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A Study on Mercury-Resistant Bacteria Isolated from a Gold Mine in Pongkor Village, Bogor, Indonesia
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2012,
Abstract: Mercury is one of the major pollutant in the environment which is highly toxic. Bioremediation strategies using bacteria have been proposed as an attractive alternative because this is effective, less expensive and more efficient to remove mercury. Brevundimonas sp. HgP1 and Brevundimonas sp. HgP2 were two highly mercury resistant bacteria isolated from a gold mine in Pongkor village with MIC of 575 ppm. The purposes of the research were to study the effect of mercury on bacterial growth and morphological changes of bacterial colony and to measure the ability of bacterial isolates to accumulate Hg2+. The growth was monitored by measuring optical density at 600 nm, whereas accumulation of Hg2+ was measured by mercury vaporation unit. This present studies revealed that the addition of 50 and 100 ppm HgCl2 in Brevundimonas sp. HgP1 resulted in the decreasing of growth rate and the elongation of lag phase in 8 and 16 hours, respectively. The addition of HgCl2 also affected morphological appearance of the bacterial colony to black. Brevundimonas sp. HgP1 accumulated Hg2+ up to 1.09 and 2.7 mg/g dry weight of cells and removed 64.38 and 57.10% Hg2+ from the medium containing 50 and 100 ppm HgCl2, respectively.
Toward Modernization and Internationalization (M&I) of Higher Education Institution
Gembong Baskoro
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2011,
Abstract: Knowledege based economy will be a matter of time for Indonesia’s future competitiveness. Therefore, to get there, several basic requirements have to be early prepared. Among others, human capital is perhaps the most important requirement for a country to be able to develop an economic condition based on the capability and capacity of knowledge. Human capital is not just Indonesia concern, it is the concern of all countries. In fact, only some countries can create a condition for human capital to grow effectively and efficiently. Mostly, Higher Education Institution (HEI) or university is the main organization that has objective to develop human capital. The pupose of HEI is to develop academic and non-academic capability for student by mean of educating them with a structured curriculla. However, in today’s environmental condition even with similar curriculla, any HEI may ends up with different quality. From this point of view, this paper will discuss and elaborate further on a policy and strategy that enable a HEI can create a competitive education environment for student to grow up to their best competitive conditions.
Gembong Baskoro
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2005,
Abstract: Product reliability improvement projects have shown promising results for industries to preserve customer satisfaction. Therefore, best practices on reliability improvement in industries that operate in high volume consumer product can be used as a reference toward managing product reliability improvement. In reliability improvement the method should not only focus on how to achieve the expected deliverable but also to sustain the improvement itself and to close the improvement loop. The importance of managing product reliability improvement is on how to ensure that the project moves to the right direction without loosing its flexibility.
Gembong Baskoro
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2008,
Abstract: This paper discuses the concept of managing high-end, high-volume innovative products. High-end, high-volume consumer products are products that have considerable influence to the way of life. Characteristic of High-end, high-volume consumer products are (1) short cycle time, (2) quick obsolete time, and (3) rapid price erosion. Beside the disadvantages that they are high risk for manufacturers, if manufacturers are able to understand precisely the consumer needs then they have the potential benefit or success to be the market leader. High innovation implies to high utilization of the user, therefore these products can influence indirectly to the way of people life. The objective of managing them is to achieve sustainability of the products development and innovation. This paper observes the behavior of these products in companies operated in high-end, high-volume consumer product.
Gembong Baskoro
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2009,
Abstract: Quality in higher education is nowadays becoming important aspect for universities in order for them to participate in improving Indonesia competitiveness by mean of improving human development index. However, quality itself is not a simple term to be understood. Therefore the main objective of this paper is to elaborate quality matter especially for Private Higher Education Institution. It is expected that this paper can provide another insight for private Higher Education Institution to improve the quality. This paper tries to approach the quality by understanding its philosophy as well as its practical approach in Industry. Of course, there are always rooms for improvement.
Baskoro Suryo Banindro
Nirmana , 2008,
Abstract: Images depicted on currency bills are works of art containing aesthetic value. They involve elements of letters, pictures, colors, and specialized printing techniques. Moreover, the images indicate information and even visual codes. Understanding art is attempt to interpret symbols used in a certain culture. One can express and implement one’s experience in forms or images. In images of currency bills, their visual expressions can reflect ideas, concepts, or political legitimation and ideology. Thus, this article investigates symbolic meanings through visual semiotic descriptions of images in Indonesian currency bills. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Gambar pada uang kertas adalah salah satu hasil karya seni rupa, di dalam uang kertas terkandung nilai estetika yang berhubungan dengan masalah keindahan visual, antara lain tersusun atas elemen huruf, gambar, warna serta teknik cetak yang khas. Selain itu gambar pada uang kertas sarat dengan muatan informasi, atau bahkan kode visual. Memahami seni adalah usaha membaca simbol yang digunakan dalam budaya masyarakat tertentu, manusia dapat mengekspresikan dan memancarkan pengalamannya dalam bentuk ujud atau rupa. Dalam gambar uang kertas, ekspresi visual yang dituangkan dapat mencerminkan gagasan, ide, konsep atau muatan politik terkait legitimasi dan ideologi. Melalui uraian semiotika visual gambar uang kertas yang pernah beredar di Indonesia, akan dikaji makna-makna simbolik bahasa rupa di dalamnya. Kata kunci: bahasa rupa, semiotika visual, Uang Kertas Indonesia.
