect on their interpersonal relationship. Therefore, this study investigated the psycho-social influence of hearing impairment on interpersonal behavior of youths with hearing loss.MethodologyThe study adopted a survey research design. A sample consisting of 211 participants with hearing loss were purposively selected from the Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo, Nigeria. A questionnaire, part of Psycho-social Competence Scale (PCS), was used for data collection with reliability coefficient of 0.72.ResultsThe findings revealed that hearing impairement affects social interaction of youths with hearing impairment, hearing loss affects emotional well-being of youths with hearing impairment and youths with hearing impairment feel inferior in company of persons without hearing impairment. Based on this, it was recommended that a friendly home environment should be made and youths with hearing impairment should be advised to accept their loss and take it as a challenge that can be used to achieve a better end and the society should have right attitude and beliefs toward youths with hearing impairment.
Airline Services in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis
Oluwakoya Adeniyi,Olufemi Cmilt
International Business Management , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/ibm.2011.218.222
Abstract: The aftermath of deregulation and liberalisation of the Nigerian aviation sector reveals itself in increasing demand for airline services at the Nigerian air terminals. The new competitive regime is seemingly a corollary of policy intervention to induce growth in quondam public dominated subsector. Such impact will no doubt attract passenger services variance levels. The methodology for this study use the primary data and the documentary searches which is the secondary data source, the hypothesis was tested using t-test, ANOVA and regression analysis to draw conclusion on the interaction of the variables of the independent and dependent variables of the airline services impacts. The study assesses the level of effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of the Nigerian air services providers in the light of the perspectives of the users of domestic terminal airline services in the country as well as the socio-economic characteristics of the traveling passengers in the country. The study revealed that indeed the reforms in the aviation industry have led to enhanced services delivery by the airline operators in the Nigerian domestic terminal.
Public Transport Innovation: The Impact of BRT on Passenger s Movement in Lagos Metropolitan Area of Nigeria
Ogunkoya Adeniyi Olufemi
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Efficient, effective, reliable and inexpensive public transport provision remain the lifeline of economic, social and environmental wellbeing of increasing urbanization of cities all over the world in the face of globalization and world economies integration. The public transport concept of BRT had been successfully implemented in some developed countries cities and emerging industrialized cities centres as a cost effective option of a modern public transport technologies as metro, light rail and tram service capabilities. This innovation had just been implemented in the Lagos metropolitan area of Nigeria. It is in this light that this study examines the impact of BRT in the passenger s mobility in the largest metropolitan area of Nigeria. The methodology used in this study is self completion survey method; data were collected on variables of BRT passenger s mobility effectiveness, efficiency and impacts on problems of mobility in Lagos metropolis. The correlation, pair sample t-test were use for the hypothesis testing, univariate analysis of variance (ANOVA) for subjects interactions effects and multiple regression analysis were tested on the dependent and the independent variable dataset. The study revealed that there is a significant impact of BRT to the passenger s mobility in Lagos metropolis and highlights the passenger s constraints while accessing BRT service in Lagos Metropolis.
Effect of Different Rates and Sources of Fertilizer on Yield and Antioxidant Components of Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Helen Adeniyi,Olufemi Ademoyegun
Agricultural Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.3923/aj.2012.135.138
Abstract: Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum) is an excellent source of many nutrients and secondary metabolites. Among all the nutrients contained in tomatoes, the most studied and important is lycopene, an antioxidant that has been linked with reduced risk of prostrate and various other forms of cancer. Lycopene can be affected by management practices during period of tomato production. Tomato crop was grown using organic manures and chemical fertilizers and the effect on the major carpometric and antioxidants components of open field grown tomato was investigated. The chicken manure was applied at the rate of 20 and 10 ton ha-1 while NPK 15-15-15 was applied at the rate of 120 and 60 kg N ha-1. The control was without any of the fertilizer. The result showed that 120 kg N ha-1 of NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer had the highest yield of 32.97 ton ha-1 while the lowest yield, 4.07 ton ha-1 was recorded in control which was without fertilizer. The titratable acidity and the lycopene content of tomatoes grown with 20 ton ha-1 of chicken manure were significantly higher (p<0.005) than those grown with other treatments. This result showed that nutrient sources play major roles in determining the levels of titratable acidity and the nutrient antioxidant component of tomatoes.
