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Finite element nonlinear analysis of high-rise unreinforced masonry building
Akhaveissy, A.H.;
Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-78252012000500002
Abstract: a simple efficient algorithm based on compressive diagonal strength of unreinforced masonry walls is presented to determine capacity curve of unreinforced masonry building. the compressive strength is calculated based on a new close form solution. the new close form solution is determined based on predicted results using interface elements for modeling of mortar joints. finite element method with two-noded linear elements is used for analyses. different masonry structures, including low- and high-rise unreinforced masonry buildings, are analyzed using the new closed-form solution and the presented algorithm. a comparison of results of the present work with experimental data and other methods similar to the discrete element method show proper accuracy of the analyses in the present work. consequently, the closed form solution with proposed algorithm can be used to satisfactorily analyze unreinforced masonry structures to predict the ultimate base shear force and the pushover curve. hence, practicing engineers can determine the behavior of an urm building and its performance level with proper accuracy under seismic excitation using concepts described in the present work.
Lateral strength force of URM structures based on a constitutive model for interface element
Akhaveissy, A.H.;
Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-78252011000400005
Abstract: this paper presents the numerical implementation of a new proposed interface model for modeling the behavior of mortar joints in masonry walls. its theoretical framework is fully based on the plasticity theory. the von mises criterion is used to simulate the behavior of brick and stone units. the interface laws for contact elements are formulated to simulate the softening behavior of mortar joints under tensile stress; a normal linear cap model is also used to limit compressive stress. the numerical predictions based on the proposed model for the behavior of interface elements correlate very highly with test data. a new explicit formula based on results of proposed interface model is also presented to estimate the strength of unreinforced masonry structures. the closed form solution predicts the ultimate lateral load of unreinforced masonry walls less error percentage than atc and fema-307. consequently, the proposed closed form solution can be used satisfactorily to analyze unreinforced masonry structures.
Studies of exotic light nuclei with nucleon transfer reactions
Wuosmaa, A.H.;
Revista mexicana de física , 2006,
Abstract: for decades, single nucleon transfer reactions such as (d, p) have served as fundamental tools for studying the properties of nuclei throughout the periodic table. their selectivity and ease of interpretation have made them some of the most heavily used reactions for the determination of quantum numbers, and for probing the wave functions of single-particle states in nuclei. with the advent of radioactive beams, interest in these simple transfer reactions has been renewed. i will review the utility of such reactions, and discuss some current applications in the context of the modern theoretical understanding of nuclear structure and in nuclear astrophysics. finally, i will discuss two recent examples of studies of the (d, p) reaction carried out with radioactive beams to study the light nuclei 9li and 7he, and present some of the challenges and opportunities that await in this new domain.
Die waarde van die Ou Testament volgens HF Kohlbrugge: die Ou Testament as gesagvolle woord van God wat Christus verkondig
A.H Bogaards
Acta Theologica , 2004,
Abstract: THE VALUE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT ACCORDING TO H.F. KOHLBRUGGE: THE OLD TESTAMENT AS AUTHORITATIVE WORD OF GOD THAT PROCLAIMS CHRIST The great passion in the life of Hermann Friedrich Kohlbrugge (1803-1875) was to give Christ his rightful place in theology. This article deals with his strife for Christ in the field of the Old Testament with particular reference to his book Wozu das alte Testament? Kohlbrugge’s presumption in this book is that only the New Testament teaches us the value of the Old Testament. Christ and his apostles provided the key to understand the Old Testament. The author consequently seeks an answer to the question of the authority and contents of the Old Testament in the New Testament. His conclusion is that to Christ and his apostles the Old Testament is the authoritative Word of God in which Christ prevails, contrary to the modern theology of his day which regarded the Bible as a Jewish book, a book without Christ.
A rhetorical analysis of Philippians 1:1-11
A.H Snyman
Acta Theologica , 2004,
Abstract: The aim of this article is to analyse Philippians 1:1-11 from a rhetorical perspective that differs from the typical approach of researchers, who tend to force ancient rhetorical categories on a letter. The analysis is done in terms of what is called a “grounded theoretical approach”. This approach is briefly summarised, followed by a systematic analysis of Paul’s basic rhetorical strategy, as well as of all the supportive rhetorical techniques, in these eleven verses. It will be argued that these verses are not to be regarded as the exordium of the letter, preparing the audience for the “real” arguments later on in the probatio (2:1-3:21). They are part of Paul’s rhetorical strategy in the letter, constructed from the text itself and aimed at persuading his fellow-Christians to persevere in proclaiming and living the gospel that they received at the founding of the church in Philippi. The conclusion is that such a text-centred approach (where the focus shifts from the formal to the functional) provides a better understanding of Paul’s rhetorical strategy in Philippians 1:1-11 than a typical rhetorical analysis, according to which this section forms part of the exordium of the letter.
