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Crowd-ML: A Privacy-Preserving Learning Framework for a Crowd of Smart Devices
Jihun Hamm,Adam Champion,Guoxing Chen,Mikhail Belkin,Dong Xuan
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Smart devices with built-in sensors, computational capabilities, and network connectivity have become increasingly pervasive. The crowds of smart devices offer opportunities to collectively sense and perform computing tasks in an unprecedented scale. This paper presents Crowd-ML, a privacy-preserving machine learning framework for a crowd of smart devices, which can solve a wide range of learning problems for crowdsensing data with differential privacy guarantees. Crowd-ML endows a crowdsensing system with an ability to learn classifiers or predictors online from crowdsensing data privately with minimal computational overheads on devices and servers, suitable for a practical and large-scale employment of the framework. We analyze the performance and the scalability of Crowd-ML, and implement the system with off-the-shelf smartphones as a proof of concept. We demonstrate the advantages of Crowd-ML with real and simulated experiments under various conditions.
Moving from organ dose to microdosimetry: contribution of the Monte Carlo simulations
Champion, Christophe;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132005000700029
Abstract: when living cells are irradiated by charged particles, a wide variety of interactions occurs that leads to a deep modification of the biological material. to understand the fine structure of the microscopic distribution of the energy deposits, monte carlo event-by-event simulations are particularly suitable. however, the development of these track structure codes needs accurate interaction cross sections for all the electronic processes: ionization, excitation, positronium formation (for incident positrons) and even elastic scattering. under these conditions, we have recently developed a monte carlo code for electrons and positrons in water, this latter being commonly used to simulate the biological medium. all the processes are studied in detail via theoretical differential and total cross sections calculated by using partial wave methods. comparisons with existing theoretical and experimental data show very good agreements. moreover, this kind of detailed description allows one access to a useful microdosimetry, which can be coupled to a geometrical modelling of the target organ and then provide a detailed dose calculation at the nanometric scale.
I remember a Mahometan story of Ahmed ben Edris : free thinking uses of Islam from Stubbe to Toland
Champion, Justin
Al-Qantara : Revista de Estudios Arabes , 2010,
Abstract: This paper explores the intellectual context and learned sources of an unnoticed clandestine manuscript owned by Charles Hornby in 1701 which included a version of Henry Stubbe’s controversial Account of the rise and progress of Mahometanism and a translation of the first seven chapters of a Spanish work of Mu ammad Alguazir (fl. 1610) Apología contra la ley Cristiana. The paper sets out to examine how both freethinking figures like Stubbe and Toland and orthodox men of learning encountered, used and challenged Islamic anti-Christian polemic. To this end it esttablishes the diverse patterns of citation and usage of orientalist erudition between 1650 and 1720 —focusing in particular on the great works of Hottinger and Pococke. The paper argues that freetthinkers were very capable of appropriating both Christian erudition and Islamic theology (in particular that hostile to Pauline corruption of doctrine and scriptture) to their irreligious ends. Este artículo explora el contexto intelectual y las fuentes eruditas de un manuscrito clandestino, que ha pasado inadvertido hasta la fecha, que en 1701 pertenecía a Charles Hornby y que incluía una versión de la obra polémica de Henry Stubbe Account of the rise and progress of Mahometanism, además de una traducción de los siete primeros capítulos de la obra en castellano de Mu ammmad Alguazir (fl. 1610) Apología contra la ley Cristiana. El artículo propone examinar cómo las polémicas islámicas anticristianas fueron encontradas, utilizadas y cuestionadas, tanto por personajes librepensadores, como Stubbe y Toland, como por los estudiosos más ortodoxos. Para tal fin establece los distintos hábitos en la citación y utilización de la erudición “orientalista” que se emplearon entre 1650 y 1720, prestando especial atención a las grandes obras de Hotttinger y Pococke. El artículo argumenta que los librepensadores fueron perfectamente capaces de apropiarse de aspectos tanto de la erudición cristiana como de la teología islámica (en particular la que criticaba la corrupción paulina de la doctrina y las escrituras sagradas) para sus fines antireligiosos.
Hegemonic Masculinity and Blake's "Mission of Mercy": David Mamet's Cinematic Adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross as Postmodern Satire of Fundamentalist Christianity
Jared Champion
Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality , 2011,
Abstract: This article explores the 1992 film adaptation of David Mamet’s 1983 satirical stage play Glengarry Glen Ross, particularly as the cinematic satire attacks the connections and similarities between fundamentalist Christianity and hegemonic masculinity. Since over a decade separates the stage play from the screen version, the writer employs an interdisciplinary American studies methodology that borrows from a variety of scholarship—history, literature, and religion—to argue that new insights can be gleaned by situating the cinematic adaptation amidst the rise of American fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity at the end of the 20th century. Through the addition of the screen character Blake (Alec Baldwin), who does not exist within the play and is not specifically identified by name within the film, the adaptation becomes an allegory for legalistic Christianity’s unique narrative of history. Blake’s overwhelming masculinity, as well as his sales success ultimatum, emphasizes the way both Christian fundamentalism and hegemonic masculinity rely upon binary definitions of faith and gender—Christian / non-Christian, masculine / feminine—respectively. In order to maintain an individual’s participation in both domains, there is no almost category: one either is Christian or masculine or one is not. As such, the film functions as a postmodern satire that simultaneously attacks both domains without proposing any new system(s) to replace the reductive binaries proposed therein.
