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Cohabitation Study of the Leaf Monkey and Bornean White-Bearded Gibbons in Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2012,
Abstract: Diet and habitat overlaps were studied for the leaf monkey (Presbytis rubicunda) and bornean white-bearded gibbons (Hylobates albibarbis) in tropical forest of Cabang Panti Research Station (CPRS), Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan. Systematic data on feeding and ranging behaviour were collected from August 2009 up to February 2010 for the three groups of two sympatric primate species that shared two neighbouring patches. Our results showed that seven types of habitat in CPRS were affected to both primates, particularly in plant utilization for feed and the use of vertical space patterns. If the leaf monkeys were present in the same forest patch, the Bornean white-bearded gibbons showed a reduced within-group dispersal and significantly less foraging time in a given forest patch. This might be due to the bornean white-bearded gibbons were more selective in their diet selection. When fruits were scarce, bornean white-bearded gibbons spent most of their foraging time in many types of forest ecosystem, while leaf monkey foraged within one or two types of forest ecosystem. At this period, diet and habitat overlaps between the two species were low. When the availability of fruits increased, leaf monkeys shifted their foraging range and both species became confined to the forest habitat. Consequently, the overlaps of diets and habitats were increased while the peak was at the end of the fruit season.
Reaksi Pemasaman Senyawa Pirit pada Tanah Rawa Pasang Surut
Bambang Joko Priatmadi,Abdul Haris
Jurnal Tanah Tropika , 2009,
Abstract: Acidity Reaction of Pyrite in Tidal Swampland (B.J. Priatmadi and A. Haris): Most of swamp soils in tidal landare Acid Sulfate Soils. Acid sulfate soils are the common name given to soils containing iron sulfides (pyrite). Thesoils are characterized by very low pH and high amount of soluble S and Fe, resulted from oxidation of pyrite whensoils are drained. This study was aimed to determine acidity pattern, iron and sulfate solubility as the impact of thelength time of oxidized, the effect of inhibitors application to acidity rate of sulfidic materials and top soils. Thematerials are: (1) soils at pyritic layer (sulfidic materials) and (2) soils at 0 – 20 cm from soil surface. Soils issampled at Barambai reclaimed area, Barito Kuala Regency, South Kalimantan Province. In the laboratory soilstreated with some ameliorants, that are silica, phosphate and lime applied with dosage 2 t ha-1 with 3 replicationstimes. The soils incubated for 2 weeks under submerged condition. After soil incubation, soil exposed to the air for1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks. Parameters of soil analysis include pH, sulfate and iron soluble. Results ofthis study showed that (1) soil acidity rate of sulfidic materials more faster than upper soils when soils and sulfidicmaterials oxidized intensively, (2) at submerged soil condition or high soil water content, the application of ameliorantseffective increasing the soil pH of the upper soils, (3) at further oxidized soil condition or lower soil water content,the application of ameliorants inhibited acidity rate of soils and sulfidic materials, and (4) at further oxidized soilcondition or lower soil water content, the application of ameliorants increased iron solubility of soils and sulfidicmaterials.
A Ghafar Ahmad,Haris Fadzilah Abdul Rahman
Journal of Construction in Developing Countries , 2010,
Abstract: Of the common building defects that occur in heritage buildings in Penang, Malaysia, salt attack and rising damp are considered the most challenging, particularly for building conservation. The problem of salt attack is closely associated with rising damp. Moisture from the rising damp makes the building’s existing salts soluble, or ground water that contains salt finds its way through the building wall. This moisture then evaporates on or just below the wall’s surface, leaving salt residue behind. High salt concentrations in masonry walls cause extensive fretting and crumbling of the lower parts of walls. These formations gradually contribute to building dilapidation and reduce the building’s aesthetic value. Sodium chloride and calcium sulphate are commonly found in masonry walls, apart from other forms of salts. The sources of these salts may be natural or manmade. This paper is based on research into the problems of salt attack and rising damp in heritage masonry buildings in Penang, Malaysia. Based on a case study of five buildings in Penang, the research findings showed that these buildings faced several common building defects, including salt attack and rising damp. Treatment guidelines for salt attack and rising damp are proposed within the Malaysian context of architectural heritage and climatic conditions.
Secure Tropos: An Agent Oriented Software Engineering Methodology for the Development of Health and Social Care Information Systems
International Journal of Computer Science and Security , 2009,
Abstract: A huge amount of health and social care related information needs to be stored and analysed; with the aid of computer systems this can be done faster and more efficiently. As a result, computerised health and social care information systems are gaining popularity. The development of such systems, mostly so far, follows an ad-hoc pattern. However, in order to effectively deal with the characteristics of such systems such as size, security, unpredictability, and openness; appropriate software engineering methodologies and paradigms should be employed for their development. This paper defines a set of requirements that a methodology should demonstrate and it argues for the appropriateness of the Secure Tropos agent oriented methodology for the development of health and social care information systems. The applicability of the methodology is demonstrated with the aid of a real-life case study, the electronic Single Assessment Process system, an information system to support integrated assessment of the health and social care needs of older people. The application of the proposed methodology on the case study indicated that the methodology satisfies the identified requirements.
