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Discursos y Contradiscursos: Calibán, Calibán. Temas de la Resistencia y la Negritud
Rodríguez A,Ada Nelly;
Núcleo , 2008,
Abstract: this paper shows a critical sociopolitical approach to ?prospero caliban cricket?, by john agard and ?else the isle with calibans?, by brian aldiss. the analysis is based on the sociopolitical view of dollimore (1984), dollimore and sinfield (1985) and brannigan (1998), as well as on jacques derrida?s (1967) binary oppositions. the results lead to these conclusions: a) caliban is a literary symbol which carries sociopolitical values during rewriting processes; b) caliban is used to criticize the treatment given to minority racial groups; c) literature is some authors? way of problematizing certain social assumptions through centuries, and d) literary writing shows social, political and cultural values.
Interplay between Exonic Splicing Enhancers, mRNA Processing, and mRNA Surveillance in the Dystrophic Mdx Mouse
Massimo Buvoli, Ada Buvoli, Leslie A. Leinwand
PLOS ONE , 2007, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0000427
Abstract: Background Pre-mRNA splicing, the removal of introns from RNA, takes place within the spliceosome, a macromolecular complex composed of five small nuclear RNAs and a large number of associated proteins. Spliceosome assembly is modulated by the 5′ and 3′ splice site consensus sequences situated at the ends of each intron, as well as by exonic and intronic splicing enhancers/silencers recognized by SR and hnRNP proteins. Nonsense mutations introducing a premature termination codon (PTC) often result in the activation of cellular quality control systems that reduce mRNA levels or alter the mRNA splicing pattern. The mdx mouse, a commonly used genetic model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), lacks dystrophin by virtue of a premature termination codon (PTC) in exon 23 that also severely reduces the level of dystrophin mRNA. However, the effect of the mutation on dystrophin RNA processing has not yet been described. Methodology/Principal Finding Using combinations of different biochemical and cellular assays, we found that the mdx mutation partially disrupts a multisite exonic splicing enhancer (ESE) that is recognized by a 40 kDa SR protein. In spite of the presence of an inefficient intron 22 3′ splice site containing the rare GAG triplet, the mdx mutation does not activate nonsense-associated altered splicing (NAS), but induces exclusively nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD). Functional binding sites for SR proteins were also identified in exon 22 and 24, and in vitro experiments show that SR proteins can mediate direct association between exon 22, 23, and 24. Conclusions/Significance Our findings highlight the complex crosstalk between trans-acting factors, cis-elements and the RNA surveillance machinery occurring during dystrophin mRNA processing. Moreover, they suggest that dystrophin exon–exon interactions could play an important role in preventing mdx exon 23 skipping, as well as in facilitating the pairing of committed splice sites.
Epidemias: un nuevo objeto sociotécnico
Francisco Tirado,José A. Ca?ada
Convergencia , 2011,
Abstract: Las epidemias se han convertido en un objeto de interés para las ciencias sociales. éstas se caracterizan normalmente como objeto de pánico o situación biopolítica. Tales perspectivas olvidan que las epidemias impactan directamente en nuestra cotidianidad. Para analizar ese impacto conviene conceptualizarlas como objetos sociotécnicos. Nuestro artículo presenta esa perspectiva. Analizando material de prensa, información especializada publicada en revistas como Science o editada por instituciones sanitarias mostramos cómo las epidemias subvierten los principales límites de nuestra realidad cotidiana: humano-animal, local-global, política-naturaleza y sano-patológico. Argüiremos que tras esa ruptura se produce instantáneamente una reconstrucción de los mismos basada en las siguientes características: a) la medicina adquiere una fuerza especial en la definición de tales límites, b) aparece la conceptualización de una "excepcionalidad biológica" como mecanismo de inteligibilidad básico para comprender el mencionado fenómeno de reconstrucción y c) se actualiza un determinado régimen sobre lo corporal.
