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Relatos da caixa preta: representa??es como elemento da cultura escolar
Almeida Neto, Antonio Simplicio;
Educar em Revista , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40602010000200011
Abstract: this article discusses the concept of representation on the perspective offered by henri lefebvre, with the intention of put it in way to the discussion about the sources and methodological proceedings in the analysis of the "school culture". the discussion was made from a research made by using history teacher's interviews, who had taught between 1965-75 and 1985-95, about the utopic dimension in the instruction of that subject. the representations, according the perspective used, are known not as an element to be overcomed in searching a more concretetruth, but like a strong level of reality, inciting or blocking desires, raising the immobilization or conformisms, causing actions and breaking impulses, causing creative practices or merely reproductive ones, producing simulacrum or annunciating the poiesis, the creative act.
REF.: the biological meaning of anti-HBc positive result in blood donors: relation to HBV-DNA and to other serological markers
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2004,
Melhoramento da videira
Santos Neto, José Ribeiro Almeida;
Bragantia , 1955, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051955000100023
Abstract: grape breeding, was first started in brazil by pereira barreto in 1895. from 1930 to 1940, paulino reech, nicolau martorano, and pedro araujo, frorn. amparo, s?o paulo, did some breeding work with grapes and obtained several new types 'that proved valuable. in the instituto agron?mico de campinas, grape breeding work was initiated in 1943 by the section of viticulture. the grape breeding program of the section of viticulture aimed at obtaining improved varieties for rootstocks, for fresh fruit and raisin consumption, and also for the making of wines and juice. besides the specific qualities required for each different use, the types to be selected had to be well adapted to local environmental conditions, present resistance to insect pests and diseases, and also be resistant to handling and shipping. the basic material used in the improvement program consisted of the collection of grape varieties of the instituto agron?mico that included many european and american standard varieties, supplemented by new and wild types imported from north and central america. in this program special attention is being given to the production of seedless types and to hybrids between standard european and american varieties and the wild species, vitis gigas and v. tilixfolia. results already obtained are very encouraging and indicated that some of the new types are very good as rootstocks, whereas others are excellent for table uses or for wine or juice making.
Análise da arboriza??o urbana de três cidades da regi?o norte do Estado de Mato Grosso
Almeida, Danielucia Noya;Rondon Neto, Rubens Marques;
Acta Amazonica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672010000400003
Abstract: the objective of the present study was to analyze roadside forestry in three cities in the northern region in the state of mato grosso. the cities evaluated were alta floresta, carlinda and nova monte verde. we made a survey of 663 individuals, distributed in 20 botanical families, 30 genera and 31 species. over 51.6% of this species are exotic to the brazilian flora and 48.4% native. the species most frequent in the evaluated cities had been: licania tomentosa (45.4%), ficus benjamina (18.1%) and roystonea oleraceae (13.6%). in the three cities, more than 80% of the population had got diameter at the height of the ground inferior to 0.4 m and more than 60% of the population had lass than of 6.0 m de total height, in all the cities. the individuals under the electric wiring represent fewer than 50% of the population, in the two sampled cities, and average height of the trees, under the wiring was of 3.2 m (nova monte verde) and 5.9 m (alta floresta). more than 85% of the individuals had presented bifurcation below of 1.8 m. the density of trees/km of sidewalk estimate in the evaluated cities varied between 47.7 trees/km (alta floresta) and 56.0 trees/km (carlinda). the shannon diversity index estimate was 1.17 (carlinda), 1.75 (nova monte verde ) and 1.76 (alta floresta). the width of the streets and showed recesses allows the planting of species of medium to larger size. however, it is essential for the planning of urban forestry, definition of criteria and techniques appropriate to the accomplishment of planting and maintenance.
Dimens?o utópica nas representa??es sobre o ensino de história: memórias de professores
Almeida Neto, Antonio Simplício de;
Educa??o & Sociedade , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-73302010000100012
Abstract: this paper explores the representations of history teachers on the utopian dimension in their discipline, that is, how they represent a certain prospective conception when teaching a school discipline dealing with the past. we consider that education has assumed a projective vision, since it supposes the perspective of man, society and world in the educative act. this is even more the case with history teaching, since it is one of the disciplines that eminently deals with the secular transformations and social and political subjects, inserting man in this process. we locate the current discussion on the subject in history teaching, inserted in the debate of the crisis of modernity and post-modern postulates, oscillating between the stance of thinking this discipline as an inexorable instrument of social political transformation or a vain prospective illusion. to better understand the proposed issue, we analyze verbal stories from interviews with professors of this discipline who have taught in the 60s-70s and in the 80s-90s, under the perspective of henri lefebvre's critical theory of representations and the debate on memory and oral history.