Critical Grain Nitrogen Content for Optimizing Nitrogen and Water in Rice (Oryza sativa)
L. Kota Prasad,Biplab Saha,Abdul Haris,K. Rajan
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2002,
Abstract: The study was conducted to identify critical nitrogen percent in grain and optimum nitrogen and water level combination in low land rice in central Bihar where farmers apply meager amounts of fertilizer nitrogen. The critical limit technique and regression equation were used. There were significant relation ships between yield, grain nitrogen, fertilizer nitrogen and water levels (r= 0.942, 0.947). The critical level of grain nitrogen content found was 0.92% and was falling near to the optimum combination. The optimum combination found was 80 kg N ha-1 and 8 cm water level in relation to a yield of 5500 kg ha-1. This GN index is useful for optimizing the available water resources as well as external nitrogen requirement of the rice crop and the technique used for derivations were practically simple.
Facility Management Challenges and Opportunities in the Malaysian Property Sector
Syed Abdul Haris bin Syed Mustapa,Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Journal of Sustainable Development , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/jsd.v1n2p79
Abstract: Facilities Management (FM) is becoming an increasingly important factor in the built environment. In Malaysia, the field is still in its infancy. This paperwork aims to determine the extent of FM in Malaysia and reviews the changes in the property sector that may positively contribute to opportunities in FM and the challenges that need to be taken into account. In particular, this paper focuses on the changes that are taking place, both at the corporate and at government level. The paper considers issues arising in the local market based on personal observation and discussions with professionals in the property management sector in Malaysia. This review focuses on areas where FM is being actively implemented. This includes discussion on the types of property FM, the management method used and the extent of FM being adopted. The challenges and the opportunities in the local property and construction market are also discussed, specifically to understand the limits of growth for FM. FM is relatively new in Malaysia and much it’s the wider concept of FM of building management is still in the process of improving its maintenance management structure. Generally, Integrated Building Management Systems which require an integrated IT advancement and strategic management approach is widely being seen as the improvement of FM in Malaysia. This in fact is the closest definition for FM that is being understood in Malaysia. It may be concluded that until the property management industry fully
A Critical Analysis of Herbert Spencer’s Theory of Evolution
Dewan Mahboob HOSSAIN,Sohela MUSTARI
Postmodern Openings , 2012,
Abstract: This article focuses on Herbert Spencer’s theory of evolution of society. At first, the article provides with a thorough portrayal of Spencer’s Theory of Evolution. After that, the shortcomings of this theory are highlighted basing on the available literature. Thus, this article does not make any unique contribution to the literature of its kind. It is simply a general reading on the missing links of Spencer’s theory of evolution.
Serum ferritin levels, socio-demographic factors and desferrioxamine therapy in multi-transfused thalassemia major patients at a government tertiary care hospital of Karachi, Pakistan
Haris Riaz, Talha Riaz, Muhammad Khan, Sina Aziz, Faizan Ullah, Anis Rehman, Qandeel Zafar, Abdul Kazi
BMC Research Notes , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1756-0500-4-287
Abstract: The study was conducted in the Pediatric Emergency unit of Civil Hospital Karachi after ethical approval by the Institutional Review Board of Dow University of Health Sciences. Seventy nine cases of beta thalassemia major were included after a written consent. The care takers were interviewed for the socio-demographic variables and the use of Desferrioxamine therapy, after which a blood sample was drawn to assess the serum Ferritin level. SPSS 15.0 was employed for data entry and analysis.Of the seventy-nine patients included in the study, 46 (58.2%) were males while 33 (41.8%) were females. The mean age was 10.8 (± 4.5) years with the dominant age group (46.2%) being 10 to 14 years. In 62 (78.8%) cases, the care taker education was below the tenth grade. The mean serum Ferritin level in our study were 4236.5 ng/ml and showed a directly proportional relationship with age. Desferrioxamine was used by patients in 46 (58.2%) cases with monthly house hold income significant factor to the use of therapy.The mean serum Ferritin levels are approximately ten times higher than the normal recommended levels for normal individuals, with two-fifths of the patients not receiving iron chelation therapy at all. Use of iron chelation therapy and titrating the dose according to the need can significantly lower the iron load reducing the risk of iron-overload related complications leading to a better quality of life and improving survival in Pakistani beta thalassemia major patients.Conflicts of Interest: NoneBeta thalassemia ranks first amongst the genetic disorders associated with haemoglobin synthesis in terms of prevalence and it is the result of an inherited defect in the synthesis of the beta chain of the adult haemoglobin. Consequently the erythropoiesis is defective and anemia is produced [1]. Considering the 5 to 7% carrier rate in Pakistan, the number of carriers is expected to approach 10 million [2]. This grades thalassemia as one of the most common inherited disorders in
Zainab Ngaini,Siti Muhaini Haris Fadzillah,Hasnain Hussain,Ibrahim Abdul Razak
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810052086
Abstract: In the title compound, C21H24O3, intermolecular O—H...O and C—H...O interactions form bifurcated acceptor bonds, generating R21(6) ring motifs. These ring motifs link the molecules into extended chains along [010]. The crystal structure is further stabilized by C—H...π interactions.
Zainab Ngaini,Siti Muhaini Haris Fadzillah,Hasnain Hussain,Ibrahim Abdul Razak
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809017577
Abstract: In the title compound, C21H24O3, the conformation of the enone group is s–cis. The benzene rings are inclined at an angle of 7.9 (1)°. The alkoxy tail is planar, with a maximum deviation from the least-squares plane of 0.009 (2) , and adopts a trans conformation throughout. An intramolecular O—H...O interaction between the keto and hydroxy groups forms S(6) ring motifs. In the crystal, molecules are arranged in a head-to-tail manner down the a axis and are subsequently stacked along the b axis, forming molecular sheets parallel to the ab plane. The crystal structure is further stabilized by weak C—H...π interactions and short C...O [3.376 (2) ] contacts.
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