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Hasan Güner,Adem Korkmaz
?al??ma ?li?kileri Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: Ekonomik sorunlar n en nemlilerinden birisi olan i sizlik sorununun zümünde giri imcili in artt r lmas abalar da dikkate de er sonu lar ortaya koymaktad r. Bu nedenle, son y llarda hükümetler giri imcili in geli tirilmesi i in e itli y ntemler üzerinde al makta, giri imcilik kredileri, yeni giri im destekleri ve i geli tirme merkezleri projeleri üzerinde durmaktad r. Giri imcileri destekleme y ntemlerinden biri olan GEM modeli, giri imcileri ve dolay s yla onlar n kurmu olduklar kü ük ve orta boy i letme, k sa ad yla KOB ’leri destekleme ve geli tirme faaliyetleri hem yeni giri imlerin geli tirilmesine hem de hem istihdam art na katk sa lamaktad r. Bu modelle, i letmelerin ilk kurulduklar d nemlerde piyasa giri lerinde kurumsalla ma ve geli melerinin ilk evrelerinin daha güvenli bir ortamda sa lamalar ama lanmakta, projeden mezun olduktan sonra daha sa l kl bir i letme yap s na kavu arak daha sa l kl i letmeler olu turulmas sa lanmaktad r. Türkiye’de uygulanan GEM projeleri de ilk sonu lar n vermi , bir ok yeni i letme kurulmu , proje er evesinde mezun olarak piyasadaki yerlerini almaya ba lam lard r. Bu al mada, Türkiye’de uygulanm GEM modeli irdelenmekte, mevcut GEM’ler ve istihdama olan katk lar ortaya konulmaktad r. English AbstractThe efforts to promote the entrepreneurship have significant results in the solution of unemployment problem which has been one of the most important economic issues. In this regard, governments have been recently developing various methods to widening entrepreneurship such as entrepreneurial loans, new incentives to start-up’s and business development centres. The model of Business Development Centres ( GEM) as an entrepreneurship promoting mechanism, support both new business establishments that is to say the small and medium sized businesses which are shortly defined as SME’s, and employment increases. In GEM model, at the early stages of business establishments supports are provided to entrepreneurs to assist their institutionalization during the market entrance and development phases. By doing so, it is also aimed to create healthier businesses after graduation from GEM projects. First GEM projects which have been implemented in Turkey have given its first results: many businesses have started and some have graduated from GEMs and take place in the related sectors. This study by analyzing the implemented GEM model in Turkey, examines existing GEMs and their positive impact on employment.
A rare angiographic finding: aortic pseudo-coarctation
Zeydin Acar,Adem Adar,Levent Korkmaz
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2011,
Repair of a traumatic aorto-right ventricular fistula following a stab wound
G?khan Laf??,Mustafa Mahmut Ula?,Adem ?lkay Diken,Kemal Korkmaz
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2010,
Response to 'Adiponectin associates with markers of cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis and induces production of proinflammatory and catabolic factors through mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways'
Cengiz Korkmaz
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/ar3862
Abstract: I read with great interest Koskinen and colleagues' article about the role of adiponectin on cartilage degradation in OA [1]. The authors showed that plasma adiponectin levels and adiponectin released from OA cartilage were higher in patients with the radiographically more severe OA. They suggested that adiponectin is associated with cartilage destruction in OA [1]. Making an extrapolation based on a cross-sectional study in order to account for the mechanism of cartilage degradation in OA, however, may not be very accurate.Chondrocytes are often believed to exhibit aberrant behaviour and shift to other phenotypes such as anabolic, catabolic or hypertrophic phenotypes over the course of the disease, upon physiological and mechanical stress [2]. The level of biochemical markers and mediators involved in the OA process differ for each one of these phases [3]. Some of these mediators are directly involved in the progression of the OA process or they may be secondary changes in the course of OA. Koskinen and colleagues showed that plasma adiponectin levels were higher in patients with grade IV and V disease than those in patients with grade I, II and III disease (Ahlback classification) [1]. It is my belief that these results do not lead us to conclude that adiponectin could be accountable for degradation of the cartilage. Rather, increased levels of adiponectin may be a secondary phenomenon to the late stage of OA, which could be deemed an indication of severity. Another explanation could be that increased levels of adiponectin may serve as a protective response to the catabolic process in OA. The current understanding of cytokines and growth factors has been shown incapable of determining a single factor that could be responsible for all chondrocyte responses [3].Another point to be raised in this study would be the effect of adiponectin on OA cartilage and primary chondrocytes in vitro. Koskinen and colleagues reported that adiponectin enhanced nitric oxide, IL-6, ma
Primary Perceptual Field in Visual Materials
Ozgen Korkmaz
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: This study aims to determine the field (s) that students tend to perceive first in an instructional material. It employs the scanning model and its study group consists of 378 sophomore students attending the Faculty of Education at Ahi Evran University. The data has been obtained by collecting the student responses to a visual material designed by the researchers. The results have been interpreted through the frequency, percentage, Kendall s tau_b and the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Z-test applied on the collected data. For the differences and relationships, a significance level of p<0.05 was deemed as sufficient. The analysis yielded the following conclusions: the field including the primarily perceived message in a visual principally focuses around the center of the visual or in the first point of interest according to the rule of thirds. In the subsequent visuals as well, students tend to look at the point where the message they primarily perceived is located. Finally in a visual containing informal balance, the primarily perceived message concentrates more on the center of the visual when compared to the formal balance.