Attitude of teachers towards the inclusion of special needs children in general education classroom: the case of teachers in some selected schools in Nigeria
Olufemi Aremu FAKOLADE,Samuel Olufemi ADENIYI,Adeyinka TELLA
International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education , 2009,
Abstract: Attitudes about inclusion are extremely complex and vary from teacher to teacher and schoolto school. This article explores the attitudes of teachers about inclusion of special needschildren in their secondary schools in general education. This study adopted a descriptivesurvey research design, with 60 teachers as participants from selected secondary schools inOyo State, Nigeria. Four hypotheses were postulated at the significant level of .05. Theinstrument, a questionnaire with question items on demographic information like gender,marital status, professionalism and teaching experience has a general reliability coefficientalpha of .83. A t-test method of analysis was the main statistical method used to test the 4generated hypotheses. The findings revealed that the attitude of male teachers is 39.4, whilethat of female teacher is 43.3, thus, the t-test analysis shows that the calculated t-test is2.107, which is greater than the critical t (t=1.960). This implies that female teachers havemore positive attitude towards the inclusion of special needs students than their malecounterparts. Furthermore, the results reveal that significant difference exists betweenmarried and single teachers in their attitude towards special need students. And thatprofessionally qualified teacher tends to have a more favourable attitude towards theinclusion of special need students than their non-professional qualified teachers. It wasrecommended that teachers should attend seminars and conferences to improve theirknowledge about ways of practicing and accepting inclusion for a better tomorrow for ourspecial needs children in Nigeria.
Locus of control, interest in schooling, self-efficacy and academic achievement
Adedeji Tella,Adeyinka Tella,Olufemi Adeniyi
Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: Academic achievement is interestingly an important issue; a fundamental premium upon which all teaching-learning activitiesare measured using some criteria of excellence e.g. good academic performance, poor academic performance and academicfailure. This study examined locus of control, interest in schooling and self-efficacy as predictors of academic achievement ofJunior Secondary School Students. The population of the study consisted of 500 students comprising 300 boys and 200 girls.These were selected from twenty-five secondary schools through stratified random techniques. An ex-post facto researchdesign was adopted. Three independents variables (Locus of Control, Interest in schooling and self –efficacy) with thedependent variable (academic achievement) were measured with relevant standardized instruments. Two research questionswere developed and answered. The results indicate that locus of control, interest in schooling and self efficacy jointly andrelatively contribute significantly to the prediction of academic achievement of the Junior Secondary School Students. Based onthese findings, the need to continuously stimulate the interest of the students and teaching them time management and forteachers to see all the three variables on the study as important and improve them simultaneously was emphasized.
Pre-biotic Effects of Sobo Drink on Colonization Resistance to Experimental Infection with Staphylococcus aureus 8588 in Rats
Anthony Olufemi Ajayi,Olumuyiwa Sunday Falade,Steve Adeniyi Adewusi
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: This study investigated the effects of the continuous consumption of Sobo on colonization resistance to experimental infection in rats. Four matched groups of male and female adult Wister rats were orally administered H. sabdariffa calyx infusion at 37.6 and 100.0 mg mL-1 concentrations while the four control groups received distilled water once daily for 15 days. All rats were challenged on day 16 with 3.0-3.5X105 viable S. aureus 8588 CFU in 0.5 mL phosphate buffer and sacrificed on day 21. Faecal samples were collected six times (days 0-21) for dry mass index, coliform and S. aureus load. Blood was analysed for S. aureus antibody and lymphocyte count. Data were subject to statistical analyses. Faecal coliform counts were significantly depressed in Sobo administered groups with increased S. aureus shedding. Lymphocyte counts were however not significantly different and S. aureus antibody was not detected in the serum of rats. Sobo seems to possess pre-biotic properties and its continuous consumption may contribute to the elevation of colonization resistance to infection in the gastrointestinal tract.
