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Effect of Ethanol Composition in the Coagulation Bath on Membrane Performance
Nora`aini Ali,Nadzifah A. Rahim,Asmadi Ali,W. Sani
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: Ethanol, a coagulation medium, plays an important role in producing high performance asymmetric nanofiltration membrane. Thus, the effect of ethanol composition in coagulation bath on the performance, morphology and properties of Polyethersulfones (PES) flat sheet membrane was studied. The performances of the PES membrane were obtained from the Pure Water Flux (PWF) experiment and salt solution rejection experiment. The results showed that the permeability coefficient (Pm) in the pressure range of 0-10 bar for ET 0 (100% water), ET 50 (50% ethanol) and ET 100 (100% ethanol) were 11.971, 8.464 and 3.0823 (m3 m-2 sec MPa), respectively, which showed that: Pm ET 0 > Pm ET 50 > Pm ET 100. The rejection range follows as ET 0 < ET 50 < ET 100, which were 0-10, 0-18 and 0-20%, respectively. The morphology of membranes were vary from finger-like to sponge-like with the increase of ethanol composition in coagulation bath. This shows that higher ethanol composition may create thick membrane layer and cause the water fluxes to be declined, thus enhancing the membrane rejection. It was found that ET 50 was the optimum ethanol composition for its high rejection with moderate flux and thus suitable for industrial application.
Journal of Sustainability Science and Management , 2007,
Abstract: The Direct conversion of methane to liquid hydrocarbons either over metal catalyst or zeolite catalyst is so far not successful in achieving the methane conversion and liquid hydrocarbons selectivity within the economic range. The present research concern is directed towards modifying HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst with the oxidative element to produce an active bi-functional oxidative-acid catalyst. This modification method has shown an improvement in the catalytic activity and product selectivity. The HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst was modified by an acidic ion exchange method to produce the Ga-HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst. The effect of different reaction temperatures on the catalytic activity of Ga-HZSM-5 catalyst was studied. Direct oxidation of mixture of methane and oxygen over the catalyst was carried out in a micro packed bed reactor. The liquid and gas products were analyzed by gas chromatography. The optimum reaction temperature at GHSV of 6000 hr-1 was observed at 800oC in order to obtain the optimum output.
Equipping Undergraduate Students in University of Malaya with Sufficient Arabic Grammar Skillls
Anzaruddin Ahmad,Mohamad Zaid Mohd Zin,Ahamad Asmadi Sakat
The Social Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3923/sscience.2012.766.771
Abstract: Putting the blame on Arabic language incapability, as the main reason why most graduates from local universities in Malaysia are not well-versed in the Qur an and the Hadith, is not a new phenomenon. One of the factors why the graduates are not really Arabic literate is due to insufficient exposure to the language during their undergraduate studies. Most of them are the products of local universities where Arabic is not the full medium of instruction. However, not much has been done so far to rectify this handicap. The same syllabus that has been used for hundreds of years is still in practice. Thus, what the undergraduate students in local universities in Malaysia need now is a revised curriculum. For that purpose, this study discusses the role of Arabic grammar as an instrument for undergraduate students in University of Malaya (UM) to understand Islam in its fuller form. This study also tries to convince these students that there is no better way to improve their Quranic and Prophetic knowledge than through mastering the Arabic grammar itself. Only with that grammar skill, they will be able to accurately and profoundly understand the Qur'an and the Prophetic Hadith. However, the Arabic grammar, that is referred to, is the simplified version popularized by those involved in the Arabic grammar simplification movement. The question is why UM is chosen as the focus of the study. The main reason is that due to the university s standing as Malaysia s premier university, the quality of UM s graduates are always questioned/compared to its status as Malaysia s premier university. Although, other local universities have also been facing with the same dilemma but due to UM s status as Malaysia s premier university, it has always been the focus/benchmark.
Diah Sekar Ayu Asmadi Alsa Herlina Siwi Widiana
Abstract: Abstrak Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui ada atau tidaknya perbedaan sosialisasi antara siswa kelas akselerasi dan kelas regular. Subjek penelitian berjumlah 18 siswa dari kelas akselerasi dan 18 siswa dari kelas regular di Sekolah Menengah Pertama Muhammadiyah II Yogyakarta. Subjek dibagi dalam dua kelompok, yaitu kelompok eksperimen dan kelompok kontrol. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode eksperimental The Pretest-posttest Control Group Design, yaitu desain eksperimen yang dilakukan dengan jalan melakukan pengukuran atau observasi awal sebelum perlakuan diberikan (pretest ) dan setelah perlakuan ( posttest) pada kelompok eksperimen (siswa kelas akselerasi) dan kelompok kontrol (siswa kelas regular). Pada penelitian ini analisis data yang dilakukan berdasarkan gained score, hal tersebut dilakukan dengan asumsi bahwa penelitian ini dilakukan pada dua kelompok yang memiliki kondisi awal yang berbeda. Hasil analisis dalam penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa hipotesis yang diajukan ditolak, yakni tidak ada perbedaan sosialisasi antara siswa kelas akselerasi dan regular. (t = 0,594, p >0,05) Kata kunci : sosialisasi, kelas akselerasi, kelas regular
Tocotrienols and α-Tocopherol Reduced Acute and Chronic Lung Lipid Peroxidation Induced by Paraquat in Rats
A.Y. Asmadi,A. Adam,W.Z. Wan Ngah,M. Norazlina
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition , 2005,
Abstract: The effect of dietary tocotrienols and α-tocopherol acetate supplementation on paraquat-induced lung toxicity was investigated in rats. The administration of a single dose of paraquat (20 mg/kg, i.p.) to rats increased lung malondialdehyde (MDA) levels and produced lung edema. Tocotrienols (150 mg/kg pellet) or α-tocopherol (34 mg/kg pellet) supplementation of two months significantly reduced lung MDA levels in rats exposed to paraquat but lung edema was unaffected. However lower doses of tocotrienols in the diet did not significantly lower lung MDA levels compared with the unsupplemented controls. Our results showed that dietary supplementation of tocotrienols and α-tocopherol provides protection against paraquat toxicity possibly through their antioxidant property.