The effect of message type on primary perceptual field in visuals
?zgen Korkmaz
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: This study aims to determine the relationship between message type and the field(s) that students perceive first in an instructional material. It employs the scanning model and its study group consists of 150 sophomore students attending the Faculty of Education at Ahi Evran University. The data has been obtained by identifying the student responses to a visual material designed by the researchers. The results have been interpreted through the frequency, percentage and the Kendall’s tau_b test applied on the collected data (p<.05). As a result, message type is of importance in placing the message in an instructional material. The field including the primarily perceived message in a visual principally focuses around the center of the visual or in the first point of interest according to the rule of thirds. Furthermore, encoding messages in the form of letters or numbers leads to a change in the primary perceptual field. Therefore, it would be useful to encode verbal information in various techniques such as numerical expression, symbolization, etc.
Fructose; a Hidden Threat for Chronic Diseases
Ahmet Korkmaz
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin , 2008,
Abstract: Incremental usage of the fructose derived from corn by processed-food manufacturers has become a crucial threat in terms of human health. Although it is known as fruit sugar, the most important source of dietary fructose is now, processed-food prepared by using high-fructose corn syrup. Basically, fructose is metabolized within liver and its energy load is equal to glucose. Nevertheless, it does not make up satiety and fullness. Therefore, fructose-rich foods and beverages can be consumed in large amount because the absence of satiety. Studies performed recently unveil a connection between amount of fructose consumed and metabolic disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity. The incidence of metabolic diseases which are already affecting more than half of the adults has been increasing among children. Moreover, these types of foods are generally consumed by children. Therefore, in order to reduce the frequency of metabolic disorders in all ages, the amount of fructose in processed-foods and beverages should also be taken into consideration. [TAF Prev Med Bull. 2008; 7(4): 343-346]
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: The history of Oguz is trace back to B. C. 2300. In this article the historical developing process is emphasized. From the beginning to this day the history, developing process, periods of Oguz Turkish will be assessed generally. And in this article the similarities between Oguz Turkish and Hurri will be exlplained. Bu makalede O uz Türk esinin tarih geli imi üzerinde durulacakt r. Ba lang c ndan günümüze O uz Türk esinin tarihi, geli im seyri ve günümüze kadar ge irdi i devreler ku bak olarak de erlendirilmi tir. Hatta makalede O uzca ile Hurrice aras ndaki benzerlikleri dile getirilerek O uzlar n tarihi ge mi ini M 2300 y l na kadar g türebilmektedir.