Attitude of Retiring Headmasters and Assistant Headmasters Towards Family Involvement in Pre-retirement Preparation in Ondo State, Nigeria
Onijuni Olufemi Olatomide,Adeola Ayodeji Shobola,Michael Adeniyi Omoyemiju
World Journal of Education , 2012, DOI: 10.5430/wje.v2n2p41
Abstract: The family is a paramount source of happiness, giving individuals a sense of place that is relevant to developing satisfaction and fulfilment. Consequently, this study examined the attitude of retiring HeadMasters and Assistant HeadMasters’ towards family involvement in pre-retirement preparation in Ondo State, Nigeria. Using descriptive survey, 150 participants were purposively drawn from three Local Government Areas accidentally selected for the study. ’’Family Involvement in Pre-retirement Preparation Questionnaire (FIPPQ)’’ was used for data collection. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics, t-test, and ANOVA. Descriptive results indicated participants’ general poor knowledge on the need for family involvement in pre-retirement preparation, positive attitude towards family involvement and low actual involvement of their family in pre-retirement planning. Results of the tested hypotheses revealed that sex, educational qualification, and religion had no significant influence on the participants’ attitude towards family involvement in pre-retirement preparation .Recommendations were made based on these findings.
Nitrogen inputs by precipitation in the Nigerian Savanna
IF Adeniyi
West African Journal of Applied Ecology , 2006,
Abstract: Inorganic nitrogen input via direct bulk precipitation was measured, and the relation between the different nitrogen species and rainfall characteristics determined over three rainy seasons at Shagunu, a remote, sparsely populated, non-industrialized site in the northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria. Nitrogen concentration per event rain varied very widely (NH4+– N = 0 – 3738 ìg dm-3, NO3-–N = 0 – 5389 ìg dm-3) with amount-weighted mean values of 269 ìg dm-3 NH4+–N and 76 ìg dm-3 NO3-–N, and a positively skewed frequency distribution for each species. The mean annual total nitrogen deposition of 3.3 kg ha-1 (range = 2.85–3.47 kg ha-1) comprised of 79% NH4+–N and 21% NO3-–N. This is about 12% of the estimated total nitrogen input into the Nigerian grazing savanna and 25% of the estimated nitrogen loss from it through annual bush burning. Compared with the available records for West Africa the mean average input is rather low; it is similar with figures for the remote parts of the world with little or no anthropogenic contribution. All probable accounts pointed to a low nitrogen background, relatively low annual precipitation (due to a peculiar topographic effect on the study site) and the fact that rain water nitrogen was predominantly of terrestrial origin. Monographs for the estimation of NO3-–N concentrations from the amount of event rainfall through the rainy season were provided. Multiple regression equations for the estimation of nitrogen inputs in West Africa from rainfall amount, latitudinal position, and distance away from the sea were also provided.
Helminthiasis and Hygiene Conditions of Schools in Ikenne, Ogun State, Nigeria
Uwem Friday Ekpo ,Simon Nnayere Odoemene,Chiedu Felix Mafiana,Sammy Olufemi Sam-Wobo
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0000146
Abstract: Background A study of the helminth infection status of primary-school children and the hygiene condition of schools in Ikenne Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria was undertaken between November 2004 and February 2005 to help guide the development of a school-based health programme. Methods and Findings Three primary schools were randomly selected: two government-owned schools (one urban and the other rural) and one urban private school. No rural private schools existed to survey. A total of 257 schoolchildren aged 4–15 y, of whom 146 (56.8%) were boys and 111 (43.2%) were girls, took part in the survey. A child survey form, which included columns for name, age, sex, and class level, was used in concert with examination of stool samples for eggs of intestinal helminths. A school survey form was used to assess the conditions of water supply, condition of latrines, presence of soap for handwashing, and presence of garbage around the school compound. The demographic data showed that the number of schoolchildren gradually decreased as their ages increased in all three schools. The sex ratio was proportional in the urban school until primary level 3, after which the number of female pupils gradually decreased, whereas in the private school, sexes were proportionally distributed even in higher classes. The prevalence of helminth infection was 54.9% of schoolchildren in the urban government school, 63.5% in the rural government school, and 28.4% in the urban private school. Ascaris lumbricoides was the most prevalent species, followed by Trichuris trichiura, Taenia species, and hookworm in the three schools. Prevalence of infection in the government-owned schools was significantly higher than in the private school (χ2 = 18.85, df = 2, p<0.0005). A survey of hygiene conditions in the three schools indicated that in the two government schools tapwater was unavailable, sanitation of latrines was poor, handwashing soap was unavailable, and garbage was present around school compounds. In the private school, in contrast, all hygiene indices were satisfactory. Conclusions These results indicate that burden of parasite infections and poor sanitary conditions are of greater public health importance in government-owned schools than in privately owned schools. School health programmes in government-owned schools, including deworming, health education, and improvement of hygiene conditions are recommended.

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