A rhetorical analysis of Philippians 1:12-26
A.H Snyman
Acta Theologica , 2005,
Abstract: In this article Philippians 1:12-26 is analysed from a rhetorical perspective that differs from the typical approach of researchers, who tend to force ancient rhetorical categories on a letter. The analysis is done in terms of what is called a “grounded theoretical approach”. This approach is briefly summarised, followed by a systematic analysis of Paul’s basic rhetorical strategy, as well as all the supportive rhetorical techniques in these fifteen verses. It will be argued that these verses are an integral part of Paul’s rhetorical strategy, constructed from the text itself and aimed at reassuring the Philippians that his adversities are for the advancement of the gospel. The conclusion is that a text-centred approach with its focus on the functional aspects of the text, provides a better understanding of Paul’s rhetorical strategy than a typical rhetorical analysis, with its focus on the formal aspects of the text.
Determination of Optimal Dietary Level of Inclusion of Cooked Sword Bean Meal in Broiler Starter Diet
Akinmutimi, A.H.
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: The optimal dietary level of inclusion of cooked sword bean meal was investigated. One hundred and twenty (120) day-old Anak broiler chicks were randomly allocated to 4 dietary treatments, each having 3 replicates of 10 chicks in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD). Diet 1 was soybean-based control. While the test feedstuff (cooked sword bean meal) quantitatively replaced 27.27%, 36.36% and 45.45% of soybean meal in diets 2, 3 and 4, respectively. Each diet was offered ad-libitum to the birds for a period of 28 days. There was a general decrease as the quantity of the test diets increased for final live weight, daily weight gain and feed-intake. For feed conversion ratio, diet 2 had the lowest value (1.65) as opposed to (1.87) control diet, (2.2) diet 3 and (2.70) diet 4. For gross margin, diet 2 had the highest value (N163.45) when compared with control diet (N130.05), diet 3 (N120.37) and diet 4 (N85.47), making diet 2 a choice. Values of cut-parts showed significant (p<0.05) differences for back-cut only, which followed no specific pattern that can be attributed the effect of diets. It follows then that any of the treatment could serve for cut-parts. Values of organs showed significant (p<0.05) difference with respect to proventriculus only in favour of diet 2. For blood constituents, the PCV, HB, RBC, WBC, MCV, fall within the normal range for all the diets while MCHC for control diet only, falls within the normal range established for broiler chickens. The MCH for control diet and diet 2 fell within the normal range. (33.2433, 34.18), as opposed to other diets (40.06, 23.51). For Serum chemistry, diet 4 (25.13) urea value was numerically higher than all other values (23.6, 24.00, 22.9). Creatinine values also follow similar trend (1.033, 1.100, 1.000, 1.166). Diet 2 had the highest numerical value for globulin and total protein (15.1, 38.9) while diet 4 (.536.00) had the highest value for alkaline phosphatase. For histopathological changes, the only organ affected was liver starting at 10% dietary level of inclusion. Diet 2 (7.5%) compared favourably with control diet and hence recommended.
Nutritive Value of Raw and Processed Jack Fruit Seeds (Artocarpus heterophyllus): Chemical Analysis
A.H. Akinmutimi
Agricultural Journal , 2013,
Abstract: The nutritive value of raw and processed jackfruit seeds was investigated using the following parameters-proximate composition, gross energy, mineral composition and anti-nutritional factors. The raw seeds were cooked for 20, 40 and 60 min, respectively. Both the raw and processed seeds were later dried, milled and chemically analyzed. The raw seeds had values that were significantly (p<0.05) higher with the exception of dry matter for all the parameters considered for proximate composition and energy content. For mineral content of processed seeds, those subjected to 60 min duration of cooking had the highest value for both macro and micro minerals. Also, seeds subjected to 60 min of cooking had the highest percentage reduction in all the anti-nutritional factors with 49.72% reduction in phytin, 2.98% reduction in tannin, 50% reduction in oxalate, 44.25% reduction in saponin and 100% reduction in trypsin inhibitors. With appreciable value of crude protein (22.92%), energy content of 2.92kcal g-1, better values for macro and micro minerals and highest percentage reduction in all the anti-nutritional factors for the seeds cooked for 60 min, 60 min of cooking is therefore recommended for usage in livestock and poultry nutrition.
From Quantity to Quality: Changes in Information Provision in a Medium-sized Dutch University Library
A.H. Laeven
Liber Quarterly : The Journal of European Research Libraries , 1999,
Abstract: This paper uses the library of the University of Nijmegen as a starting point; however, much of the information provided also applies to other Dutch libraries.
Read with expert session for skeletal scintigraphy
A.H. Elgazzar
Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: [No abstract available]
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