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Distributional patterns in Brazilian Serjania (Sapindaceae)
Acevedo-Rodriguez, Pedro;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1990, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061990000100005
Abstract: the present paper analyzes the distribution of serjania in brazil, by comparing and contrasting the species occuring in three major phytogeographic regions: the atlantic coast, the planalto, and the amazon basin. the atlantic coast region has the highest percent (70%) of species endemic to the area, and shares many species with the planalto region. the planalto region shares most of its species with the atlantic coast and the neighboring countries, but still has a 33% of endemic species to the area. the amazon basin has only a 4% of species endemic to the area, with most of the reminder species widely distributed through-out the area.
Cocaine inhibition of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors influences dopamine release
Alexandra Acevedo-Rodriguez,Mariella De Biasi,John A. Dani
Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fnsyn.2014.00019
Abstract: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) potently regulate dopamine (DA) release in the striatum and alter cocaine's ability to reinforce behaviors. Since cocaine is a weak nAChR inhibitor, we hypothesized that cocaine may alter DA release by inhibiting the nAChRs in DA terminals in the striatum and thus contribute to cocaine's reinforcing properties primarily associated with the inhibition of DA transporters. We found that biologically relevant concentrations of cocaine can mildly inhibit nAChR-mediated currents in midbrain DA neurons and consequently alter DA release in the dorsal and ventral striatum. At very high concentrations, cocaine also inhibits voltage-gated Na channels in DA neurons. Furthermore, our results show that partial inhibition of nAChRs by cocaine reduces evoked DA release. This diminution of DA release via nAChR inhibition more strongly influences release evoked at low or tonic stimulation frequencies than at higher (phasic) stimulation frequencies, particularly in the dorsolateral striatum. This cocaine-induced shift favoring phasic DA release may contribute to the enhanced saliency and motivational value of cocaine-associated memories and behaviors.
Allograft Survival without Immunosuppression in Landrace Pigs after 90 Days  [PDF]
Rafael Valdés-Gonzalez, Arturo Mundo Acevedo, Ana L. Rodriguez-Ventura, Pedro Valencia Mayoral
Open Journal of Organ Transplant Surgery (OJOTS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojots.2013.34012
Abstract: Allotransplantation is helpful in order to maintain the life in some cases, but immunosuppression causes collateral effects. In this study, we were reporting the results of allografts in Landrace pigs, which were implanted on collagen-generator devices. After 2 weeks of implantation, the devices were carried out to assess allograft viability at 30, 60 and 90 days post implant. The implanted cells were islets of Langerhans and the aim was to prove their presence by immunohistochemistry for insulin and glucagon. The results were positive at 30, 60 and 90 days post implant. It demonstrated that the collagen-generator device permits the cell viability without using anti-rejected drugs or immunomodulating cells.
Biotecnología en el Sector Agropecuario y Agroindustrial , 2012,
Abstract: abstract the suero coste?o made of ratio combinations 30:70 and 40:60 with lactobacillus paracasei: lactococcus lactis could be used as starter culture because the syneresis is low, and viability is improve and there′s no significantly differences in sensorial analysis using the artisanal whey. the quality, safety and acceptability of traditional suero coste?o may be significantly improved through the use of starter cultures.
Biotecnología en el Sector Agropecuario y Agroindustrial , 2012,
Abstract: RESUMEN El suero coste o elaborado utilizando como cultivos iniciadores las combinaciones 30:70 y 40:60 de Lactobacillus paracasei: Lactococcus lactis, presentaron la menor sinéresis y la mayor viabilidad, además no existen diferencias significativas en el análisis sensorial con el producto artesanal, por lo cual pueden ser utilizadas como cultivos iniciadores para elaborar Suero Coste o a nivel industrial. RESUMO O soro costenho elaborado usando como fermentos combina es 30:70 e 40:60 de Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactococcus lactis, teve a menor sinérese e mais viávilidade, existem também diferen as significativas na análise sensorial com o produto artesanal, assim pode ser usado como fermentos para o desenvolvimento de toda a indústria de soro Costenho. ABSTRACT The suero coste o made of ratio combinations 30:70 and 40:60 with Lactobacillus paracasei: Lactococcus lactis could be used as starter culture because the syneresis is low, and viability is improve and there′s no significantly differences in sensorial analysis using the artisanal whey. The quality, safety and acceptability of traditional suero coste o may be significantly improved through the use of starter cultures.
