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Predictive congestion control mechanism for MANET
S. Subburam,P. Sheik Abdul Khader
Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: In adhoc networks connection failure between source and destination often occurs, due to mobility of nodes. After every failure the connection between source and destination gets disconnected.The problem is while sending data packets from source to destination, there is a possibility of occurring congestion at any node incurring high packet loss and long delay, which cause the performance degradation of a network. This paper presents predictive congestion control routing protocol for wireless Ad-hoc networks called as PCCAODV. Unlike traditional AODV, predictive congestion index of a node as the ratio of current queue occupancy over total queue size at node level. Based on a congestion index, PCCAODV utilizes the upstream nodes and down stream nodes of a congested node and initiates route finding process Bi-directionally to find alternate noncongested path between them for transmitting data. Suppose that the process find more non congested multipaths and decides a finest single path for transmitting data. The protocol is implemented and simulated using Ns-2 simulator. Performance comparisons of the proposed PCCAODV protocol against AODV is presented and shown that the proposed algorithm performs well.
Efficient Data Replication and Consistency Maintenance Scheme for MANETs
N. Sabiyath Fatima,P. Sheik Abdul Khader
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Now-a-days many challenges are encountered in the deployment of caching in an ad-hoc network. The traditional data caching and path caching techniques do not produce good results because of node mobility. If a new route is found and if its cache is full, then it must look for another route even if it is valid, hence a powerful replacement technique is necessary. Even if a node has utmost memory to cache information about all other nodes, it may become invalid in a short period of time due to its mobility. To eliminate the above problems, effective replacement schemes are provided along with an efficient caching technique. The main objective of this study was to upgrade the caching efficiency in a mobile network environment. The cache has been made consistent and efficient. Cache memory must contain reliable data. This study proposed a Complete Cache Management (CCM) scheme which includes enhancing the cache efficiency, data replication and cache replacement. The contribution of the work is twofold. First, it provides efficient path caching by making use of Path Prefetching (PPF) algorithm. Secondly, it provides better cache consistency by Hit Count (HC) based cache replacement scheme. Simulations are conducted using ns-2 to study the performance of the system in terms of average delay and hit ratio and finally it is compared with the performance of other caching schemes for MANETs.
Survey On Fault Tolerance In Grid Computing
P. Latchoumy,P. Sheik Abdul Khader
International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey , 2011,
Abstract: Grid computing is defined as a hardware and software infrastructure that enables coordinatedresource sharing within dynamic organizations. In grid computing, the probability of a failure is muchgreater than in traditional parallel computing. Therefore, the fault tolerance is an important property inorder to achieve reliability, availability and QOS. In this paper, we give a survey on various faulttolerance techniques, fault management in different systems and related issues. A fault tolerance servicedeals with various types of resource failures, which include process failure, processor failure and networkfailures. This survey provides the related research results about fault tolerance in distinct functional areasof grid infrastructure and also gave the future directions about fault tolerance techniques, and it is a goodreference for researcher.
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Image compression is applied to many fields such as television broadcasting, remote sensing, image storage etc. Digitized images are compressed by a technique which exploits the redundancy of the images so that the number of bits required to represent the image can be reduced with acceptable degradation of the decoded image. The degradation of the image quality is limited wrt. the application used. There are various application where accuracy is of major concern. To achieve the objective of performance improvement with respect to decoded picture quality and compression ratios, compared to existing image compression techniques, a image compression technique using hybrid neural networks combining two different learning networks called Autoassociative multi-layer perceptron and self-organizing feature map is proposed.
Predictors of Metabolic Syndrome among Employees: A Study from Jordan  [PDF]
Bayan Ahmad Obeidat, Eslam Khaled Alyyan Al-Shami, Khalid K. Abdul-Razzak, Yousef Saleh Khader
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2012.35091
Abstract: Background: Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a major health problem around the world including Jordan and it has received notable consideration from epidemiologists in the latest years. The objective of this study was to estimate MetS prevalence among employees and its associated factors including socio-demographic, lifestyle, and dietary. Methods: A total of 491 employees (344 men and 147 women aged 20 - 65 years) participated in this study. Data concerning fasting plasma glucose level, lipid profile, blood pressure, anthropometric measurements and 24-dietary recalls were obtained. Results: MetS prevalence was 36.3% (38.7% among men and 30.6% among women). Multiple logistic regression analysis results showed that the odds ratio of MetS was increased in older ages (OR: 3.0; 95% CI: 1.43 - 6.47; p < 0.01) and smokers (OR: 2.6; 95% CI: 2.58 - 4.22; p < 0.01). With elevation 1 unit in the body mass index (BMI), risk of MetS increased by 30% (95% CI: 22.9% - 38.4%; p < 0.01) and an increase1 mg/day in dietary iron intake, the risk of MetS increased 2.4% (95% CI: 0.07% - 4.3%; p < 0.01). Conclusions: MetS prevalence is considered to be high among Jordanian employees which highlights the urgent need to develop comprehensive national strategies for prevention and treatment of MetS.
