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The Closer Bridge towards Islamic Studies in Higher Education in Malaysia and Indonesia  [PDF]
Abd. Rachman Assegaf, Abd. Razak Bin Zakaria, Abdul Muhsein Sulaiman
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.326149
Abstract: The transformations of Islamic higher education in Indonesia have occurred since the establishment of STI to PTAIN, then IAIN and UIN. It has tremendous impact on the implementation of models of Islamic studies. At early stage of development, Islamic higher education in this country tends to follow a normative-idealistic approach of Islamic studies due to the huge influences of many Middle Eastern graduates. However, changes of Islamic studies approach come to exist when the Western graduates bring non-scriptualistic methodologies and multidisciplinary approach in Islamic studies. If compared to Malaysia, the two poles of Eastern or Western and Islamic or non-Islamic higher education types have been integrated with the paradigm of Islamization of knowledge. Recent development indicates that Malaysian and Indonesian universities have intensified their mutual cooperation through U to U or G to G Memorandum of Understanding. There are several ways of encounters, namely teacher (or lecturer) and student exchanges, literature line, bilateral cooperation, and informal factors. With the closer link between the two people of these countries, the bonds between Islamic studies connecting the two countries have become closer.
Identification of Soil Salinity Due to Seawater Intrusion on Rice Field in the Northern Coast of Indramayu, West Java
Deddy Erfandi,Achmad Rachman
Jurnal Tanah Tropika , 2011,
Abstract: The rice fields in Indramayu district is 55% of the district area. The average rainfall is 1590 mm per year. Most lands on the North Coast of Java (northern) were potentially affected by sea water intrusion. Extensive observations were 102.321 ha. Field observations were done by survey method. Observations had been conducted on rice fields Pantura, Indramayu, West Java. Soil salinity was measured by using the electromagnetic conductivity meter (EM-38). The results revealed that area had very high salinity which was 22.57%, closest to the beach Indramayu. In the South Region, soil salinity was lower, in accordance with the distance from the coastline. Some areas had a low, medium, and high salinity status in which 58.41%, 8.54% and 10.49%, respectively. Much of the research area had very high Sodium (Na) and ECe (0 - 30 cm) was between 1.37 to 16.38 dS m-1, while the ECe (30 - 70 cm) was between 1.11 to 17.40 dS m-1. This research was expected to assist in the agricultural development planning, especially in wetlands which have been affected by the intrusion of sea water (salinity). Planning for the implementation of the development of rice varieties that are sensitive to high and very high salinity. Planning and improvement of irrigation networks as sources of clean water for washing the salts or pushing salt water into the sea.
A New Method for Modeling Bottom Shear Stress under Irregular Waves
Taufiqur Rachman,,Suntoyo Suntoyo
IPTEK : The Journal for Technology and Science , 2011, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12962/j20882033.v22i2.60
Abstract: The bottom shear stress estimation is the most important step to device an input to all the practical sediment transport models. In this paper, the modeling of bottom shear stress in a rough turbulent bottom boundary layer under irregular waves of experimental result is examined by a new calculation method of bottom shear stress based on incorporating velocity and acceleration terms simultaneously. A new acceleration coefficient is proposed to formulate the bottom shear stress under irregular waves. The new formula is further examined with a basic harmonic wave cycle modified with the phase difference and square of the instantaneous friction velocity incorporating the acceleration effect as proposed by the previous researchers. The new method gave the smallest the RMSE value indicating that the new method has the best agreement with the bottom shear stress of experimental results. Therefore, it can effectively be utilized in a beach evolution model by combining it with the irregular wave transformation model.
Village Administration in Indonesia: A Socio-Political Corporation Formed by State  [PDF]
Chanif Nurcholis, Sri Wahyu Krida Sakti, Ace Sriati Rachman
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2019.92021
Abstract: Village government is the lowest level administration in Indonesia. It is formed by law. However, a village head is not a government official and also village employees are not civil servants. The Village Government has authority to administer government affairs; nevertheless, the central government doesn’t decentralize the government affairs to the Village. The organizational structure is like a municipal, consisting of a mayor and council; yet the mayor is not chief of local bureaucrats and the council is just a voluntary board that func-tions like a council. Such a fact is problematic, which raises the question re-garding the legal status of village in the administration of the Republic of In-donesia. The study used a post-positivistic approach with a qualitative meth-od. Jabon Mekar village, Bogor Regenstschap (Municipal), Banten Province was chosen as the locus of the study. The results conclude that the village administration is a pseudo local self-government. To that end, a village institution needs to become a public organization to comply with the Indonesia Constitution of 1945, in order to provide public services that would prosper the people.
