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Love as Attunement  [PDF]
Acylene Maria Cabral Ferreira
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2018.82008
Abstract: We aim to show, using Being and Time and Zollikon Seminars, that solicitude (Fürsorge) as the disclosedness of being-with is the condition of possibility for the existential-ontological constitution of the attunement of love. Centered on the text On the Essence of Truth, our purpose is to emphasize that freedom is also an attunement. Our hypothesis is that the copertinence of love (the fundamental disclosedness to the other) and of freedom (the letting-be of the other) consists in a modification of the existential of disposedness (Befindlichkeit) and expresses the unity and ontological circularity of being-in-the-world.
Amor e liberdade em Heidegger
Ferreira, Acylene Maria Cabral;
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-512X2011000100008
Abstract: the objective of the present paper is to show, using being and time and zollikon seminars, the existential-ontological constitution of love as a mood (stimmung) fundamental to the coexistence of dasein. the hypothesis advanced here is that the co-pertinence of love (the fundamental disclosedness to the other) and of freedom (the letting-be of the other) consists in a modification of the existential of state-of-mind and expresses the unity and ontological circularity of being-in-the-world. we intend also to show that solicitude (the disclosedness towards being-with) is the condition of possibility for the existential-ontological constitution of the mood of love. centered on the text on the essence of truth, our purpose is to emphasize that freedom is also a modification of the existential of state-of-mind or, one might say, mood, and as such it is the ontological ground for uncovering a proper (eigentliche) way of being. in this way, we are able to affirm that the mood of freedom precedes and penetrates the mood of love. this means that the mood of love is founded in the mood of freedom and that it resonates in that mood, which permits us to say that they are co-originating.
Why Do We Love?  [PDF]
Acylene Maria Cabral Ferreira
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2019.93023
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to answer the question: why do we love? We think that we love because, as Dasein, we are constituted by ontological-existential modes, which structure us as disclosedness (Erschlossenheit) to being, to others, and to the world. Our aim is to indicate the Heideggerian concepts of existential analytic which, for us, are fundamental to grounding love as Dasein’s way of being, i.e., as an ontological mode of Dasein as existence and being-in-the-world. Our hypothesis is that love is a modification of the existential of disposedness (Befindlichkeit), or an attunement (Stimmung); i.e., a way of Dasein to be attuned to somebody or to something in the world. In the first part of this paper, we will show why we can accept love as an existential mode; in the second part, we will discuss how we can say that love comes from the existential mode of being-in, of being-with and of the character of for-the-sake-of (Umwillen).
Atividade física na perspectiva da Nova Promo??o da Saúde: contradi??es de um programa institucional
Ferreira,Marcos Santos; Castiel,Luis David; Cardoso,Maria Helena Cabral de Almeida;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000700018
Abstract: this article aims to discuss how the ambiguity of health promotion occurs in one physical activity institutional program. firstly, different approaches to health promotion are presented as embodiments of such ambiguities. then, after a brief discussion about manifestations of such ambiguity in everyday media coverage, we analyze the agita s?o paulo program, regarded by the world health organization as an example of health promotion initiative. the conclusion is that, in spite of being under the umbrella of the so-called new health promotion movement, the agita s?o paulo program is based upon behavioral/conservative approaches of health promotion because it demonizes sedentarism, blames its followers and supports its strategies in terms of behavioral changes as a way of reducing epidemiologic risks, in spite of social, economic and cultural determinants.
A patologiza o do sedentarismo The pathologization of sedentariness
Marcos Santos Ferreira,Luis David Castiel,Maria Helena Cabral de Almeida Cardoso
Saúde e Sociedade , 2012,
Abstract: A identifica o do sedentarismo como fator de risco para doen as cr nico-degenerativas influenciou significativamente nas recomenda es de saúde pública em defesa de estilos de vida fisicamente ativos. O artigo estuda o processo de patologiza o do sedentarismo e seus desdobramentos para o campo da saúde pública. Num primeiro momento, discutimos de que maneira o modelo biomédico serve de base para a transposi o de aspectos da conduta humana como "fator de risco" e, a seguir, como patologia, tal qual no caso específico da "Síndrome da Morte Sedentária", assim classificada por alguns autores. Em seguida, analisamos como essa vis o vem sendo difundida no campo da saúde, tomando por base um programa institucional que, ao mesmo tempo em que transforma o sedentarismo em doen a, apresenta a atividade física como um remédio cujos resultados podem se estender a todas as esferas da vida. Nessa linha de raciocínio, em que os mal-estares de nossa civiliza o s o medicalizados e tornados mercadoria ao serem transformados em riscos e patologias, a atividade física torna-se vacina para o corpo social. The identification of physical inactivity as a risk factor for chronic degenerative diseases has significantly influenced public health recommendations in support of physically active lifestyles. This study analyzes the pathologization of sedentariness and its implications in the public health field. First we discuss how the biomedical model serves as a basis to transform aspects of human behavior into 'risk factors' and subsequently into pathologies such as the 'Sedentary Death Syndrome', as some authors classify it. Second, we analyze how this view is being spread in the health field; our analysis is based on an institutional program which transforms sedentariness into illness while presents physical activity as a medicine whose results can reach all aspects of life. According to this rationale, in which the discomforts of our civilization are medicalized and made into commodities as they are transformed into risks and pathologies, physical activity becomes a vaccine to be applied to the social body.