The dynamical nature of time
Antonio F. Ra?ada,A. Tiemblo
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1139/P2012-086
Abstract: It is usually assumed that the "$t$" parameter in the equations of dynamics can be identified with the indication of the pointer of a clock. Things are not so easy, however. In fact, since the equations of motion can be written in terms of $t$ but also of $t'=f(t)$, $f$ being any well behaved function, each one of those infinite parametric times $t'$ is as good as the Newtonian one to study classical dynamics. Here we show that the relation between the mathematical parametric time $t$ in the equations of dynamics and the physical dynamical time $\sigma$ that is measured with clocks is more complex and subtle than usually assumed. These two times, therefore, must be carefully distinguished since their difference may have significant consequences. Furthermore, we show that not all the dynamical clock-times are necessarily equivalent and that the observational fingerprint of this non-equivalence has the same form as that of the Pioneer anomaly.
Usability Test of eHealth Promotion @HKIEd—A Community of Practice Platform to Promote Healthy Lifestyles  [PDF]
Wai Wing Ada Ma
Health (Health) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/health.2016.87064
Abstract: Community of Practice (CoP) has been proved as an effective means for co-creation of knowledge. It is not yet widely used in health promotion, not to mention to utilize technological environment such as Web 2.0 to add value to the CoP. Under this study, an eHealth promotion @HKIEd, a CoP platform to promote healthy lifestyles was designed and constructed. It helped facilitate the CoP to share useful health information, locate expertise, promote health related events, communicate health updates effectively, co-construct shared repertoire of knowledge and build shared best practice on effective health promotion which was not limited to time, space and distance. Usability test was conducted to evaluate user acceptance of the eHealth promotion CoP platform using the Computer System Usability Questionnaire. A random sample of eighty-three active participants was recruited. Fifty females and thirty-three males with mean (S.D.) aged 21.1 were asked to evaluate the e-platform. The average scores of each domain were calculated with the corresponding means of the average scores of System Use, Information Quality and Interface Quality being 2.69, 2.83 and 2.74 respectively. The overall usability was 2.48 and the eHealth promotion @HKIEd demonstrated a high usability. It will provide a promising way to disseminate information for the public in health awareness promotion.
Aluminium-magnesium silicate inhibits parvovirus and cures infected dogs  [PDF]
Ezeibe Maduike C. O., Nwaogu Innocent C., Nwigwe Ada N., Okorafor Obianuju N., Eze James I., Ngene Augustine A.
Health (Health) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/health.2010.210179
Abstract: Ability of a synthetic Aluminium-Magnesium Silicate [AMS] to inhibit activities of canine parvovirus [CPV] was investigated in vitro and in vivo. Five samples of CPV isolated in Nigeria, were each incubated with equal amount of a synthetic AMS on a volume to weight [v/w] basis, for one hour and then centrifuged. Viral titres of the supernatants were tested by the haemagglutination [HA] test and their mean titre compared with mean titre of portions of same viral samples, not incubated with the AMS. Also, five puppies and five adult dogs infected with the parvovirus isolates were treated by dosing each with 400 mg/kg of a drug formulation that has 12% AMS per os for seven days. As control, five puppies and five adult dogs from same class as the experimental dogs were similarly infected but were not treated. Incubating parvovirus with AMS reduced its load from mean HA titre 825.6 ± 261.1 to mean HA, 270.8 ± 132.1 [p < 0.05]. Also treating parvovirus infected dogs with a 12% AMS drug formulation reduced mortality due to the virus from 100% to zero [p < 0.01].