Penyusunan Basis Data Modul Penyerap Impak Internal Inversion
Rachman Setiawan,Delima Yanti Sari
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2010,
Abstract: The use of impact energy absorbing modules is an alternative approach to the application of crashworthiness technology. Comprehensive research of the characteristic of modules through experimental method is very expensive. Alternatively, computer simulation using finite element method can be used. Design process using iterative optimization with finite element method for function evaluation, normally requires high computational cost. Therefore, knowledge based design methodology is proposed in order to perform an efficient optimization process as well as to avoid numerical problems. In this research, knowledge based design is carried out on impact energy absorbing modules, internal inversion. The objectives of this research are to find out the effect of module dimension to its crashworthiness characteristic, to generate an accurate and comprehensive database of internal inversion characteristic and to propose and apply knowledge based design methodology of internal inversion. In this paper, generating process of internal inversion characteristics database is reported. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia; Penggunaan modul penyerap energi impak merupakan suatu alternatif dari aplikasi teknologi crashworthiness. Penelitian eksperimental yang komprehensif terhadap karakteristik modul tersebut memerlukan biaya yang tinggi, sehingga simulasi komputer yang menggunakan metode elemen hingga menjadi pilihan alternatif. Penggunaan metode elemen hingga dalam proses perancangan melalui optimasi iteratif, biasanya membutuhkan waktu komputasi yang cukup lama. Oleh karena itu, proses perancangan berbasis data (knowledge based design) perlu disusun sehingga proses optimasi rancangan dapat dilakukan secara efisien dan tidak menimbulkan permasalahan numerik. Dalam penelitian ini, perancangan berbasis data dilakukan pada modul penyerap impak mekanisme internal inversion dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh dimensi modul terhadap karakteristik crashworthiness-nya, menyusun basis data karakteristik modul yang akurat dan komprehensif, serta menyusun dan menerapkan metodologi perancangan optimum modul berdasarkan basis data. Dalam makalah ini akan dipaparkan proses penyusunan basis data modul penyerap impak internal inversion. Kata kunci: Crashworthiness, internal inversion, erancangan berbasis data.
Biodiesel’s characteristics preparation from palm oil
Tilani Hamid S.,Rachman Yusuf
Makara Seri Teknologi , 2002,
Abstract: Using vegetable oils directly as an alternative diesel fuel has presented engine problems. The problems have been attributed to high viscosity of vegetable oil that causes the poor atomization of fuel in the injector system and pruduces uncomplete combustion. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the vegetable oil into ester (metil ester) by tranesterification process to decrease its viscosity. In this research has made biodiesel by reaction of palm oil and methanol using lye (NaOH) as catalyst with operation conditions: constant temperature at 60 oC in atmosferic pressure, palm oil : methanol volume ratio = 5 : 1, amount of NaOH used as catalyst = 3.5 gr, 4.5 gr, 5 gr and 5.5 gr and it takes about one hour time reaction. The ester (metil ester) produced are separatedfrom glycerin and washed until it takes normal pH (6-7) where more amount of catalyst used will decrease the ester (biodiesel) produced. The results show that biodiesels’ properties made by using 3.5 (M3.5) gr, 4.5 gr (M4.5) and 5 (M5.0) gr catalyst close to industrial diesel oil and the other (M5.5) closes to automotive diesel oil, while blending diesel oil with 20 % biodiesel (B20) is able to improve the diesel engine performances.
Reducing Unplanned Extubations in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Approach
Bonnie R. Rachman,Robin Watson,Norline Woods,Richard B. Mink
International Journal of Pediatrics , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/820495
Abstract: Objective. To prospectively determine the rate of unplanned extubations and contributing factors and determine whether a targeted intervention program would be successful in decreasing the rate of unplanned extubations. Design. Prospective, observational study. Setting. A 10-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Patients. All intubated pediatric patients during two time periods: September 1, 2000–March 31, 2001 and November 1, 2001–April 30, 2002. Interventions. After determining the rate and causes of unplanned extubation, a program was developed consisting of education and a formalized endotracheal tube taping policy. Data were then collected after implementation of the program. Measurements and Main Results. Prior to the implementation of the program, there were 10 (14.7%) unplanned extubations for a rate of 6.4 unplanned extubations per 100 ventilated days. Of the ten unplanned extubations, reintubation was required in 2 (20%). Inadequate sedation, poor taping, and improper position of the endotracheal tube were the items most frequently cited as causing an unplanned extubation. Following the program, there were two (3.4%) unplanned extubations for 1.0 unplanned extubations per 100 ventilated days. Neither patient required reintubation. There were no significant differences (>.05) in age, weight, endotracheal tube size, or duration of intubation in the two time periods. However, there was a significant decrease in both the number (=.03) and the rate (=.04) of unplanned extubations after the implementation of the quality improvement program. Conclusions. The rate of unplanned extubation in a PICU can be decreased with a quality improvement program that targets the institution's specific needs.
Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Bottom Boundary Layer over Rough Bed under Irregular Waves
Taufiqur Rachman,Suntoyo,Kriyo Sambodho,Haryo Dwito Armono
IPTEK : The Journal for Technology and Science , 2011, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12962/j20882033.v22i4.75
Abstract: A numerical model of turbulent bottom boundary layer over rough bed under irregular waves is reviewed. The turbulence model is based upon Shear Stress Transport (SST) k- model. The non-linear governing equations of the boundary layer for each turbulence models were solved by using a Crank-Nicolson type implicit finite-difference scheme. Typical the main velocity distribution, turbulence kinetic energy and time series of the bottom shear stress are presented. These results are shown to be in generally good agreement with experimental result. The roughness effects in the properties of turbulent bottom boundary layer for irregular waves are also presented with several values of the roughness parameter (am/ks) from am/ks=5 to am/ks=3122. The roughness effect tends to decrease the main velocity distribution and to increase the turbulent kinetic energy in the inner boundary layer, whereas in the outer boundary layer, the roughness alters the mean velocity distribution and the kinetic energy turbulent is relatively unaffected. The effect of bed roughness on the bottom shear stress under irregular waves is found that the higher roughness elements increase the magnitude of bottom shear stress along wave cycle. And further, the bottom shear stress under irregular waves is examined with the existing calculation method and the newly proposed method.
Molecular Analysis of Immune-Escape Mutants of Hepatitis B Virus from Local Clinical Samples
Microbiology Indonesia , 2012, DOI: 10.5454/mi.6.1.2
Abstract: Small hepatitis B surface antigen (sHBsAg) is used as a component of hepatitis B vaccine. Even though this vaccine is known to be effective in preventing hepatitis B disease, natural mutation may induce Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) to form immune-escape mutant. This mutant is not only capable of infecting hepatitis B-vaccinated people, but also causing commercial diagnostic assay failure. Immune-escape mutant is generally detected from amino acid change at Major Hydrophilic Region (MHR) of sHBsAg while the change occurred outside the region may also lead to immune-escape mutant formation. This research was aimed to investigate the presence of HBV immune-escape mutants in local clinical samples in Indonesia. sHBsAg gene of seventeen HBV samples from local patients were amplified by polymerase chain reactions then subjected to two-directional sequencing. The DNA sequences later were analyzed by bioinformatics programs. Fifteen out of seventeen samples were genotype B and subtype adw2, while the other two were genotype C and subtype adrq+. Among fifteen genotype B samples, twelve of them were not immune-escape mutants, two were immune-escape mutants that have been previously reported (Gln129Arg and Met133Leu), and one was a mutant outside MHR that has not been previously reported as an immune-escape mutant (Tyr161Ser). Both samples of genotype C group were not immune-escape mutants. As conclusion, by investigating seventeen local clinical HBV samples, it was known that two of seventeen samples were confirmed as immune-escape mutants and one of seventeen samples was a mutant outside MHR.
Towards photometry pipeline of the Indonesian space surveillance system
R. Priyatikanto,B. Religia,A. Rachman,T. Dani
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1063/1.4930672
Abstract: Optical observation through sub-meter telescope equipped with CCD camera becomes alternative method for increasing orbital debris detection and surveillance. This observational mode is expected to eye medium-sized objects in higher orbits (e.g. MEO, GTO, GSO \& GEO), beyond the reach of usual radar system. However, such observation of fast-moving objects demands special treatment and analysis technique. In this study, we performed photometric analysis of the satellite track images photographed using rehabilitated Schmidt Bima Sakti telescope in Bosscha Observatory. The Hough transformation was implemented to automatically detect linear streak from the images. From this analysis and comparison to USSPACECOM catalog, two satellites were identified and associated with inactive Thuraya-3 satellite and Satcom-3 debris which are located at geostationary orbit. Further aperture photometry analysis revealed the periodicity of tumbling Satcom-3 debris. In the near future, it is not impossible to apply similar scheme to establish an analysis pipeline for optical space surveillance system hosted in Indonesia.
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