Heterogeneidade de resposta por IFN-γ a cepas clínicas de Mycobacterium tuberculosis em humanos
Cabral, Vinícius Ribeiro;Souza, Cláudia Ferreira de;Guimar?es, Fernanda Luiza Pedrosa;Saad, Maria Helena Feres;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132010000400016
Abstract: mycobacterium tuberculosis is one of the most successful human pathogens. highly virulent strains, which are more easily transmitted than are less virulent strains, elicit variable immune responses. we evaluated the th1 responses (ifn-γ production) in healthy volunteers after stimulation with various strains. our results show that the individuals with negative tuberculin skin test (tst) results were not necessarily naive to all of the strains tested, whereas individuals with positive tst results did not respond to all of the strains tested. drug-resistant strains induced a lower mean level of ifn-γ production than did drug-sensitive strains. one possible practical application of this finding would be for the prediction of responses to treatment, in which it might be advantageous to have knowledge of the estimated ifn-γ production elicited by a specific isolated strain.
Minera??o de dados e características da mortalidade infantil
Vianna, Rossana Cristina Xavier Ferreira;Moro, Claudia Maria Cabral de Barra;Moysés, Samuel Jorge;Carvalho, Deborah;Nievola, Julio Cesar;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2010000300011
Abstract: this study aims to identify patterns in maternal and fetal characteristics in the prediction of infant mortality by incorporating innovative techniques like data mining, with proven relevance for public health. a database was developed with infant deaths from 2000 to 2004 analyzed by the committees for the prevention of infant mortality, based on integration of the information system on live births (sinasc), mortality information system, and investigation of infant mortality in the state of paraná. the data mining software was weka (open source). the data mining conducts a database search and provides rules to be analyzed to transform the data into useful information. after mining, 4,230 rules were selected: teenage pregnancy plus birth weight < 2,500g, or post-term birth plus teenage mother with a previous child or intercurrent conditions increase the risk of neonatal death. the results highlight the need for greater attention to teenage mothers, newborns with birth weight < 2,500g, post-term neonates, and infants of mothers with intercurrent conditions, thus corroborating other studies.
An analysis of prehospital care for victims of accidents and violence in Recife, Brazil
Lima,Maria Luiza Carvalho de; Souza,Edinilsa Ramos de; Deslandes,Suely Ferreira; Kelly,Alice; Cabral,Amanda Priscila de Santana;
Revista de Salud Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0124-00642010000100003
Abstract: objectives this study was aimed at carrying out a situational diagnosis of the prehospital healthcare network for victims of accidents and violence in recife, brazil. methods national policy for reducing accident- and violence-related morbidity and mortality was used as reference. questionnaires were applied and half-structured interviews conducted with managers and healthworkers from thirteen prehospital fixed units and one mobile unit. results children, adolescents and females predominantly sought attention; there were few preventative actions, little social coverage and deficient referral, counterreferral and communication with other sectors. a lack of equipment and basic materials, insufficient multidisciplinary teams and the need for ongoing training were also observed. notifying and recording accidents and violence also lacked precision; ensuring that these were done properly would allow track to be kept of them as well as developing a proper assessment and action plan. however, important state, city and academic initiatives towards preventing and reducing morbidity and mortality caused by accidents and violence in particular municipalities were identified. conclusions taking national policy for reducing accident- and violence-related morbidity and mortality as a point of reference, then it can be seen that some advances have been made in the city of recife; however, many shortcomings can still be seen in terms of introducing such policy.
Aedes aegypti e fauna associada em área rural de Manaus, na Amaz?nia brasileira
Barbosa, Maria Gra?as Vale;Fé, Nelson Ferreira;Jesus, Rossicleide Dias Barbosa de;Rodriguez, Iria Cabral;Monteiro, Wuelton Marcelo;Mour?o, Maria Paula Gomes;Guerra, Jorge Augusto de Oliveira;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822009000200025
Abstract: after detecting aedes aegypti larvae in the rural zone of manaus, entomological surveillance was carried out over two consecutive years in order to notify occurrences of this species in that area. the tool of entomological surveillance has an important role among the preventive measures against diseases transmitted by insects, particularly arbovirosis.
Antropometria e somatotipo: fatores determinantes na sele??o de atletas no voleibol brasileiro
Cabral, Breno Guilherme de Araujo T.;Cabral, Suzet de Araujo Tin?co;Toledo, Isabella Vianna R. G.;Dantas, Paulo Moreira Silva;Miranda, Hênio Ferreira de;Knakcfuss, Maria Irany;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências do Esporte , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-32892011000300014
Abstract: objective: analyze the anthropometry and somatotype of brazilian volleyball athletes. methods: the sample was composed of 54 athletes convened for the national selections, 16 of the adult (25.6 ± 5, 3anos), 17 of juvenile (17.89 ± 0,32anos) and 21 under 17 (15.86 ± 0, 36anos). heath and carter somatotype method was used to collect somatotype. the statistical treatment used was descriptive with values of central tendency and derivates and the inferential anova one-way and post hoc of tukey. the spatial distance between the somatotypes (des) was used to calculate the somatotype. results: the height variable wasn't different between the selections, however, this difference is evident between the positions of the game. the somatotype of under 17 selection was different from the others.the adult selection was classified as ectomorphic-mesomorph (2.24 / 3,16 / 3.58), the juvenile as central (3.12 / 3.40 / 3.30) and under 17 as ecto-endomorphic (3.07 /2.25 / 3.81). conclusion: the height and linearity are important variables in the selecions of athletes for high performance.
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