Baskoro S. Banindro
Nirmana , 2002,
Abstract: Graphic design product is produced by many creative process after many lay out%2C have been made comprehensively. While producing design%2C graphic designer usually have their own style. Style that is produced by graphic designer is an intellectual property product that must be protected. In other way%2C the right of intellectual property as a law product%2C trying to protect the creation of graphic designer throught the law of mark and copy right. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Karya desain grafis pada hakekatnya merupakan buah pikir dari serangkaian proses kreatif setelah melalui beberapa tahap layout secara komprehensif. Karya desain biasanya identik dengan style seseorang dalam menghasilkan karya%2C yang tidak lain merupakan produk kekayaan intelektual desainer yang patut untuk dilindungi. Hak-hak atas kekayaan intelektual sebagai produk hukum disisi lain berupaya melindungi produk grafis atas penciptaan seorang desainer melalui perangkat UU Hak Cipta dan Merek. Intelectual property right%2C graphic design%2C law of mark and copy right.
Baskoro Suryo Banindro
Nirmana , 2007,
Abstract: The art of psychedelia is an example of art that uses a nation’s cultural consciousness as a source of expression of the past. Conceptually, the spirit of this art is to connect the modern movement with the effects of drug use. The American youths utilized this movement as counter culture that gave the birth to the flower generation in a settled community. Psychedelic style which in the beginning was an identity, a symbol of anti settledness, and Uncle Sam’s youth’s fight against its politics in the 1960’s. At the end it became the signs of times. The zeitgeist movement in the next decade entered Indonesia with new packaging that transforms into comodification that can be applied to various media through popular culture of its youths. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Seni penggunaan kesadaran budaya bangsa untuk diubah sebagai sumber pengungkapan yang terjadi di masa lalu salah satu contohnya ialah “seni psychedelic”. Secara konseptual jiwa seni ini ialah menghubungkan kepada pergerakan modern yang berhubungan dengan perasaan yang diakibatkan oleh pengaruh obat bius. Kaum muda Amerika meman faat kan pergerakan ini sebagai budaya tanding “counter culture” yang melahirkan “generasi bunga” di komunitas yang telah mapan. Gaya psychedelia yang pada mulanya dijadikan “jati diri” dan simbol anti kemapanan dan perlawanan kawula muda negara “Paman Sam” terhadap kebijakan politik di negaranya tahun 1960an, pada akhirnya menjadi sebuah penanda jaman. Gelombang “zeitgeist” ini pada dekade berikutnya masuk ke Nusantara dengan “kemasan baru” yang menjelma dalam bentuk komodifikasi yang aplikatif di berbagai media melalui budaya popular yang lekat di hati generasi muda Indonesia. Kata kunci: gaya, psychedelic, counter culture, komodifikasi.
On the Ramsey numbers for a combination of paths and Jahangirs
Kashif Ali,Edy Tri Baskoro
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: For given graphs $G$ and $H,$ the \emph{Ramsey number} $R(G,H)$ is the least natural number $n$ such that for every graph $F$ of order $n$ the following condition holds: either $F$ contains $G$ or the complement of $F$ contains $H.$ In this paper, we improve the Surahmat and Tomescu's result \cite{ST:06} on the Ramsey number of paths versus Jahangirs. We also determine the Ramsey number $R(\cup G,H)$, where $G$ is a path and $H$ is a Jahangir graph.
On the Ramsey numbers for paths and generalized Jahangir graphs
Kashif Ali,Edy Tri Baskoro,Ioan Tomescu
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: For given graphs $G$ and $H,$ the \emph{Ramsey number} $R(G,H)$ is the least natural number $n$ such that for every graph $F$ of order $n$ the following condition holds: either $F$ contains $G$ or the complement of $F$ contains $H.$ In this paper, we determine the Ramsey number of paths versus generalized Jahangir graphs. We also derive the Ramsey number $R(tP_n,H)$, where $H$ is a generalized Jahangir graph $J_{s,m}$ where $s\geq2$ is even, $m\geq3$ and $t\geq1$ is any integer.
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