Knowledge Attitude and Practices Related on Prevention of Mosquito Borne Diseases and Sanitation Conditions in a Salvadoran Urban Community  [PDF]
Roberto Mejía, Alexandre Ribó, Edgar Quinteros, Alejandro López, Paola Villegas, Xavier F. Vela, Ada Ruth Membre?o
Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine (ODEM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/odem.2016.44010
Abstract: Introduction: In El Salvador Mosquito Borne Diseases (MBDs) is a serious public health problem due to produce morbidity and mortality. They produce a high economic loss, which contributes to the collapse of the public health system. Over the years, the Salvadoran public health system has invested large amounts of resources to minimize the problem through campaigns against MBDs. Despite this, the population is still affected by diseases such as dengue, and more recently chikungunya and zika outbreaks. The aim of this study is to evaluate sanitation conditions variables and identify knowledge, attitudes, practices related to the prevention of MBDs. Methods: A cross-sectional survey about sanitation conditions and knowledge, attitudes and practices on prevention of MBDs of inhabitant’s ≥ 15 years from an urban community of a municipality with the highest number of cases reported in 2015. Results: Majority of respondents (98.2%) had direct supply of drinking water; however 96.4% of respondents were agreed that they had an inconsistent water supply. Regarding MBDs prevention respondents showed high acceptable knowledge (76.8%), high favorable attitude (92.1%) and an acceptable implementation of practices toward prevention reproduction of mosquitoes (58.5%) and a poor implementation of practices to prevent mosquito bites (38.3%). Conclusions: The findings revealed high acceptable knowledge about MBDs and a high favorable attitude regarding to prevent them, but also revealed a scarce implementation of prevention practices. The generalized storage of water on non-covered barrels because the inconsistent water supplies, can be source of proliferation of mosquitoes and therefore increases the risk of transmission of MBDs. High population density of the community can magnify this risk. It is necessary to enhance education to promote better implementation of practices using the most common media together with the local health workers.
Desregulación y equidad: el proceso de reconversión de Obras Sociales en Argentina
Findling, Liliana;Arru?ada, María;Klimovsky, Ezequiel;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2002000400013
Abstract: the health care services managed by trade unions and known as "obras sociales" form the groundwork for argentina's social security and health system. however, far from taking an equitable approach, these institutions highlight the country's prevailing income disparities, which in turn lead to major differences in access to care. the main focus of this study was the reformulation of social security health policies within the framework of deregulation from 1998 to 2000, analyzing the effects on availability of health care services from an equity perspective. the methodology used two related analytical levels: (1) a macro level viewing the process from the various players' strategies and (2) a micro level featuring the changes within a well-known trade union social security organization during its reconversion process, emphasizing its institutional scope and the opinions of its membership. the results thus pointed to the slow implementation of reforms initiated by the public sector, hindered by constant negotiations among the main corporate actors seeking to serve their particular interests, along with increased inequity and fragmentation due to the limited opening of free choice by members.
High prevalence of malaria infection in Amazonas state, Venezuela
Rodulfo, Hectorina;Donato, Marcos de;Quijada, Isaurea;Pe?a, Ada;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46652007000200003
Abstract: this study was carried out to determine the incidence of malaria in an endemic region of amazonas state, venezuela. for this, 200 random samples were collected from symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals from san fernando de atabapo and santa barbara. epidemiological factors were related to malaria infection, which was diagnosed by microscopy observation and amplification of the 18s rdna sequence by pcr. malaria prevalence in these populations was 28.5%, whilst p. vivax and p. falciparum prevalences were 12 and 17%, respectively. no infection by p. malariae was found. a mixed infection was found on an asymptomatic individual. prevalence patterns differed between age groups depending on the plasmodium species. we found that 34.8% of the p. vivax and 15.2% of the p. falciparum infections were asymptomatic. the use of nets was helpful to prevent p. vivax infection, but did not protect against p. falciparum infection. the results suggest the presence of more than one mosquito vector in the area, displaying a differential pattern of infection for each plasmodium species. there appear to be risk factors associated with malaria infections in some individuals. the population based approach and pcr diagnosis improved the accuracy of the statistical analysis in the study.
Supervivencia en pacientes con cardiopatía isquémica
Prior García,Ada de las M.; Delgado Ramos,Ariel;
Revista Cubana de Medicina , 2003,
Abstract: a cohort retrospective historical study of all the patients who had been diagnosed an ischemic heart disease between january, 1997, and december, 2000, was conducted at the office of cardiology of "faustino pérez" hospital, in matanzas. their follow-up was extended to december 2001 to characterize them and to determine the prognostic factors influencing their further survival. the accumulated survival curves and the accumulated survival average time (54 months, ic 95 % = 52;56) were obtained, with a survival probability of 0.86. the patients with the worst prognosis were those among whom an ergometric diagnostic test was associated with displacement of the st segment over 2 mm at advanced age and presence of hypercholesterolemia.
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