One pot synthesis of 2-hydroxy pyrrolidine derivatives
Putta. P. Varma,Kittappa. M. Mahadevan,Abdul Khader,Vijaykumar Hulikal
Organic Communications , 2011,
Abstract: One pot reaction of various 2-amino-thiadiazoles or thiazoles and 2,3- dihydrofuran under mild condition in presence of CeCl 3.7H 2O as catalyst transformed the amino group of 2-amino-thiadiazoles or thiazoles into a medicinally important 2-hydroxy pyrrolidine ring system in good to excellent yields. The generality of the reaction was sufficiently investigated and demonstrated. The new reaction path way for this conversion was established by spectroscopic and analytical methods.
Query Suggestion Generation Methods for Mobile Phones
W. Aisha Banu,P. Sheik Abdul Khader,R. Shriram
Information Technology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: The Internet is a powerful vehicle of communication. It is widely used by billions of users in their daily activities. The large content of information on the web is essentially useless unless this wealth of information can be discovered and consumed by other users. This study, focuses on the problem of information retrieval through mobile phones. As the web becomes more and more accessible through mobile phones, there is a need for better mechanisms for access of the content. The key problem is that apart from the limitations of the domain such as small screen size, limited processing capability etc., there is a need for increasing the relevance of the content shown to the users. One of the causes of the non-relevant information being retrieved is the query ambiguity. The relevance of information retrieved can be improved by the use of query suggestions. The aim is to narrow down the scope of the query. This study focuses on a unique method for improving the quality of suggestions generated for the user queries from the web. The effect of the query suggestions on increasing the relevance of the user queries has been outlined. The results show considerable promise and can potential lead to significant further research in the domain.
Information Retrieval through Mobile Devices using Semantic Ontology
W. Aisha Banu,P. Sheik Abdul Khader,R. Shriram
Information Technology Journal , 2011,
Abstract: There has been a rapid growth in the number and volume of mobile devices. The growth rate of the mobile web usage has increased dramatically fuelled by the increasing availability and cheap cost. One of the promising areas of research is in improving the relevance of the results retrieved for search queries. Mobile web search has its own characteristics which is perhaps unique and in some ways different from search through computers. There is a need for fast, personal and effective information retrieval strategies. This study proposes a semantic ontology based approach for the information retrieval. The essential aspect of this study is to have a semantic fast snippet based re-ranking approach based on a powerful and vivid mobile ontology. The re-ranking process is carried out by the event control access system thus taking a step towards making the information retrieval system understand the information it processes. Experimental results validate the premise of this study. The overall design of the ontological system, re-ranking system and the reasoning mechanism is described in this study.
Water Requirement of Grape (Vitis vinifera) in the Northern Highlands of Yemen
Khader B. Atroosh,Abdul Wahed O. Mukred,Ahmed T. Moustafa
Journal of Agricultural Science , 2013, DOI: 10.5539/jas.v5n4p136
Abstract: Grape is a major fruit crop which occupies 33% of the total area of fruit cultivation in Yemen. Grape vines are cultivated under both irrigated and rainfed production systems. The irrigation practices in grape orchards are traditional with low efficiency due to high losses of water. In order to obtain rapid and reliable results, the comparison of five equations for calculation of evapotranspiration and obtaining the Kc values by utilizing actual evapotranspiration of grape became necessary. Crop water requirement of grape trees in Sawan, Bani Hushaish District in Sana'a Governorate was studied and two methods of irrigation were investigated for two years (2005-2006). The investigated irrigation methods were: bubbler (localized) irrigation and basin irrigation. Results indicated the significant superiority of bubbler irrigation over the basin irrigation. The actual water requirements reached 601 and 736 mm water depth respectively with application efficiency reaching 82.6% and 69.8% respectively. The irrigation water productivity of the bubbler irrigation was significant (3.8 kg/m3) while it was less under basin irrigation (1.8 kg/m3). Results indicated that the average crop coefficient throughout the growing season ranged from 0.42 in the case of using Ivanov equation and 0.75 in the case of Hargreaves. In addition to standard FAO Penman-Monteith equation, the Hargreaves and Blaney-Criddle are the best equations that can be used in determination of crop water requirements and irrigation scheduling of grapes. It was also observed that the highest crop coefficient was recorded in the months of May and June in all treatments.
Friendship Skills of Students with Learning Disabilities in Jordan from the Perspectives of Their Teachers and the Effect of Some Variables on It  [PDF]
Rodaina Khader Al Tarawneh
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.58011
Abstract: This study aimed to know the friendship skills of students with Learning Disabilities (LD) from the perspective of their teachers, and it aimed to investigate the effect of some variables on these skills. In order to achieve the aims of this study, checklist of friendship skills for students with LD was used to collect data about 300 students with LD (150 boys and 150 girls). The results indicated that about 69.3% - 70.7% from teachers of students with LD indicated that the students with LD have few friends or no friends. Also it indicates that there are significant differences between students with LD in the friendship skills due to gender to favor boys. And there are no significant differences between students with LD in the friendship skills due to age and interaction between gender and age.
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