Revis?o sobre o uso da terapia cognitiva-comportamental na preven??o de recaídas e recorrências depressivas: a review
Almeida, Alexander Moreira de;Lotufo Neto, Francisco;
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-44462003000400011
Abstract: objectives: to revise theories and the available evidence about cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) role on the relapse and recurrence prevention of depressive episodes. methods: review of random and controlled clinical trials that investigated cbt efficacy on the relapse and recurrence prevention of depressive episodes. the following databases were used: medline, lilacs, cochrane, biosis and embase. the reference sections of the selected articles, review articles and specialized books were consulted. results: fifteen studies with different experimental design were found, several with methodological problems. the majority of them compared cbt with antidepressants at the acute treatment phase. in 12 studies cbt significantly lowered the relapse/recurrence rate. recent papers pointed to the cbt usefulness for treating residual depressive symptoms as a recurrence prevention strategy. conclusion: cbt was effective for the depression relapse reduction. its relationship with antidepressants as a prevention tool and cbt strategies (using it only in the acute phase, or during acute and maintenance phases, or after antidepressants withdrawal as a maintenance treatment, or focusing residual symptoms) need to be better investigated.
A mediunidade vista por alguns pioneiros da área mental
Almeida, Alexander Moreira de;Lotufo Neto, Francisco;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832004000300003
Abstract: experiences regarded as mediumistic have been found in most civilizations and have exerted an important influence over the societies. despite few academic studies nowadays, mediumship was a subject of serious investigations by some psychiatry and psychology pioneers. research developed by janet, james, myers, freud and jung concerning mediumship was revised, two points were stressed: its causes and its relations with psychopathology. these researchers had come to three distinct conclusions. janet and freud associated mediumship with psychopathology and an exclusive origin in the personal unconscious; jung and james accepted the possibility of a non-pathological aspect of mediumship and an origin in the personal unconscious, but without definitively excluding the actuation of a discarnate spirit. finally, myers saw mediumship as a higher development of the personality, having as its causes a combination of the unconscious, telepathy and the action of discarnate spirits. the authors argue the need to become acquainted with the studies already done in order to resume these investigations in search of a really scientific paradigm about mediumship.
Diretrizes metodológicas para investigar estados alterados de consciência e experiências an?malas
Almeida, Alexander Moreira de;Lotufo Neto, Francisco;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832003000100003
Abstract: anomalous experiences (ae) (uncommon experiences or one that is believed to deviate from the usually accepted explanations of reality: hallucinations, synesthesia, experiences interpreted as telepathic...) and altered states of consciousness (asc) are described in all societies of all ages. even so, the scientists have long neglected the studies on this theme. to study ae and asc is not necessary to share the believes we discuss, they can be investigated as subjective experiences and correlated like any other set of data. this article presents some methodological guidelines to explore these experiences, among them: to avoid prejudice approaches and to "pathologize" the unusual, the value of a theory and a comprehensive review of literature, using various concepts of pathology and normality, the investigation of clinical and non-clinical populations, development of new search instruments, to be careful to choose terms and to decide causal nexus, to distinguish experiences and interpretations, to take into account the role of culture, to evaluate the validity and reliability of reports, and the last, but not least, creativity and diversity in choosing methods.
Revis o sobre o uso da terapia cognitiva-comportamental na preven o de recaídas e recorrências depressivas: a review
Almeida Alexander Moreira de,Lotufo Neto Francisco
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 2003,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Fazer um levantamento das teorias e revisar as evidências existentes sobre o papel da terapia cognitiva-comportamental (TCC) na preven o de recaídas e recorrências de episódios depressivos. MéTODO: Revis o dos ensaios clínicos randomizados e controlados que investigam a eficácia da TCC na preven o de recaídas e/ou recorrências depressivas. As bases de dados consultadas foram o Medline, Lilacs, Cochrane, Biosis e a Embase. Foram verificadas as referências bibliográficas dos artigos selecionados, de artigos de revis o e de livros sobre o tema. RESULTADOS: Foram encontrados 15 estudos de desenhos heterogêneos e vários deles com problemas metodológicos. A maioria comparou o uso de TCC e antidepressivos apenas na fase aguda. Em 12 deles a TCC diminuiu a taxa de recorrência/recaídas de modo estatisticamente significativo. As publica es mais recentes apontam para a utilidade da TCC nos sintomas depressivos residuais como estratégia preventiva de recorrências. CONCLUS ES: A TCC mostrou-se eficaz na redu o de recaídas depressivas, mas ainda precisam ser mais bem investigadas sua eficácia em rela o ao uso de antidepressivos e qual estratégia de TCC (seu uso apenas na fase aguda, na fase aguda e manuten o, na manuten o após antidepressivo na fase aguda ou o enfoque nos sintomas residuais após antidepressivo na fase aguda) é mais eficaz para cada tipo de paciente.
Indícios de parentesco entre dois testemunhos da Regra de S o Bento : cola o entre Alc. 44 e Il. 70
Sílvio de Almeida Toledo Neto
Caligrama : Revista de Estudos Romanicos , 2010,
Abstract: Resumo: No presente trabalho, apresentam-se exemplos de li es variantes entre os manuscritos Alc. 44 e Il. 70, testemunhos portugueses da Regra de S o Bento. Com base na caracteriza o de variantes textuais e linguísticas, discute-se o parentesco entre os testemunhos. Palavras-chave: Crítica textual; história da língua portuguesa; Regra de S o Bento; cola o de testemunhos. Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present examples of variant readings between manuscripts Alc. 44 and Il. 70, portuguese copies of the Rule of Saint Benedict. Based on the description of textual and linguistic variants, we discuss the degree of relationship between copies. Keywords: Textual criticism; Portuguese language history; Rule of Saint Benedict; collation of copies.
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