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Etiological Profile of Patients Presenting with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Ibb Governorate-Yemen  [PDF]
Abdulgafoor Kassim, Khalid Al-Qubaty, Ramea Alathwary, Sana Ameen
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104683
Objectives: To investigate the causes of lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB) in Yemeni patients and to compare our results with the results of other studies. Design: Prospective study of patients with overt LGIB during the period from April 2017 to March 2018. Setting: Specialized center of gastrointestinal and liver diseases in Ibb city, Yemen. Subjects & Method: Consecutive patients who presented or referred to our center with LGIB to whom lower GI endoscopy was performed. Results: During the study period, we had 122 patients with LGIB, 72 were males and 50 were females, with male:female ratio of 1.4:1 The age ranged between 5 and 82 years and the mean age was 45 ± 17.99 years. The clinical presentations of our patients included hematochezia in 72.1%, abdominal pain in 51.7%, diarrhea in 43.3%, pallor, and anemia in 40.2%, weight loss in 39.3%, constipation in 16.4%, bloody diarrhea in 16.4%, and melena in 5.7%. The most common colonoscopic findings were hemorrhoids in 36.7% followed by colon cancer in 19.7% and nonspecific colitis in 15.6%. Conclusion: Hemorrhoids and colon cancer were the most common causes of lower GI bleeding in our patients.
Clinicopathological Pattern of Gastric Cancer of Yemeni Patients in Ibb Governorate  [PDF]
Abdulgafoor Kassim, Mohammed Al-Qubaty, Fayed Al-Yousofy, Ramea Alathwary, Sana Ameen
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104415
Objectives: To study the clinicopathological pattern of gastric cancer in-cluding the location of the tumor in the stomach and to compare our results with other studies. Design: Prospective study of patients confirmed with gastric malignancy during the period from July 2016 to July 2017. Setting: Specialized center of gastrointestinal and liver diseases in Ibb city, Yemen. Subjects: All patients with histopathological confirmation of gastric malig-nancy. Results: During the study period, we had 69 patients with gastric cancer; among them 48 were males and 21 were females, with male: Female ratio is 2.2:1. The age ranged between 35 years and 90 years and the mean age was 65.87 ± 12.79 years. Most of the patients presented with epigastric pain (87%), weight loss (72.5%), pallor (65.2%), dysphagia (47.8%), vomiting (42%), palpable epigastric mass (20.3%) and hematemesis/melena (18.8%). The cardiofundal location was encountered in 33 cases (47.8% ), 22 (45.8%) males and 11 (52.4%) females, the corpus location in 24 cases (26%), 20 (41.7%) males and 4 (19%) females, the antral location in 8 cases (11.6%), 4 (8.3%) males and 4 (19%) females and the whole stomach in 4 cases (5.8%), 2 (4.2%) males and 2 (9.5%) females. Adenocarcinoma constituted about 94.2%, of which the intestinal type was 87.5% and the diffuse type was 12.5%. The non-epithelial tumor was encounter 4.3%, of which 2.9% were lymphoma and 1.4% were GIST. Conclusion: In our studied patients, proximally located gastric cancer was the most common in both sexes.
Clinical and Histopathological Characteristics of Gastric Adenocarcinoma in Yemeni Patients: A 2 Years Prospective Study  [PDF]
Abdulgafoor Kassim, Saeed Thabet, Sadik Al-Fakih, Mohammed Alqobaty, Ramea Alathwary, Sana Ameen
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105075
Objectives: To study the clinical and the histopathological characteristics of gastric cancer concentrating more on the gastric adenocarcinoma. Design: Prospective study of one hundred thirty Yemeni patients confirmed with gastric malignancies during the period from July 2016 to July 2017. Setting: Specialized center of gastrointestinal and liver diseases in Ibb city, Yemen. Subjects: All patients with histopathologically proved gastric cancer. Results: We collect 130 patients with gastric cancer during the study period, they were 93 males and 37 females with age ranged between 25 years and 100 years and the mean age was 64.98 ± 15.15 years. The most frequent clinical presentations of our patients were epigastric pain (81.5%), weight loss (74.6%), dysphagia (46.9%), vomiting (49.2%), palpable epigastric mass (19.2%) and hematemesis/melena (20%). Proximally located gastric cancer represented 46.1%; 48.9% of males patients and 38.9% of females patients. Adenocarcinoma constituted 92.4%, of which the intestinal type was 82.5% and the diffuse type was 17.5%. Squamous cancer accounted in 1.5%, and the non-epithelial tumor was in 6.1%, of which 4.6% were lymphoma and 1.5% were GIST. Conclusion: Adenocarcinomas are the major histological type of gastric cancer and represent 92.4% of all gastric malignancies in which intestinal type represented 82.5% and diffuse type represented 17.5%, and proximally located gastric cancer within stomach was the commonest in both sexes.
Disparity between Ideals and Reality in Curriculum Construction: The Case of the Lebanese English Language Curriculum  [PDF]
Kassim Ali Shaaban
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.412A2005
Abstract: This paper describes the disparity between the principles, guidelines, suggested themes, organization, methodology, classroom activities, and assessment outlined in the thematic, content-based English language curriculum adopted by the Lebanese government in 1997 and the classroom realities and other contextual factors that have hampered its proper implementation. The paper shows that the curriculum is designed in line with international ESL/EFL standards as it has clear goals, objectives, and performance indicators as well as sound perspectives on instruction, material selection and adaptation, and evaluation guidelines. These perspectives are based on widely accepted theoretical views in language acquisition and best practices in English language education. However, the content-based curriculum normally demands a high level of language proficiency and content and pedagogical knowledge from teachers, and it is highly dependent on the availability of adequate resources and ongoing professional development programs. The educational context in Lebanon still suffers the effects of the 1975-1990 civil war in these areas, which has made the implementation fraught with all sorts of problems.