Fabrication and Characterisation of Asymmetric Ultrafiltration Membrane for BSA Separation: Effect of Shear Rates
A. Nora?aini,H. Sofiah,A. Asmadi,A.R. Suriyani
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: This study reported the influence of shear rates on the performance and morphology of asymmetric UF membranes for Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) separation. Flat sheet UF membranes were fabricated from a dope solution with 17% polymer concentration and manipulation of shear rates was done at 176.2, 234.98, 352.47 and 704.9 sec-1. Fabricated UF membranes have been characterised in term of pure water permeability, membrane morphology and membrane pore radius. The membrane performance was determined based on sodium chloride and BSA rejection profile. This study has proposed that a fabricated membrane with 704.9 sec-1 shear rate is the most appropriate membrane for BSA separation when it achieved the highest flux around 59.7 L m-2 h and BSA rejection of about 100% at an optimum pressure of 10 bars. Observation proved that higher shear rates applied during the membrane casting process would promote a significant effect on the performance and morphology of UF membranes and lead to an upgrade in membrane selectivity.
Palm Tocotrienol-Rich Fraction Improves Vascular Proatherosclerotic Changes in Hyperhomocysteinemic Rats
Ku-Zaifah Norsidah,Ahmad Yusof Asmadi,Ayob Azizi,Othman Faizah
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/976967
Inhibitory Effects of Palm Tocotrienol-Rich Fraction Supplementation on Bilirubin-Metabolizing Enzymes in Hyperbilirubinemic Adult Rats
Yusof Kamisah, Jing Jye Lim, Chew-Lian Lim, Ahmad Y. Asmadi
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089248
Abstract: Background Phenylhydrazine, a hemolytic agent, is widely used as a model of experimental hyperbilirubinemia. Palm tocotrienol-rich fraction (TRF) was shown to exert beneficial effects in hyperbilirubinemic rat neonates. Aim To investigate the effects of palm TRF supplementation on hepatic bilirubin-metabolizing enzymes and ocidative stress status in rats administered phenylhydrazine. Methods Twenty-four male Wistar rats were divided into two groups; one group was intraperitoneally injected with palm TRF at the dose of 30 mg/kg/day, while another group was only given vehicle (control) (vitamin E-free palm oil) for 14 days. Twenty-four hours after the last dose, each group was further subdivided into another two groups. One group was administered phenylhydrazine (100 mg/kg, intraperitoneally) and another group was administered normal saline. Twenty-four hours later, blood and liver were collected for biochemical parameter measurements. Results Phenylhydrazine increased plasma total bilirubin level and oxidative stress in the erythrocytes as well as in the liver, which were reduced by the pretreatment of palm TRF. Palm TRF also prevented the increases in hepatic heme oxygenase, biliverdin reductase and UDP-glucuronyltransferase activities induced by phenylhydrazine. Conclusion Palm tocotrienol-rich fraction was able to afford protection against phenylhydrazine-induced hyperbilirubinemia, possibly by reducing oxidative stress and inhibiting bilirubin-metabolizing enzymes in the liver.
Ultrastructural Identification of the Basal-Granulated Cells in the Duodenum of Albino Rat  [PDF]
Ali Hassan A. Ali
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2014.47041
Abstract: The fine structure of the crypt epithelium of the duodenal mucosa in albino rats was studied to represent the types and distribution of the basal-granulated or endocrine cells. Twenty male animals were used. Perfusion-fixation was made and samples of duodenal mucosa were taken and processed to prepare epon-embedded specimens for examination by a transmission electron microscope. Cells containing membrane-bound granules were seen in the crypt epithelium. They were identified to be basal-granulated cells. Six different types of such cells were demonstrated. All of the cells were of the closed type. The possible functional significance of these closed cell types was discussed. Correlation among the distributions of such cells in the intestine of albino rat might enable the physiologists, internists and other research workers to study several biologically active peptides with well-established functions other than those which have long been investigated.
Hepatoprotective Effect of Green Tea Extract against Cyclophosphamide Induced Liver Injury in Albino Rats  [PDF]
Ali Hassan A. Ali
Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research (FMAR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/fmar.2018.62002
Abstract: Background: Green tea intake is accompanied with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders; hence green tea extract has been included as dietary supplement along with other supplements and multivitamins. Aim of the Work: Studying the effect of cyclophosphamide administration on the liver of adult male albino rats and the possible protective role of green tea extract. Material and Methods: The current study was carried out on 45 adult male albino rats. They were divided into three equal groups (each included 15 rats). Group I (control group) was injected intraperitoneally with normal saline at a dosage of 0.5 mg/kg body weight twice weekly for 9 weeks. Group II was injected intraperitoneally with cyclophosphamide (CP) (150 mg/kg/day) for two weeks. Group III: rats received green tea extracts orally (50 mg/kg/day) for three weeks, and then continued for further two weeks concomitantly with intraperitoneally cyclophosphamide (CP) injected (150 mg/kg/day). Results: Rats exposed to cyclophosphamide (CP) showed several histological and histochemical changes in their liver. These changes were improved by using green tea. Conclusion: The present work showed that green tea had preventive and therapeutic effect upon livers of albino rats after they were exposed to CP.
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