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: Dede Korkut Stories**, contain significant traces of the shamanic beliefs found among the Oghuz people before Islam.In Shamanism, respect is always shown to earth/ water spirits which form the foundation of constructive relations between mankind and nature. The The water phenomena known as materia-prima in mythical thought are considered to be a result of occult and universal existential powers. In this respect, the pollution of water symbolizes the death of creative values and the beginning of chaos.In Dede Korkut stories, each time going beyond the preventative aspect of myth, nature, with her destructive face and as universal threat returns and wants to take revenge. The most typical representative of this threat is Tepeg z (One-Eyed Giant), who appears as a result of the pollution of Perili P nar caused by a shepherd's mistake feeds on human flesh. The more the Oghuz People tries to solve this situation by physical power the bigger and the more complicated the problem becomes. Then Tepeg z becomes not just a disaster only for the Oghuz people but for the whole of humanity.Myth speaking through the Tepeg z symbol, tells us that the relation between mankind and nature is not a one way and unqualified fait-accopli, but rather it invites the whole of humanity to show respect towards other layers of being. Dede Korkut hikayeleri, O uzlar n slamiyet ncesi amanist inan lar ndan nemli izler ta r. amanizm insanla do a aras nda gizli bir ba oldu unu dü ünür ve bu ili kilerin kayna olarak g rdü ü yer-su ruhlar na büyük sayg duyar. Mitik dü üncede varl n temel gücünü olu turan ve materia prima olarak bilinen su fenomeni varolu un bütün yarat c olanaklar n i inde bar nd r r. Bu bak mdan sular n kirlenmesi, yarat c gü lerin lümünü ve kaosun ba lang c n simgeler.Dede korkut anlat lar nda, mitin koruyucu gücü bozuldu u/y k ld zaman varolu sal anlamda bir su i lenmi olur ve ihlal edilen varl k alan y k c yüzüyle geri d nerek, evrensel anlamda almak ister. Bu tipin en nemli temsilcisi olan Tepeg z, kutsal yer sular n temsil eden perili p nar n bir oban taraf ndan insani bir zaafla kirletilmesi sonucu ortaya kar. Bütün O uz halk bu problemi yaln zca fiziksel gü olarak zmek istedik e problem daha da büyür. Sonu ta Tepeg z yaln z O uz halk i in de il bütün insanl k i in büyük bir felakete d nü ür.Tepeg z sembolüyle mitik dü ünce bize unu s ylemek ister; nsanla do a aras ndaki ili kiler tek y nlü ve yetersiz de il, ok y nlü ve daha birbirini bütünler bir kompleks te kil etmektedir. Bu yüzden mitik dü ünce Tepeg z arac l yla bize b
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Modernism in Turkish literature begins by the mediation of journal. Most of new literary types attained to our literature owe their existances and developments to journal. Yusuf Kamil Pa a brings in first translation novel to Turkish by means of consecutive narrative for a newspaper. After that novels are published by means of consecutive narrative in Tanzimat era. Ahmet Mithat Efendi is both journalist and novelist. Ahmet Mithat Efendi who seeks compromise between journal and novel handles the contribution of both type to each other in Esrar- Cinayat novel. In the novel, he discusses the cooperation of a civil servant who encounters pressure and a true journalist for the criminals to be catched and handed over to the justice and for the relief of the conscience of public. The novelist that makes journal and journalist the most important component for the solution of events gives a lot of information about the journalism in Tanzimat era, as well. On this occasion, the affairs like journalism, typography, Newsprinting Regulation (Matbuat Nizamnamesi), freedom of notion newspaper- government relation and censorship become the most important matters that emphasize on in the novel. Türk edebiyat nda modernle me gazete arac l yla ba lar. Edebiyat m za yeni kazand r lan pek ok tür varl n ve geli imini gazeteye bor ludur. Yusuf Kamil Pa a, gazetede tefrika ettirmek suretiyle ilk eviri roman Türk eye kazand r r. Bundan sonra Tanzimat d neminde roman, gazetelerde tefrika yoluyla yay mlan r. Ahmet Mithat Efendi hem gazeteci hem de romanc d r. Gazete ve roman aras nda uzla ma arayan Ahmet Mithat Efendi, Esrar- Cinayat roman nda bu iki türün birbirine olan katk s n ele al r. Romanda do rular n yan nda yer alan bir gazeteci ve bask yla kar kar ya kalan bir devlet memurunun su lular n yakalan p adalete teslim edilmesi ve kamuoyunun vicdan n n rahatlat lmas i in yapt klar i birli i ele al nmaktad r. Gazete ve gazeteciyi vaka zümünde en nemli unsur haline getiren romanc , Tanzimat d nemi gazetecili i hakk nda bize pek ok bilgi de sa lamaktad r. Bu vesileyle gazetecilik, matbaac l k, Matbuat Nizamnamesi, ifade zgürlü ü, gazete-iktidar ili kisi ve sansür gibi meseleler romanda üzerinde en ok durulan konular haline gelir.
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