The HLP mutation confers enhanced resistance to leafrust in different wheat genetic backgrounds  [PDF]
Cristina Andrea Kamlofski, Alberto Acevedo
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/as.2010.12008
Abstract: In several plant species, lesionmimic mutants simulate the diseaseresistance response in the absence of pathogens. Interestingly, some of these mutants confer broadspectrum resistance to diverse pathogens. We previously demonstrated that the HLP (hypersensitivelike phenotype) mutant of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) exhibited spontaneous hypersensitive response (HR) in the absence of any pathogen input. However, when HLP plants showing HR phenotype were challenged with leafrust (Puccinia triticina) they were more resistant than plants of the motherline of comparable developmental stage that did not show spontaneous HR, suggesting that the HLP mutation may confer enhanced resistance to the fungus. In this paper we validate the aforementioned finding in several wheat genetic backgrounds. Two way crosses were performed among the HLP mutant and eight wheat commercial stocks, and third backcross progenies with and without spontaneous HR were challenged with leafrust to investigate the response to the fungus. Backcrosses to cv. Sinvalocho M.A., the mother line, and cv. Purplestraw, highly susceptible to leafrust attack, were used as controls. Third backcross progenies of cvs. Sinvalocho M.A., Purplestraw, Buck Guaraní and Pro INTA Imperial bearing spontaneous HR phenotype were more resistant to the fungal pathogen than third backcross progenies that did not carry the HLP mutation. Other four wheat stocks were as healthy as the HLP mutant. As expected, backcross to the motherline demonstrated that the HLP mutation conferred an additional resistance to the already healthy performance displayed by the motherline at adult plant stage. The introgression of the HLP mutation conferred heigh tened leafrust resistance and caused no kernel weight reduction on the backcrossed progenies. Taken together, these data validate the direct use of this type of mutations in diseaseresis tance breeding.
Technological Perspectives in Phylogeny Research: Revisiting Comparative Analysis of Complete Mitochondrial Genomes for Time-Extended Lineages  [PDF]
Tommy Rodriguez
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2014.55057

This article seeks to emphasize a simplified approach to phylogeny research using complete mitochondrial genomes alone, while touching upon a number of technological perspectives, such as algorithmic selection, which can help improve accuracy and performance in comparative analysis. My results will show that reliable estimations can be obtained by using mitochondrial markers, even among time-extended taxonomical rankings. Six distinct mammalian groups of taxa were selected for comparison. In all cases, mtDNA models generated reliable phylogeny approximations when compared against other independent data, while rendering exceptional computational performance.

The use of reactors in biomining processes
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology , 2000,
Abstract: microbial processes applied to mining operations are gaining increasing interest in the last years. potential and current applications include the mining of gold, copper and other heavy metals, desulfurization of coal and oil, tertiary recovery of oil and biosorption of metal ions. currently, bacterial leaching of copper and biooxidation of refractory gold concentrates are well-established large-scale processes that are carried on using heaps and tank reactors. heap operation is simple and adequate to handle large volumes of minerals, but their productivity and yields are limited because of the severe difficulties in exerting an adequate process control. on the other hand, reactors can economically handle moderate volumes of material, but they allow for a close control of the variables involved, rendering significantly better performances. this paper reviews the basis of reactor selection and design for bioleaching processes. special attention is given to the influence of oxygen and carbon dioxide mass transfer, process stoichiometry, solids suspension and slurry homogeneity, and the use of bioreactors in gold mining. it is concluded that the future of reactors in biomining is promising and that new applications, such as the bioleaching of copper concentrates, will soon be a reality.
Present and future of bioleaching in developing countries
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology , 2002,
Abstract: nowadays bioleaching occupies an increasingly important place among the available mining technologies. today bioleaching is no longer a promising technology but an actual economical alternative for treating specific mineral ores. an important number of the current large-scale bioleaching operations are located in developing countries. this situation is determined by the fact that several developing countries have significant mineral reserves and by the characteristics of bioleaching that makes this technique especially suitable for these countries because of its simplicity and low capital cost requirement. the current situation of commercial-size bioleaching operations and ongoing projects in developing countries is presented and discussed with especial reference to copper and gold mining. it is concluded that this technology can significantly contribute to the economic and social development of these countries.
Acuerdos Comunes de Validez: Diálogo entre la Metodología Cuantitativa y Cualitativa
Cinta de moebio , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-554X2011000300004
Abstract: this article is divided into three sections. first, we define the state of physical science and logical positivism, concluding the transit of both towards constructivism. second, we outlined the piaget constructivism. third, with the intention of developing an example of this confluence in social sciences, we argue that few criteria of qualitative methodology validity are completely complementary to those contained in the statistics (paradigmatic technique used for quantitative analysis).
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