Engineering, Project, and Production Management: Lessons
Kassim Gidado
Journal of Engineering, Project, and Production Management , 2013,
Abstract: This Journal always faces the challenge of bringing together the three disciplines in a common pool of management research. This edition provides at least a paper in each of the disciplines. Although each paper has a clearly defined focus in a specific discipline, the contribution of knowledge by each seems relevant to all three disciplines. This reinforces the need to further integrate the managerial aspects of the three disciplines for mutual benefits.
Pelaksanaan undang undang kangcu dalamkegiatan pertanian komersial di Negeri Johor
Kassim bin Thukiman
Jurnal Kemanusiaan , 2005,
Abstract: Pembangunan sesebuah negeri mempunyai kaitan yang rapat dengan kegiatan ekonomi. Kegiatan ekonomi berasaskan pertanian banyak menyumbang kepada pembangunan ekonomi di negeri Johor. Fenomena ini telah berlaku sebelum kedatangan British lagi. Apa yang menarik ialah pelaksanaan kegiatan ekonomi pertanian secara komersial berjalan secara sistematik berdasarkan pelaksanaan peraturan dan undang-undang. Sehubungan dengan itu, artikal ini berusaha untuk menelusuri pengenalan undang-undang yang dijalankan di negeri Johor sejak tahun 1844. Jelasnya, Johor bukan sahaja terkenal sebagai pusat pembangunan ekonomi, tetapi mempunyai kekuatan tersendiri dalam mengasaskan undang-undang. membangunkan sistem pentadbiran dan mengekploitasi kesuburan muka buminya. Sebab itulah Sultan (Maharaja) Abu Bakar telah dinobatkan sebagai Bapa Johor Moden.
Perancangan dan pengurusan strategik organisasi : Suatu analisis
Kassim b. Thukiman
Jurnal Kemanusiaan , 2003,
Abstract: Bidang pengurusan kini semakin penting dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat dan berorganisasi.Justeru itu,makalah ini cuba memuatkan perkara-perkara asas berkaitan perancangan dan pengurusan strategik. Ia juga mengandungi model dan rajah sebagai panduan pembaca untuk mendalami bidang yang berkaitan. Suatu aspek yang diketengahkan dalam makalah ini ialah keupayaan sesebuah organisasi untuk terus berkembang dan membangun. Sesebuah organisasi yang ingin maju perlu mempunyai kelebihan dalam persaingan. Sesungguhnya pembangunan sesebuah organisasi amat bergantung kepada keupayaan pihak pengurusan organisasi untuk merancang dan mengurus secara strategik organisasi yang dipimpinnya. Dengan mengambil contoh Perbadanan Johor sebagai sebuah organisasi awam, kini semakin berkembang maju menjadi organisasi korporat yang berjaya.
A comparative study between friction stir welding and metal inert gas welding of 2024-t4 aluminum alloy
Haitham Kassim Mohammed
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, the mechanical properties of welded joints of 2024-T4 aluminum alloy obtained using friction stir welding (FSW) with four rotation speed (450,560,710 and 900 rpm) and conventional metal inert gas welding (MIG) are studied. FSW welds were carried out on a milling machine. The performance of FSW and MIG welded joints were identified using tensile, hardness, and microstructure. Properties FSW and MIG processes were also compared with each other to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the processes for welding applications of the Al alloy. Better tensile strength was obtained with FSW welded joints. The width of the heat affected zone of FSW was narrower than MIG welded joints. The results show that FSW improves the mechanical properties of welded joints.
Principal Component Analysis in Modelling Stock Market Returns
Kassim Haron,Maiyastri
Matematika , 2004,
Abstract: In this study, an alternative method to compare the performance of several GARCH models in fitting the KLCI daily rate of return series before and after the Asian financial crisis in 1997 using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is sought. Comparison is then made with the results obtained from a known method based on the ranks of the Log Likelihood (Log L), Schwarzs Bayesian Criterion (SBC) and the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) values. It is found that the best and the worst fit models identified by both methods are exactly the same for the two periods but some degree of disagreement, however, existed between the intermediate models. We also find that the proposed method has a clear edge over its rival because PCA uses actual values of the three criteria and hence the inability to exactly specify the relative position of each of the competing models as faced by the ranking method may be avoided. Another plus point is this method also enables models to be classified into several distinct groups ordered in such a way that each group is made up of models with nearly the same level of fitting ability. The two extreme classes of models are identified to represent the best and the worst groups respectively.
Robustness of D-optimal Design to Prior Parameter Estimates
Kassim Bin Haron
Matematika , 2002,
Abstract: This paper discusses the effect of errors in prior estimates on the efficiency of the D-optimal design used for estimating the parameters of a nonlinear regression model. The performance of the local D-optimal designs produced are evaluated by comparing their respective efficiencies of estimation, E(%). It was discovered that the D-optimal design is exceptionally robust to a wide range of initial parameter values and that over-estimating the parameters would consistenly produce a more efficient design than under-estimating them by the same quantum.

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