Australian Infrastructure Financial Management Guidelines
Chris Champion
Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance , 2009, DOI: 10.5130/cjlg.v0i4.1367
Host-Pathogen O-Methyltransferase Similarity and Its Specific Presence in Highly Virulent Strains of Francisella tularensis Suggests Molecular Mimicry
Mia D. Champion
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020295
Abstract: Whole genome comparative studies of many bacterial pathogens have shown an overall high similarity of gene content (>95%) between phylogenetically distinct subspecies. In highly clonal species that share the bulk of their genomes subtle changes in gene content and small-scale polymorphisms, especially those that may alter gene expression and protein-protein interactions, are more likely to have a significant effect on the pathogen's biology. In order to better understand molecular attributes that may mediate the adaptation of virulence in infectious bacteria, a comparative study was done to further analyze the evolution of a gene encoding an o-methyltransferase that was previously identified as a candidate virulence factor due to its conservation specifically in highly pathogenic Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis strains. The o-methyltransferase gene is located in the genomic neighborhood of a known pathogenicity island and predicted site of rearrangement. Distinct o-methyltransferase subtypes are present in different Francisella tularensis subspecies. Related protein families were identified in several host species as well as species of pathogenic bacteria that are otherwise very distant phylogenetically from Francisella, including species of Mycobacterium. A conserved sequence motif profile is present in the mammalian host and pathogen protein sequences, and sites of non-synonymous variation conserved in Francisella subspecies specific o-methyltransferases map proximally to the predicted active site of the orthologous human protein structure. Altogether, evidence suggests a role of the F. t. subsp. tularensis protein in a mechanism of molecular mimicry, similar perhaps to Legionella and Coxiella. These findings therefore provide insights into the evolution of niche-restriction and virulence in Francisella, and have broader implications regarding the molecular mechanisms that mediate host-pathogen relationships.
We Are Always After That Balance: Managing Innovation in the New Digital Media Industries
Hotho,Sabine; Champion,Katherine;
Journal of technology management & innovation , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-27242010000300003
Abstract: the pressure to innovate is growing as technology cycles change more rapidly. organisations need to balance exploration and exploitation effectively if they are to heed the innovation imperative. organisational ambidexterity is proposed as a means to achieve such balance with structural or contextual ambidexterity as possible choices. yet how organisations become ambidextrous is an as yet under-researched area, and different industry sectors may pose different innovation challenges. using the case study method, this paper examines how a computer games company responds to an industry-specific innovation challenge and how it endeavours to balance exploration and exploitation. the findings suggest that ambidexterity is difficult to achieve, and is fraught with organisational tensions which might eventually jeopardise the innovation potential of a company. the paper suggests that more qualitative research is needed to further our understanding of innovation challenges, innovation management and organisational ambidexterity.
Utility of tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion in the assessment of right ventricular function
Zeineh Nabil,Champion Hunter
PVRI Review , 2010,
Abstract: Right ventricular (RV) function is an important determinant of prognosis in a large number of cardiopulmonary disease conditions and its assessment is a challenge in day-to-day clinical practice, mostly because of the complex geometry of the chamber. The search for, and validation of reliable indexes of RV function are ongoing. In particular, a large body of evidence has accumulated regarding the use of the tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion (TAPSE) as an index of RV systolic function in a variety of pathologic conditions. We will review the different areas of application of TAPSE to date.
Utilidade da Excurs o Sistólica do Plano do Anel da Valva Tricúspide na Quantifica o da Fun o Ventricular Direita
Zeineh Nabil,Champion Hunter
PVRI Review , 2010,
Studies of Charmless Two-Body, Quasi-Two-Body and Three-Body B Decays
Theresa J. Champion
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: Preliminary results are presented on a search for several exclusive charmless hadronic B decays, from data collected by the BABAR detector near the Upsilon(4S) resonance. These include two-body decay modes h^{+/-}h^{-/+} three-body decay modes with final states h^{+/-}h^{-/+}h^{+/-} and h^{+/-}h^{-/+}\pi^0, and quasi-two-body decay modes with final states X^0 h and X^0 K_s^0, where h = pi or K and X^0 = eta^prime or omega. The measurement of branching fractions for four decay modes, and upper limits for nine modes are presented.
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